Brooks Koepka: Every shot in record 63 in first round at 2019 PGA Championship

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16 may 2019






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Sam Mact
Sam Mact Hace un día
Every shot? It's the back 9.
Sam Mact
Sam Mact Hace 23 horas
@Marcus B Yeah, I'm a dumb shit. I noticed that right after I commented.
Marcus B
Marcus B Hace un día
he started on the 10th tee, did the back nine first then he played the front. maybe watch the video.
Tucker Sharp
Tucker Sharp Hace 19 días
Announcer said baseball players have a lack of athleticism. Mike Trout is more athletic than any golfer out there besides DJ and Koepka
Sim Won
Sim Won Hace un mes
I can't even score that well in golf video games holy balls 😥
Declan Kilduff
Declan Kilduff Hace un mes
Announcer blows
kyler scott
kyler scott Hace un mes
That’s literally the easiest looking 63 I’ve ever seen. He didn’t even look like he was playing that well. Just steady, solid golf from tee to green. Brooks is a machine.
DeadMoNeyProductions BP
the goat
Cuseball121 Hace un mes
You have to play a round at Bethpage to truly appreciate this.
Adrian Ashworth
Adrian Ashworth Hace un mes
No shout of 'fore' with the tee shot on 15...
Jim Sullivan
Jim Sullivan Hace 2 meses
easily could have been in the 50s
Yo Mama
Yo Mama Hace 2 meses
Brooke: you look like a FOOL wearing a hat that says "I hate America"!
RustinDustin Hace 2 meses
Anyone have a link to those shoes?
dae kim
dae kim Hace 2 meses
I played there yesterday and i shot 99 which i am happy with. That rough makes your ball stuck in the gelo. It is automatic 1 shot penalty from this rough. It is the thickest rough you could ever seen. Plz give this course try and you will be very humbled.
Jerry Gundecker
Jerry Gundecker Hace 2 meses
How do they call the distance so precisely? Anybody?
jmpopa Hace 2 meses
Jerry Gundecker Lasers from the towers behind the green usually
Lynyrd Villanueva
Lynyrd Villanueva Hace 2 meses
The future of golf
kez kez
kez kez Hace 3 meses
wtf is this guy doing wrong to not even get a pat on the back
Geoff Jones
Geoff Jones Hace 3 meses
Patronising commentators Watched this with the sound off
Cassie Hace 3 meses
meh... not my guy. good player but not it. hes a straight machine and that power is real. but just not that likeable and other players have better all around game swing/techniqu
Cade Caughman
Cade Caughman Hace 3 meses
The next great 🔥
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen Hace 3 meses
Lucky putts on the first and last holes with 4 missed putts under 15 feet in between. He could've shot 59 without any hole-outs.
mike jones
mike jones Hace 3 meses
Don’t know why they call it a record score when it is 63 on a par 70. 33 golfers have scored 63s and some have been 8 and 9 under, on par 71 and 72 courses, still amazing though
mike jones
mike jones Hace 3 meses
Oops, course record I just realised 🤭
Frank Hernandez
Frank Hernandez Hace 3 meses
the barely misses would've put him under 10...
TallahassZ Remington
Such a sweet stroke...
Nugget Doozy
Nugget Doozy Hace 4 meses
Ev ree bod ee wants to choke the pga
Michael Seminatore
Michael Seminatore Hace 4 meses
Is that SVP announcing?
Rich Moore Photo
Rich Moore Photo Hace 4 meses
Brooks strikes the ball pure every time. Hell of a feat for a guy that swings for the fence. If my shot sounds like that once a round, I’m pumped
Bootus the Clown
Bootus the Clown Hace 4 meses
Tiger who?
David Hammond
David Hammond Hace 4 meses
Which came first ,The golf course or the airport ?
Don Carbon
Don Carbon Hace 4 meses
if Americans would just just shut up
Carter Bowles
Carter Bowles Hace 4 meses
Scary thing is he missed 2 fairways horribly. And missed at least two easily makable birdies
Bob Griffith
Bob Griffith Hace 4 meses
A machine
Jim Gogg
Jim Gogg Hace 4 meses
Tiger Woods isn’t in it , u see how much less ppl care lol golf is lame
Ricky Rick
Ricky Rick Hace 4 meses
Haha he is back on his yacht fucking his ugly ass girlfriend
streezus Hace 4 meses
fucks wrong with this camera guy
Michael Amechi
Michael Amechi Hace 4 meses
Amazing that Brook's win rate in regular events is not higher he simply overpowers difficult courses which + his mental strength is why, like Tiger, he is so unbeatable in the Majors.
Riley Lewis
Riley Lewis Hace 4 meses
What a round this could have been if he made a few more 10 footers. He is just dominating the tournament. 🏆🏌
Tom Piscitelli
Tom Piscitelli Hace 4 meses
Don't let this distract you that I almost shot under 100 last sat.
Sam Newlands
Sam Newlands Hace 27 días
Roger Priest lol
Roger Priest
Roger Priest Hace 29 días
Front or back 9?
Marc-André Dandenault
meh... not my guy. good player but not it. hes a straight machine and that power is real. but just not that likeable and other players have better all around game swing/technique
swampThaang Hace 4 meses
Not what I expected the 63 would look like. Great content... saved me hours.
wreckim Hace 4 meses
For years, while Tiger was suffering with injury after injury...and losing his 17 girlfriends....there was this talk of Tiger can't keep up with these "YOUNG" guys crap--R.Fowler, Jason Day, Spieth, McLroy, DJ.... It was never true; Tiger's injuries, and his bad play in comparison could make a Web.com tour player look awesome. The dude couldn't even chip. Now, on this day of May 16, 2019...Brooks Koepka stepped up and played in a way that truly makes the statement: Tiger you're still good...but not THIS good. Just like Tiger did to all the others during his run. Koepka is not Tiger...he won't have 80+ wins on tour just for starters. But he officially has everyone chasing his tail on these Majors for a foreseeable future...including Tiger. Tiger isn't done...I still hope he can win more Majors. But he's no longer The Man out there...that's Brooks.
Ian Buchanan
Ian Buchanan Hace 4 meses
Best player in the world right now and has been for the past couple of years.
Floyd Maxwell
Floyd Maxwell Hace 4 meses
Many thanks for sharing this tremendous round
Angel Matos
Angel Matos Hace 4 meses
The Clint Eastwood of golf
Lashorna Washington
Lashorna Washington Hace 4 meses
now we are talking
Vlad Sanders
Vlad Sanders Hace 4 meses
Too few shots to watch. At least with Tiger you get to see more shots.
mike jones
mike jones Hace 3 meses
Vlad Sanders we had a guy at our club who always talked about every shot, we always hoped he had a great round....less shots to talk about!
Yosef Shawarma
Yosef Shawarma Hace 4 meses
Brooks Koepka is demystifying the toughness of Bethpage Black, by overpowering it. This dude's gonna win it by a double digit margin shots. Who wants to bet??
deldridg Hace 4 meses
An excellent if not somewhat emotion/personality free round.
Indanek Waffles
Indanek Waffles Hace 4 meses
coulda shot sub-60... just wow.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Hace 4 meses
#38 on trending street
andy crossfit
andy crossfit Hace 4 meses
The next Tiger :)
Arky2012 Hace 4 meses
Costas should stay out of golf, he made two announcing mistakes in first 6 mins, come on Bob??
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Hace 4 meses
#37 on trending street
Frank Rivera
Frank Rivera Hace 4 meses
MagmaleE1 Hace 4 meses
Did he bogey the 4th hole. I think he did.
Brian Wilmoth
Brian Wilmoth Hace 4 meses
By by Tiger here comes Mr Brooks!
JasJones123 Hace 4 meses
PGA of America true to form is not missing a single opportunity for ad revenue, can hardly see the leaderboard for the number of ads on the page, in between every shot on their website no matter the featured group a minimum of 180 seconds of ad space. Just like the Ryder Cup the PGA tries to squeeze every drop of ad revenue from the PGA and the Ryder Cup that they can. The PGA would rather sell the entire screen in ad space if they could, and to hell with the fans of the game. The Ryder Cup has been turned into an unwatchable event due to the commercials.
onespeed Hace 4 meses
He let Tiger win the masters.
Callum Docherty
Callum Docherty Hace 4 meses
onespeed what’s it like to be severely autistic?
salvation Hace 4 meses
Nobody lets Tiger win anything.
Glenn Stockley
Glenn Stockley Hace 4 meses
please tell that corney yank commentator that this isn't baseball !!!
Arky2012 Hace 4 meses
That's exactly where Costas needs to stay in baseball
No Name
No Name Hace 4 meses
i wanna see a video on the ball tracking technology
Joel Hassell
Joel Hassell Hace 4 meses
Love these full videos. Just wish we could get them better than 720p. Not like 1080+ is new tech at this point...
Rooster55 Hace 15 días
I'd rather have a better framerate so the ball doesnt skip around as it lands or when theres a long putt.
David Powell
David Powell Hace 4 meses
Brooks is a quick player? My hero in a sport of slow pokes. And that posture and swing...perfect.
Adam Kidwell
Adam Kidwell Hace 4 meses
Sick camera shot at 9:00
Biren Ray
Biren Ray Hace 3 meses
Adam Kidwell a MN
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