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Britain's Got Talent S08E02 Lettice Rowbotham Stunning Rock Violin Performance

Anthony Ying
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Crazy name for a girl with an infectious personality. One of the most cheerful people I've seen but backs it up with an amazing talent. Love the fact that she's "too hungover to be nervous" and still performs so well. You can't help but smile. She takes the violin to a new level.


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20 abr 2014

Britain's Got Talent (TV Program)Rock ViolinRock Music (Musical Genre)Performance (Project)AmazingViolin (Musical Instrument)Episode 2Season 8Lettice Rowbotham






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Comentarios 4 278
Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson Hace 6 horas
Does anyone believe in love at first sight
Dinesh Naorem
Dinesh Naorem Hace 12 horas
Who watch this in June 2019 . Hit like
陳俐吟 Hace 12 horas
Watched it before I see twoset. But now coming back because of them lol
Niek Esselbrugge
Niek Esselbrugge Hace 17 horas
she played a false note in the beginning.
jinmin is real
jinmin is real Hace un día
"I listened to the track in the car on the way here." Sure, Jan.
Oldřich Borna
Oldřich Borna Hace un día
Beautiful which💣💣💥💥
Max Kogan
Max Kogan Hace un día
Simon gives tyler the buzzer but not this woman???
The Truth
The Truth Hace un día
So beautiful so talented so underrated
Jamaican Gamer03
Jamaican Gamer03 Hace un día
Wow she is garbage
Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez Hace un día
I came here because of Tyler Butler-Figueroa, I wonder if he got his inspiration from Lettice. They’re both amazing violinists.
ANITHA T.R. Hace 2 días
Look at her confidence
aussie aussie aussie oy oy oy
2:25 is absolutely amazing HOW😍😍😮
Chrodeus 282
Chrodeus 282 Hace un día
Dude it's called a tremolo, it's literally the easiest thing to do on a violin, i dont get the people's reaction, and not to mention it sounded a bit out of tune
Stanley T.
Stanley T. Hace 2 días
"You are probably the poshest person who has ever been to Birmingham". Priceless
smug hat kid
smug hat kid Hace 16 horas
Stanley T. try watch twoset violin roast this girl
JG Hace 2 días
She is so cute and talented ❤️
Jamie Woods
Jamie Woods Hace 3 días
She is so full of life!! She's awesome.
Ragnarok Hace 2 días
You see someone like her and you think... ... maybe Adolf had the right idea.
Jude Giddens
Jude Giddens Hace 3 días
3:08 lmao she came in on the wrong key! XD
ad joker
ad joker Hace 3 días
the songs please
Marko Milcic
Marko Milcic Hace 3 días
Those hands are fast if you know whatcha mean. Plus yeah, I'm here too cuz comments were disabled lmao. 2019 hello
allison rivera
allison rivera Hace 3 días
She wanted a real violin, so she bought an electric violin ... wow...
Cool Rat Playing Piano
Sksksk she started in the wrong key
Sadat Sohag
Sadat Sohag Hace 3 días
What are song names?
RogueTrader 101
RogueTrader 101 Hace 4 días
4:35 “Hellow Symunn!”
Diwo Wow
Diwo Wow Hace 4 días
Dude thats just a tremela
Princess Beryl
Princess Beryl Hace 4 días
She’s really good!! I love her personality so much! ❤️
mohlodi tshimollo
mohlodi tshimollo Hace 4 días
Flitting with Simon!
Casssandra Loy
Casssandra Loy Hace 5 días
Wrong key, my ears
Dante Lave
Dante Lave Hace 5 días
She’s just average. She isn’t talented
Alan Cogan
Alan Cogan Hace 6 días
She is sooo posh. I just love this lady!❤❤❤
Alan Cogan
Alan Cogan Hace 2 días
@Ragnarok Not really mate. The aristocracy were highly revered in the German social circles. She might have even married an SS commander, who knows?😉
Ragnarok Hace 2 días
You see someone like her and you think... ... maybe Adolf had the right idea.
issam el meddah
issam el meddah Hace 6 días
TAFfyLover Hace 6 días
Me: *plays J.S Bach, several shifts, vibrato, harmonic, and was in tune.* Everybody: e w Lettuce: tReMeLo Everyone: OMG THAT WAS SO HARD AND AMAZING I LOVE IT
Absyrd The Person
Absyrd The Person Hace 5 días
Dante Lave - eh. Send me a vid of you playing the violin and I’ll judge from there. She’s a woman who loves the violin and decided to play it for a crowd. She did well. I think she did great. But if you think there’s better out there then let me know. Not sarcastically, I genuinely love the violin and want to hear more and what you think is better.
Dante Lave
Dante Lave Hace 5 días
Absyrd The Person it’s not really that hard tho. I admit she’s good at getting the audience into it. However, that’s basically it.
Absyrd The Person
Absyrd The Person Hace 5 días
TAFfyLover - electric, current performance. Bach is great but welcome to 2019 mate
無神論 無政府 無金錢 - 無權力的世界
I am here to make sure if TowSetViolin is right ummmm, TowSetViolin is right lol
DALIA Hace 6 días
This is not even violin..It has 5 strings
bakugo smith
bakugo smith Hace 6 días
lol tremolo reactions
Uzziel Cordero
Uzziel Cordero Hace 6 días
Ling ling practice 40 hours a day
Alan Cogan
Alan Cogan Hace 6 días
48 hours a day. She has a Tiger Mom...😅
Clover Hace 6 días
She’s so likeable
Cliff Hace 7 días
I guess all the people who give this video a thumbs down can only use the slide whistle?
Rade Ue Masq
Rade Ue Masq Hace 7 días
God damn this woman can rock a violin. I absolutely love string instruments, violin & piano especially. I just love when someone can make a string instrument scream. Also what a beautiful woman & love her personality!!
Ragnarok Hace 2 días
@Rade Ue Masq Your fact is retarded and so are you.
Dante Lave
Dante Lave Hace 5 días
Rade Ue Masq Jesus Christ Simon is a businessman, not a musician. Why don’t you go ahead and ask a professional violinist huh? They’re probably 10 times better than her. These judges know NOTHING.
Rade Ue Masq
Rade Ue Masq Hace 6 días
@trajan_x Well seeing as Simon is the professional & your not. I'll go with his decision. Thanks for you opinion. I'll stick with fact.
trajan_x Hace 6 días
You realize she is garbage compared to real violinists, and that’s not a violin, it’s an electric 5 string thing, and anyone can flail around like a seizing fish out of water
Lucien Mylo Kutz
Lucien Mylo Kutz Hace 8 días
Ling Ling has exited the chat
Will Groody
Will Groody Hace 8 días
I think she’d be a good replacement for a judge or ant and dec as she’s got personality
Frisk Hace 10 días
Plays impressive arpeggios: *No reaction* Plays easy tremolo that anyone with a violin could play: aMAzInG
Omega Ultima
Omega Ultima Hace 11 días
The number of comments that believe shes actually good is astounding. I dont even play the violin and can hear all the bad parts
Samantha G
Samantha G Hace 11 días
I love her.
SHRAMIK MANE Hace 12 días
It was just fucking tremmelo Amanda just tremmello And also it was out of tune
Ragnarok Hace 2 días
Kunal Sharma
Kunal Sharma Hace 12 días
2:28 damn cant get over that face .. love u amanda
Paecar Hace 12 días
It makes me anxious how she moves in those shoes
Ana  Cruz
Ana Cruz Hace 13 días
Anthony Ying
Anthony Ying Hace 13 días
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X-Half Dick
X-Half Dick Hace 14 días
Sounds really bad, she was sometimes behind and forward of the music , and sometimes not even in sink with the music, let’s remember that is an electric violin.... not a proper one.... “suck a great personality “ yeah right coming drunk on stage , great personality, she looks like a prostitute.
Mrihavenoname 1
Mrihavenoname 1 Hace 14 días
This is exactly whats wrong with the world. A mediocre violinist who not only comes in hungover, however also plays in the wrong key, has a very basic technique and at best only knows a couple of scales, being praised for a shite performance she couldn't even bother practising for. This performance is abysmal and the amount of people that think its amazing is absolutely shocking. This should be frowned upon not encouraged.......
Ragnarok Hace 2 días
You see someone like her and you think... ... maybe Adolf had the right idea.
Solida Dav
Solida Dav Hace 14 días
我爱鲁迅 Hace 14 días
will I be able to see linlin on this show next year?
Kookie Bunny
Kookie Bunny Hace 15 días
Brett and Eddy brought me here XD
Cookie Bulut
Cookie Bulut Hace 16 días
She would make great music with Tokyo
Vivek Nair
Vivek Nair Hace 16 días
Lione_ X
Lione_ X Hace 17 días
Tremolo guys.... Tremolo....
Sachi T
Sachi T Hace 19 días
WAIT...she doesnt practise 40 hours everyday
apoorv karan
apoorv karan Hace 19 días
now thats a personality
peachyjinyoung Hace 19 días
*_so much better than ling ling_* *_we all can tell_*
Tiffany Sawaki
Tiffany Sawaki Hace 19 días
*Guys. Just tremolo your way into a competition.*
Yasmina Said
Yasmina Said Hace 20 días
Who’s here from two set violin roasting her?
cristina fumero
cristina fumero Hace 21 un día
No me canso de ver este vídeo es mágica dios la guarde
Sendo Nerd
Sendo Nerd Hace 21 un día
Nothing really impressive honestly.
Di Ci
Di Ci Hace 21 un día
for anyone with a clue about violin playing, she's just okay. I like her though, she seems to be a really joyful person, but it's hardly a phenomenal performance. Kids at much younger age play pieces way harder than this but they get zero attention because they aren't showing up on TV talent shows and play simple pop songs that everybody knows. And the fact that judges are delighted just sums up how clueless they are for anything outside of the most popular music. She's a great and joyful person, that's obvious, she has great energy and enjoys being on stage. I was just referring to the actual music being average washed out pop thing, not to use any harder words for that. And for the judges, they will only push what will sell, if the audience goes wild, they hang on to it. Performances like these are catchy and that's all. Btw I'm not even saying I'm more skilled than the judges, but having a particular skill on one hand and having swimming well in tough showbiz waters. The judges are there because they are good at the second part, especially Simon. That doesn't necessarily mean they have a clue about a specific thing like violin playing. I know dozens of violinist who would do a better job, yet they would not be interesting on a show like this. And that's what music came down to. A lot of flash and not much substance. It's not Lettice's fault though. -I just thought I'd highlight a comment I found through here, that isn't getting the attention it deserves-
nagen shahi
nagen shahi Hace 21 un día
I been watching BGT since last couple of years and this performance made by Latice was an extraordinary. And BGT has prioritize only singing and and magic fields. I do not understand why the judges of BGT are being unable to recognize melody of violin? Are you obsessed with violin?
Shanatsumomo Hace 15 días
@Gaelforce Lol tru, why don't my family and friends appreciate my tremolo like they did with lettice T_T
Gaelforce Hace 20 días
This isn't the best violin playing at all. She does one tremolo and the audience and judges go nuts...lol
Audrey Ojeda Tovar
Audrey Ojeda Tovar Hace 22 días
And here we see how Two Set destroyed this girl in two days xD
Jessa Lazergirl
Jessa Lazergirl Hace 22 días
How to win a mainstream violin competition: Play some mainstream pop music to distract from your bad playing and the audience will be dumb enough to fall for it.
flyingwithravens _ x
flyingwithravens _ x Hace 13 días
@Mrihavenoname 1 Ok?
Mrihavenoname 1
Mrihavenoname 1 Hace 14 días
@flyingwithravens _ x Because I know some spectacular violinists that this clown doesn't even hold a candle, and they don't get the recognition they deserve. Then this idiot shows up half drunk, plays out of tune, overdoing it with the scales she's playing and then everyone acts like she's a prodigy. This isn't something that should be encouraged. That's why it winds me up.
flyingwithravens _ x
flyingwithravens _ x Hace 14 días
@Mrihavenoname 1 I said "compared to most people" it's not abysmal, it's out of key at times but she's not the worst player. Don't know what you're getting so wound up about.
Mrihavenoname 1
Mrihavenoname 1 Hace 14 días
@flyingwithravens _ x No she is shite, her playing is not only abysmal, but also in the wrong key at times. So no she is not really good and your comment just proves jessa's comment true.
Tony Yero
Tony Yero Hace 22 días
Amazing and pretty too boot!! Kudos!
Chili Been
Chili Been Hace 22 días
I Actually Love Her... she is sooo stunning... Yah, its True Larve
Mahesh Walatara
Mahesh Walatara Hace 23 días
"I bet you spread joy wherever you go"... more like she spreads her legs wherever.
Wang YiKe
Wang YiKe Hace 23 días
Bruh it's just tremolo......
Krys Telly
Krys Telly Hace 23 días
Twoset violin made me visit this
M.S. Sevilla
M.S. Sevilla Hace 23 días
judges get turned on by a tremolo :P now i know how to win a competition
Dante Lave
Dante Lave Hace 5 días
Jeremy Leung VERY TRUE
Jeremy Leung
Jeremy Leung Hace 8 días
the amount of people here that think she's amazing and deserve a golden buzzer is shocking. millions of kids in asia out-skill her when they're 9 years old but I guess musical awareness/standards have degraded to basically nothing nowadays
Nidhi Abida Khan
Nidhi Abida Khan Hace 23 días
Most of the audience and the judges never heard classical music. Who are you fooling? Oh...only the audience and the judges. What was that face when she did the tremolo? That's the simplest thing to do for a violinist. She was really hungover to perform. God damn
Arnaud Dika
Arnaud Dika Hace 12 horas
@User #5278 Because if they did they'd see this as a below average performance for any trained violinist? You have to accept the fact that she uses an instrument with a very long history. It took centuries to perfect the techniques violinists use today and once we learn of them, we can say accurately Sheth r or not someone has mastered their instrument. She hadn't at the time of this recording and simply mystified the audience via her mannerisms and personality
User #5278
User #5278 Hace 12 horas
why are you assuming that alot of the audience and even the judges never heard classic music? you sound like a nerd fuck your music
User #5278
User #5278 Hace 12 horas
haters gonna hate
Jude Giddens
Jude Giddens Hace 3 días
@flyingwithravens _ x you cant cuz comparatively it was bad
Arnaud Dika
Arnaud Dika Hace 6 días
@flyingwithravens _ x It's not so much the errors but the ease with which people can be fooled into believing something was great and technical when it was standard intermediate violin technique. She does know how to wow people with her personality and demeanor though so no one's saying she didn't deserve the praise she got. But musically speaking, her performance was standard
Rye Hots
Rye Hots Hace 23 días
2:26 apparently jerking your bow around is impressive. also why isn't an ELECTRICAL viola in tune?
Moto Moto
Moto Moto Hace 24 días
This is my favorite salad violinist.
Sirius Hace 24 días
Who's here from the newest TwoSet video? You should be practicing!
Hell o
Hell o Hace 24 días
You should be too
Elizabeth Schuyler
Elizabeth Schuyler Hace 24 días
But, she wasn’t all that good tho.....
Kylie Lam
Kylie Lam Hace 24 días
sis youre being dragged by two asians
Erica Katherine
Erica Katherine Hace 24 días
I thought it was aMAzing
Zoe 000
Zoe 000 Hace 24 días
Zoe 000
Zoe 000 Hace 23 días
Gabriela Melina yee
pasta with unmelted cheese
i actually died lmfao this is terrible
Hell o
Hell o Hace 24 días
I smell TwoSet Violin in this comment, hmmmm
Gabriela Melina
Gabriela Melina Hace 24 días
Zoe 000 twoset?
John John
John John Hace 25 días
She’s no Vanessa May, more homecounties middle class Theresa May. Why do people watch this shit?
Bram Groen
Bram Groen Hace 25 días
Free as a bird!!
Steven Farrell
Steven Farrell Hace 27 días
Such a free spirit.. Shall she remain that way always....
Brian Stone
Brian Stone Hace 28 días
Hariz Hilmi
Hariz Hilmi Hace 28 días
She reminds me of captain jack sparrow
Jacob Harris
Jacob Harris Hace 29 días
Kamil Mcki
Kamil Mcki Hace 29 días
2:45 song? i love this songs style on violin
PK C Hace 7 días
Demons by imagine dragons
Wayne Wintermute
Wayne Wintermute Hace 29 días
I think David was actually trying to be condescending but she's just a naturally happy joyous girl and it just bounced off her!! Great personality!!!
Corey Lander
Corey Lander Hace un mes
Just realize she said the same thing as I said when I played fortnite solo for my first time lol I said I'm to hung over to be nervous
Harry Stuart
Harry Stuart Hace un mes
Don't you know she is a genuine hoot at a party !!
Don Berry
Don Berry Hace un mes
She identifies as female,what a treat.
be me
be me Hace un mes
Lettice rowbotham i am going to give you big fat d****
lijon Lee
lijon Lee Hace un mes
how did I miss this for so long! My first love started Violin... age 6 I liked your show... and the Violin
Banu Kumar
Banu Kumar Hace un mes
Please tell me the name of the last song
shift dawn
shift dawn Hace un mes
Counting Stars
ÏM ÏDÏØT Hace un mes
She's beautiful i like how she talk and laugh
jerome ferraris
jerome ferraris Hace un mes
She is very funny
Mohamed Faizi
Mohamed Faizi Hace un mes
What's the first song called
J Good
J Good Hace un mes
Love this girl so much
sudhi prabhu
sudhi prabhu Hace un mes
That laugh....😍
Jolene Dehart
Jolene Dehart Hace un mes
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