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A mysterious illness is devastating her body and mind, but she's determined to find answers. Brain on Fire premieres June 22 on Netflix.
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SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/29qBUt7
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Brain On Fire | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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13 jun 2018






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Intan Nisita
Intan Nisita Hace 3 horas
This is true story makes me sad😭
Rico Suave
Rico Suave Hace 9 horas
Dayanne França
Dayanne França Hace 17 horas
Ainda tá na Netflix?
Ayanda Yandiey Bhekingwe
Itzel Yoky
Itzel Yoky Hace un día
Que alguien me ayude no me aparece en netflix porqueeew
Lindomar Matos
Lindomar Matos Hace 3 días
Ta muito estranha se é que me entendem ksksks
Jewel Seng
Jewel Seng Hace 3 días
Does Chloe still have places to keep her money!! She’s always landing Great roles in amazing movies
yuno gasai
yuno gasai Hace 4 días
I already watch this , nice movie .
Harryxbebex xbebex
Harryxbebex xbebex Hace 5 días
Fortrez Hace 5 días
Njda no está en colombia, vale verga netflix
JUNIOR Mafla Hace 6 días
Yo con un beso de esa niña no me la los labios nunca!
Raisha Hasan
Raisha Hasan Hace 7 días
Just finished watching this movie now... and probably one word would be enough for this movie and that is "TERRIFIC"... just give it a try...Chloë totally nailed it!!!
Alpaca_Gachalife Hace 8 días
Yo isn’t that black haired girl from the chipmunks? 😂
Ro Monnyeli
Ro Monnyeli Hace 10 días
kenn nny
kenn nny Hace 10 días
I searched it on netflix there's nothing on there??
劉雅容 Hace 11 días
Die in hair and shoulder in a hospital so sorry about lots of the special European tour guide cheers inhabitants right cross over the limited nation crimes.
happyz hoodwinker
happyz hoodwinker Hace 12 días
When PMS hits hard
Andrade Anita
Andrade Anita Hace 12 días
Just call Dr. House... amateurs
BrittThe5starChick Hace 12 días
I was recommended to watch this movie. It reminds me soo much of myself.. one day i woke up and my life changed. A normal girl goes to a girl who cant stop panicking to having ocd. Every doctor i saw let me down and couldnt give me an explanation on whats controlling me. My doctor finally decided to have me tested for P.A.N.D.A.S which is an autoimmune disease caused by strep throat. Sure enough the results came back positive 2 times. I wasnt just going crazy it was antibodies attacking me. The antibiotics unfortunatly didnt work cuz we didnt catch it in time but now there are new inventions such as a blood transfusion that i am looking on getting soon. I will make a video on my channel of my story to hopefully help someone one day. Thank you for this movie and for helping people who need to be saved. With love, Brittany 💕💕
Aerielle Gab Suno
Aerielle Gab Suno Hace 13 días
I think Chloe never aged at all . Watching her movies when she's still a little girl , her face didn't change.
Thanos titan
Thanos titan Hace 13 días
So she had syphalis in her brain, she should stop hoein around
Flavinha França
Flavinha França Hace 14 días
Cadê a legenda?
Lunna Sayummi99
Lunna Sayummi99 Hace 14 días
Alguém brasileiro aqui Além de mim, que fala português pra eu entender. N tem graça os comentários tô entendendo nada mano. 🤦🏻💔😂
Lunna Sayummi99
Lunna Sayummi99 Hace 14 días
Só vim por causa da mina que fez meu filme "Carrie-A estranha" 😂😂💕
Daniel freitas
Daniel freitas Hace 14 días
Rebecca chagasff
Rebecca chagasff Hace 15 días
Cloe grace moretz
Un poco de TODO AlheLu
Me parece que hay una serie japonesa sobre esa enfermedad tambien
Shilpa Singh
Shilpa Singh Hace 16 días
I watched it i got real tensed about my mental health😅
rms rms
rms rms Hace 16 días
Esta en youtube haha
bi ns
bi ns Hace 17 días
Is it available on netflix latin america?
Axel Hernández
Axel Hernández Hace 16 días
No :(
Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho Hace 17 días
Where is this movie Netflix??
Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho Hace 17 días
+TipTopTab oh Thanks
TipTopTab Hace 17 días
I think you can only watch it on the American Netflix. I couldn’t find it on my countries Netflix so I used a vpn to watch it on the American version
kellyann noble
kellyann noble Hace 19 días
Beautiful movie so sad though 😭definitely recommend
Chris Maldonado
Chris Maldonado Hace 20 días
Dr House is the answer...
Love is better than hate
Very emotional and beautiful Movie!
Michelle Germany_Mexico
Michelle Germany_Mexico Hace 21 un día
I passed through EXACTLY the Same Thing....for me it is not just a Movie...it tells my life...and I was also pregnant at that time.... more than 1 Year with no correct Diagnose and than finally One docter found it..... was zur Hardest Thing ever I had to go through....
Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho Hace 17 días
Wow and you won that 👏
lucy gluce
lucy gluce Hace 22 días
Terrible title for such a good movie
Who Cares
Who Cares Hace 23 días
alejandra Rojo
alejandra Rojo Hace 23 días
cómo se llama la peli?
Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho Hace 17 días
Brain on fire
Renata Pina
Renata Pina Hace 24 días
Esse filme não está mais na Netflix ..
Kristina Kapusta
Kristina Kapusta Hace 27 días
I can’t find this movie,can someone help?🙂
Cristiane Lopes
Cristiane Lopes Hace 28 días
Não consegui achar esse filme na NETFLIX como faço?
Alyssa Rose
Alyssa Rose Hace 28 días
Great movie!!
Pancho villa
Pancho villa Hace 28 días
After I was done waching this movie my head started hurting, no lie
ILOVE BACON Hace un mes
Maybe her boyfriend left her.
Sophia Hamilton
Sophia Hamilton Hace un mes
Who everyone love watching The Fundamentals of Caring?
ainaddreamer Hace un mes
This movie is not on my Netflix 😯😯😯😯😯😮
Iris uwu
Iris uwu Hace un mes
I loved this movie so much.
michał botor
michał botor Hace un mes
what is this? a trailer or the showing of one's hands? seriously, it's better to know nothing or next to nothing while starting to watch this movie and this trailer just unfolds it all. go see it blindfolded and i promise you, you will live through it.
Caitlin Donaghy
Caitlin Donaghy Hace un mes
I love this movie and the book is really good I learn a lot from the book
LRC Hace un mes
Thought it was much better than what the reviews made it out to be.
Clovena Johnson
Clovena Johnson Hace un mes
Where can I watch this movie?
Elene Mkervalishvili
I loved it🖤 it was AMAZING 🖤🖤🖤
Irmak Yıldırım
Irmak Yıldırım Hace un mes
This is carrieee !!@
Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog Hace un mes
Netflix, please add this movie to South Africa! Why do you always exclude the shit hole countries, we have feelings you know..
Eric R. Gonzalez
Eric R. Gonzalez Hace un mes
I really like this movie. I enjoy it!
Nacho Hace un mes
Pain Rays 6G Mobile
Tudor Miller
Tudor Miller Hace un mes
Wowsers! That was done trailer. I have so much respect for Chloe Grace as an actress. I wonder what the neurological disorder is ? Is it a type of autism ? Epilepsy ? Bi polar was mentioned. But which type is it ?
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb Hace un mes
Oh trinity
Anne Cinco
Anne Cinco Hace un mes
Not on netflix
Bronzeflame2489 Hace un mes
Imma be watching this JUST for richard armitage lmaoo👋
Elin Gabert
Elin Gabert Hace un mes
Why oh why can’t I find this movie on the swedish Netflix!?!?! I really want ti watch it!
f Hace un mes
The acting was incredibly bad in this movie.
Sky Blue
Sky Blue Hace un mes
Is netflex available in bangladesh..?
Joana Darck
Joana Darck Hace un mes
Legal muito bom mesmo Netflix nada comparável
GribaniG G
GribaniG G Hace un mes
She's so freaking Cute!!
GribaniG G
GribaniG G Hace un mes
I already love it!!
Daysiane Barroso
Daysiane Barroso Hace un mes
Chloe Grace Moretz e Thomas Mann...👏👏👏😍
Katika Loruthai
Katika Loruthai Hace un mes
It's the power of love to fighting from painful, recommend to see..! 👍
SARITA BROWN Hace un mes
Stephanie Hernandez
Omg this actually happened to me crazy.
Adinasaurs Hace 2 meses
Why i cant watch this on my netflix?
Daredevil2003 Hace 2 meses
It's a freaking Indian doctor who finds out the the right side if her brain is inflated
Crush Honey
Crush Honey Hace 2 meses
This movie describes my Life actually.
na na
na na Hace 2 meses
They just needed dr House....
Davi Pontes
Davi Pontes Hace 2 meses
Liora Barash
Liora Barash Hace 2 meses
Why all Chloe's movies always begin with her saying her character's name?
rose e
rose e Hace 2 meses
I can't find it on netflix everytime i search for it why
Cinthia Dávila
Cinthia Dávila Hace 2 meses
rose e same 🙋🏼‍♀️
maria imperial
maria imperial Hace 2 meses
she is just so beautiful and her guy is soo hot hehe
Maydelyn Ugmares
Maydelyn Ugmares Hace 2 meses
Chloe Grace Moretz!! 😍😍😍
Q8 Forme
Q8 Forme Hace 2 meses
عندنا هالحاله اسمها عين ما صلت عالنبي
Rajashree Ghumare
Rajashree Ghumare Hace 2 meses
It's best that she looks like a kid now also
Rajashree Ghumare
Rajashree Ghumare Hace 2 meses
And kick ass
Rajashree Ghumare
Rajashree Ghumare Hace 2 meses
And from greta
Rajashree Ghumare
Rajashree Ghumare Hace 2 meses
Who remember her from CARRIE
Gustavo Barra
Gustavo Barra Hace 2 meses
See? With no pornography and a great movie
Nata Obando
Nata Obando Hace 2 meses
These should be in Spanish
elben em-em
elben em-em Hace 2 meses
Call Dr. House.
Joey Bates
Joey Bates Hace 2 meses
Lol i swear i always regret watching trailers cuz then i feel like i seen the whole movie already
Daniele Laurindo
Daniele Laurindo Hace 2 meses
Maissa Hanouna
Maissa Hanouna Hace 2 meses
One of the best movies iv ever watched
Jana Lua
Jana Lua Hace 2 meses
No Brasil não está mais disponível :(
Jeremiah Maquiling
Jeremiah Maquiling Hace 2 meses
Why I can’t search the movie on Netflix
Annа Efendulova
Annа Efendulova Hace 2 meses
Why the movie is not on the actual site?
dave jentapa
dave jentapa Hace 2 meses
So she's crazy and hot. What else?
Raul Uchôa
Raul Uchôa Hace 2 meses
This girl is an amazing actress!! 💙🎉
Young Hace 2 meses
I got netflix but no 'Brain on Fire' wtf? - I'm in Korea. fuc k..
Carolina Shirasawa
Carolina Shirasawa Hace 2 meses
is it only available in the US?
Muhammad ali Ali
Muhammad ali Ali Hace 2 meses
Well somebody plug trinity out of the matrix please. She's in "here" for too long. She even conceived a matrix child who has glitches.
Gurau Inc
Gurau Inc Hace 2 meses
Kick ass
Are Alvarez cabello jauregui
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