Broncos vs. Cowboys Week 9 Highlights | NFL 2021

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The Denver Broncos take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 9 of the 2021 NFL season.

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6 nov 2021






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JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
It seems like the whole Broncos defense played at a superhuman level after Von was traded away.
JordaniusVonRhod Hace un año
There was so many Bronco fans in the stadium. Whenever Denver scored it sounded like the home team scored.
Cam Man
Cam Man Hace un año
Bronco's had something to prove, especially after having Von Miller traded. It was good to see them firing on all cylinders today. It's been a rough season.
Logezzzzzbro Hace un año
Final score doesn’t quite show it because of the last 5 minutes, but that was one of the most dominant defensive performances in recent memory.
Tenormic3 Hace un año
I'm so glad Denver drafted Javonte Williams! Such a beast!
Spider-Assassin7 Hace un año
As a Cowboys fan, and with how good we've been all year, this game was extremely hard to watch, so many little screw ups cost us this one...but Denver was fantastic. They deserved the win.
Sina Soheili
Sina Soheili Hace un año
As a lifelong Cowboys fan, we couldn’t beat Denver in my 20s and 30s. And now on my 40th birthday we get humiliated. This sucks!!! GG Broncos you played fantastic, no excuses!!! A shitty way for me to open up my 40s!!! Win lose or draw, COWBOYS FOR LIFE!!! Again respect to Denver for being superior today!!!
Colin Wanke
Colin Wanke Hace un año
As a longtime Vikings fan, I still always cheer for teddy two gloves no matter what, love that kid.
christian cisneros
christian cisneros Hace un año
Denver understood the assignment. The amount of orange in that stadium was crazy.
The game everyone should look back to as proof we were a QB away. Can't wait to see these guys with Russ. Randy Gregory said he basically came to Denver because of this game.
Oh No Bro
Oh No Bro Hace un año
I think I speak for the whole nfl community when I say, “Thank you Broncos.”
tnt nug
tnt nug Hace un año
Perfect game for broncos from defence, passing and rushing. They really dominted the game..
Prod. Chris Pacific
Prod. Chris Pacific Hace un año
At this moment, any team can beat any team. This season is crazy!
Choco Latte
Choco Latte Hace un año
Denver D was impressive, especially the secondary.
Geezer D Luffy
Geezer D Luffy Hace un año
If Denver played like this every game they'd be tough for anyone to beat great play calling great effort teddy b was on the money 107+ qbr past 2 games
Carlos Castaneda
Carlos Castaneda Hace un año
As a broncos fan after that kickoff all I said was “ here we go again 🤦🏻‍♂️ “
Olibear Browns
Olibear Browns Hace un año
The Denver D was just awesome 👌 completely dominated the Cowboys offence.
Nishio Shigure
Nishio Shigure Hace un año
Monster performance from Broncos.
Mark271792 Hace un año
26 years and counting. Someday, the Cowboys will beat the Broncos again.
billy boone
billy boone Hace un año
Amazing game young guys really step it up today and prove their worth very proud of my boys
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