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A mysterious illness is devastating her body and mind, but she's determined to find answers. Brain on Fire premieres June 22 on Netflix.
Watch Brain On Fire on Netflix: www.netflix.com/in/title/80128245
SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/29qBUt7
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Brain On Fire | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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13 jun 2018

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Comentarios 1 744
lavaofficialkurdi Hace 18 horas
I can’t find this movie on Netflix/Iraq
elek bąbelek
elek bąbelek Hace 23 horas
Borelke ma :)
DepressionAHO Hace un día
Can this disease make you suicidal?
Angel Dela Paz
Angel Dela Paz Hace un día
Arjo Atayde? 😂
Amq Zawadzka
Amq Zawadzka Hace 4 días
Pamiętam jej pierwszy film. Była niesamowita 😍
Anday 34
Anday 34 Hace 8 días
Is it a movie or series?
Mari Cabello
Mari Cabello Hace 9 días
I think she is bisexuals because she was kissed a girl in old filme and now boy because she is bisexuals💙💚💛💜
Morgan Johnson
Morgan Johnson Hace 5 días
They are just movies you know. She’s just acting
samita delhi
samita delhi Hace 9 días
Excellent movie
aylen valdes
aylen valdes Hace 10 días
Ponganla en Latínoamericaaaaa
Switi Pingin
Switi Pingin Hace 10 días
So what was her problem???
Morgan Johnson
Morgan Johnson Hace 5 días
Switi Pingin her brain was inflamed
Juan Salamanca
Juan Salamanca Hace 10 días
Chole lo más hermoso
Arnab Anwar
Arnab Anwar Hace 11 días
Well, people always seem to like the imaginary doctor who works with magic stick, but this was a real doctor, his name is Dr. Souhel Najjar......nd u r all obsessed with House!!!!
Sima Zay
Sima Zay Hace 12 días
This movie makes me cry
Kornelia Sadowska
Kornelia Sadowska Hace 13 días
I love it ❤❤❤
Baby Ahmat
Baby Ahmat Hace 13 días
this movie is veryyy goood. i like it. especially when cloe's in it
Jet U Sirilimp
Jet U Sirilimp Hace 13 días
Ramia Bousaidi
Ramia Bousaidi Hace 15 días
I didn’t find that movie in Netflix why ¿
dl md
dl md Hace 16 días
Is the movie released in South Korea?
TheOptimusprime246 Hace 16 días
Itzkiki Xox
Itzkiki Xox Hace 16 días
I’ve watched this it’s amazing
Smn7days Hace 17 días
Paulo Tavares
Paulo Tavares Hace 17 días
*Gosto quando ela faz papel de lésbica!* 😒
Kris Sandiego
Kris Sandiego Hace 18 días
I expected she going to be satanic
13shoesie Hace 19 días
The comments are calling for Dr. House when all she needs is one sniff from Dr. Lecter...
**** KIKXA ****
**** KIKXA **** Hace 19 días
This is next 5 th wave ?
Haylen Q13
Haylen Q13 Hace 19 días
Chloe was soooo good in this movie god she’s such a good actress
RageQueen OG
RageQueen OG Hace 19 días
was such a gd movie
Jula XD
Jula XD Hace 19 días
O Carrie haha
No Tengo Nombre.
No Tengo Nombre. Hace 20 días
Podrían ponerla en Latinoamérica por favor? Ni siquiera tiene que estar en español, para verla subtitulada. Saludos desde Argentina
Steamy Stylish
Steamy Stylish Hace 21 un día
That guy is a fucking legend remember guys that house party was sick!
Hugo Jugo
Hugo Jugo Hace 21 un día
0:32 Those nails tho💅🏼😩
Sofia Rodas
Sofia Rodas Hace 21 un día
I can't find it in Netflix. Why?
Lion King
Lion King Hace 25 días
I got acute brain inflammation , cured myself without consulting any doctor , because i never knew what to tell a doctor .. I suffered for four years
Aline Andrade
Aline Andrade Hace 25 días
Trinity ❤️
WhyTheHorseface Hace 25 días
As the father of an adult child with mental illness, I don't think I can handle watching this one.
The noob Tv!!!
The noob Tv!!! Hace 26 días
luna j.
luna j. Hace 26 días
todo filme com ela é bom
Kiersten Kelly
Kiersten Kelly Hace 26 días
I can't believe this is real I feel bad the person who had to go through that
Kim Ber Ly-Travel and Food
Scary but interesting condition. I love you Chloe. 😘
Aayush Suhalka
Aayush Suhalka Hace 28 días
The trailer seems to be super amazing 🙌
prince adil
prince adil Hace 28 días
Looking interesting
cutiedots Hace un mes
i cant this on netflix,,,,whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????😕
PugglBoy Hace un mes
My mom had the same thing
AshChooses Pikachu
AshChooses Pikachu Hace un mes
This looks like a house episode told from the perspective of the patient and the relatives :3
giouli pat
giouli pat Hace un mes
Fire girl 🔥😍
jazzy Hace un mes
Nooooo! This movie is not available on my acc. Whyyyyy?!
hajima Hace un mes
Omg! Same! But i saw this on my recommandation (netflix) like? 3 months ago.. i think.
Daksh srivastava
Daksh srivastava Hace un mes
Call House m.d !!
Yousef Dehne
Yousef Dehne Hace un mes
It is worth noting at the age of anti immigrants rants that defining our leaders , the hero of this story is Syrian immigrant who came from the same country that was torn apart by war and that trump administration closed doors to desperate refugees who he dehumanized
sfar1 Hace un mes
If she worked for the New York Post, then we should treat her exactly like that Murdoch-owned paper treats innocent people murdered or displaced into refugees because of the Military Industrial complex, corrupt law enforcement, and bought-off politicians: celebrate her discomfort and misery.
Natasha Collins
Natasha Collins Hace un mes
Now this is definitely my girl this is definitely my girl this is definitely my girl love her acting love it once again I got to say why do it got to be on Netflix I rather go and see this in the movie theaters is this going to be a movie on Netflix or some type of episode please somebody let me know thank you
silencia08 Hace un mes
It's Lupus -House
Invincible Focus
Invincible Focus Hace un mes
I love Chloe Grace Moretz.. She’s my Kickass girl.
Mason Sanchez
Mason Sanchez Hace un mes
Damn, I really thought that this was a sequel to Man On Fire. What a great movie.
vjayjob Hace un mes
Is this a Horror movie?
Maxxor B
Maxxor B Hace un mes
Where the fuck is House
John Njoka
John Njoka Hace un mes
Anyone else waiting for House to show up and treat her with a frying pan and an antelope's hoof?
pedrowestt Hace un mes
mal posso esperar pra assistir em, sei lá, 1 ano quando vir pra netflix brasil.
Ï R Ï S ïris
Ï R Ï S ïris Hace un mes
Debora Nakayama
Debora Nakayama Hace 2 meses
Essa atriz é maravilhosa,desde criança fazendo filmes,em atuações incríveis.amooooooo
Judy M
Judy M Hace 2 meses
Mharnie Fernandez
Mharnie Fernandez Hace 2 meses
I can't search it on Netflix
Mary Capistrano
Mary Capistrano Hace 2 meses
Mag pa-tawas ka
Sofia Ailen Lopez
Sofia Ailen Lopez Hace 2 meses
Alguien sabe como se llama la actriz?
Tsering Wangmo
Tsering Wangmo Hace 2 meses
Movie is 👌👌
Jaqelin Libellule
Jaqelin Libellule Hace 2 meses
Despues de tanto tiempo apenas la pondran en Netflix?? Esta pelicula la encuentras en ESvid
Caroline Lourenço
Caroline Lourenço Hace 2 meses
Olá brasillll
fatiha anisa
fatiha anisa Hace 2 meses
وينكم ههه
Breasuga Hace 2 meses
baby- BRAIN ON FIRE boom
Zaman _Zaman
Zaman _Zaman Hace 2 meses
What is this girl's problem or illness??
نسيب الدباس
The doctor who treated her was from middle east ... I read in some sites so
Isa Oliver
Isa Oliver Hace 2 meses
God movie, What she has. 😞
David Paniagua Jr.
David Paniagua Jr. Hace 2 meses
This movie is actually on Netflix?
Michelle Muskeyn
Michelle Muskeyn Hace 2 meses
Yes. Yes it is.
Jessie Marchezi
Jessie Marchezi Hace 2 meses
Parece meu sobrinho que morreu.
Hanane don't know
Hanane don't know Hace 2 meses
I think She is possessed
tatt0____ TV
tatt0____ TV Hace 2 meses
what is happening my brain got on fire
Hej Då
Hej Då Hace 2 meses
I can’t find this movie on Netflix?
Dylan Hikma.s
Dylan Hikma.s Hace 2 meses
Trinity !!!!
Bianca Hace 2 meses
Michele Martin
Michele Martin Hace 2 meses
This was actually a very good show!
Michele Martin
Michele Martin Hace 16 días
@Itzkiki Xox show/movie, whatever.
Itzkiki Xox
Itzkiki Xox Hace 16 días
Michele Martin it’s a movie
Gwendolyn Smiderle
Gwendolyn Smiderle Hace 2 meses
❤I LOVE this actress❤
Alexandra Sainz
Alexandra Sainz Hace 2 meses
This was such an amazing movie
tylahbellet tepairi
tylahbellet tepairi Hace 2 meses
Even though the trailer is hella damm late lolz the shows still PWAKEN awsome
Leo Sheetz
Leo Sheetz Hace 2 meses
Dont waste your money. You can watch this kind of shit all day on LIFETIME or OXYGEN. Some kind of afterschool special.
Nancy Tanga
Nancy Tanga Hace 2 meses
Hace mucho que sali
Fioletowy Gruszek
Fioletowy Gruszek Hace 2 meses
One of the best movie I've ever seen ❤️
Alejandro Loría
Alejandro Loría Hace 2 meses
Ya no esta en Netflix?
Denis Navarrete
Denis Navarrete Hace 2 meses
I love you so much Chloe moretz😍❤💋
Dilek Özcan
Dilek Özcan Hace 2 meses
Cok muhtesem bir film
Ayça Polat
Ayça Polat Hace 2 meses
@Dilek Özcan teşekkürler konusu güzelmiş izleyeceğim
Dilek Özcan
Dilek Özcan Hace 2 meses
Her doktor sizofren deşisizi koyup akil hastanesine yatmasini önerirken bir profesörün onu bulmasi ve kurtarmasi gercekte yasanmis bir hikaye kiz kendi gazeteci ve bunlari kitap haline getiriyor ve anlatiyor
Dilek Özcan
Dilek Özcan Hace 2 meses
@Ayça Polat beyinde yangin filmin adi bir doktorun dogru teshisiyle kurtulan bir hayatin hikayesi beyinde iltiham olusmasi ve zamanla butun islevini yitirip ölüme dogru giden yoldan dönüş
Ayça Polat
Ayça Polat Hace 2 meses
Tam olarak ne hakkında ve kizin nesi var yani Bipolarlık vesaire gibi bir şey değil herhalde ?
Intan Nisita
Intan Nisita Hace 2 meses
This is true story makes me sad😭
Rico Suave
Rico Suave Hace 2 meses
Dayanne França
Dayanne França Hace 2 meses
Ainda tá na Netflix?
Ayanda Yandiey Bhekingwe
Itzel Yoky
Itzel Yoky Hace 2 meses
Que alguien me ayude no me aparece en netflix porqueeew
Jewel Seng
Jewel Seng Hace 2 meses
Does Chloe still have places to keep her money!! She’s always landing Great roles in amazing movies
yuno gasai
yuno gasai Hace 2 meses
I already watch this , nice movie .
Harryxbebex xbebex
Harryxbebex xbebex Hace 3 meses
Fortrez Hace 3 meses
Njda no está en colombia, vale verga netflix
JUNIOR Mafla Hace 3 meses
Yo con un beso de esa niña no me la los labios nunca!
Raisha Hasan
Raisha Hasan Hace 3 meses
Just finished watching this movie now... and probably one word would be enough for this movie and that is "TERRIFIC"... just give it a try...Chloë totally nailed it!!!
Shawty_meme_ Hace 3 meses
Yo isn’t that black haired girl from the chipmunks? 😂
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