Booger McFarland on Drew Brees’ comments and Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the National Anthem

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Booger McFarland joins SportsCenter to react to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees' comments that he "will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the of the United States of America" by kneeling during the national anthem. Booger says the remarks show that Brees doesn't grasp what Colin Kaepernick and other athletes were advocating for in their peaceful protests.
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3 jun 2020






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Joe Lebowski
Joe Lebowski Hace 3 días
I ain’t white and I ain’t black but I gotta say drew didn’t do or say anything wrong. I wouldn’t want to live in any other country, God bless the USA
Backyard Mechanic
Backyard Mechanic Hace 9 días
Mate, more white people have been killed from cops than black people or even Hispanic people ect. White people take #1 spot. Your argument holds no water son. In today's america, white people have the least amount of opportunity then other ethnic groups/backgrounds. Then we see black people making white people kneel down and say sorry. Sounds like hypocrisy cobba
Michael Ambrose
Michael Ambrose Hace 10 días
I STAND with Brees'
kay Hace 9 días
tiggerwoods100 Hace 15 días
So it's not about money. LOL We will see when your league can't fill the stadiums anymore. Everything you say might be true but still it was the wrong way of doing it. All you so called mightier then god players. Where are you now. Not a one of you are in the streets with your fellow rioters. All sitting safely in your mansions throwing stones. Yet this subject matters so much to you. Face it not a one of you had any problem with the white man as they where helping form your careers. Now all of a sudden it's an issue. You are all a bunch of hateful liars and spoiled little children.
Darryl Buchanan
Darryl Buchanan Hace 16 días
Dumbasses don't respect Drew Brees opinion but we are suppose to respect Kaepernick ! A joke ! These sports shows are becoming politics ! Might as well be a branch of CNN
daManonthehill Hace 16 días
The only thing Drew Brees did wrong was apologize
Elite Warriors
Elite Warriors Hace 16 días
Drew Brees is a great guy. They ask him a question and he gave a good answer.
kay Hace 9 días
i mean you have a fortnite profile picture, your like 8
Ronald Milligan
Ronald Milligan Hace 16 días
Police brutality has nothing to do with disrespecting the flag either
kay Hace 9 días
it wasn’t disrespecting the flag
bsembry25 Hace 17 días
Drew has always been a class act. He has a right to feel anyway he wants. It’s the freedom that his family and many others have fought for. If you don’t respect the flag or what it stands for then leave. Find another country that is willing to pay you that kind of money to play a kids game. Professional sports is nothing more than entertainment. It’s not enjoyable to watch a game that starts off with players unhappy about the country they live in and kneel during the anthem. If your that unhappy buy a ticket and get on the next plane out. I’m sure you will find happiness some where. I will not watch or support and team or player that is willing to kneel during the anthem.
NKBC 78 Hace 17 días
Just stop playing the national anthem, then these cry babies wont be able to kneel. Prob solved.
Heidi Kooiker
Heidi Kooiker Hace 17 días
McFarland I heard Iceland doesnt have police, maybe try moving there, let me know how it goes.
Timothy Bigham
Timothy Bigham Hace 17 días
Joe Hace 17 días
kaepernick is a sad individual
B V Hace 17 días
David Stonestreet
David Stonestreet Hace 17 días
Anybody who disrespects Drew Brees for his comments about the US Flag is not thinking clearly. He has nothing to be ashamed of for his actions. He is an incredible athlete, a leader, a patriot, and the kind of human being who puts his words, actions, and money to work. Anybody who disagrees with his love of our country and its symbols can pack up and leave at any time.
B V Hace 17 días
he himself was ashamed. so I dont know how you can say he shouldn't be ashamed....he literally was.
flak jac
flak jac Hace 17 días
u no booer if I every c 1 on the bathroom wall(booger) ill think of u (and the family)
Ian Barnes
Ian Barnes Hace 18 días
I'm sure brees learned his lesson. Sometimes it's just better to keep your mouth shut and say nothing
C Leggy
C Leggy Hace 18 días
I knew I didn't like Booger! You can't argue with stupid people! He says don't make this about your cause. Who's making it about whose cause? It's "The Kneelers" who picked the time traditionally reserved to show respect to our country to throw in their own form of protest. Seriously, just pick another form! If you want to flip off a cop during a game, do it! At least then the message would be clear and we'd know what you're protesting! But me thinks "The Kneelers" just want to be thugs and get off on offending people! There's no debate, Brees is 100% correct! Wish he hadn't apologized!!!
B V Hace 17 días
you cannot tell anyone in our country where or when to protest. it is their constitutional right. cry harder
Trevlind Ramquez
Trevlind Ramquez Hace 18 días
What I don’t understand is, although everyone’s entitled to their own thoughts and beliefs drew brees is and has been since at least high school around black people. Does all he do with them is throw the football. Looking from the outside it seems as he doesn’t have any relations or have befriended any of them. I hope the extent of your conversations isn’t: zebra, fire 51, blue long 18. Put the playbook aside and have a heart to heart conversation with them. I’m baffled.
John Carista
John Carista Hace 19 días
You know what I think it's time for me to turn off football for good I'm tired of all the controversy tired of all cops being labeled as racist and Killers I'm tired of this country being called a racist Nation so go ahead and take your knee on the football field this season because I won't be watching anymore done!!!
WTF Hace 19 días
Snowflakes! Nothing wrong with what he said. Nothing wrong with unity.
Bluebell Hace 20 días
He has the Right to his option. I Think You Should Stand up to the Flag
AlphaCatholic Hace 20 días
“I’ve been very clear from the beginning that I’m against systematic oppression,” Kaepernick said. “Police violence is just one of the symptoms of that oppression. For me that is something that needs to be addressed but it’s not the whole issue.” Kaepernick said he has been in touch with groups and individuals in Chicago, which has been plagued with gun violence in general. The goal is to support those groups trying to effect change and that has been Kaepernick’s end game as well, he said. “For me, I want to try help create change and also help empower other people, other organizations, that are doing the work to continue to do the work, and people that aren’t, to get involved to help create that change,” Kaepernick said. “Because this isn’t something that’s going to be changed by one person or a couple of people. It’s going to take communities coming together and creating the change that needs to be made, and the country coming together.”
Polaris sportsman
Polaris sportsman Hace 21 un día
Kapernick is a loser and hopefully someone will put him in jail for starting this war he's never worked a day in his life he doesn't have enough money to bail out the gang bangers in Minnesota
B V Hace 17 días
why put him in jail?
tony stark11
tony stark11 Hace 21 un día
why do we need to be so sensitive to everyones feelings about everything but if you say you will not kneel for the national anthem then you are vilified, respect works both ways, get that through yours heads and maybe we will get somewhere.
cognition man
cognition man Hace 21 un día
2:56 Maybe if George Floyd had gotten the message that you don't break the law?
melvin jones
melvin jones Hace 21 un día
Booger is a liberal mouthpiece; nothing less.
Bobby Harvill
Bobby Harvill Hace 21 un día
Why can’t blacks control themselves around referees and not Police Officers. Maybe we should dress cops like referees!
Santiago Macahilas
Santiago Macahilas Hace 21 un día
Maybe Kap shouldn't kneel during the national anthem it was bad timing he could of picked a different platform
B V Hace 17 días
could have* 'could of' does not make sense.
Yetiiing ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Squilliam Smith
Squilliam Smith Hace 22 días
Booger knows what’s in Bree’s heart? You Jesus now dude?
Squilliam Smith
Squilliam Smith Hace 22 días
Since when has it ever been okay for the media to publicly shame people for having opinions (moderate opinions I must add)? I guess we all just got cabin fever...
Brenda Holmes
Brenda Holmes Hace 22 días
Bob Woodson, founder of the Woodson Center, joins Tucker Carlson with insight on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' "In the past 50 years, $22 trillion has been spent on poverty programs. Seventy percent goes not to the poor but those who serve poor people," he said. "So many of those people taking office use this money to create a class of people who are running these cities, and now after 50 years of liberal Democrats running the inner cities, where we have all of these inequities that we have, race is being used as a ruse, as a means of deflecting attention away from critical questions such as why are poor blacks failing in systems run by their own people?" "It's more class than it is race ... and now race is being used to deflect attention away from the failures of people running those institutions," he added. "The question is why are black kids failing in school systems run by their own people?"
Albrecht Weyrother
Albrecht Weyrother Hace 22 días
Drew Brees is a white Evangelical Kerishtian. We should expect him to remain completely ignorant of the very real issues all around him.
James Lucenti
James Lucenti Hace 22 días
Breeze owes no apology....its a free country.
rob jeter
rob jeter Hace 22 días
He love this country and flag sooo much why don't he serve in the military? Pat Tillman did it....
Forgot Myname
Forgot Myname Hace 22 días
If I am a white pro athlete with conservative/patriotic views, I would never do another interview again.
Remo Piccioni
Remo Piccioni Hace 22 días
He just said the way he felt. What was wrong with what he said?
donald boyd
donald boyd Hace 23 días
We are not all in this together....Brees is a white racist...period!
Patrick Scott
Patrick Scott Hace 23 días
Fire booger!!!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Hace 23 días
Since everyone is turning on Brees, then take back everything he has done in the past ten years
Too Cool For Cardi
Too Cool For Cardi Hace 23 días
Okay, Booger MacFarland and ALL these other athletes, sports fans, announcers, etc. alike, REALLY need to STOP making this about Colin Kaepernick and speaking as if HE was the person who started all of this activism and as if he was the FIRST and ONLY athlete to also become an activist and speak out against racism and injustice and police brutality and for the rights of even fellow players and policies within sports, and that somehow Kaepernick was every black and brown person’s savior from police brutality and other issues, and that George Floyd and ALL of these other murders of black men, WOMEN AND CHIlDREN (he ONLY made it about black men as usual) would not have happened simply by Kaepernick taking a knee. 🙄🤨😤🤦🏽‍♀️ In fact, Kaepernick had to LEARN about being an activist and about history from those who came BEFORE him.🙄 LONG before there was EVER even thought of a Colin Kaepernick: Paul Robeson Jesse Owens Mack Robinson Jackie Robinson Althea Gibson Bill Russell Muhammad Ali Jim Brown Lew Alcindor Willie Horton Tommie Smith John Carlos Curt Flood Syracuse 8 Just to name a FEW prominent figures who came WAY before Colin Kaepernick. 🙄 I’m glad Kaepernick did what he did and took a stance unlike so many of his contemporary athletes, but let’s give REAL credit and attention where it’s deserved and because he and other players should’ve taken a stance WAY before they did! As far as I’m concerned, ALL of these NFL and NBA and other sports players are REALLY late to the game (no pun intended).🙄😤🤦🏽‍♀️
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Hace 23 días
The National Anthem DOESN'T "stand for" police brutality or racism. The two aren't related! Kneeling doesn't do anything.
Johnny Rock
Johnny Rock Hace 23 días
Lebron had a father ?
Adapa Hace 23 días
Why not talk about the 18 black people that were murdered in Chicago last weekend??.. Smdh, you guys aren’t seeing this thing for what it really is. BLM is painting black people as “victims”.. and this is just not true.. They’re trying to sell you a vision, paint a narrative. This movement will do nothing but hurt the black community and I feel bad that most of you can’t see that. Black people are being hustled.. pawns for the Democratic Party. It’s time to wake up. Note: George Floyd being killed was absolutely wrong and that cop will pay for it. No one is arguing that..
michael brown
michael brown Hace 23 días
Land of the free home of the brave liberals are turning it to land of the scared home of the chumps
Stone Hammer
Stone Hammer Hace 23 días
Drew Brees you're a COWARD and a Turncoat. Used to have respect for you. NOT ANYMORE.
Nilzske 45
Nilzske 45 Hace 23 días
If they start those nonsense protests again,I hope they lose every fan. Fooking nfl.
German American
German American Hace 23 días
If it's not bout the Flag,then why are you kneeling in FRONT of the Flag? Plus idiot kaepernick said it wasn't about the Flag,yeah right Kaep told Nike not to make the Nike Betsy Ross shoes for the 4th last year.Sure not about the Flag.LIAR
Joe Z
Joe Z Hace 24 días
He said nothing wrong, so looting is the cause you fool
Mark Bronson
Mark Bronson Hace 24 días
I hope nobody watches the NFL this year. I imagine the teams will all hold hands and see wonderful black lives matter songs before the game. What a circus. Bye bye nfl. I hope the ratings tumble.
maslk13456 Hace 24 días
Brees had a change of mind under a little pressure, that is to bad the libtards who take a knee should shipped to another country!
neetrab Hace 24 días
"What do you think the NFL should do if players decided to go back to protesting taking a knee during the anthem and what is your responsibility?" I wish you guys got the question right of what Drew was asked. They didn't ask his feeling about the protests, they just asked what NFL should do. That's 2 different things.
Flynn News Blog
Flynn News Blog Hace 24 días
Stop tackling yourself Drew and just get up and stop this PC BS. You don't need to apologize to anyone. I don't agree with the method of restraint of George Floyd, but at the same time, Floyd was a criminal with a rap sheet of over 10 felonies including a 5 year jail term.
Вечерний Унгерн
Booger is a piece of dried nasal mucus. He looks more like Mr. Hankey - a talking poo
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Hace 25 días
Stealing is meaning you want to change?
Mr. Gonzales
Mr. Gonzales Hace 25 días
It just pisses me off still that NOW people wanna talk about Kaepernick...Almost the equivalent of saying we won't believe you until they kill more black people, sad times in America man
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Hace 25 días
SMH. It’s not about police brutality. Ask Tony Timpa about that.
Clay Sinacori
Clay Sinacori Hace 25 días
Yeah that's got to do something with the soldiers you ain't never served LeBron James see the love just tells you that it has nothing to do with the soldiers we don't kneel during the flag we only kneeled only fall when we're dead
Felix Nuckley
Felix Nuckley Hace 25 días
Trun off the anti American football league
catalyst_99 Hace 25 días
The National Anthem DOESN'T "stand for" police brutality or racism. The two aren't related! Kneeling doesn't do anything.
C W Hace 25 días
Sooooo..... Kaperneck kneeled because he was benched... Not a good quarterback any teams wants because he sucks as a quarterback. Tell the truth. Besides.... booger???????
Ken Mcfann
Ken Mcfann Hace 25 días
I’m a white Vietnam veteran and I support taking a knee! I understand the kneeling
anthony gomes
anthony gomes Hace 25 días
i dont understand why he took a knee. politics does not belong in football. people are rioting and looting to be heard? they should go to jail for rioting and looting. the guy in this video isnt far from jail.
Will Willis
Will Willis Hace 25 días
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 DREW BREES 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Lisette Antoinette
Lisette Antoinette Hace 25 días
No one cares. NFL just put the final nail in the coffin.
Creedlake Hace 25 días
None of these people would be here today if it wasn’t people fighting for freedom you’re all free nobody is a slave anymore stand for the national anthem
Todd Pate
Todd Pate Hace 25 días
what message are they sending out when there looting and rioting?
Robbie Coles
Robbie Coles Hace 25 días
Wait till they show up in your neighborhood... If Kap could talk intelligently it would have been different
charli hans
charli hans Hace 25 días
Fu LeBron James...Ohio can't stand you
davemmar Hace 25 días
Walk a mile in my shoes. If Drew Brees and others that take Brees’ position would just talk to Kapernick and ask him if he is doing this to disrespect the flag, our soldiers, our national anthem, Kapernick would say NO. These words have been attributed to him by others, because people want to ignore the real message. With the dignity of the country in mind, Kapernick utilizes the law that legalizes his actions, the freedom of speech. Brees has that same right. Kapernick’ s actions were meant to address an indignity. Brees words indicate a disdain for that same right that allows him to speak his mind. Choose unity and fairness over inequality and suppression. Addendum, Brees restated his position which takes a big man.
Terry Vanornum
Terry Vanornum Hace 25 días
floyd was a criminal didnt deserve to die but a criminal just the same how many policemen get killed by criminals if you think there job is easy why isn't caperdick not a cop shannon sharp not a officer al Sharpton not a policeman why were you at get your facts right you fix these criminals
jeff noe
jeff noe Hace 25 días
This guy is a joke. Get a clue
myron boyle
myron boyle Hace 25 días
Its not our flag!!!
myron boyle
myron boyle Hace 25 días
Tax write off not from the heart don't get it twisted
john roy
john roy Hace 25 días
I think there's a reason why your first name is booger because your brain is boogerd do we not all have a right to say what we feel and say what we think and why is it that when we do people of certain color take offense to it maybe the problems on the people of certain colors, look at what's going on in Black communities it's the white man keeping y'all's down no it's your culture that keeps you down how much money has LeBron James donated how much money have all these other black athletes donated not even one tenth of what Drew Brees donated Drew Brees didn't donate it to people of white color Jeep bringing up skin pigment in all you do is hurt your cause black lives matter all lives matter why is it not getting through to everyone's head especially the black community and y'all keep voting Democrat and get your situation hasn't changed in what a hundred years maybe it's time to start voting somewhere else maybe it's time to start holding the people you're voting for accountable wake up booger the first amendment applies to everybody not just somebody
edvictor Hace 25 días
Stand up for what you believe. Drew don't back down to the "movement". Nothing to apologize for. Being patriotic is not a sin. Only the intolerant will cry....
Ralph Nappi
Ralph Nappi Hace 25 días
I lost all respect for Drew Brees when he apologized
Chuck Draper
Chuck Draper Hace 25 días
@Keith A What was wrong with what he said? He didn't say anything that was untrue.
Keith A
Keith A Hace 25 días
Ralph Nappi wrong is wrong, I know that’s hard for people like you to understand.
L Richard
L Richard Hace 25 días
Black athletes should all quite the leagues and start thier own black football league baseball hockey etc etc...quit all them white schools..then you would see the difference..you all just don't get it...Akon said it right....listen to Akron...and miss Barbara seizmore...
Proud Veteran
Proud Veteran Hace 25 días
A booger is something from your nose so why waste your time explaining what snot has to say. Stand for the flag
Jason Crosby
Jason Crosby Hace 26 días
Colin Copperdick is a thug.
smoothcollected Hace 26 días
Drew knew what he was doing. Thinking about that life after football. Politics maybe?
Charles Gair
Charles Gair Hace 26 días
In New Orleans . LOUISIANA Where SLAVERY Is Alive And Well In For PROFIT PRISONS Run By A Company Called PRISON ENTERPRISES .Where Inmates Must Work For 2 Cents An Hour
Ritzville Lumber
Ritzville Lumber Hace 26 días
This is why i stopped caring about football. i want to watch sports not hear grievance sermons from anyone.
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