Bruno Mars Soap Opera w/ Kate Beckinsale & Milo Ventimiglia

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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In "The Bold & The Lyrical," Kate Beckinsale finds herself caught in a love triangle between James Corden and Milo Ventimiglia. How will the three work it out using only Bruno Mars lyrics as dialogue?
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15 mar 2019






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Natalia Alvizo
Natalia Alvizo Hace 16 minutos
wow that was awesome!!! LOVED IT!
Lady Stalkerspace
Lady Stalkerspace Hace 2 horas
‘That’s ice cold, Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold!!’ 😂😂😂
Soraya Esfandiary
Soraya Esfandiary Hace 4 horas
Milo is so fine.
Emo Mulan
Emo Mulan Hace 9 horas
So, she's dating Pete now?lol damn it Kate
JD Krasinki
JD Krasinki Hace 12 horas
that's why i'm Bi
Mao Yang
Mao Yang Hace 13 horas
Their acting was so good. I forgot this was supposed to be a skit. LOVE MILO.
Susan Weisheit
Susan Weisheit Hace 16 horas
More of these! Please!
mutinybmx1000 Hace 22 horas
I hope James cordon stays in the states.
Shaun Lowe
Shaun Lowe Hace 23 horas
Man that chick was 🚬 shame she couldn't grow old gracefully. That work she had done kinda ruined her face. Idk if its a bad nose job, or a facelift. But she didn't need it. Hollywood ruins another hotty!!
AZanlungo Hace un día
Can we talk about her flawless hair?
Bianca Ormsby
Bianca Ormsby Hace un día
Reminds me of the Gavin and Stacy days
Seth Owens
Seth Owens Hace un día
i love it
Gerardo Lameda
Gerardo Lameda Hace un día
I died when the guy sang shallow
AJ AJ Hace un día
Hilarious 🤣😂🤣💜
Maggie Cheung
Maggie Cheung Hace un día
Clever and funny! ♥️
J P Hace un día
Amira Senouci
Amira Senouci Hace 2 días
Goddess Yap
Goddess Yap Hace 2 días
Omg this is so funny hahahahaha
Margz allison
Margz allison Hace 2 días
i had a crush on her before maybe until now, ...
Moi Ga
Moi Ga Hace 2 días
Aww, I love Milo. 😍
John Peter Valenciano
So good. 👌
Alma Rodriguez
Alma Rodriguez Hace 2 días
I was waiting for her to run away with their money so one of them could say “NATALIE...”
sameer bhamra
sameer bhamra Hace 2 días
“no no. i think that’s lady gaga”
Maureen Zeufack
Maureen Zeufack Hace 2 días
This is GENIUS. I loved it haha
Murphy 0'Meyer
Murphy 0'Meyer Hace 2 días
Ok Kate Beckinsale really is a vampire. She just does not age. And so beautiful. But sh!t taste in men really.
Ju Bar
Ju Bar Hace 2 días
We want more of this!!
imafreakinsuperhero Hace 2 días
Jesus Christ, get that man on stage!
Kiran Raval
Kiran Raval Hace 2 días
This is hilarious 😂😂😂😂
Kacey Wadge
Kacey Wadge Hace 2 días
Serena Espinal
Serena Espinal Hace 3 días
LOL!! That was great!!!
Julie kyewalabye
Julie kyewalabye Hace 3 días
What a cool idea!!!
Lynn Lavarias
Lynn Lavarias Hace 3 días
love it!!!!
nhaliii Hace 3 días
they should do one with some rappers lyrics
Nicole T
Nicole T Hace 3 días
I love everything about this😂😂😂😂
Roxan Jasareno
Roxan Jasareno Hace 3 días
Superb 👏👏👏
Molly Woodward
Molly Woodward Hace 3 días
This is too pure for this world. 🌎
Shaimaa Nour
Shaimaa Nour Hace 3 días
Dear james For the past four days I been anxiously checking all media outlets for at least one show to cover the most horrific mascaras at Christchurch mosque in new Zealand. Unfortunately not even a single day time or night show did a monologue about what happened to the Muslims. While it sadden me to write you for the first time about such a tragic event please do something to raise awareness about islamophobia. Thank you for your great help and looking forward to response.
Agustina Aguirre
Agustina Aguirre Hace 3 días
loved it
Krist Tujague
Krist Tujague Hace 3 días
Love this 💘 💕
Pascal Payant
Pascal Payant Hace 3 días
The only thing i was thinking was is imagine if it was Chris farley playing James's role.
gunm808 Hace 3 días
Spot on, everything.
CowsEatDonuts Hace 3 días
Michael Holmgaard
Michael Holmgaard Hace 3 días
Kate still super hot
Mylla MCS
Mylla MCS Hace 3 días
Eu amo o Milo
Shevah Samuel
Shevah Samuel Hace 3 días
Standing ovation for that... brilliant!!! 😀
Real Spanish Lessons
Qué buena IDEA!
Sam A
Sam A Hace 3 días
“Just STOP! ....wait a minute” I’m dying
BrittanyAnnTodd Hace 3 días
I’m not a huge fan of skits but this is gold 😂🤣🤣
Fredrik Claesson
Fredrik Claesson Hace 4 días
Best one yet!! :)
quirky mermaid28
quirky mermaid28 Hace 4 días
can milo and kate have a real movie together? they are so charismatic and the chemistry together is real!
Jeffrox Valenzuela
Jeffrox Valenzuela Hace 4 días
That's a masterpiece.
Luke’s Vintage Rc Car Restoration
just here for Kate folks
zozon88 Hace 4 días
She's beautiful..
gjozefi Hace 4 días
Did she get work done? Her face looks puffy.
kusz prem
kusz prem Hace 4 días
Very creative
Maria Camila Castro
Maria Camila Castro Hace 4 días
We were born to this.
Music Chick
Music Chick Hace 4 días
Milo's fun
Rosa Ieraci
Rosa Ieraci Hace 4 días
I think these two would be cute together. Just say'n. Kate was smitten with him, whenever he spoke during their interview with James.
Anousa Sounthonghphom
That was awesome!!! More of that please!!!!
StelinaJaffee Hace 4 días
"tease me tease me" haha
Jess C
Jess C Hace 4 días
OMG!! So proud of myself! I know every WORD from every Bruno Mars song. Keep up!!
Taty xoxo
Taty xoxo Hace 4 días
Whoever wrote this is a genius
Naphtali Musnyama
Naphtali Musnyama Hace 4 días
When they took a bow, I couldnt stop clapping!! *I finally did to write this comment*
Kareen Evelyn
Kareen Evelyn Hace 4 días
this is brilliant!
j3rryb3rry Hace 4 días
H WILD Hace 4 días
What a FOOL! Ha!!!
Ploy Jh.
Ploy Jh. Hace 4 días
Wow so creative!
Marques Q.
Marques Q. Hace 5 días
Mili Andérica
Mili Andérica Hace 5 días
This section is so good, and these three together are very funny..so much better than that "Ew" from Jimmy Fallon (supposed to be funny) ugh, what am I saying, James, is the best talk show...Fallon doesn't exist. James Corden always has very creative games, funny without even trying and their guests you can see most of the times are having the best time of their lives in the show.
Mutia Febrina Firdaus
please make more like this, so hilarious😂
JustJess Hace 5 días
This is hilarious 🤭😬😌 and well written!
She somehow reminded me of sofia vergara
Rachael M
Rachael M Hace 5 días
Very good
Phattharaphong Leelaphat
If Kate did leave morphine at the door in the end, we would have another song into it!! :)
beautybliss21 Hace 5 días
This was so good !!
This makes me love Bruno and Milo even more ❤️
AllAboutAiden Hace 5 días
Kate and Milo are fire together
Muhammad Uthman
Muhammad Uthman Hace 5 días
This is gsooo goood
Sue Valerie Pham
Sue Valerie Pham Hace 5 días
"I'm too hot"😂😂😂 yesss James! Know your worth!
Amazing Supergirl
Amazing Supergirl Hace 5 días
Omg that was great 😍
heroselene Hace 5 días
Jillian Holden
Jillian Holden Hace 5 días
Wait that was soo good
Kevin Lacayo
Kevin Lacayo Hace 5 días
Put it at Speed 0.25x and stop it at 3:41. Look at james Corden face 😂😂
Hooligans Hace 5 días
This is just so briliant!!!!!!
crni gruja
crni gruja Hace 5 días
So shes with Pete...WTF!!!
Mind YourOwn
Mind YourOwn Hace 5 días
ADdison Hunt
ADdison Hunt Hace 5 días
Milo is an amazing actor.
Suellem Alves
Suellem Alves Hace 5 días
AMAZING! A-MAZING! 😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🇧🇷
Joanna deymonaz
Joanna deymonaz Hace 5 días
So funny
Kel-C Hace 5 días
Best one! Lol
Sun X
Sun X Hace 5 días
Omg where are you hooligans 😂 (we understand all it's crazy that's so nostalgic 😂)
Hooligans Hace 5 días
Here i am 😂
aimee k
aimee k Hace 5 días
milo could uptown funk give it to me any day
lauren Hace 5 días
oml its peter petrelli!!
Aoedele Sophia
Aoedele Sophia Hace 5 días
That was hilarious!!!!😂
Gail Remudaro
Gail Remudaro Hace 5 días
Omg this is brilliant! I give props cuz I would find it difficult to not sing the lyrics. Great memorization. I wish I have Kate’s accent...and looks. The Lady Gaga part is hilarious. Well done.
geoffap92 Hace 5 días
1:41 I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure that hand is not acting.
Kelsy5 Cole
Kelsy5 Cole Hace 5 días
Kate looks so different
Abagail Hace 5 días
Kate in the underworld movies made me realize I found girls attractive LOL
Andrea Sinclair Paz
Andrea Sinclair Paz Hace 5 días
I love the shallow pun
R Hace 5 días
i literally can recall all the bruno's song😂😂😂😂
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