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Britain's Got Talent S08E02 Lettice Rowbotham Stunning Rock Violin Performance

Anthony Ying
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Crazy name for a girl with an infectious personality. One of the most cheerful people I've seen but backs it up with an amazing talent. Love the fact that she's "too hungover to be nervous" and still performs so well. You can't help but smile. She takes the violin to a new level.


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20 abr 2014

Britain's Got Talent (TV Program)Rock ViolinRock Music (Musical Genre)Performance (Project)AmazingViolin (Musical Instrument)Episode 2Season 8Lettice Rowbotham






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Comentarios 4 077
Lili Hace 6 horas
I dont get tired of seeing her playing.
Chipo Tavengwa
Chipo Tavengwa Hace 21 un hora
😀cant coment still watching
Another Way
Another Way Hace un día
I'd like to lick her bum
Robert Lloyd
Robert Lloyd Hace 3 días
wow i like it
Robert Lloyd
Robert Lloyd Hace 3 días
miss posh lol
Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue Hace 5 días
How the heck did she not get a golden buzzer
Turan Kilderry
Turan Kilderry Hace 5 días
aurelien vagner
aurelien vagner Hace 5 días
so funny so happy and so cute very talented so nice
NoisyBOY Tv
NoisyBOY Tv Hace 5 días
minuto 02:23 em diante é de arrepiar
stephen holwell
stephen holwell Hace 5 días
The meaning of Lettice is "overwhelming joy" in Latin.
Ania Rainier
Ania Rainier Hace 6 días
Lehtees RoaBot. ham
Michel B
Michel B Hace 7 días
Here she is pure joy pure living violin
Wing Lau
Wing Lau Hace 8 días
Her laughters and smiles is infectious!
Simge Gizem
Simge Gizem Hace 8 días
Game of thrones için o kadar yakışacak bi duruşu var ki 😅
Gordon Robbins
Gordon Robbins Hace 9 días
Incredible performance. Such an artist this woman has an amazing mind and amazing heart. God bless be safe
Max B
Max B Hace 9 días
I know most people didn't hear it, but as a musician I wish she more properly tuned her violin :(
Natalie Her
Natalie Her Hace 9 días
SHE ROCKS AT VIOLIN!!!!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
wolf YtSquad
wolf YtSquad Hace 18 días
Watching lettuce makes me happpy so very happy
Power JOS
Power JOS Hace 19 días
Omg she makes me SOOOO HAPPPY that she gave me goosebumps. A good kind of goosebumps :D
ankush sharma
ankush sharma Hace 25 días
Ultimate talent and she deserves golden buzzer..👍👍
ahmet alak
ahmet alak Hace 26 días
Emma Patton
Emma Patton Hace 28 días
I mean she’s really good! I can’t do that but it’s giving me Lindsey Stirling vibes and it sucks cause when Lindsey went on America’s got talent they didn’t like her and it sucks
Lance R13
Lance R13 Hace 29 días
I’m a strict judge, but this would be a golden buzzer for me.
Monica da Silva
Monica da Silva Hace un mes
She is simply GREAT!😊🤗
nice guy
nice guy Hace un mes
Simon cow?
nice guy
nice guy Hace un mes
1:14 what did she say about Simon?
nanrob Hace un mes
She feels good .... 😘😘😘😘😘
kachal kachal
kachal kachal Hace un mes
I guess she never cries
Eliza Khan
Eliza Khan Hace un mes
she is my drunk self 😂😂😂
Brosnan hicham
Brosnan hicham Hace un mes
she is cute and positive , like a pure british character from the 18th century .
nice guy
nice guy Hace un mes
Is contagios
nice guy
nice guy Hace un mes
I take the same pill for joy, we look a Little drunk
Johny Rueda
Johny Rueda Hace un mes
100% comments personality What about the talent, point of this
Bumba Clatt
Bumba Clatt Hace un mes
Love this 😄
DSDSDSD Hace un mes
4:42 :D
Yarka Shidan
Yarka Shidan Hace un mes
I watch Over and over she Amazing stylish she makes me happy Every time I watch
Lee Hong Shen
Lee Hong Shen Hace un mes
Why isn't it a golden buzzer
SillyTips Hace un mes
Can anybody please tell me the name of 2nd song?
Dawn Ryan
Dawn Ryan Hace un mes
she would be a wonderful neighbor
Dawn Ryan
Dawn Ryan Hace un mes
god bless very amazing
dormghost Hace un mes
I was searching for this video but I couldnt remember her first name but I did recall something like Salad Rowbotham lol and that was how I recalled it back.
Maddog 310
Maddog 310 Hace un mes
2:07 This is when the magic starts
DSDSDSD Hace un mes
she is so funny :D
Anime Hace un mes
3:25 gosh Amanda is so beautiful
Michelle Tan
Michelle Tan Hace un mes
Does anyone know the first song?
Rabia Hassan
Rabia Hassan Hace un mes
She is amazing !!! Golden buzzer ???
Pranita Bhujel
Pranita Bhujel Hace un mes
She is amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
AkaDo Hace un mes
What was the name of the song.
Lord Flush
Lord Flush Hace un mes
Try watching this without smiling ☺ or laughing 😂 and then not being amazed with her violin playing. Pretty much impossible! Such a simply incredible person.
Karthikeya Ceelam
Karthikeya Ceelam Hace un mes
Amanda at 2:27.... 😂😂
The Queen's Lad
The Queen's Lad Hace un mes
Shes adorable😘😘
Garance Marchand
Garance Marchand Hace un mes
Hunter score resemble surprised virus study future purple.
Ismail Khan
Ismail Khan Hace un mes
Ken Hewson
Ken Hewson Hace un mes
She’s gorgeous so nice
Timal Huggins
Timal Huggins Hace un mes
i would like what she having sunny all the time love her
Jmriccitelli Hace un mes
Global Distribution Network
She's too cool! Maybe always under something 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Md. Nurul Absar Absar
Can someone pls tell me the name of the second and the third song she plays.🙏🙏🙏
Md. Nurul Absar Absar
+Kirsty Michelle thank ya. Just couldn't catch the tune🤦‍♂️. I know both the songs.
Kirsty Michelle
Kirsty Michelle Hace un mes
Md. Nurul Absar Absar the second song is imagine Dragons - demons and the third is oneRepublic - Counting stars
ッKamran Ali
ッKamran Ali Hace un mes
love from Pakistan 🇵🇰
Alexssandro C.
Alexssandro C. Hace un mes
Name music?
Alexssandro C.
Alexssandro C. Hace un mes
+Kirsty Michelle Thank you 💜
Kirsty Michelle
Kirsty Michelle Hace un mes
Alexssandro C. Flo rida - good feeling. Imagine Dragons - demons. OneRepublic - counting stars
Anand Agrawal
Anand Agrawal Hace un mes
She is confident , talented , amazing and her charm is differently eye catching... She has fantastic personality with amazing skills
kim kims
kim kims Hace un mes
She knew she was gonna blow the whole house and yes she did it.
Yusra Khan
Yusra Khan Hace un mes
Which song she played last?v
Joker 24/7
Joker 24/7 Hace 2 meses
Way to go girl
Anne T
Anne T Hace 2 meses
The judges had doubt in her at first. They looked at her like she was crazy
Saugatey Hace 2 meses
she plays violin like that girl from your lie in april
Fnuffkitty Hace 2 meses
She reminds me of Blake lively!
Saha Leman
Saha Leman Hace 2 meses
😂😂Amanda crazy face 2:27
udayasiri herath
udayasiri herath Hace 2 meses
Noushad Coorg
Noushad Coorg Hace 2 meses
Very awesome smiling sound
zahra rose
zahra rose Hace 2 meses
Wow amazing she deserve to be the happiest miss. 😍😍😍
kai57 Hace 2 meses
it's weird not to see *lindsey stirling's* name at the top comment section area..
SuperOldShows Hace 2 meses
When she first came on I thought she'd be terrible, I was prejudging. But she is amazing, like Jimi Hendrix if he played violin!
Avicii Hace 2 meses
what are they called all the cancwhat are all the songs called
soundspur Hace 2 meses
POSH by name POSH by nature !! And pretty much out of her tree ! --but talented and unique with the violin. I wonder where she's at, 4 years later -apart from shopping at HARROD'S of course...
Philip Mohan
Philip Mohan Hace 2 meses
Perfect 👌
The Tall One
The Tall One Hace 2 meses
Such an attractive juicy and positive healthy women, she is my type of women.
ItsEfe TV
ItsEfe TV Hace 2 meses
2:04 he was showing his middle finger xD
Charles Skaggs
Charles Skaggs Hace 2 meses
IF everyone could be so happy
Dobre fan _jenin
Dobre fan _jenin Hace 2 meses
This is my 10000000000000000000 time watching this 😂
Dobre fan _jenin
Dobre fan _jenin Hace 2 meses
She was my personal favorite 😱😱😱
Mohd Mohd
Mohd Mohd Hace 2 meses
Sweet girl
898 assholes disliked if u didnt like her ACT atleast look at her how alive she is
pmawlong Hace 2 meses
Abdul Roushan Ahmed
Abdul Roushan Ahmed Hace 2 meses
I just loved it 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Raviraaj Sputnik
Raviraaj Sputnik Hace 2 meses
What are the songs she played?
Eddie Haskel
Eddie Haskel Hace 2 meses
She would definately "not" be a boring date. I love women who have all that happiness inside, and shares it with no inhabitions. It makes it feel so pure and honest. And it makes her even hotter than she already is....
innocent Child
innocent Child Hace 2 meses
Extremely noooooounghty
Didit R-one
Didit R-one Hace 2 meses
Shes everytime happy
Nuno Soares
Nuno Soares Hace 2 meses
She's smokin' hot and quite talented with that violin :-D
minku jnagal
minku jnagal Hace 2 meses
Stupid why you not answer my questions?
ewin dominic
ewin dominic Hace 2 meses
I love you
Frank Quitely
Frank Quitely Hace 3 meses
What a sweetheart. Some lucky guy...
Mewoxys123 Hace 3 meses
And unlike some contestants, she doesn’t need to bring an eye-dropping sympathy story to get approval of her talent.
Remy Martins
Remy Martins Hace 3 meses
I wish I could lock her d0wn, she's the whole package
LittleRups Rich
LittleRups Rich Hace 3 meses
Awww that tears was happiness I love u girlll!!!! 😘😘😘😍
Dustin Mercer
Dustin Mercer Hace 3 meses
and thus was born overbite porn
noah way
noah way Hace 3 meses
quite mad. i love her!
alex ogaz
alex ogaz Hace 3 meses
La amo
karen k
karen k Hace 3 meses
What is the second song she covers?
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