Broncos vs. Cowboys Week 9 Highlights | NFL 2021 

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The Denver Broncos take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 9 of the 2021 NFL season.
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6 nov 2021






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@SinaSoh Hace 2 años
As a lifelong Cowboys fan, we couldn’t beat Denver in my 20s and 30s. And now on my 40th birthday we get humiliated. This sucks!!! GG Broncos you played fantastic, no excuses!!! A shitty way for me to open up my 40s!!! Win lose or draw, COWBOYS FOR LIFE!!! Again respect to Denver for being superior today!!!
@emiliogonzalez2854 Hace 2 años
Cowboys still hungover from last night's fight!
@emiliogonzalez2854 Hace 2 años
One loss does not dictect the rest of the season...lets finish strong this 2nd half of the season! Go cowboys!! We still dem Boyz!
@aholmes74ah Hace 2 años
Happy Birthday?
@kyranblack5162 Hace 2 años
Cowboys took the day off
@greenbutterfly9398 Hace 2 años
Well, at least your team beat my team, (Vikings), last week. 😑 Vikings just had another devastating loss. 😔 But hope you still enjoy your 40th regardless of today's loss for the CB's. Happy birthday! 🥳
It seems like the whole Broncos defense played at a superhuman level after Von was traded away.
@ElTeeger Hace 2 años
They have no one to rely on so they came and played a great game.
@nwa4life355 Hace 2 años
I agree
@steviesevieria1868 Hace 2 años
@@ElTeeger no one to rely on? Miller has been a shell of himself and was injured the past couple weeks anyway. He’s washed up and we got draft picks.
@ElTeeger Hace 2 años
@@steviesevieria1868 he was the captain. Despite his injuries he was a force to be reckon with. He made a impact on and off the field
@steviesevieria1868 Hace 2 años
@@ElTeeger yeah his Halloween party made an impact all right. Alienated part of the team. Just like one of his other parties got Chad Kelly into trouble. Good riddance to Mr. ego. Let him go dance with the stars in Los Angeles.
@joezim4254 Hace un año
The game everyone should look back to as proof we were a QB away. Can't wait to see these guys with Russ. Randy Gregory said he basically came to Denver because of this game.
@taxlysr6954 Hace un año
Mans full of crap tho, we gave him everything when he was down bad. Better hope he doesn’t screw y’all over like he did with us. Man is a penalty machine as well. I loved his mentality tho. Wish y’all the best of luck this upcoming season.
@amoses11 Hace un año
@@taxlysr6954 yall got Big RUSS now so it’s officially no excuses for the broncos
@golfwangloser8334 Hace un año
You’re not a qb away lmao. The titans are a qb away. Yall are qb away from a low wildcard spot
One player won’t change a whole team long term
Final score doesn’t quite show it because of the last 5 minutes, but that was one of the most dominant defensive performances in recent memory.
May as well be a shutout.
@DPx3. Hace 2 años
@@FantomL0rd No it might as well be a shutout you got 2 pity touchdowns
@Kevin-qq9dd Hace 2 años
@@FantomL0rd Broncos had the game no need to try hard for garbage time touchdowns
superbowl class
@camman559 Hace 2 años
Bronco's had something to prove, especially after having Von Miller traded. It was good to see them firing on all cylinders today. It's been a rough season.
@chuckylee8812 Hace 2 años
Broncos look like the SB 50 team👍
@EightiesMusiqLover Hace 2 años
@@chuckylee8812 - hell yeah!
@cavemanriley Hace 2 años
Just trying to get younger and younger
@camman559 Hace 2 años
@@chuckylee8812 It was like watching a glimpse of our former team. I was happy to see our wide receivers actually catch the ball and not drop them. 🤣🤣🤣
@TheFeezy777 Hace 2 años
@@camman559 I'm loving the Sutton, Patrick, jeudy trio. Would be unstoppable with hamler, but we still dangerous with these 3 if they keep improving.
@Tenormic3 Hace 2 años
I'm so glad Denver drafted Javonte Williams! Such a beast!
@Broncoscountry1 Hace 2 años
Yeah he sure is a beast he will be good for years to come!
@seandough6113 Hace 2 años
bro lmfao i was getting my haircut right next to him in aurora colorado . mans ran for 111 yards the next day
@Kevin-qq9dd Hace 2 años
@@seandough6113 what barbershop? The one I be going in Arvada, a bunch of ufc fighters get their cuts there
@johnperkins725 Hace 2 años
I feel like every rookie we have drafted has been very productive so far. Paton killed this draft
monstrous blitz
At this moment, any team can beat any team. This season is crazy!
@seanlanglois8620 Hace 2 años
That's why they say on any given Sunday
@victorhardin2186 Hace 2 años
@@seanlanglois8620 💯
@houston356 Hace 2 años
You stole this comment. Someone wrote it 4 mins before you. 🤦🏾‍♂️
@toomuchsauce3317 Hace 2 años
Y’all just now figuring this out. It’s the NFL😂
@AwesomeDude799 Hace 2 años
As a Cowboys fan, and with how good we've been all year, this game was extremely hard to watch, so many little screw ups cost us this one...but Denver was fantastic. They deserved the win.
@AwesomeDude799 Hace 2 años
@@nocomp8537 How original. Negative much?
@AwesomeDude799 Hace 2 años
@@dutchvanderlinde7477 Don't reply. He just wants a reaction out of you. He's an immature kid with nothing better to do.
@ohnobro1424 Hace 2 años
I think I speak for the whole nfl community when I say, “Thank you Broncos.”
@okaythenwell5215 Hace 2 años
@dojogamingteam2925 Hace 2 años
@RickyGarcia214 Hace 2 años
Boi if you don’t getcho 😂
lmao no you dont, people who hate the Cowboys because they are Americas team are pathetic. also the entire AFC west isnt saying “Thank you Broncos.”
@rodom303 Hace 2 años
There was so many Bronco fans in the stadium. Whenever Denver scored it sounded like the home team scored.
@kawaki1335 Hace 2 años
And when people go to your stadiums it feels like a home game to them😂😂
@317ermac Hace 2 años
@@kawaki1335 no it doesn’t, I’ve been to multiple Denver games at home too.
@RR-xo2wi Hace 2 años
@@kawaki1335 got ratio'd 🤣🤣
@br0ken.cabl3 Hace 2 años
@@kawaki1335 nah pretty sure it’s just a dallas thing
@tntnug4351 Hace 2 años
Perfect game for broncos from defence, passing and rushing. They really dominted the game..
@geezer.d.luffy. Hace 2 años
If Denver played like this every game they'd be tough for anyone to beat great play calling great effort teddy b was on the money 107+ qbr past 2 games
@Mark-xl1ze Hace 2 años
26 years and counting. Someday, the Cowboys will beat the Broncos again.
@JamesSmith-uc8nt Hace 2 años
We play every 4 years so it'll be 30 years before they get another chance
@abbyarnold4477 Hace 2 años
The Cowboys are a mirage. They might win 11 games but I doubt it.
@TheFeezy777 Hace 2 años
@@JamesSmith-uc8nt we might not be alive if cowboys ever get another win again😂😂
@xavieryounger1631 Hace 2 años
@@JamesSmith-uc8nt Could happen in two years depending on where each team ends up in their respective divisions next season.
I'm so proud of my fellow Bronco fans for making that feel like a home game for us! We were there and the atmosphere was like nothing I'd ever seen! Way to go BRONCOS!!
@pur9l3ninja55 Hace 2 años
Home games are away games for Dallas. jerry sells out to more opposing teams than the home team
@cloppin Hace 2 años
@@pur9l3ninja55 huh
@olibearbrowns6748 Hace 2 años
The Denver D was just awesome 👌 completely dominated the Cowboys offence.
@devonjewell7727 Hace 2 años
@analyrical Hace 2 años
As a longtime Vikings fan, I still always cheer for teddy two gloves no matter what, love that kid.
@RR-xo2wi Hace 2 años
back when he barely joined the Vikings i thought to myself he seems reputable. I wouldn't mind him as out quarterback and seen him as one of the only qb's thats an actual valid choice. glad he's with us
@ThePhillyGuy76 Hace 2 años
I agree
@hoodi3749 Hace 2 años
If only the Broncos could play like this every game
@cisneros2014 Hace 2 años
Denver understood the assignment. The amount of orange in that stadium was crazy.
@perryanderson5642 Hace 2 años
Beautiful thing to see.
@blainwhitfield8231 Hace 2 años
was there, honestly disappointing to see a home game and 6-1 record and couldn’t even get hometown support:/
@arnav9192 Hace 2 años
@@blainwhitfield8231 put up those kinds of performances, and it makes sense
I was there it was my first game yea I was surprised too
@ricardobjj24 Hace 2 años
This Denver defense is seriously good. I thought they would struggle at first without Von but they looked really good. Go Broncos!
@kyranblack5162 Hace 2 años
Cowboys had a bad day at the office. It happens
@soulstorm498 Hace 2 años
@@kyranblack5162 or denver showed up to play and cowboys couldn't do anything
@fanofyou7082 Hace 2 años
@@soulstorm498 facts
@thedoceezy3113 Hace 2 años
@@kyranblack5162 just say your ggs and stop making excuses.
@FadedMindC Hace 2 años
@@soulstorm498 facts Denver did come to play cowboys were slacking off from winning so much hope this gives them a good check to play at 100% always 💯
@chocolatte6157 Hace 2 años
Denver D was impressive, especially the secondary.
@jameskelley7308 Hace 2 años
No we made them look better than what they actually were smh idk what happened out there
@toomuchsauce3317 Hace 2 años
@@jameskelley7308 “idk what happened out there” you guys LOST that’s what happened out there😂
@robertoparedes5787 Hace 2 años
Cowboys were expecting an easy win since they were all hyped and what happened
@TheFeezy777 Hace 2 años
@@jameskelley7308 stop making excuses man! Take that L
@rayray8430 Hace 2 años
@@jameskelley7308 top 4 in league isnt overrated lol the only thing you had to do is stop our offense because the defense always shows up
@dinodude2756 Hace 2 años
What a great game, go Broncoss🐴🐴 and I'm glad Hinton is still playing
@MrNobodycares100 Hace 2 años
That stadium was filled with us broncos fans🥰
@sekiko7183 Hace 2 años
Congrats, Cowboys. You made the Broncos look like Super Bowl contenders.
@jimallkillings4440 Hace 2 años
As a Bronco fan I thought we was going to get blown out but they showed up today! Bronco 4 Life!!!
@toneybeil9982 Hace 2 años
I’m a diehard cowboys fan and the Broncos have owned us for a very long time, we have not beat y’all since 1995 😢
@rayray8430 Hace 2 años
Our offense showed up is really what happen lol defense always shows up and pops off
@jrtxboiy Hace 2 años
Man I did to and I'm a broncos fan born and raised in dallas. I was at the game it was crazy
As a broncos fan after that kickoff all I said was “ here we go again 🤦🏻‍♂️ “
@andys3035 Hace 2 años
It's because our special teams suck. They need fire their ST coordinator
@rastawisehigh8734 Hace 2 años
Again? When the last time the cowboys beat us?
@bungle6334 Hace 2 años
@@rastawisehigh8734 I'm sure he wasn't talking about specifically the cowboys.
@ChristisKing117 Hace 2 años
I thought the same thing too. Great to see so many rookies making an impact too.
@bungle6334 Hace 2 años
Me too. I expected to have collapsed before 2nd quarter, and I fully expected the cowboys to come back until we hit 4th quarter. A little hope has trickled back into broncos country
@billyboone8846 Hace 2 años
Amazing game young guys really step it up today and prove their worth very proud of my boys
@juliekmunden Hace 2 años
That game was so fun to watch. Thank you Denver, keep up the hard work. Let's beat Philly!!
@fireman9112 Hace 2 años
Congratulations Broncos, good luck Cowboys still a great team 👍
I’m a forty niners fan and I’ve been talking and thinking about this performance for about a week. I’ve never seen defensive play like this. It’s almost superhuman. I was laughing and clapping it was just a masterpiece!!!
@newsk8jmoney Hace 2 años
The fact they did this without von is even more impressive. Teddy looking good as well
@sure2fckitupguy Hace 2 años
If only he could recognize when the pocket is collapsing and start scrambling would be great
@michaeljimenez5756 Hace 2 años
Bc we don’t need Von our team is young and has a lot of potential
@dmicooutlaw9471 Hace 2 años
@@michaeljimenez5756 exactly we have the most potential in the nfl as a young core
@stpbasss3773 Hace 2 años
@@michaeljimenez5756 I agree as a young team like Denver losing Von will barely be noticed and to a team like the Rams Von makes a huge difference so good for both teams IMO.
@Kibagami07 Hace 2 años
The defense, the running game and the bad throws of Prescott was the key to the victory, teddy was average, nothing special
@ActuallyShigure Hace 2 años
Monster performance from Broncos.
@petermathys1 Hace 2 años
This kind of strong defense is what the Broncos consistently need to maintain in order to have a chance at the Super Bowl (be it this year or the next)
@epicredsolo3506 Hace 10 meses
The fact dallas was losing 30-0 against the broncos at one point is just crazy
@crazyluigi6664 Hace 2 años
As a Cardinals fan, I thank you for the upset win today, Denver!
@TheFeezy777 Hace 2 años
you welcome!
@jcmjcm2412 Hace 2 años
Not an upset, Denver has own Dallas since 1995.
@gorrow1990 Hace 2 años
Rams got exposed against another good team too.
@davidnaranjo4159 Hace 2 años
Why because we were 7-0????
@davidnaranjo4159 Hace 2 años
@@jcmjcm2412 from the back
@petroleumzelly1973 Hace 2 años
I knew we won this game after the first quarter. Dallas didn’t take us serious and they paid for it badly. Go Denver!!!
@brianmouland209 Hace 2 años
Solid effort by Bridgewater and strong defence; great day for Denver
And the running game was very good!
@WizardofWestmarch Hace 2 años
@@alexandremartel5652 Shurmur finally kept calling run plays and look what happens. Hopefully he remembers this in the future.
@perryanderson5642 Hace 2 años
Growing Up with Orange and Blue Fever this Game makes me Denver Proud!
@samoliver9132 Hace 2 años
@@WizardofWestmarch he couldn’t really call too many run plays cause he would get into third and long situations so that eliminates 1/3 of the downs you can run it
@joejenzano707 Hace 2 años
Feel. The. Burn. Cowgirls
@Thegangsta00711 Hace 2 años
As a cowboys fan. I finally came back to watch the highlights lol. I don’t know How this even happened this season has been insane .
@robogreek3157 Hace un año
Garbage time dak
@bryanroland7040 Hace 2 años
First off, just want to say thank you Denver for humbling this young team. Not a delusional Dallas fan but as I told my little brothers who are also Dallas fans, this needed to happen. I’ve HATED all the TV time and hype they been getting . Seems like every season they win a few games and they going all the way... Thank you Denver for punching us right in the mouth socket. 🤜 we needed this big time and you guys played your you know what’s off!
@Th4t_guy_ Hace 2 años
I love how pissed off we were today. those 16 points at the end were all garbage, we were happy to give them. Defense came out seeing red and so did the run game. I love watching Williams run, every time he gets the ball he runs angry. He's pissed. and it makes for some great runs. We may not do a lot this year but this win felt good whether we had Miller or not. I hope he does well in LA but he didn't play again tonight so who knows anymore.
@BTXBoolin Hace 2 años
@ImTellingYouNo Hace 2 años
Enjoy it. That's all you'll get for the season. That was your glimpse of winning anything special this year.
@jazzyprince3335 Hace 2 años
You never know, the afc west is a dogfight rn. Idk about a super bowl or any of that shot, but if they can play like this consistently they’ll at least be competing for a division title
@ImTellingYouNo Hace 2 años
@@jazzyprince3335 the thing is, I do know
@nickharris2148 Hace 2 años
Mathew Bragg good luck in the playoffs 😂
@rapkage1340 Hace 2 años
we are making a comeback. it was hard loosing von but our defence proves what he left behind. cant wait for next week. GO BRONCOS!!!
@lightworker303 Hace 2 años
Denver Broncos secondary today played unbelievable!
@paulnunez7151 Hace 2 años
You had one job Denver. And all I gotta say is great job indeed.
@all4the14 Hace 2 años
For now
@kyoakland Hace 2 años
@KingLuey Hace 2 años
Awesome job Denver.... Just protect Teddy better. 👍 🏈 The division is tight now with all four teams. Tough luck today Dallas... Hold onto your divisional lead.
@Jdeals14 Hace 2 años
That had to be the saddest onside kick in a long time
@marvelfan7720 Hace 2 años
Just watching these "highlights" now, as a Cowboys fan lol. This is why they say any given Sunday. But MAN, Denver was crazy good. The offense was making plays, but their DEFENSE was ridiculous. I hated seeing my boys get destroyed, but I started enjoying watching Denver play cause the football they were playing was amazing! The high powered Cowboys O, was literally locked down. Daks first game back, but no excuses. The explosive secondary was shut down, completely! With that being said, Dallas will bounce back!
@trickrunner4842 Hace 2 años
30-13 denver is trash lmao
@TmanTheLord Hace 2 años
Broncos fan here, they are loaded with young talent that aren't household names. The entire team is filled with underdogs and I think they proved today that they have what it takes on the talent side. We just need true leadership and that means at the head office, a real ownership, and a better coaching staff. I don't think Von was the problem I think they traded away the only real team leader. This team has a high potential with the talent and could have been the real dark horse of the league.
@DomesOnMobile Hace 2 años
bro javonte Williams the beast, Melvin Gordon also a beast, there just playing there best game on week 9 and teddy is finally showing out, we need this the rest of the season
@arickquinton1268 Hace 2 años
Melvin Gordon looked really good, but man... love me Some Devonte Williams. So love that he carries the ball every down like he's trying to make the team. Never runs out of bounds and fights until he's down.
@KB-zq9dg Hace 2 años
Javonte* Williams. For real though, he's been amazing.
@303d3nver Hace 2 años
Williams is a beast no doubt
@RickyGarcia214 Hace 2 años
@@javonbatiste5984 cry me a river pal 🤣
@andys3035 Hace 2 años
We took over that stadium! I wasn't expecting a win but it was nice.
@skysprt Hace 2 años
denver’s defense is so good, i give them props for stopping us so well
@SoloProductions93 Hace 2 años
Dak missing last weeks game definitely played a role in yesterday’s lost. The Dallas defense continues to impress me regardless of this lost. Great game Denver, the team looked fantastic.
@SoloProductions93 Hace 2 años
@@texys5848 Have You been watching the same season this year? 🤔 Your squad probably washed
@jtravel80 Hace 2 años
The long pass to Hinton was one of the more exciting plays of the game! Love to see that guy involved in the game.
@adrianmetzler2523 Hace 2 años
If Denver keeps playing like this they have a chance to go all the way!
@ethanb5646 Hace 2 años
Lol 30-13 😂
@GemKeeper87 Hace 2 años
Just got home from work and I'm very happy the Broncos won 😁 Good game Cowboys!
@pintrest_tattoo Hace 2 años
My dad died the day this game was played. He was a HUGE Broncos fan. I’m happy to see that they won
@stemz7369 Hace 2 años
I'm sorry for your loss man
@Baseball_Mickey Hace un año
I'm so excited to watch my beloved Broncos in 2022!!!
@dozyproductionss Hace 2 años
As a Charger fan I can only hope we end up on top of our division but go Broncos for continuing the competitiveness of said division.
@cloudboy2970 Hace 2 años
@RichM0410 Hace 2 años
I am a BRONCOS FAN! This wasn’t a spark in the season it was a bonfire! Compared to the preceding games ya gotta ask where did this team come from? Definitely much improvement! That’s 7 consecutive wins over Dallas.
@nick56677 Hace 2 años
Denver came in with a physical game plan. Dallas has always struggled with physical teams as they r more finesse.
@binxnegale5801 Hace 2 años
Had to pinch myself few times knowing if this was real. 😆 Let's keep it going. 💪🏾 #broncoscountry
@ruminating1596 Hace 2 años
I watch these as the Cowboys win and will watch as they lose. Will thumbs up and everything. Broncos deserve all the praise and respect. THey showed up and destroyed the Cowboys. Can't cry about it. Respect to the Broncos nation. Amazing team you guys have. Didn't miss a single beat with Von MIller gone.
@abellopez. Hace 2 años
It was a combo. Denver made great plays and Dallas missed it's opportunities. Everything seemed to be upside down, I couldn't believe it.
@2nd_snideelf144 Hace 2 años
The teams that everyone expected to win, LOST today. That's pro football. Love that game. Pros play some good football every week and deserve that money. It's a brutal sport.
@buddweiser4457 Hace 2 años
It’s fixed ok. Vegas won today. Why do you think they ESPN hypes up teams. It’s all entertainment. Money making fixed games for Vegas 👍
@bruceleeroy69 Hace 2 años
The way the Cowboys have played this season shows it in this loss. They thought they didn't have to play hard or tackle. Some of the tackling looked like highschool crap. My boys just give up on a bad play. They look better than they have in years, but still need someone that can provide positive energy. I hope from here they focus. I love my boys and hate them at times.
@ArthurRoberto1526 Hace 2 años
Cowboys offense was a drop machine in this game, broncos had lucky, but no problem we Still in the first seed battle. LET'GO COWBOYS!🤠⚪🔵🔥
@joewell2709 Hace 2 años
That Broncos Secondary is just insane 🔥🔥
@tyronefoster194 Hace 2 años
Go Broncos, had a feeling they were going to win against them at Jerry World. With the Von trade taking over the headlines we can out ready to move on and play the way we're suppose to. Home game next week vs the Eagles
@damonarvid3548 Hace 2 años
Amazing how according to this reel the stadium was 100 percent composed of Denver fans.
Jerryworld has horrible acoustics. The only thing I ever hear from Dallas fans is “COOOOP”
@iitstre_4550 Hace 2 años
How the hell does Teddy throw absolute darts with a glove on? I will never understand that. Dude is literally one of a kind.
@adonajf2805 Hace 2 años
You don’t think it’d be a little easier or I’m tripping ?
@MrTonkacat Hace 2 años
Broncos fans louder than Cowboy fans and an unreal effort from Denver
@ghoysrtr Hace 2 años
Really hope the Broncos can win it this year, hoping the same for the Avalanche they both have great teams this year
@wyattr.9995 Hace 2 años
Hey we have the same record as the Patriots. The Patriots Are in the Wildcard Spot i think so if we get some wins we could get a a wildcard position. If we do I don’t need to win (obviously I would prefer it) but if we just get in the playoffs it shows the NFL the Broncos are back on the map
@wildinc.7720 Hace 2 años
Broncos fan: amazing performance, really brought tears to my eyes, Dallas, I commend you good strong effort just wasn’t your day. But the GM is making moves and I’m liking the energy! Go Broncos!
@4piglite Hace 2 años
I'm feeling the way the Saints felt when they were 8-0 and the Cowboys came to give them their first loss of the season. Sometimes things just can't be explained.
@robogreek3157 Hace un año
Saints were 13-0. Dallas was fighting for there playoff lives
@4piglite Hace un año
@@robogreek3157 That year they were not 13-0. They were 8-0 and Dallas made them 8-1. You may be talking about another season. The Cowboys were on their 9th game in this season I speak of, so there was no fight for their playoff life at that point.
@taptalk6452 Hace 2 años
People always sleep on Teddy, but he proves as long as he's on the field, they have a good chance.
@kyoakland Hace 2 años
@DTS_I Hace 2 años
This will be the best game they play all season. Don’t be fooled by this game, we ain’t making the playoffs lol.
@holiday42020 Hace 2 años
@@DTS_I you never know. Denver is still in the hunt.
@zero13ftp Hace un año
Now imagine what Wilson can do with that defense
@cassiusproductions Hace un año
@zero13ftp Hace un año
@@cassiusproductions this didn’t age well 😂
@adamjb21 Hace 2 años
Beautifully designed play by the offense in the 3rd quarter 10:20 left 1st and 10
@meowlover1142 Hace 2 años
some of the best football i've seen this season......wow DENVER did a miraculous job
@lanemcwilliams9881 Hace 2 años
Well Stephen A will be absolutely tearing up the Cowboys for the whole week.
@shermandudley5548 Hace 2 años
And Skip will be making excuses all week
@bigdawgg8679 Hace 2 años
@@shermandudley5548 Just what we need to prove his point😂
@khanhnguyen-tt3ff Hace 2 años
@@shermandudley5548 nah he just going to throw the coaching staff under the bus it a cowboy tradition, if cowboy fan it all cause of the player if they loss it the coaching staff fault
@leejizzle337 Hace 2 años
@@bigdawgg8679 no point us proven yet. Everybody gonna lose games lol
@BrianStreb Hace 2 años
I think not getting points on those opening two drives took out our mojo. Hopefully this isn't a trend and we find it next week against Atlanta. But this week the NFL got some very interesting scores.
@s4mfrench Hace 2 años
Denver played solid defense. Great coverage and the front 4 were outstanding against one of the best olines in the league. But i think it’s worth mentioning Dal played legitimately terribly. Also, for the cowboys to not adapt their offensive play calling to counter the broncos aggressive rush shows how predictable they are. Some have Dallas ranked #1, cant wait to see them fall 5 spots
@patyperez1970 Hace 2 años
Hell of a game! How bout them BRONCOS💙🧡🏈👊🏼
@patton303 Hace 2 años
Life long Broncos fan here. I’m stunned. No way was Denver supposed to win this game. Hope you bet on it.
@tomknapp6194 Hace 2 años
With all those bad breaks going against Dallas, I felt like I was watching a Romo game.
@DizzyOg423 Hace 2 años
As a cowboys fan I am very disappointed in the performance today, just comes to show that any team is capable to be great on a good day or also be shut down. Today we were shutdown apparently. Gg Broncos! And cowboys, don't let this loss get to us! Still got half a season left!
@adamg7984 Hace 2 años
People do need to remember that. It is only one game and even great teams have bad games. And if not for those very tough breaks, the Cowboys might have at least made it a game. But on top of your defense looking bad and your offense stalling, you lose two turnovers to a penalty and a very unlucky ruling on that punt block. I don't think they got ref-balled, just very unfortunate those both took away big turnovers.
@jcp2161 Hace 2 años
Lower your expectations
@DizzyOg423 Hace 2 años
@@jcp2161 wassup now man
@twotrackjack2260 Hace 2 años
It's really satisfying to see dem boys show their colors as they always do in November 😊
@jcbyo Hace 2 años
8:30 helluva play by both broncos rookies #33 javonte williams & #77 quinn meinerz, gave 110% effort on that play 😉 #PoundTheRock
@juano4179 Hace 2 años
Thorough ass beating from start to finish. Hats off to the Broncos and their fans y’all earned that W. The cowboys have to chill with the 4th downs and take the points and even those are guaranteed with our kicker.
@Mike-yo6rr Hace 2 años
My Broncos as a whole offensive & Defensively along with Teddy 2 Gloves carved Dallas ass up like a Thanksgiving turkey 🍴🦃
@Chipcob66 Hace 2 años
As a Washington fan that was a great game!
@adamomarinelli8452 Hace 2 años
Let’s go!! Dominant performance on both sides of the ball for the Broncos
@jamesstockdale8205 Hace 2 años
Denver just provided a blueprint on how to dominate the cowboys….Run the ball hard and fast
Wow I figured this game was in Denver. I got to say I love those bronco jerseys, but I miss their helmet pre-97 season.
@perryanderson5642 Hace 2 años
Same Here! The Blinding Orange and Royal Blue with the White Horse. If it's NOT BROKE DON'T FIX IT.
@bugsbaloney6200 Hace 2 años
Same here. I really like the old logo with the D and the donkey nose puffing mile high steam. Combined with the SB darker blue of the late 90's to present. It would be quite nice. Make it permanent!
@deyonnapattie8973 Hace 2 años
@Bugs&Perry - the thing is when we had those colors/logo it seemed to spell D-O-O-M... when we changed that whole scheme we shed that losing image . I cringe when I see that old logo.... takes right back to that damn Denver/Jacksonville playoff game .... 😳😤😱
@ashian23x65 Hace 2 años
Dallas just wasn't prepared, but I think they learned and will bounce right back.
@reillypitzer4251 Hace 4 meses
I come back to watch these highlights. Ima die hard, Broncos fan. That day was beautiful.
@SNNetwork Hace 4 meses
same brother. i work at a bar in nyc.. this was one of the greatest days in my life
@bizman45390 Hace 2 años
Denver bought the heat and Dallas felt it!!
@gsentinel4821 Hace 2 años
As a lifelong Dallas fan THIS was soul crushing.
@Maxmillianr1 Hace 2 años
Shut up. You’re winning the division with ease right now. You could like a team called the giants
@TheFeezy777 Hace 2 años
@@Maxmillianr1 I don't know man. I. see those giants silently making moves lately. They beat the raiders and almost beat chiefs.
@Maxmillianr1 Hace 2 años
@@TheFeezy777 we’re 3-6 with the hardest schedule in the league. If you’re scared of that, then I’m not sure what to tell you 😂
@MadMan-fm9gd Hace 2 años
It was a bad game. Most good teams have bad games. There still win the division by a pretty easy margin. Suck it up.
@Big_Tex7 Hace 2 años
I knew when Dallas was going to wear those Helmets, I knew they were going to lose. Good job Broncos
@tylerc4845 Hace 2 años
@fahada1921 Hace 2 años
This was a defensive masterpiece by the Broncos and especially the secondary led by Justin Simmons. Where’s the defensive highlights?
@OkagaCalifornia Hace 2 años
Wow, the Cowboys had every chance to come back into the game and try to capture momentum, but they shot themselves in the foot each and every time, and the Broncos seized on that and pushed them further down. Broncos outplayed Dallas, that defense was solid for sure, but the Cowboys could've easily brought the game back within a possession. Are Dallas really that held back by the Mike McCarthy?
@c6llin455 Hace 2 años
Dallas absolutely had no chance to come back. Once denver recovered the blocked punt it was over Dallas had 0 chance of coming back 😂
@t.one.7299 Hace 2 años
Is it just me, or did it seem there were more Broncos fans then Cowboys fans? I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but from opening kickoff (Pollard taking it past the 50), you can see more orange than blue and you can hear more cheers on Bronco plays rather than cowboys.
@ponyboyizz Hace 2 años
There was a ton of bronco fans 50/50 I'd say
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