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Britain's Got Talent S08E02 Lettice Rowbotham Stunning Rock Violin Performance

Anthony Ying
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Crazy name for a girl with an infectious personality. One of the most cheerful people I've seen but backs it up with an amazing talent. Love the fact that she's "too hungover to be nervous" and still performs so well. You can't help but smile. She takes the violin to a new level.


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20 abr 2014

Britain's Got Talent (TV Program)Rock ViolinRock Music (Musical Genre)Performance (Project)AmazingViolin (Musical Instrument)Episode 2Season 8Lettice Rowbotham






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Comentarios 4 147
Бишкек 312
Бишкек 312 Hace 2 días
4:12 амы сасык...
Arif Ryo
Arif Ryo Hace 3 días
I want a wife like her...
Ismail Patel
Ismail Patel Hace 3 días
Name of the second song she performed??
Murph05 Xxx
Murph05 Xxx Hace 21 un hora
Ismail Patel demons imagine dragons
Lord Satanas
Lord Satanas Hace 6 días
She is a cutie
Richard Rodriguez
Richard Rodriguez Hace 8 días
I love her. She's funny,sexy, talented and has a beautiful personality.
ليوبارد الجزائري
كاش جزايري هنا ولا راني وحدي🐸🐸
Night Crawler
Night Crawler Hace 10 días
Wow......Just Wow. ❤
Carmen Hudlud
Carmen Hudlud Hace 10 días
I really love love love Lettuce Rowboatham because she is really fun and and love her personality and that makes her talent much better which I love, great job Lettuce
Murph05 Xxx
Murph05 Xxx Hace 21 un hora
Carmen Hudlud it’s lettice
Destry Tripp
Destry Tripp Hace 16 días
Rare to find people like this guess you have to like yourself
Axythy Syah
Axythy Syah Hace 17 días
3:06 Best Part!
Joey O'Loughlin
Joey O'Loughlin Hace 17 días
Super talented lady with a great pesonality .
Hill Country Barnyard Boys
Top tier talent in a sexy package. This old Texas boy is a new fan.
susan leitch
susan leitch Hace 18 días
Grand lass! Real talent there!
Abu Qaissar
Abu Qaissar Hace 20 días
so cute , talented violinist
Cien Ten
Cien Ten Hace 20 días
What’s that first music she played called?
Murph05 Xxx
Murph05 Xxx Hace 21 un hora
Cien Ten good feeling Flo rida
Sylvia Terzian
Sylvia Terzian Hace 21 un día
Al the ANGLE are GERMANS Someone told me
Maureen Millar
Maureen Millar Hace 22 días
utterly brilliant Lettice!
ComfyCat Hace 23 días
2:07 is the beginning
Basicallyabananoter Hace 23 días
I love this so much
John McNabb
John McNabb Hace 25 días
i would eat her poop
Victoria Núñez
Victoria Núñez Hace 25 días
IS SHE DRUNK? Probably...
Regulus 2.0
Regulus 2.0 Hace 26 días
I love lettice first performance that I litterly dance to all three versions of this song thats how love this LOL
Sparriax Hace 26 días
1:15 I already love her😂😂
Heather Lester
Heather Lester Hace 26 días
What I’d give to be that infectiously happy!! She’s just lovely.
Jean-Pierre Delaet
Jean-Pierre Delaet Hace 27 días
pourquoi pas un GOLDEN BUTON?????????
Carmen Hudlud
Carmen Hudlud Hace 28 días
I think I started to like her because she reminds of me Ant&Dec if you are reading this I don't get nervous when I am on stage but in the backstage that is when I will get nervous
Cat Dad
Cat Dad Hace un mes
Now There's An Absolutely Irresistible Force! So Bubbly & Happy & Devil May Care!, & Smart Talented! I Absolutely Love Her!!
bryan plaza
bryan plaza Hace un mes
gorgeous personality!
Jean-Pierre Delaet
Jean-Pierre Delaet Hace un mes
pourquoi pas un GOLDEN BUTON?????????
Muhammad Akhtar
Muhammad Akhtar Hace un mes
She's lovely 😍😍😍😍
THE ROYALS Hace un mes
she have so many talents from make a person like me smile to violin😁
louis A portelance Sr
i love et
Digre Bæller
Digre Bæller Hace un mes
1:00 nice violin
Роман Мавроян
I've lost count of how much times I returned to this
Coldstreamer957 Hace un mes
She’s brilliant! You can’t help but smile when she’s doing her thing and she’s so much fun!
Isa Tran
Isa Tran Hace un mes
She makes me laught...
Jaden Abed
Jaden Abed Hace un mes
fml I love her ...I need some of that happiness and positivity in my life
YA Hace un mes
This never get old 👍
Jeanette Valdez
Jeanette Valdez Hace un mes
Amazing !!!!
Michael Naisbitt
Michael Naisbitt Hace un mes
Cowell was expecting her to be terrible. Now I bet he is trying to sign her up. He’s a creep
Vatsal Mehta
Vatsal Mehta Hace un mes
Super cool.
Laugh Up
Laugh Up Hace un mes
That last tune. OMG!
张玲 Hace un mes
jacknap1 Marshall
jacknap1 Marshall Hace un mes
A big fat yes
Tomas S Gonzalez
Tomas S Gonzalez Hace un mes
Umm, does anyone think this is difficult at all?
Murph05 Xxx
Murph05 Xxx Hace 21 un hora
Tomas S Gonzalez yeh I play violin and it’s really hard
shamsa ansar
shamsa ansar Hace un mes
She's so amazing lovely personality too
Cat Dad
Cat Dad Hace un mes
I Want Some More Lettuce!!
ComfyCat Hace un mes
ComfyCat Hace un mes
ComfyCat Hace un mes
Ergest Haxhiaj
Ergest Haxhiaj Hace un mes
mansonpenicuik Hace un mes
Anyone that doest like this needs there head examined
I_AM_WEIRD :D Hace un mes
She is my overly positive friends trying to irritate me in the most charimastic way possible. xD
Petter Haugen
Petter Haugen Hace un mes
Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue Hace un mes
The judge’s faces when Lettice started... 😂😂😂 I especially love Amanda’s. Replayed it 3 times.
Lili Hace un mes
I dont get tired of seeing her playing.
Chipo Tavengwa
Chipo Tavengwa Hace un mes
😀cant coment still watching
Another Way
Another Way Hace un mes
I'd like to lick her bum
Robert Lloyd
Robert Lloyd Hace un mes
wow i like it
Robert Lloyd
Robert Lloyd Hace un mes
miss posh lol
Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue Hace un mes
How the heck did she not get a golden buzzer
Turan Kilderry
Turan Kilderry Hace un mes
aurelien vagner
aurelien vagner Hace un mes
so funny so happy and so cute very talented so nice
NoisyBOY Tv
NoisyBOY Tv Hace un mes
minuto 02:23 em diante é de arrepiar
stephen holwell
stephen holwell Hace un mes
The meaning of Lettice is "overwhelming joy" in Latin.
Ania Rainier
Ania Rainier Hace un mes
Lehtees RoaBot. ham
Michel B
Michel B Hace un mes
Here she is pure joy pure living violin
Wing Lau
Wing Lau Hace un mes
Her laughters and smiles is infectious!
Simge Gizem
Simge Gizem Hace un mes
Game of thrones için o kadar yakışacak bi duruşu var ki 😅
Gordon Robbins
Gordon Robbins Hace 2 meses
Incredible performance. Such an artist this woman has an amazing mind and amazing heart. God bless be safe
Max B
Max B Hace 2 meses
I know most people didn't hear it, but as a musician I wish she more properly tuned her violin :(
Natalie Her
Natalie Her Hace 2 meses
SHE ROCKS AT VIOLIN!!!!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
wolf YtSquad
wolf YtSquad Hace 2 meses
Watching lettuce makes me happpy so very happy
JustAn_ Eggtard
JustAn_ Eggtard Hace 2 meses
Omg she makes me SOOOO HAPPPY that she gave me goosebumps. A good kind of goosebumps :D
ankush sharma
ankush sharma Hace 2 meses
Ultimate talent and she deserves golden buzzer..👍👍
ahmet alak
ahmet alak Hace 2 meses
Emma Patton
Emma Patton Hace 2 meses
I mean she’s really good! I can’t do that but it’s giving me Lindsey Stirling vibes and it sucks cause when Lindsey went on America’s got talent they didn’t like her and it sucks
Lance R13
Lance R13 Hace 2 meses
I’m a strict judge, but this would be a golden buzzer for me.
Monica da Silva
Monica da Silva Hace 2 meses
She is simply GREAT!😊🤗
nice guy
nice guy Hace 2 meses
Simon cow?
nice guy
nice guy Hace 2 meses
1:14 what did she say about Simon?
nanrob Hace 2 meses
She feels good .... 😘😘😘😘😘
kachal kachal
kachal kachal Hace 2 meses
I guess she never cries
Eliza Khan
Eliza Khan Hace 2 meses
she is my drunk self 😂😂😂
Brosnan hicham
Brosnan hicham Hace 2 meses
she is cute and positive , like a pure british character from the 18th century .
nice guy
nice guy Hace 2 meses
Is contagios
nice guy
nice guy Hace 2 meses
I take the same pill for joy, we look a Little drunk
Johny Rueda
Johny Rueda Hace 3 meses
100% comments personality What about the talent, point of this
Bumba Clatt
Bumba Clatt Hace 3 meses
Love this 😄
DSDSDSD Hace 3 meses
4:42 :D
Yarka Shidan
Yarka Shidan Hace 3 meses
I watch Over and over she Amazing stylish she makes me happy Every time I watch
LHS Hace 3 meses
Why isn't it a golden buzzer
SillyTips Hace 3 meses
Can anybody please tell me the name of 2nd song?
Dawn Ryan
Dawn Ryan Hace 3 meses
she would be a wonderful neighbor
Dawn Ryan
Dawn Ryan Hace 3 meses
god bless very amazing
dormghost Hace 3 meses
I was searching for this video but I couldnt remember her first name but I did recall something like Salad Rowbotham lol and that was how I recalled it back.
Maddog 310
Maddog 310 Hace 3 meses
2:07 This is when the magic starts
DSDSDSD Hace 3 meses
she is so funny :D
Anime Hace 3 meses
3:25 gosh Amanda is so beautiful
Michelle Tan
Michelle Tan Hace 3 meses
Does anyone know the first song?
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