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Fuzzy little fur ball babies are the best things to ever exist. We found most of our pets in the streets of NYC. No regrets! :P
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Braydon Anderson
Braydon Anderson Hace 4 meses
That last sentence was scary First time getting comments pinned thx den also first time getting more then 5 likes thx everyone esle
sparkle & frosting
sparkle & frosting Hace 12 días
Edits remove pins,.......
Fortnite Saddy Storm
Fortnite Saddy Storm Hace 27 días
Ugh yep 100%
Mel Shailer
Mel Shailer Hace 27 días
Nihany Martinez
Nihany Martinez Hace un mes
AkiandSaltfish Hace un mes
That's fog shi
Regina Marner
Regina Marner Hace un hora
My cat Coco dose fart like when I was 7years old Coco came in me and my little sister Raven's play room and we was petting her and Raven was petting coco in the front I was petting coco in the back I squeezing her butt and I thought it was cute but......coco farted in my face Raven was dying I yelled "COCO JUST FARTED MY FACE!!!" and I told my dad and mom they Was laughing AND MY DAD WAS CHILL WHEN I HAD SAVANNAH CAT FART IN MY FRIKING FACE!!!🤦😂😂
MiniWaffleCat !
MiniWaffleCat ! Hace 3 horas
Was Chewy a cat or a moth?
Greg Beitling
Greg Beitling Hace 4 horas
Subash Rathnayaka
Subash Rathnayaka Hace 13 horas
i used to have a sq.....................nerver mind
XxfoxloverxX 6
XxfoxloverxX 6 Hace 2 días
Me: what the heck milo
Mari Playz
Mari Playz Hace 2 días
cassy ros
cassy ros Hace 3 días
Ello im a pilipino
David Guevara
David Guevara Hace 3 días
“Oh no that’s not food, that’s dog shi-“ ESvid: loads gun*
Korinthian Thiele
Korinthian Thiele Hace 4 días
Who saw the sad turtle come out that drink
Katie Monster
Katie Monster Hace 4 días
Are you Filipino Like this comment if you are
Christian Rendon-trejo
Why is daidus picking his nose
jennifer verhoog
jennifer verhoog Hace 5 días
I am Filipino to but you sound like Regina
Lily Smith
Lily Smith Hace 5 días
why do you always draw your dad with sunglasses???
TinyMocha Hace 5 días
Omg I has a cat named Shadow
Lily Smith
Lily Smith Hace 6 días
the dog who likes to sleep has the same name as my granddads dog
imagepaintedeasy Hace 6 días
My cat shadow got ran over a car
Olive The Nanday Conure
That’s why you learn to breathe through your ears
exi cheetah
exi cheetah Hace 7 días
I hate cats I love dogs
PxndaBlox Hace 9 días
Tnecniv Salocin
Tnecniv Salocin Hace 9 días
i am from the filpines in leyte
Paul Aquino
Paul Aquino Hace 10 días
Pffffffffff hahhahhahahahahahhahahhahah the bird I-i- I cant take it hahahahah why hahahah🤣😂🤣😂🤣
The Cartoonist
The Cartoonist Hace 10 días
Wait so is chewy a girl or boy?
oofed forever
oofed forever Hace 11 días
Hike The ninja
Hike The ninja Hace 11 días
She legit dies Dodo dodo dodododo
Numple plum Polo
Numple plum Polo Hace 11 días
That cat probably really young and trying to suck milk because your blanket and clothes feel like his moms coat
Seth Skirpan
Seth Skirpan Hace 12 días
Milo sounds like me, and most other teenage guys
Nam TV cute
Nam TV cute Hace 12 días
Yea it not food
Nam TV cute
Nam TV cute Hace 12 días
That poop
Nam TV cute
Nam TV cute Hace 12 días
Girl you just... KILL YOUR FANS. Dude dude
GalaxyFnaf Hace 12 días
Her: is this food? Me: how do you get dog food on your face Her: *SNIFF* OH SHIT THIS IS DOG SHIT Me: ;-; how did you get dog shit on your face Mind my language lol
Chris Henwood
Chris Henwood Hace 12 días
Me to🐈
chris afton
chris afton Hace 12 días
chris afton
chris afton Hace 12 días
“THATS DOG SHIT!” me: -is dying laughing-
Ponygirl Chaos
Ponygirl Chaos Hace 12 días
Does Jin fart glitter?
Fallenhawk Hace 14 días
So you have a pokemon master for a dad.
olivier laude
olivier laude Hace 14 días
My hamster is named snikers
Brian Beltran
Brian Beltran Hace 14 días
Jin from bts
spooky bois
spooky bois Hace 14 días
4 cats 1 rat 1 bird 1 goose 3 dogs Why?
caitlyn Nguyen
caitlyn Nguyen Hace 14 días
My Teacher's dog is named Milo
I Love kittens
I Love kittens Hace 15 días
Your mother did not lie she changed her mind
ღCrystal꧁ Cookieღ
My dog is named "Milo" but... he passed away from a coyote bite, we HAD to put him down. But when the people got the stuff out, Milo decided that he had to pass away before that. My mother stayed in there with him because she KNOWS that NO ONE, NO ONE deserves to parish alone.
Purple Guy Navoa
Purple Guy Navoa Hace 16 días
Its that tebbe's crown?
Nikan Hamoonpou
Nikan Hamoonpou Hace 17 días
Jacks spearow was looking for treasure and hid the pole
Roblox With Kayla
Roblox With Kayla Hace 17 días
Well Delphi Feel weird
Layla Grace
Layla Grace Hace 18 días
I thought you sisters name was Denise
GalaxyCat 234
GalaxyCat 234 Hace 18 días
ti dauben
ti dauben Hace 19 días
Elieelleez Hace 19 días
Ako ay Filipino (im a Filipino)
Magda Garstecka
Magda Garstecka Hace 20 días
The exact same my dog is called milo but it is spelled Mayllo and he is lazy as heck.
Isa Thomi
Isa Thomi Hace 21 un día
How did pat carry you
Andes M
Andes M Hace 22 días
WHAT did you do with the cats and dogs
Kataa LaMota89
Kataa LaMota89 Hace 23 días
Then how do you do you remember that he had a broken wing
Antonio Blumask
Antonio Blumask Hace 23 días
6:39 Game over
Katrīna Katkēviča
Katrīna Katkēviča Hace 24 días
pffffffff hahhhaaahhh
Sora Evans
Sora Evans Hace 25 días
So I just mimicked apolo by opening my mouth he hated it and now I have a little bit of his nail in my face
Sora Evans
Sora Evans Hace 25 días
he left me........😪😪😪😪😪😪😪🐱🐱
Sora Evans
Sora Evans Hace 25 días
and den dont lie all cats hide and I dont think either apolo or axel were abused
Sora Evans
Sora Evans Hace 25 días
it actually looks like I tried to suicide........im only 11 😥
Sora Evans
Sora Evans Hace 25 días
and I have 15 scars yeah I counted
Sora Evans
Sora Evans Hace 25 días
Sora Evans
Sora Evans Hace 25 días
and he grabs on tight af and did I mention my older sister was allergic to the puff balls?
Sora Evans
Sora Evans Hace 25 días
which sounds like I'm strangling a baby btw
Sora Evans
Sora Evans Hace 25 días
My mom and step dad has two cats apolo,axel I'm snuggling the big eyed apolo hes also fat af and does the most cutest meows
Mel Shailer
Mel Shailer Hace 27 días
Z% 🍩
Max Martinez
Max Martinez Hace 27 días
Milo used rest: 1-full health Jin used fart :super affecttive to CypherDen CypherDen fainted
Clydemaeh Manimbo
Clydemaeh Manimbo Hace 28 días
OH me god- I just realised that I collect cats when I see one and sometimes I even ask from another and another now I have moreeeeeee
Kaelyn Edwards
Kaelyn Edwards Hace 28 días
This is the first video I have ever watched of you and I just started bursting out laughing when Milo hit the thing everyone thought I was crazy
Danedufuego Hace 28 días
But whi a cat is Green
Crafty Sketches
Crafty Sketches Hace 29 días
5:38 I thought you named Depressed Mup Jin because you were an army ;w;, Like if you are a BTS Army!
jessica bracero
jessica bracero Hace 29 días
Has enyone noticed that she only has white people in her video’s RACITE
octaki gacha UwU
octaki gacha UwU Hace un mes
Elias Ibrahim
Elias Ibrahim Hace un mes
I Watch this with my cat
Jacob Mena
Jacob Mena Hace un mes
I have a question why do you bring a goose in your house
Ambibibi Arts & Gaming
Do you live in the Philippines?
Amber Skyles
Amber Skyles Hace un mes
Hugs Jin . Jin farttttttttttttttttttttt den 🤮🤮
YT_ Monicah
YT_ Monicah Hace un mes
That’s dog shit lo
YT_ Monicah
YT_ Monicah Hace un mes
That’s dog shit lol
Shadow Ash Gamer
Shadow Ash Gamer Hace un mes
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