Box of Lies with Emilia Clarke

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Emilia Clarke and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.
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Box of Lies with Emilia Clarke


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31 oct 2019






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Comentarios 80
rodo Hace 4 horas
- Would you take a check or do you prefer cash? - No mate, I take money in solid bowls only.
tell me how to use the word " _LOVELY_ " she is using this word frequently😮.
bc a
bc a Hace un día
Oh man, she is waaay too precious!
Suganth Ram
Suganth Ram Hace 7 días
This game and that face she made when she said "Best season ever" are proof she is a pathetic liar
Soad Hace 8 días
Watched 4:28 to 4:51 a thousand times.
Mehra suraj
Mehra suraj Hace 10 días
Game of pronunciation....
Nasty Nate
Nasty Nate Hace 13 días
Wow! the heavy box bit never gets old Jimmy.
A Cornel
A Cornel Hace 15 días
She is bad at lying.
Muqbil Aldhafeeri
Muqbil Aldhafeeri Hace 17 días
Fallon always likes to win He has a heart of a child and it doesn’t want to grow up
Perlynkaur Hace 18 días
who else is scrolling down the comments while watching the vid?
Joseph N
Joseph N Hace 20 días
This woman is masterpiece
Robert Cook
Robert Cook Hace 24 días
Her eyes smile too 4:46 and its adorable
black pot
black pot Hace 24 días
Mirip najwa shihab kalau dilihat dari thumbnail
Brain Eater
Brain Eater Hace 25 días
Salad bowl of money 😆👍
K Hace 26 días
"I tHOUgHt iT wAs CARrOt"
Alyssa Kovacs
Alyssa Kovacs Hace 27 días
I cant understand how much I adore her
ֆʊʀ1З ʋǟȶօ
ֆʊʀ1З ʋǟȶօ Hace 27 días
Honestly .. when she laughs she looks like a donkey .
Kirb0 1126
Kirb0 1126 Hace 28 días
Lady and the trump
Fiona-Hermione Tsangarides
I completely love her
dany zain
dany zain Hace un mes
I'm a simple man I see Emilia Clark I click
MoonFace Productions
I find it funny how whenever Emilia Clarke is on the show no one is commenting about Jimmys laugh. That’s how much of a stark contrast it is. Jimmy looks like Hannibal Lecturer next to her.
what's the expression " _ HEAVENS! _"? what's this slang?
Harsha Ganji
Harsha Ganji Hace un mes
Jimmy : No it's not a carrot (Drogon grunts) Emilia : DRACARYS!!!
Tiffany Libra
Tiffany Libra Hace un mes
I love her accent sooo much😂💞💖
Kid Wood
Kid Wood Hace un mes
Her smile is so infectious
Nils H Larsson
Nils H Larsson Hace un mes
how did she not just say its a 1 dollar salad
Rishon Solomon
Rishon Solomon Hace un mes
"We pay our Art Department a lot of money" that was clever
Gulya Swift
Gulya Swift Hace un mes
kunal gawade
kunal gawade Hace un mes
Heavens never heard that before 😂😂
Life Corner By Mithun
You can totally see that all of these are scripted as emilia's expression is like " you gave me a very poor script bro"
Francis Shimizu
Francis Shimizu Hace un mes
She's too innocent for this game.
Абдаллах Муслим
she can't both lie and recognize a lying person... she is so innocent... I LOVE HER
AsianDad202 Hace un mes
When your literally an actor yet you cant convince a news host that your looking at a frog
Shoshana Bodner
Shoshana Bodner Hace un mes
She's so adorable 🤣
Species 5618
Species 5618 Hace un mes
People still think the eyebrow comments are funny?
Cano Hace un mes
do her eye browns have an own postal code? i love her
Arthur’s Hat
Arthur’s Hat Hace un mes
#3 a....Slappy Meal?
Alex Hace un mes
It's obviously a solid bowl of money.
The Geek Monster
The Geek Monster Hace un mes
She looks so thin here. And so much older.
Miriam Eusepi
Miriam Eusepi Hace un mes
Iana Garcia
Iana Garcia Hace 2 meses
Guys can you help me ? I want do something about Emilia and I need evil comment about her. I love her really much and this is only for the intro. So can you write something like « she’s a bad actress » « I hate Emilia Clarke » « She don’t deserve what she got » . . . Thank you
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Hace 2 meses
Derviş XY
Derviş XY Hace 2 meses
monacle ?
God issa woman
God issa woman Hace 2 meses
She sounds like Adele sm
Surge _
Surge _ Hace 2 meses
The whole “solid, salad” bit. I’m literally crying
Marshmello Hace 2 meses
3:20 Pause. Just imagine being Jimmy Fallon and emilia clarke is staring at you with the eyes that she has in a small rectangular window.
Squishy Sloth
Squishy Sloth Hace 2 meses
When you lie you should looks at the thing inside the box to make it look like your describing it
Anna Bertoni
Anna Bertoni Hace 2 meses
2:04 italy is everywhere 😂😂😂😍💞
Mike B
Mike B Hace 2 meses
4:46 lmao
Mohibullah Awan
Mohibullah Awan Hace 2 meses
Why is Emilia just the purest soul ever? If only I could meet her.
Gerstein03 Hace 2 meses
Yeah this game requires you to be able to deceive people. Emilia is definitely way too sweet and innocent to be able to lie through her teeth or determine if someone else is lying
Gulya Swift
Gulya Swift Hace 2 meses
Carrot 🥕 🤣🤣
Gulya Swift
Gulya Swift Hace 2 meses
Natural beauty
thewelcometodark Hace 2 meses
Me: Eyebrows doesn't speak Emilie: oh ok hold my dragon !
Los Blancos
Los Blancos Hace 2 meses
Don't get deceived by that smile,she burns people alive
Joshua Costibolo
Joshua Costibolo Hace 2 meses
Mr. Fallon, thank you for making me happy this quarantine!!! i love your show sooo much!! ❤️
Junior Shah
Junior Shah Hace 2 meses
She just can't lie, coz her eyebrows are the spoilers 😂
Dino_jw_fan_art Hace 3 meses
0:00 that sound was weird 🔞
Sam S
Sam S Hace 3 meses
I LOVE her accent and personality XD
Spyro Happy
Spyro Happy Hace 3 meses
SALAD bowl of money )n
Robert Cook
Robert Cook Hace 3 meses
Omg her American accent 4:46
Rxnys Hace 3 meses
Anushka Vanjale
Anushka Vanjale Hace 3 meses
She is so innocent. She can't lie. And that's a good thing.
Anthony Young
Anthony Young Hace 3 meses
i am in love ....
HMat Hace 3 meses
The best Eyebrows in the world feat. Emilia Clarke
Jon Yen
Jon Yen Hace 3 meses
Jimmy Fallon is so stupid, he can never be funny and witty like Conan without stupid games and sing offs lol
Focus On Pop
Focus On Pop Hace 4 meses
Alessia Kate
Alessia Kate Hace 4 meses
She’s the most likeable person in the world
Nelson Lorenzo
Nelson Lorenzo Hace 4 meses
I'm in love
Bobby Cook
Bobby Cook Hace 4 meses
Her eyes smile with her 4:47
mekkiepoo Hace 4 meses
She would have won if she hadnt kept looking at the salad bowl when he asked... dead giveaway! She never looked away when talking about the frog's details.
Alenio _kim
Alenio _kim Hace 4 meses
She is so cute
Heleve Joergon
Heleve Joergon Hace 4 meses
it would be really sad if she died in a plane crash
Nellie S
Nellie S Hace 4 meses
damn her eyebrows really can move a lot HAHAHAH how can they go up like that???
Nellie S
Nellie S Hace 4 meses
she's so cute, i feel so ugly lol
Oliver Mercer
Oliver Mercer Hace 4 meses
Emila Clarke truly is so adorable Emila to be one our finest actress today 💎🤗😘🔥🐲😍🇬🇧
Kruppt808 Hace 4 meses
solid boar of honey
Tim Goers
Tim Goers Hace 4 meses
My three favorite people in this world are: 1. Emma Watson 2. Daisy Ridley 3. Emilia Clarke Because what’s not to love about super sweet, incredibly kind and ridiculously beautiful bubbly English girls?
Shekar C
Shekar C Hace 4 meses
OMG. She's so adorable
jose ap santos
jose ap santos Hace 4 meses
Boa noite, essa Emília é sensacional e engraçada.Adorei o vídeo.
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