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Britain's Got Talent S08E02 Lettice Rowbotham Stunning Rock Violin Performance

Anthony Ying
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Crazy name for a girl with an infectious personality. One of the most cheerful people I've seen but backs it up with an amazing talent. Love the fact that she's "too hungover to be nervous" and still performs so well. You can't help but smile. She takes the violin to a new level.


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20 abr 2014

Britain's Got Talent (TV Program)Rock ViolinRock Music (Musical Genre)Performance (Project)AmazingViolin (Musical Instrument)Episode 2Season 8Lettice Rowbotham






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Comentarios 4 236
Aiden Joyner
Aiden Joyner Hace 2 horas
Id smash
Marco Hace 6 horas
“ you’ve got so much more to show us “ “ what what “ ? 🤣
Don Wood Kh
Don Wood Kh Hace un día
Likeable, charming, sweet, charismatic, humble ... but yet so talented.
Jackson Neves
Jackson Neves Hace 3 días
Music 02:48
Emmett Landy
Emmett Landy Hace 3 días
That's insane.😍
Louise Taylor Hales
Louise Taylor Hales Hace 4 días
I love Lettuce! She's absolutely fantastic xxxx
Broad Horizon
Broad Horizon Hace 4 días
I am already horny 🍆😁😍
Gerard Saliba
Gerard Saliba Hace 4 días
And she's hot 💁‍♂️
ashok sonavane
ashok sonavane Hace 5 días
She looking so beautiful and good play with voilen
Antonia Saldívar
Antonia Saldívar Hace 6 días
dinointhetube Hace 7 días
I would like to bang her up her botty and here the posh accent come out....ohhh yahh ohh yahh
Waqas Maqbool
Waqas Maqbool Hace 7 días
I love her flying kisses.
Gabriela Cardona
Gabriela Cardona Hace 7 días
She is awesome.🌹😁🌻
shubham soni
shubham soni Hace 7 días
song at 3:06?
John TAYLOR Hace 8 días
Here before your very eyes is a great British Lady
Steve White
Steve White Hace 8 días
Omg she's so smoking hot and very talented. Love 😍😍😍😍😍😍🍻🇨🇦
Taylor VanStrydonk
Taylor VanStrydonk Hace 9 días
She deserved the golden buzzer!
Mountain Woman
Mountain Woman Hace 10 días
She's high as a kite!
Pat Doyle
Pat Doyle Hace 10 días
This girl just seems like a blast! Reminds me a bit of a friend from college we used to call "Crazy Mary". Except Mary could play music like that!
Aaron Yates
Aaron Yates Hace 11 días
Wish that it wasn’t just a violin audiention
جميل عبد الله
معبي الطاسة 😂😂😂👍👍
venkatesh Natesan
venkatesh Natesan Hace 11 días
roger5173 Hace 12 días
i bet she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch ball
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Hace 12 días
Anyone can say which 3 of songs she played behind her violin .🎶🎶🎶
Pweedie Page Elisam
Pweedie Page Elisam Hace 13 días
JMROMZ 300 Hace 13 días
I really want to know what was the second song she played.
Vivien Armstrong
Vivien Armstrong Hace 17 días
So bubbly and extremely talented. OUTSTANDING. What you see, is what you get. Watched from Sydney Australia.
Ghazi Husnain
Ghazi Husnain Hace 18 días
She is hot,cute,a killing smile,the eyes make u drunk and the music she plays just amaze me amazingly
wil21 nobbe1995
wil21 nobbe1995 Hace 19 días
I love that girl i am so happy for her and so talented amazing!
BiteMe19781 Hace 21 un día
of coue she was a session musician doing work on some of todays top bands
Delvon Lawson
Delvon Lawson Hace 21 un día
at first im like she got to be fake but then she said she was tipsy lol im like she just dont care i love it but then she started playing and her skills came thru... im just in love with her, shes just so down to earth
Deerie Lou
Deerie Lou Hace 22 días
I’ve been looking for cd’s of this lady, I can’t find any though, she is Awesome 👏!
Lux Ferre
Lux Ferre Hace 24 días
Fuxie YT
Fuxie YT Hace 25 días
I litteraly laughed when she player beacuse shes so fucking good im from sweden and i played the violin for 9 years
John A Neufeld
John A Neufeld Hace 25 días
again lettice i recommend you do a duet with lindsey sterling
Hal Hace 26 días
Love her smile and her accent
M J Hace 26 días
What she played is so relaxing to hear bravo
Vaibhav Singh
Vaibhav Singh Hace 28 días
That's what we can say that's extraordinary
Terry Wds
Terry Wds Hace 28 días
Very beauitful And funny
sofalugger Hace un mes
Fruit-loop!! Love her . . . Hope she gets a Strad. .
Nazmul Alam
Nazmul Alam Hace un mes
I love Lettice...............
Tony Rulfuos
Tony Rulfuos Hace un mes
Oh God my girlfriend is the opposite of lettuce rowbotham..............
Mike Hayes
Mike Hayes Hace un mes
What ever happened with this lady? Does she have more music?
Lolly Ann
Lolly Ann Hace un mes
I love her personality
bobby elmi
bobby elmi Hace un mes
I liked before she even played
herb worthington
herb worthington Hace un mes
soundspur Hace un mes
Notice nobody does this : after the performance she 'curtsies ' as a thank you to judges and audience -that's something you do in front of 'Royals' Its all in good fun. So Posh! Love her and it makes us happy because she's being herself
Cyril Bona
Cyril Bona Hace un mes
Cy Bona First class
F Jr II Hace un mes
golden buzzer?
vinoth rajamanickam
3.03 which songs,if anyone?
Vince Cox
Vince Cox Hace un mes
I love personality , so cool,
Aulo 10
Aulo 10 Hace un mes
What the first music name 🤟🏻🤦🏻‍♂️
Rowell LeFrancios Jr.
Hatty Tarrant
Hatty Tarrant Hace un mes
She NEEDS to duet with Lindsey Stirling! Also, my mind was screaming “EFFIE TRINKET VIBES!”
Rais 0926
Rais 0926 Hace un mes
What is the first song that she cover??
She 1million deserves golden button
Jeffrey Hill
Jeffrey Hill Hace un mes
She's a Star before she ever (Took) the stage!!!
Rajesh Unnikrishnan
Vote if you also hate Amanda’s clumsy fake face! Talentless blonde
Peter Stclair
Peter Stclair Hace un mes
truly amazing talent !
Simon Pearce
Simon Pearce Hace un mes
She’s beautiful
Seema Gupta
Seema Gupta Hace un mes
OMG B REALLY GT & an Indian is writing this.
Noelle Baird
Noelle Baird Hace un mes
Lindsey Sterling has left the chat
Emily House
Emily House Hace un mes
Absolute favourite audition, I’m completely hypnotized by her personality. Love her❤️
Twisted Mind
Twisted Mind Hace un mes
Am I the only one who heats this accent??! It’s killing me
Only Believe
Only Believe Hace un mes
Doesn’t anyone know how to spell lettuce?!?! I’m probably the only one who found her rather annoying.😜
TheFreierMann Hace un mes
She is very positive)
Danijela Malbasic
Danijela Malbasic Hace un mes
At 2:26 I was surprised that her violin didn’t start smoking
the wordsmith
the wordsmith Hace un mes
how can i be friends with her
Kei Mendoza
Kei Mendoza Hace un mes
Y'all say she looks full of happiness but i think she's just high. Lol But i love her, so talented.
Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly Hace un mes
That background music took away from her performance, why do they do that?
Shawna Vangorder
Shawna Vangorder Hace un mes
Anyone noe her ig @ 😂
xsited1 Hace un mes
She's perpetually drunk.
Membee -
Membee - Hace un mes
Lindsey Sterling much?
Χριστινα Μεμα
Rai. Uno
CR 7
CR 7 Hace un mes
Simon: Lettice rowbotham i am going to give u a big fat co....aaaggh......yes
Süleyman Esenboğa
John Blake
John Blake Hace un mes
Four said YES! Totally deserved! Great personality too!
John Blake
John Blake Hace un mes
Impressive, entertaining and with a confident, bubbly personality. Very talented violinist! Grabs your attention!
Litoo Basumatary
Litoo Basumatary Hace un mes
I can ........... her forever.
P. H
P. H Hace 2 meses
I was smiling the entire time!!
Bonnie Forman
Bonnie Forman Hace 2 meses
When I'm having a bad day, I watch Lettice's audition. It makes me happy.
Connor Oneill
Connor Oneill Hace 2 meses
She can sit on my face anytime.
ABZ AHMED Hace 2 meses
It's rosebotham not rowbotham
Deerie Lou
Deerie Lou Hace 2 meses
This girl is Superb!!!
Darrel Parrish
Darrel Parrish Hace 2 meses
Lettice freaking rocks,and what a cool & beautiful person 🤘🎸
ANIKET JADHAV Hace 2 meses
I loved it❤❤❤❤💖💖💖
Mark Mywords
Mark Mywords Hace 2 meses
Perfect Woman..
WKB Caddy
WKB Caddy Hace 2 meses
Bloody hell
Flu Hace 2 meses
Shes like that one crazy scientist in every movie thats always super talented.
هادي الرسمي
أروش بنت ممكن تشوفها في حياتك 😂😂😂😂 خورااافية
Helen Strand
Helen Strand Hace 2 meses
Бишкек 312
Бишкек 312 Hace 2 meses
4:12 амы сасык...
Arif Ryo
Arif Ryo Hace 2 meses
I want a wife like her...
Ismail Patel
Ismail Patel Hace 2 meses
Name of the second song she performed??
Murph05 Xxx
Murph05 Xxx Hace 2 meses
Ismail Patel demons imagine dragons
Lord Satanas
Lord Satanas Hace 2 meses
She is a cutie
Richard Rodriguez
Richard Rodriguez Hace 2 meses
I love her. She's funny,sexy, talented and has a beautiful personality.
ليوبارد الجزائري
كاش جزايري هنا ولا راني وحدي🐸🐸
Night Crawler
Night Crawler Hace 2 meses
Wow......Just Wow. ❤
Carmen Hudlud
Carmen Hudlud Hace 2 meses
I really love love love Lettuce Rowboatham because she is really fun and and love her personality and that makes her talent much better which I love, great job Lettuce
Murph05 Xxx
Murph05 Xxx Hace 2 meses
Carmen Hudlud it’s lettice
Destry Tripp
Destry Tripp Hace 3 meses
Rare to find people like this guess you have to like yourself
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