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Welcome to Brad's World. Join Brad Leone in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as he makes grilled (and stuffed!) squid. To avoid getting tough and chewy squid, you should either grill it fast and hot or low and slow. These squid tubes are stuffed with tentacles, shrimp, scallions, garlic, ginger, spices and rice are dry rubbed with mustard powder, onion powder, salt & pepper, cayenne and coriander.
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Brad Makes Grilled Stuffed Squid | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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20 may 2019

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Stephanie Morin
Stephanie Morin Hace un hora
I was paying attention don't worry!
Gareth Hibberd
Gareth Hibberd Hace 8 horas
This oke is so real! Legit one of the best videos and so funny!
SookDG Hace un día
@Brad, what can you substitute rice with a veggie?
cream cheese
cream cheese Hace un día
My last braincell died when Brad said furikake
RadleyBO0 Hace 3 días
Fantastic recipe, looks delicious! While I personally wouldn't change a thing, my wife is allergic to shrimp. Any suggestions for substitutes? Maybe ground chicken or mushrooms?
Pixxie Lust
Pixxie Lust Hace 4 días
Am I the only one who thought, “wow, what a beautifully satisfying looking Non stick Pan!”
Salvadori Popadillo
Salvadori Popadillo Hace 4 días
Chris is so cute in this one, especially. :)
Sergio Solórzano
Sergio Solórzano Hace 4 días
no funny letters or anything.... its not that funny anymore without it...
Sergio Solórzano
Sergio Solórzano Hace 4 días
2:32 jajaja love how he's working and people are just chatting in the background
Sergio Solórzano
Sergio Solórzano Hace 4 días
no vinny? 😢
Kaelin Hopson
Kaelin Hopson Hace 4 días
Tbh Brad seasoned tf out of this 🤤🤤🤤
Devina Wong
Devina Wong Hace 5 días
A vote to make it a formal recipe here!
create Hace 5 días
About to attempt making this (wish me luck) so I took some notes in preparation. Here's a kinda-sorta-recipe for anyone else who wants to try this! Brad and BA, we love you, thanks for making these videos and please never stop! Dry Rub: Mustard powder Onion powder Salt Pepper Cayenne Coriander (ground) Filling: Squid tentacles, minced Shrimp, minced Scallions (3), chopped into thin rounds 4 cloves of garlic, microplaned 1" of ginger, microplaned 2-3" of lemongrass, sliced into realrealreal thin rings ½ fresno chili, minced 1 tablespoonish of ponzu sauce 1 tablespoonish of gochujang 1-2 tablespoonsish of olive oil Pinch of dry rub Black pepper Rice: 1.5ish cups of white rice, cooked Furikake Additional: Parsley and [cilantro, tarragon, basil, or thai basil] Another splash of ponzu Another splash of olive oil PREP TUBES Put tubes in bowl 1, add dry rub + pinch of salt, toss to coat PREP FILLING Put minced tentacles and shrimp in bowl 2, add chopped scallions Add microplaned garlic and ginger to bowl 2 Add lemongrass slices to bowl 2 Add minced chili to bowl 2 Add ponzu sauce to bowl 2 Add gochujang to bowl 2 Add olive oil to bowl 2 Add healthy pinch of dry rub to bowl 2 Add black pepper to bowl 2 PREP RICE Put white rice in bowl 3 Add some furikake to white rice to coat lightly COOK FILLING Saute contents of bowl 2 in a nonstick pan on medium-high heat to cook shrimp/squid and reduce moisture. Color will darken a bit. MIX STUFFING Dump sautéed bowl 2 contents into bowl 3, mix with rice Chop some parley and cilantro or tarragon or [Thai] basil, put in bowl 3 mixture Add an extra splash of ponzu and olive oil to bowl 3, mix FILL THE TUBES Put bowl 3 contents (stuffing) in bag, cut off dime-size tip Fill each tube about halfway with stuffing. If both sides have holes, put less in and center the stuffing. GRILL THE TUBES Heat grill on HOT Put stuffed tubes on grill, roll frequently to get even browning, use tongs to keep mixture inside (A COUPLE MINUTES TOTAL) Don't forget that mixture inside is cooked so you're basically just searing the tubes Char the sides by placing tubes parallel to grill grates Before removing, sprinkle with some more dry rub (to achieve pyrotechnics) Serve on hot dog bun with ketchup
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Hace 5 días
I want to make this but can't find the recipe. Is there a formal recipe somewhere or do I need to just write the ingredients down as Brad cooks?
karenamanda1958 Hace 7 días
I love little fried squid feets 🥰 This dish sounds really yummy. 😋
Tsudoshi09 Hace 7 días
Lmao...Vinny..zooming on Chris. Hell yeah a perfect recipe for summer in Hawaii brah! Cheers
Nararizki Hasbullah
Nararizki Hasbullah Hace 7 días
why're brad and claire looks like they're having a break up
cadiebeth95 Hace 8 días
Brad! Can you write this recipe out? (In grams if you're feeling frisky!!) Dying to make it.
carlos wbafc fan
carlos wbafc fan Hace 9 días
This is a very Portuguese dish, ola portimao no Algarve
PinkiePie86 Hace 9 días
Please write up the recipe
devon elias
devon elias Hace 10 días
Philip Mathieu
Philip Mathieu Hace 10 días
I cook with charcoal, so I'd probably have to do these first while it's piping. What would you throw on for side dishes after?
Heather Campuzano
Heather Campuzano Hace 13 días
BRAD! I need your dry rub seasonings ratios, please! 😬
John Sanders
John Sanders Hace 13 días
I cook exclusively with the oven and microwave, yet I've been binge watching cooking videos in ESvid for like a week now
John Sanders
John Sanders Hace 9 días
Four days later: Brad is my favorite man
Alex Hatch
Alex Hatch Hace 14 días
Where the hell is vinchinzo? No bueno brad just looks sad
harmonimom Hace 14 días
Brad has Big Dad Energy
João Vicente
João Vicente Hace 14 días
that kitchen was on fire this day
SackboySeig Hace 14 días
what is the knife he´s using called?
britney901 Hace 15 días
I love Gabby
Cameron Lyall
Cameron Lyall Hace 15 días
Does anyone know what style of knife Brad has? I want one!
M. Jethro Beltran
M. Jethro Beltran Hace 15 días
dafuq's dat knife all about?
Snt Mrll
Snt Mrll Hace 15 días
So much chaotic organized energy
Xochi Gonzalez-fritz
Xochi Gonzalez-fritz Hace 16 días
1. Love the knife. 2. Knife skills are killer. 3. Can’t wait to make this dish my self. Thanks Chef!
Mabelle T.
Mabelle T. Hace 16 días
its 3am im salivating
Ann Smith
Ann Smith Hace 16 días
I made this -- delicious!! MAKE IT A RECIPE ON THE WEBSITE SO I DONT NEED TO WATCH THE VIDEO 100x (though i enjoyed it). Brad is awesome.
TheN00bmonster Hace 16 días
How many shirts does Chris Morocco have?
John Mcgaughey
John Mcgaughey Hace 16 días
Beautiful knife
Cassandra Pendino
Cassandra Pendino Hace 17 días
give us the recipe !!!
badlesbian1983 Hace 17 días
No one: No one at all: Chris: but is it tempered ...
Tiffany Akridge
Tiffany Akridge Hace 17 días
brad leone looks like a carpenter who just wandered onto set one day and now he won't leave
Gideon Thangcin
Gideon Thangcin Hace 3 días
Hopefully he’s a carpenter we won’t be crucifying
John Sanders
John Sanders Hace 9 días
I'm sorry, but that beanie gives him big fisherman energy. Like someone who pulls nets up onto a boat
hamfc Hace 17 días
2:26 fun fact, people love squid
Frozen numbat
Frozen numbat Hace 17 días
what kind of knife is he using?
smiless0999 Hace 18 días
Missmethinksalot1 Hace 18 días
I am not vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination but neither do I want to see my imaginary meal being cut alive in front of me lol. Would appreciate a 1 second in-video blip warning. I mean it's totally fine if you don't but would be nice if you do. :)
farhana azman
farhana azman Hace 18 días
Lol, ketupat sotong?
Valley Pathfinder
Valley Pathfinder Hace 18 días
......I might actually give this a try
Batclocks Hace 18 días
yeah write that recipe dog
Olivia 희영 Park
Olivia 희영 Park Hace 19 días
this is a Korean dish... like a REALLY TRADITIONAL korean dish... i hope he doesn't get credit for this recipe...
verdatum Hace 19 días
Call the show "It's dead with Brad Leone". I friggin' love squid.
Amaterasu 1234
Amaterasu 1234 Hace 19 días
I'm allergic to shrimp, what's a good alternative?
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