BreakAway Bottle Prank!

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14 nov 2019






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devendra singh
devendra singh Hace 3 horas
But the girl is so sexy
devendra singh
devendra singh Hace 3 horas
Ignored handshake
Emaster Emaster
Emaster Emaster Hace 5 horas
Why do they keep referring to her as “female”?
Yonnie Marshman
Yonnie Marshman Hace 14 horas
Nobody: The guy: tHaTs mY sIsTeR
P B Hace un día
The same prank was performed on a guy non even called cop by thatwasepic channel
George Gordon
George Gordon Hace un día
Idk why ESvid has age restricted videos when I’m 22 pisses me tf off
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle Hace un día
Thats masculine toxicity for all the feminists cunts out there
Kate Perry
Kate Perry Hace 2 días
Duck dynasty is a aboriginal people are not dealing with him very well
Bumblbees :3 roblox xD
The part where he ran away I as so dead
Parry Hace 3 días
If the genders were swapped this would’ve been a different story
John Henry
John Henry Hace 3 días
What? she deserves this! hahahahaha
Isiah Warner
Isiah Warner Hace 3 días
Instead of pulling pranks, dude should be smashing and clapping dem cheeks on that girl!!
leggosmodro okdo
leggosmodro okdo Hace 4 días
Zane Reed
Zane Reed Hace 5 días
At 2:37 the big boy almost fell🤣🤣
Moomoo Goated
Moomoo Goated Hace 6 días
Great outro
Henry Thoreau
Henry Thoreau Hace 7 días
If it was a black guy doing that, they'd ask her how she oppressed him.
Abdi Kariim Egeh
Abdi Kariim Egeh Hace 7 días
Thai is my opinion The first Guy is Much smaller then hun and he is trying to fight him
Mr Mic Dolphin
Mr Mic Dolphin Hace 9 días
If the girl was hitting boy, this would have been waaaay different
McSkillet Hace 10 días
this would have worked better if vitaly wasn't so damn big
tt Nct
tt Nct Hace 11 días
M DrxpShxke
M DrxpShxke Hace 11 días
Did u see how the first guy kept looking at her
Jessica Rios
Jessica Rios Hace 12 días
Shes talking sheit shes fucking talking sheit buh
Jessica Rios
Jessica Rios Hace 12 días
The aecond guy annoyed tf outta me
Andelson Jean
Andelson Jean Hace 15 días
Them jeans are tight as a bitch
Mya sweete
Mya sweete Hace 15 días
The first dude😭
Hey Name
Hey Name Hace 15 días
I bet people react because of there tic
Vapor Discusses
Vapor Discusses Hace 15 días
Well the abortion one I kinda understand if someone actually did that because he didn’t get that decision and his son or daughter was taking away and he didn’t want that
سايا _ كيوت
سايا _ كيوت Hace 15 días
Raul Medrano
Raul Medrano Hace 16 días
What ? I can’t hear you 🤣😂 best part
KK NATION Hace 16 días
Can somebody tell me what dog supposed to mean
Mega Wedge
Mega Wedge Hace 16 días
People that say dog when they talk literally have 3 brain cells
wietsnuiver123 Hace 17 días
Yellow shirt guy consumes too much SOY!!
Cameron Matlock
Cameron Matlock Hace 17 días
These guys really think She would bang them for them saving her pitiful! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 vitaly is the best!
Lost Gamer
Lost Gamer Hace 17 días
0:23 hes the ultimate simp
Mrr Yal
Mrr Yal Hace 17 días
Idol mix ng
lol i think some of them tryna be brave and try to hit on her later.
Yien David
Yien David Hace 17 días
I couldn’t hold my laugh at the condom part sorry😂
GH Mordor
GH Mordor Hace 18 días
ESvidrs gotta make females look like internet hoes for views👌
Nightmare111703 Hace 18 días
😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮There soooo offensives
Selly knows best
Selly knows best Hace 18 días
How he keeps saying dog got me deadddd
iLike toCode
iLike toCode Hace 18 días
didnt vitaly get arrested for assaulting a woman for real?
LEXXD YT Hace 18 días
So yeah they are SIMPS
BerkleyCalifornia Hace 18 días
“A white guy calls the cops”. Vitaly’s hilarious.
huh ?
huh ? Hace 16 días
BerkleyCalifornia Hace 18 días
What kind of boots was the guy with dreads wearing. They were sick.
BerkleyCalifornia Hace 18 días
The first guy doesn’t know how to fight. He’s lucky he didn’t get slept.
Ayuel A Kiir
Ayuel A Kiir Hace 18 días
A white guy of course calls the cops 😭😭
Le Avocado
Le Avocado Hace 19 días
2:16, the dude on this scene looks like Mr. Clean.😂😂
Poopy Head
Poopy Head Hace 19 días
How many times does he have to say DOG TvT
Kevin De Leon
Kevin De Leon Hace 19 días
If it was a guy getting hit nobody would give two fucks. Society nowadays man.
Fabrizzio gameplays awa
Soy el unico que piensa que la gente es demasiado tolerante, yo veo eso y se lleva una sarta de puñetes
Nurul Iman
Nurul Iman Hace 20 días
Does everybody noticed that only mans help her lol
jahni johnny
jahni johnny Hace 20 días
These guys simpin
Osualdo Cedano
Osualdo Cedano Hace 20 días
You know done one don't know how to fight or scared to when they push off I'm 5/6 but fuck pushing I'm going for a ko
Xayma2 Mustafa
Xayma2 Mustafa Hace 20 días
لو عندنا زمانهم قالو تستاهل 😂😂😂😂😂
John Wayne
John Wayne Hace 20 días
А есть видео, в котором тренированные бойцы к тебе подходят?)))
Misty x
Misty x Hace 20 días
Nobody: Everyone: Yo wtf
That's Insane
That's Insane Hace 20 días
The first guy almost fell trying to push him😂😂😂
slickepinne44 vls
slickepinne44 vls Hace 21 un día
Francesco Tonnicchi
Francesco Tonnicchi Hace 21 un día
DikkHeee Hace 21 un día
Men: Help her Women: You fucking bitch You clothes better than mine
ahmed Ali
ahmed Ali Hace 21 un día
She's hot
Thyerry Favero
Thyerry Favero Hace 21 un día
Lmao de jamaican guy what he gonna do he just smoke a weed, havent even one joule of force
Guillermo Wijdemans
Guillermo Wijdemans Hace 21 un día
He is such a pussy with the steroids lmfao
GamingThisEra Hace 21 un día
What a simps
thatguy dontlie
thatguy dontlie Hace 22 días
Big boi was MOVING son
Chad Dezotti
Chad Dezotti Hace 22 días
2:37 when is find out who the CEO of bedtime is
Matt Vozza
Matt Vozza Hace 22 días
Id love to see the roles reversed, ppl would probably keep walking away
miguel musas mika
miguel musas mika Hace 22 días
Missing your video dude You're rich now you don't care about video anymore 🙄
rcplayer1 Hace 22 días
u beefed up bro.well done!!
Sourav Kumar
Sourav Kumar Hace 22 días
Bro it's a life pranke 🙏🙏
Drool Mour
Drool Mour Hace 22 días
Man hits another man with bottle: almost no one would help Man hits women with bottle: every guy going to help the girl
Remington Wharekawa
Remington Wharekawa Hace 23 días
Shes my sister Idgaf what that is lol
Mphatso JOhnson
Mphatso JOhnson Hace 23 días
The first dude said Dog like 50 times (not literally). LOL
Gerald Richter
Gerald Richter Hace 24 días
Какой-то накаченный качек, а где дрыщавый Виталий?
adesh djokovic
adesh djokovic Hace 24 días
1:34 why I can't hear you! Lmao
Sexy Lobster
Sexy Lobster Hace 24 días
brian mburu
brian mburu Hace 24 días
2:12 you just gotta love black people
man in the moon
man in the moon Hace 24 días
Was that bottle really glass?
My Room
My Room Hace 25 días
Danilo Duarte
Danilo Duarte Hace 25 días
I want to see the tables reversed.
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