Bohemian Rhapsody's Terrible Editing - A Breakdown

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Bohemian Rhapsody won the Oscar for Best Editing... but it has terrible editing.
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14 mar 2019






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Safeeya B.
Safeeya B. Hace 11 minutos
The first parts with the fast pace cuts, it looks *and* sounds like one of those meme videos were they take out the audio by cutting
idklol Hace 2 horas
i watched stalker the other day. every cut in that film is deliberate. fast-paced editing should only happen when a scene calls for it. it reminds me of shaun of the dead, where quick editing and zooms are used to great comedic effect. in bohemian rhapsody it seems like the editor was scared the audience will stop paying attention after a second.
Dylan O
Dylan O Hace 2 horas
The Academy Awards are absolute dogshit.com
Arkanthrall Hace 2 horas
Why can't the camera stay still?!
Master Lee
Master Lee Hace 3 horas
That happens with 3 + 1 protagonists
Brandon Ramos
Brandon Ramos Hace 3 horas
So stupid to have a living band involved in a biopic. All that happens is egos flare and the film suffers.
Nick T
Nick T Hace 3 horas
The second they cast a hetero in the lead role of a queer icon I was over it
Zeemanhuismerk Hace 3 horas
Even crazy daimond can't fix these cuts
Fraser Bathgate
Fraser Bathgate Hace 4 horas
I hear they're making a sequel to Bohemian Rhapsody, which I'm ok with since I felt the post live aid story needs to be told. But if they are going to do it, please get a director and an editor who know what they're doing.
MemeWarVeteran2016 Hace 4 horas
Some would say the Academy Awards these couple of years was more "agenda promoting" and "inclusive" than it traditionally was....
SealyMan Hace 4 horas
The guy playing Brian May wasn't on set with the five other actors. That's why he is often shown alone and why editor had to use multiple shots of every members to be sure they have the same screen time (which I find totally stupid)
James Eagan
James Eagan Hace 5 horas
Yes, the editing in this scene was subpar, but imo the cinematography was far worse. This film had a pretty big budget, so there is no excuse for such terrible lighting and obvious color correction work done in post. Fortunately, the rest of the film looked pretty decent and great in parts, but this scene in particular looked terrible. Looked like something you'd see in a deleted scene on a dvd - very unfinished looking. As far as the editing, it is easy to pick apart certain scenes but I felt that the overall pace and structure of the film was well-put together. Ottman is a very accomplished editor - so things like "required screen time" for each band member must have come into play to affect his decisions in a negative way.
shingshongshamalama Hace 5 horas
Because awards are garbage bullshit that mean nothing. They're just giant circlejerks for the film industry.
molly moe
molly moe Hace 5 horas
nicely explained!
Deoxyribonucleic acid
This gave me a headache.
magicmagicman Hace 5 horas
A random youtube creator thinks they are an expert and knows better than the academy? Sounds about right.
Congalala Hace 6 horas
That's why there are so many shots of John just being silent and making weird faces lol
Night Hace 6 horas
The Oscars just give awards to movies with the most hype,not actually based on who's the best in the category.
Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams Hace 6 horas
Seeing this movie was a waste of$9
Cap'n McAwesome
Cap'n McAwesome Hace 7 horas
Spoken like a true non-artist.
GetSetVideo Hace 7 horas
Interesting observation about the editing. I didn't notice this until you pointed it out. Either way, I found it hard to find Rami Malek convincing. Of course he looked pretty much like him which was great but the acting just didn't do it for me for some reason. And here he wins best actor so I guess I'm just missing something. I REALLY wanted to like the movie because I'm a huge Queen fan. All the hype had me excited and I was looking forward to it. But even though it had it's fun moments, I didn't really care for it. Does anyone feel this same way?
Zena Nesbit
Zena Nesbit Hace 7 horas
Glad I'm not the only one who found the editing strange & thought the movie rushed by too quickly
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume Hace 7 horas
I WANT TO BREAK FREE from these awful cuts
mike devaney
mike devaney Hace 7 horas
overrated film
They really butchered that table scene
Pataganja Hace 9 horas
Is this why I got nauseous first time i saw it
sarah Owens
sarah Owens Hace 9 horas
The band queen seems like a bunch of queens
Strawbérry Milk
Strawbérry Milk Hace 10 horas
i cant stand bad pacing
Sub Roy
Sub Roy Hace 10 horas
Thank you for this! I tried to recut the footage to make it into something workable (I'm a beginner editor and like to experiment with finished stuff), only to notice the fast cutting coverage just doesn't leave me *any* room to do that. This movie's a mess.
goldenreel Hace 10 horas
Because the Academy is a political sham
The Krinklebein
The Krinklebein Hace 11 horas
They got the oscar because the main character is gay I rest my case
bhunt799 Hace 11 horas
Think the editing in this movie is bad, watch Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. That movie is not only loaded with quick cuts but has scenes such as the scene where Han dies that feel incomplete.
jive talk
jive talk Hace 13 horas
This movie is horrible... so watered down and disrespectful to Freddie Mercury
Pine Cone
Pine Cone Hace 13 horas
This is almost like a ESvid sketch
Elric of Melniboné
Elric of Melniboné Hace 13 horas
I'm sure John Ottman will call you youtube experts next time he'll have to make a movie without a director and with the restrictions the band members put on their screen time. You completely missed the point, bravo.
ICY QUEUE Hace 14 horas
You forgot the scene when the tambourine didn't match the beat of the music
Pierrono Hace 14 horas
I really didn’t notice any of this on my first view of the movie
Got memes?
Got memes? Hace 15 horas
I thought it was a pretty bad movie over all. I don't really know the queen story but i always felt that the real story was twisted too much to make it a casual Hollywood movie
sO gUyS wE dId It
sO gUyS wE dId It Hace 15 horas
Better editing would’ve made this movie way better, it was a great idea o recreate the story of one of the best bands and one of the best voices of all time.
Gerolf Hace 15 horas
They had to have won it out of pity.
Richard Foran
Richard Foran Hace 15 horas
Maybe its bad from an American consumers point of view. This about a British rock band after all. Perhaps if John wick and John maclane and John rambo were shooting russians and other axis nations the editing would be more to your yankee pallets sirs.
Richard Foran
Richard Foran Hace 3 minutos
+Gnome de Plume Outrageous this is surely the comment of our generation. I was certain my Oscar wild sarcasm style would at least get me the thumbs up and public approval i so desperately need.....Better?
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume Hace 7 horas
Nope, try again.
shamefulshelf 75
shamefulshelf 75 Hace 16 horas
Alex Hace 16 horas
The shot of the chair...
Domen Furar
Domen Furar Hace 17 horas
HEY! WHAT terrible editing?! It's the most perfect song, you fucOOHHHHHHH, you mean the movie. Carry on.
Corey Fellows
Corey Fellows Hace 17 horas
How many Grammy nominations has this guy gotten for his work!!!
DEADEYE214 Fortnite and apex player
I hate how they just randomly cut to each character
Ultraviolence Hace 17 horas
Charles Bartlett
Charles Bartlett Hace 18 horas
The film is dreadful
mightyjoykiller Hace 18 horas
I still do not understand, why is mediocrity rewarded?
Beren Gamble
Beren Gamble Hace 19 horas
Apparently one scene means the rest of the movie is just as badly edited????
Muge .Oskay
Muge .Oskay Hace 19 horas
Horrible movie, great video. Producing by band members became disastrous for the movie, the script and the edit just forced to include the other members so poorly
Lime Twist Animations
Lime Twist Animations Hace 20 horas
I didn't mind it. But interesting to know at least.
Normis Hace 21 un hora
I think that one mistake is to think that slower and calmer equals bad. It seems that Hollywood think that making everything hyper, frenetic and quick paced is immediately considered as better. You’re right about the reason why the movie won the Oscar, great video!
Guccicurry Hace 22 horas
Its baffles me how people claim this is the best movie of 2018, i think its a pretty bland film.
lovely A
lovely A Hace 22 horas
I feel like I'm the only one that didnt like this movie. The story felt incredibly rushed, and too focused on freddie's sexuality which I don't mind but if they are making a movie about Queen they should have focused more on the amazing creative process and abilities they all had. Freddie himself always said he wasnt the 'leader' of the band but the singer and in this film they made it look the opposite way. I feel like the interpetation of Freddie was very exagerated and made him look like a very over the top arrogant man when in real life he was a very chill laid back guy. I get this film was more about his personal life but as a biography it was also very incomplete. Either you show his life or the band's trayectory, not both at the same time because you will end up rusging the story and modifying it to fit your narrative.
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad Hace 18 horas
Believe me, you're not alone on not liking this movie
Katelynn Rogers
Katelynn Rogers Hace 22 horas
I believe this is why I had a hard time enjoying the film. Everything else made me want to love the film desperately, but the pace threw me off entirely.
Ryan Erb
Ryan Erb Hace 23 horas
Movie was trash
RedRebel8 Hace un día
Watch Brian May's eyes on the 0.13 mark on. Wtf
Carlos Miguel Ugalde
yeah the movie sucks in general. great video.
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday Hace un día
I have an additional variable, the director. If the editor knows what to do but the director comes in and micromanages the cut, that can also result in a problem. If the editing in the rest of the movie is passable with certain scenes standing out, that screams director intervention to me. It's likely that the director wanted more (no pun intended) direct control over these particular scenes because, to him, they were the most important.
Hans Wishbowl
Hans Wishbowl Hace un día
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Yih Tat Tan
Yih Tat Tan Hace un día
Where do you get such high quality clips of a recently released movie?
kasih sayang
kasih sayang Hace un día
toni collette are better than rami malek. according to me. but you know oscar this year just really suck. right.
kasih sayang
kasih sayang Hace un día
so much cut gimme headace & makes me tired actually.
Lowrie Music
Lowrie Music Hace un día
Maybe not everything has to be 'by-the-book'? If it were, film would be very dull. I enjoyed the editing in this film. It made me feel that I was watching each band members perspective which is what I feel the point of the fast paced editing was for. Not only that, the scene you go on about is supposed to be tense. If you'd seen the film as a viewer as opposed to a critic you may have noticed that.
meningherme Hace un día
Couldny agree more. When I saw this movie I didnt feel connected at all, everything went by so fast..
25052647 Hace un día
You explain this catastrophe better than I ever could.
Melita Colombi
Melita Colombi Hace un día
Funny because I noticed how fast it went to all the band members as if they had to have equal time? I know little about editing but this was so obvious I assumed it had something to do with screen time. Great tutorial about editing. Learned a great deal, no idea it involved so much perspective and skill.
House of hell
House of hell Hace un día
Great movie thou...
Rishi Parashar
Rishi Parashar Hace un día
Thank you.
Ayden Toh
Ayden Toh Hace un día
Them cutting the sound and skipping audio in the music just sounded awkward
A. E.
A. E. Hace un día
If the Academy takes into consideration the complications during a movie's production when deciding who wins an Oscar, as some of you are suggesting occurred for BR's editing nomination, then they aren't doing their job which is to find the best artists in each category based on their art alone. Any other consideration than who is the best is charity and will inevitably lead to celebrating mediocrity (if the Oscar's don't already *coughs-Black-Panther-coughs*) It wouldn't fly in any other industry: "Joe Schmoe, I know you came fifteenth in our Marathon, but upon being informed that you girlfriend broke up with you the night before, we've decided to award you the first place win to compensate for your obvious emotional distress."
The Neon Chimp Channel
I'm one of the few people I know who hated this film. I watched it with my mother and she hated it too, but nearly everyone else I've spoken to about it thought it was amazing. I was mostly bothered by the factual inaccuracies and the fact that Freddie came across as unlikable (at least to me). I didn't go into it looking at the editing, but it felt like a bad made for TV movie rather than a big budget cinematic film. I wouldn't have even nominated it for any awards other than for the music, but then the music wasn't written for the film. A Star Is Born which was also a music based film and released around the same time was a much better film all round. The songs weren't as good as Queen's, but they weren't expected to be.
xFenix A2x
xFenix A2x Hace un día
ok Hace un día
Thank you I knew I didn’t like the movie for some reason and I couldn’t put it into words. Don’t get me wrong, I did love the story and the actors but the movie was so weird for me idk. Anytime I say it wasn’t that good of a movie i get attacked tho so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Crispy Hace un día
Very well done. Great video.
SkeletalSounds _
SkeletalSounds _ Hace un día
Objective way of breaking down a subjective issue. Well done. And subbed
Trevor Pacelli
Trevor Pacelli Hace un día
Wow! What a fantastic analysis on the issues of this film's editing! Keep up the great work!
P E D R O Hace un día
Your criticism is void, period. Because this movie isn’t for white males, sis. So I’m not interested in what you have to say. This movie is for biracial queer transwomen born in the 90’s Only. That’s the tea hunty.
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume Hace 7 horas
depressed walrus
depressed walrus Hace un día
Only 90's kids get this movie
JEFF_K Hace un día
This was very interesting. Very informative information for the lay person regarding editing. So Bohemian Rhapsody is the Bourne Ultimatum Musical?
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore Hace un día
BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY should not have won ANY Oscars. That being said, excellent comprehensive critique of the editing!
Mr. JustAGuyWithALightsaber
It looks fine to me.
El Búnker Del Mojón
Rami Malek: the right guy in the wrong place
Riccardo Alcaro
Riccardo Alcaro Hace un día
Bohemian rhapsody is just a very bad movie. A pity most people will remember the flat version of Freddie Mercury and the Queen from the movie rather than the real thing
Jennifer Alex Oliveira
www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-47623796 educate yourselves, please. Taking into account what happened, and the Academy most likely knew this, he did pull it off. And what's more, you don't not deserve an Oscar because of one scene. And that's all you, and everyone, can focus on. A single scene.
depressed walrus
depressed walrus Hace un día
Here's the thing, there are movies that had great editing all through the movie, this movie doesn't have that
PeaTearGryfin Hace un día
Bohemian Rhapsody is edited like a B-movie where they can't get two actors on set at the same time... except everybody is very clearly on the same set.
Cal Studios
Cal Studios Hace un día
The ad that played before this had a Queen song in it
VeganRevolution Hace un día
Great breakdown thanks
even now, still i think
bohemian rhapsody, from the very start, was more of an attempt to appeal to wrong generation redditors than people who are actually interested in the story of queen
depressed walrus
depressed walrus Hace un día
Nah, I'm a redditor and I tough the movie was shite
Subzero Hace un día
And i thought i was stupid thinking the editing was so bad 😂
yosoyalbertico Hace un día
Totally agree
Mau365PP Hace un día
I haven't notice this until I saw this video
Erica Simpson
Erica Simpson Hace un día
Why is jarring bad? What if the discontinuity was a creative choice?
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume Hace 7 horas
Then it was a poor choice
Erica Simpson
Erica Simpson Hace un día
depressed walrus just because it doesn’t work for you or OP doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for anyone
Erica Simpson
Erica Simpson Hace un día
depressed walrus discontinuity isn’t shit tho. I’m asking what if it’s ISNT shit and it was intentional. Many art films use disjunctive editing for a jarring effect. I guess mainstream cinema isn’t ready for that yet. I mean the creator should know better that the academy doesn’t actually mean anything and most of their awards are very evaluative rather than objective.
depressed walrus
depressed walrus Hace un día
You seriously saying the editing was shit because of "creative choice", that's just stupid
rypulliam Hace un día
There were so many damn montages in this movie I could not believe that it got nominated in the first place and then I came to discover that Bryan Singer is the director AKA sexual predator so then on top of that it just made me like the movie even less although Rami Malek did deliver a really good performance.
Gemma Sutton
Gemma Sutton Hace un día
I didn’t notice this when I watched it but now i can’t unsee it
HD Pirat
HD Pirat Hace un día
I rlly like this movie, I like it a lot tbh. But I did notice the edits and their abundance
reuben champion
reuben champion Hace un día
The pacing for that first scene you talk about is to make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. So they work great for the intended purpose.
Brown Boy
Brown Boy Hace un día
oscar milgya use ab apni gaand mraate rho
Roxane Hace un día
The editing is flawed but I feel like some people totally overract about it...having a seizure every scene...lol you did not like it, it's fine but stop being so dramatic and over the top. It would not have been that popular if it was so unwatchable 🙄 I know many people who watched in several times in cinema.
Roxane Hace un día
+depressed walrus And? Get over it, it's done.
depressed walrus
depressed walrus Hace un día
Still, not worthy of a oscar
sober leech
sober leech Hace un día
So many great points and very well put together (unlike this overrated crap we're discussing here; also, editing is not the only problem here, far from it). My respect.
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