Brutal Tackles/Injuries In Football ● 2019

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Brutal Tackles/Injuries In Football ● 2019
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16 sep 2018






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Comentarios 2 371
Muzammil Muhammad
Muzammil Muhammad Hace 17 horas
Mané should have been ban forever..
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Hace 21 un hora
Todo bacán, pero al tal ramos debieron haberlo partido en dos... Como quisiera verlo con las piernas rotas por jugar sucio
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia Hace un día
8 million views but no one knows the song name... great
Matt Fedor
Matt Fedor Hace 2 días
Respect to the opposing players helping the other team
An Entity
An Entity Hace 2 días
Fuck your taste in music
Jamarien Dafney
Jamarien Dafney Hace 2 días
2:08 mortal kombat
Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams Hace 3 días
A few of them really got their hairstyles messed up bigtime there.!!
BaSe R4V3N
BaSe R4V3N Hace 3 días
2:06 did he just bite his tongue off??
Aqimi United
Aqimi United Hace 3 días
Roberto firmino eye got poke by the belgium born centre-back,jan vertonghen.
Dale McMillan
Dale McMillan Hace 3 días
Dam some of those look painful, good videos you have my thumbs up. Check this small clip out. m.esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-gQz4Qkls-tg.html
faris haikal
faris haikal Hace 4 días
The tittle of the song?
Superhuhn 11
Superhuhn 11 Hace 4 días
Superhuhn 11
Superhuhn 11 Hace 4 días
Wati Matsung
Wati Matsung Hace 4 días
It's like the ball posseses people when they look at it
Nat Gaming
Nat Gaming Hace 4 días
with all of this blood makes me wanna die it looks so bad.
Расул Ахмедов
Fuck all sport
pingdrew Hace 5 días
why do they shove their fingers in their mouth
Nicholas Fuchter
Nicholas Fuchter Hace 5 días
I don’t why people say soccer is a pussy sport
Shadowswolves Hace 6 días
Lol the fuck they both head butt fuck...
W0LF B3AT5 Hace 6 días
Neymar finally gets injured blood and all??? Well it’s about God damn time. All that time faking your injuries finally came to haunt you.
Twila Ritchey
Twila Ritchey Hace 6 días
At 0:54 he is holding a thumbs up but he’s clearly not okay
sKar_ Zachary2010
sKar_ Zachary2010 Hace 6 días
What happens a 3:45?
Cyprius Hace 7 días
3:36 my guy got a mouthful of dick
Cyprius Hace 7 días
2:13 the green guy looks at him and is like, “AYYY! I DID THAT!”
Parodies Ro
Parodies Ro Hace 7 días
What is name of the song
Mohit kumar Juneja
Mohit kumar Juneja Hace 7 días
What happened in 3:37
Z1F _00000
Z1F _00000 Hace 9 días
orang melayu mana suaranya ..
Bella _Playz
Bella _Playz Hace 9 días
2:05 perfect timing But still *_O U C H_*
xXChris_P_ BaconXx
xXChris_P_ BaconXx Hace 10 días
I cried at "2:04"
Dian Brown
Dian Brown Hace 10 días
my heart can't manage
Kieran Irwin
Kieran Irwin Hace 10 días
Beautiful teamwork
Adem Charradi
Adem Charradi Hace 10 días
come si chiama la musica?
Kelly Austin
Kelly Austin Hace 11 días
Oh god that first one were the guy in red (not sure what team) had is foot sticking the wrong way because some sort of bone in his leg had Broken and twisted which because it went down to his foot made his foot sticking the wrong way
Just subscribe please
Just subscribe please Hace 11 días
Donkey aaron10
Donkey aaron10 Hace 11 días
Wha da name of dis song in the vid
Hamodi Faroq
Hamodi Faroq Hace 12 días
Formino nooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢
hanisah zolkifly
hanisah zolkifly Hace 12 días
3:59 chill bro,im okay.....im okay XD
Jayden The Gengar
Jayden The Gengar Hace 13 días
So I Injured Myself For My School Team So I Got Released At The Wing And I Had This Tall Guy Kirkwall And He Was A Wall In Defence I Had To Beat Him I Had Players To My Side A,B And C So I Passed To B Who Played It To A Who Played It To C Who Chipped The Keeper It Was Going Wide So I Decide I'm Going To Divert It In Were Winning 0-4 There Bottom Of The League So Yeah But I Got Brutalized So Kirkwall Comes Diving In His Studs Both Of Them Destroy The Leg I Shoot With My Right Then The Goalie Flys In To My Left Leg I Scramble Over His Body And Lay There In Pain They Both Got Sent Off I Of Course Got Stretchered Off We Ended Up Scoring The Penalty It Was The 44th Minute We Ended Up Winning 0-8 I Was Fully Fit For The Last Game Of The Season I Scored A Brace But We Conceded 6 So 2-6 It Finished Also I Got Injured On The 12th Game Of The Season We Finished 6th They Finished 20th A.K.A Bottom
Yusuf Yılmaz
Yusuf Yılmaz Hace 13 días
Song music?
CRIPTOCAP Hace 13 días
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Yousef Abdul Ghani
Yousef Abdul Ghani Hace 13 días
3:03 lmao
Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson Hace 14 días
It’s still pussy shit compared to mountain biking
Sifex-_- Btw
Sifex-_- Btw Hace 14 días
You downloaded in 2018
Robert Mureau
Robert Mureau Hace 14 días
mubu0106 Hace 15 días
Most of these are fake because who's face is all bloodied up from a slight smack with an arm to the face
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed Hace 15 días
Ramos deserves it. He's a shitty guy
Tim audit jalanan
Tim audit jalanan Hace 16 días
Matthew Dockray
Matthew Dockray Hace 17 días
1:52 Jesus what was he thinking
Simon Dearing
Simon Dearing Hace 17 días
Normal day at the office in a Rugby match.
Ranganath Bhavar
Ranganath Bhavar Hace 17 días
Malcolm Doherty
Malcolm Doherty Hace 17 días
When the guy was bleeding he went into the goalie
Anak Baik
Anak Baik Hace 18 días
sergio ramos actually deserve that jahhaa
David kirky
David kirky Hace 18 días
No offense to soccer fans but this stuff happens in rugby league all the time and they just get up and keep playing.....Definitely no crying either
Cash White
Cash White Hace 18 días
Colin MacNeil
Colin MacNeil Hace 18 días
Soccer is for babies, they would not last a shift of hockey
Colin MacNeil
Colin MacNeil Hace 12 horas
iHeng what the hell are you talking about
iHeng Hace 17 horas
Colin MacNeil said by the sport who have gears
I don't want to go
I don't want to go Hace 18 días
Because it's different sports differents exercises. They could but be pros no. Same with hockey to soccer
Catherine VELUT
Catherine VELUT Hace 19 días
Ma coussi 3 ans ador
mushtaf/hudza Almusanna
Fuzzy the orange racer
Fuzzy the orange racer Hace 21 un día
why so happy music on such tragic collisions??
Daniel Riswantara
Daniel Riswantara Hace 21 un día
Nikolai Kroken
Nikolai Kroken Hace 22 días
2:05 is the best anime I ever seen
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