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Fuzzy little fur ball babies are the best things to ever exist. We found most of our pets in the streets of NYC. No regrets! :P
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15 nov 2019






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Braydon Anderson
Braydon Anderson Hace 22 días
That last sentence was scary First time getting comments pinned thx den also first time getting more then 5 likes thx everyone esle
Braydon Anderson
Braydon Anderson Hace 12 días
@Celeste Tovar where do you see that
Celeste Tovar
Celeste Tovar Hace 12 días
Else not esle
Braydon Anderson
Braydon Anderson Hace 12 días
@SisStoleYourSnacks :p this has been a long event =l
SisStoleYourSnacks :p
SisStoleYourSnacks :p Hace 12 días
Lol yes
Braydon Anderson
Braydon Anderson Hace 12 días
@pringle :3 I know I'm happy 😀
Brydin Lynne
Brydin Lynne Hace 5 horas
I thought u didn’t cuss!! ;-;
Sea Sides channel
Sea Sides channel Hace 6 horas
5:07 Off Hear it pls sub
Sea Sides channel
Sea Sides channel Hace 6 horas
1:09 Spogdbob in a nut shell
Renz Daffodil Galleto
O den Filipino ko Philipnes
sincere Thompson
sincere Thompson Hace 10 horas
When you said oh no this is not food is dogshit. ME:😂
Sofie's Art
Sofie's Art Hace 18 horas
We both filipinos UWU Like if you a filipino too 👇👇🇵🇭🌺
kristal gorgeos gaming kitty plays
Your lucky i want several cats dogs suck
Jordan Harding the meme
*Dog Jumps* *GAME*
Antonio F. Diaz
Antonio F. Diaz Hace un día
friking kp0Pfans
Teresita Simon
Teresita Simon Hace un día
hindi allam yung ate ko philipino ka
cryogenic sign
cryogenic sign Hace un día
I would like to have the cats
PS4 play
PS4 play Hace un día
Kaitlyn Star
Kaitlyn Star Hace un día
bryan uezu
bryan uezu Hace un día
Well I’m allergic too pets even though I love pets I still got pets though like this comment if you’re also allergic to pets🙂😄
Daniel Bobrowski
Daniel Bobrowski Hace 2 días
R.I.P monitization
soldier 75 -
soldier 75 - Hace 2 días
The cat named chewy is the same name as my guinea pig
Alexis Mccloskey
Alexis Mccloskey Hace 3 días
It's not him trying to eat you it's a feeding response he's doing that cuz you adopted him and he would feed from his mom so got confused cuz you took him in as him mother
Spooky_Boi Hace 3 días
3:33 I kinda like pork skin. It taste pretty good
Monica Seavers
Monica Seavers Hace 3 días
Dad had a baby, abandoned, squirrel climb up his leg so we had a pet squirrel al the way until he grew up. You would have thought we let him go right but no my relative got a tiny nibble by hammy, squirrel, on her finger... AND THROWS HIM OUT THE DOOR. We still see him once and a while on a tree. We can tell if it’s him or not because his tail got biped by something and it’s shorter than the others and he will let you get close to him but he won’t let you touch him.
Kristal Ortiz
Kristal Ortiz Hace 3 días
💀oh s*&&- that’s dog s#*#& 🤮💀
Kristal Ortiz
Kristal Ortiz Hace 3 días
💀oh s*&&- that’s dog s#*#& 🤮💀
Kristal Ortiz
Kristal Ortiz Hace 3 días
💀oh s*&&- that’s dog s#*#& 🤮💀
Luisa Gaviria
Luisa Gaviria Hace 3 días
Rebecca Latham
Rebecca Latham Hace 3 días
Luna Hace 3 días
My cat is like my daughter
KkTheDJ2 Hace 3 días
Did you break the law taking the goose?
Star The One and only !!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadow is just like my cat Lola but she got scared as a kitten so now she hides under the couch
Garret Halbeisen
Garret Halbeisen Hace 4 días
3:20 my dog is named chewy
Kimberly Stevenson
Kimberly Stevenson Hace 4 días
Jack sparrow omg😂
wolfie kween!
wolfie kween! Hace 4 días
I have the same cat named shadow!!
Switched Savage
Switched Savage Hace 4 días
I wouldn't be surprised if animals thought you were an adoption centre
fernando animations
fernando animations Hace 4 días
That's not dog food its dog shit
XxInkcatxX Hace 4 días
I just fell out of my bed when cypher den rub dog poop on her face on accident when she cleaned her dogs face XD
Floof Draws
Floof Draws Hace 5 días
3:33 I believe he was trying to, suckle?
TheTerrarianTyler Yt
Oof, dog poop on the face. That Mario death sound set the tone of defeat perfectly.
Pinkfluffy Starlight
Why are people making jokes about jin
Rage Bake
Rage Bake Hace 5 días
2:11 There Was Candy Named " *bruh* ".
its gamer Riku-chan otaku
Den: Jin Me: WORLD wide handsome Army here
I’m a Lawyer
I’m a Lawyer Hace 5 días
After I just grabbed my dog and hugged him
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