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A mysterious illness is devastating her body and mind, but she's determined to find answers. Brain on Fire premieres June 22 on Netflix.
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Brain On Fire | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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13 jun 2018

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Crush Honey
Crush Honey Hace 14 horas
This movie describes my Life actually.
na na
na na Hace 2 días
They just needed dr House....
Davi Pontes
Davi Pontes Hace 5 días
L. StoneHeart
L. StoneHeart Hace 5 días
Why all Chloe's movies always begin with her saying her character's name?
rose e
rose e Hace 5 días
I can't find it on netflix everytime i search for it why
Cinthia Dávila
Cinthia Dávila Hace un día
rose e same 🙋🏼‍♀️
maria imperial
maria imperial Hace 7 días
she is just so beautiful and her guy is soo hot hehe
Maydelyn Ugmares
Maydelyn Ugmares Hace 9 días
Chloe Grace Moretz!! 😍😍😍
Q8 Forme
Q8 Forme Hace 10 días
عندنا هالحاله اسمها عين ما صلت عالنبي
Rajashree Ghumare
Rajashree Ghumare Hace 10 días
It's best that she looks like a kid now also
Rajashree Ghumare
Rajashree Ghumare Hace 10 días
And kick ass
Rajashree Ghumare
Rajashree Ghumare Hace 10 días
And from greta
Rajashree Ghumare
Rajashree Ghumare Hace 10 días
Who remember her from CARRIE
Gustavo Barra
Gustavo Barra Hace 11 días
See? With no pornography and a great movie
Nata Obando
Nata Obando Hace 11 días
These should be in Spanish
elben em-em
elben em-em Hace 12 días
Call Dr. House.
Joey Bates
Joey Bates Hace 12 días
Lol i swear i always regret watching trailers cuz then i feel like i seen the whole movie already
Daniele Laurindo
Daniele Laurindo Hace 12 días
Maissa Hanouna
Maissa Hanouna Hace 12 días
One of the best movies iv ever watched
Jana Lua
Jana Lua Hace 12 días
No Brasil não está mais disponível :(
Jeremiah Maquiling
Jeremiah Maquiling Hace 12 días
Why I can’t search the movie on Netflix
Ann Efendy
Ann Efendy Hace 13 días
Why the movie is not on the actual site?
dave jentapa
dave jentapa Hace 13 días
So she's crazy and hot. What else?
Raul Uchôa
Raul Uchôa Hace 13 días
This girl is an amazing actress!! 💙🎉
Yeongsoon Choi
Yeongsoon Choi Hace 14 días
I got netflix but no 'Brain on Fire' wtf? - I'm in Korea. fuc k..
Carolina Shirasawa
Carolina Shirasawa Hace 14 días
is it only available in the US?
Muhammad ali Ali
Muhammad ali Ali Hace 14 días
Well somebody plug trinity out of the matrix please. She's in "here" for too long. She even conceived a matrix child who has glitches.
Gurau Inc
Gurau Inc Hace 14 días
Kick ass
Are Alvarez cabello jauregui
Wicked Child
Wicked Child Hace 15 días
Chloe is a great actress, so sad she supports the democrats 😩
Roberto Goméz
Roberto Goméz Hace 15 días
No entendí ni madres!🤔 A es que está en inglés😂
TRAVIS SCOTT Hace 16 días
Wow holy shit! Just finished watching this and I enjoyed it from start to finish. Chloe is amazing!
Alyssia Andrine Savannah
She looks like a teen.
GHOST Hace 18 días
Sirena 'v
Sirena 'v Hace 18 días
La busco y la busco en netflix y nunca está, que onda ya la sacaron?
Cinthia Dávila
Cinthia Dávila Hace un día
Me pasa lo mismo. Hace tiempo la busco y no aparece nada
Isdore Dungdung
Isdore Dungdung Hace 18 días
Whose brain was on fire after seeing this??
Zalikha 2003
Zalikha 2003 Hace 19 días
Saw the movie at 2016 Lol
Daniele Barros
Daniele Barros Hace 19 días
Quando vai chegar na Netflix Brasil??
– The Vlog Life
– The Vlog Life Hace 20 días
Cadê os BR ? ❤
stephanie mcshan
stephanie mcshan Hace 22 días
I’ve seen this movie so many times
Mr. Jeypee
Mr. Jeypee Hace 23 días
why the hell i cant find this in netflix
Belahya Gaming
Belahya Gaming Hace 29 días
1:35 a3333 😣🤮🤢😵
Prudence M
Prudence M Hace un mes
not on netflix anymore?
Ebru Akkaya
Ebru Akkaya Hace un mes
Bir litre gözyaşı bu amk yemeyin bizi
emma skye
emma skye Hace un mes
Its a great movie, defiantly recommended!
Tamzin Bush
Tamzin Bush Hace un mes
What’s the book called?!
Dr. Mohamed Hem/Onc
What was wrong with her ? This is the first time to watch the trailer , EVRYTHING IS NORMAL MRI , EEG , Neurological Exam .. Sounds intersting , she is definitely has a tumor or something that could be caused by a tumor like encephalitis ( inflammation ) .
Virkster Hace un mes
There is no cure for liberalism.
Jijey Hace un mes
why I can’t find it on Netflix?😭😭😭
Med Amine Sahli
Med Amine Sahli Hace un mes
This movie is based on the true story of Dr souhait Najjar a Syrian American neurologist that discovered for the first time a new neurological illness at 2015
ZiMakeUp Hace un mes
Our ICU has a patient who has this condition. It took us a month with so many tests and exams to finally figure it out. We had to put him in a medically induced coma cause of constant seizures until we figured it out. He finally woke up this week. I pray for a strong and healthy recovery for him.
Turkish Playa
Turkish Playa Hace un mes
"Chloë Grace Moretz" you make an unbelieveable good Job in this movie. 👍👍👍
Angel BV
Angel BV Hace un mes
When it will be released in Latin America?
TVAlberto9 Boss
TVAlberto9 Boss Hace un mes
The Work of the Kills me know if you Horror Hunter #BrianofFire only I UK Nationwide Irish Cinemas November 8
מאיה ליגלם
I had just finished watching the film and now Im all in tears. Such a strong message, Thats sometimes it’s enough for one doctor to believe that he could find you when you feel you had lost yourself. An excellent game of Chloe🙏🏽 recommended
Katarina G.
Katarina G. Hace 2 meses
Don't know why but I expected more from this movie, it was just slow, maybe the subject it's dealing with is more interesting when it's a book.
Shean Fíonn
Shean Fíonn Hace 2 meses
This movie SUCKED. Its her acting sick and deranged and yelling at Muh-dee'er for 1.5 hours then at the end they figure it out. Nothing special or motivating. I seriously thought she would have a super power at the end or something, but nah..."welp, it was this, all better now" Lamest movie, Netflix...youre better than this.
Fireflies Vasa
Fireflies Vasa Hace 2 meses
Please let me watch in Sweden!!!
Carla vdc
Carla vdc Hace 2 meses
I saw movie, it's so cool
Katy Sky
Katy Sky Hace 2 meses
This movie is amazing!! You will not regret watching it.
Zoe Hannath
Zoe Hannath Hace 2 meses
I just saw the woman you went through this and wrote this exact book. Although it has been made into a film. As soon as I saw and heard the author I thought of this film so I typed it up on ESvid and I was right it was this film
Abby Farris
Abby Farris Hace 2 meses
The trailer makes it look like she has some paranormal, but she doesn’t
Leonard Nika
Leonard Nika Hace 2 meses
I cant find this movie on Netflix
Samantha Hannon
Samantha Hannon Hace 2 meses
True story did she die
Dazai ous
Dazai ous Hace 2 meses
she looks like britt robertson @brittlrobertson) the actress from the longest ride and for the people ❤
Janioong Hace 2 meses
She is one of a great actress
Dazai ous
Dazai ous Hace 2 meses
same + britt robertson
MARCO ENRICO welcome to the philippines
90% vote for meme 10%vote for real talk
Jennifer D
Jennifer D Hace 3 meses
Such a beautiful movie, made me cry many times.
Dharmpal Singh
Dharmpal Singh Hace 3 meses
If I watched it. This is because Chloe
Dazai ous
Dazai ous Hace 2 meses
the same with me i watch the movies beacuse the actress i watch the longest ride beacuse britt robertson
Erin McGowan
Erin McGowan Hace 3 meses
Anybody have experience with this Boxxy Software. I'm finding more and more all over the net?
Tarrina Tass
Tarrina Tass Hace 3 meses
I didn't found this film in Netflix😑omg
Aina Atira
Aina Atira Hace 3 meses
But why is the movie doesn't appear on my netflix?
Tara Matthews
Tara Matthews Hace 3 meses
Physics + Me = brain on fire
Misa Sotne
Misa Sotne Hace 3 meses
22 june of 2019?
Goolag Hace 3 meses
Netfux bobar
Heather Clark
Heather Clark Hace 3 meses
This was a really good movie, seen it on Netflix the other night. It's crazy it's based off a true story and that this autoimmune disease is real...so scary!
Alma de la Cruz
Alma de la Cruz Hace 3 meses
Thank you doing this movie! I have multiple sclerosis and it’s a perfect rendition of the symptoms! You have to be your own advocate and fight for medical treatment.
Rudy Endsley
Rudy Endsley Hace 3 meses
Yooo this movie sucks ass. Very cringe.
Aerys Targaryen
Aerys Targaryen Hace 3 meses
This is my girlfriend every day..
XIUMIN LOVER Hace 3 meses
21 and has decent a job wow
Luz Marua Morales Burgos
Para cuando en América Latina?
Isra Hace 3 meses
dms dba
dms dba Hace 3 meses
ارقولها عندها مس من الجن 😂😂😂
Theophilus Martins
Theophilus Martins Hace 3 meses
*Fousey tube in a nutshell!!* when I was watching this movie I was just thinking of fousey. He acts just likes this or he was.
Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho Hace 3 meses
This movie is Amazing! I Love Chloe and the story of this movie is emotional
YhanYhan Dela Cruz
YhanYhan Dela Cruz Hace 3 meses
not available on Netflix?
Gamer Xox
Gamer Xox Hace 3 meses
Have this film a happy end?
Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho Hace 3 meses
catholic rapist chirch
Such a good movie!
Tracy Garrison
Tracy Garrison Hace 4 meses
I have something similar caused by bartonlla henslae (cat scratch disease that became chronic ) . it feels like your fuckig brain is burning. And your eyes .
Angela Milosevic
Angela Milosevic Hace 4 meses
That's what a migraine feels like. Like your brain is on fire.
Allan Bishop
Allan Bishop Hace 4 meses
Absolute garbage movie.
Axel Pa Vos
Axel Pa Vos Hace 4 meses
En Netflix Latino américa No Se Encuentra :(
Ms.muffin NonBussines
I think i watched it already last year way before netflix?
i can't find it on netflix help me ???
Ameek Hace 4 meses
This is so scary
Amena80 Hace 4 meses
This is not showing in movies in my country (UAE)
cam vargas
cam vargas Hace 4 meses
The movie don't appear in Netflix
Bülent Öncel
Bülent Öncel Hace 4 meses
thuraia Al.s
thuraia Al.s Hace 4 meses
شيفهم ❌
thuraia Al.s
thuraia Al.s Hace 4 meses
addicted creator
addicted creator Hace 4 meses
omg Chloe Moretz is and adult now WTF
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