Brutal Tackles/Injuries In Football ● 2019

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Brutal Tackles/Injuries In Football ● 2019
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16 sep 2018






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Angus Wilkie
Angus Wilkie Hace un día
2:07 when you get fatalited in mk11
TheNextPlay MLBB
TheNextPlay MLBB Hace 2 días
What about andre gomes injured
Javier Garcìa
Javier Garcìa Hace 4 días
It’s not foot ball but fut bòl
Logano Sipeda
Logano Sipeda Hace 4 días
At 3:00 i feel so bad for sergio ramos
Gathan gacha
Gathan gacha Hace 4 días
Where Choirul Huda?
Jaron The Kid!
Jaron The Kid! Hace 2 días
I don't know,
Frances Sawyer
Frances Sawyer Hace 5 días
AHHHHHH 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Jaron The Kid!
Jaron The Kid! Hace 2 días
LIA fam
LIA fam Hace 5 días
I feel so sad 😞 for them
Jaron The Kid!
Jaron The Kid! Hace 2 días
You really do??
Jaron The Kid!
Jaron The Kid! Hace 6 días
3:37 Isn't Any Injury, He Had His Head Kicked By A Goal Keeper When He Was Trying TO Kick The Ball. The Goal Keeper Tried To Get The Ball And Then He Kicked His Head On Accident Not Simple Or Even Compared To Any Other Injuries Like That!
Viki Koleva
Viki Koleva Hace 8 días
saleh sadeq
saleh sadeq Hace 8 días
whos muslim like this comment. astakfiralla
Jaron The Kid!
Jaron The Kid! Hace 6 días
Jaron The Kid!
Jaron The Kid! Hace 6 días
What do you mean?
Jaron The Kid!
Jaron The Kid! Hace 8 días
It Is Very Important Trying Not To Injure Them Cause If You Do On Accident Or Purpose, You Might Get Them Collapsed Lung's Or Scar's/Cut's So Read Carefully One More Time And Keep That In Mind Because If You Don't... ...Their Life Is Gonna Be Injured, Like They Will Have Collapsed Lungs Or Scar's & Cut's, I Am Saying Something Important So You Gotta Keep This In Mind, Too Bad Corona Virus Spreaded But If It Ends And You Play Soccer... Well Then, You Might Get Injured Or Get The Other Person Injured So Be Very Careful
Jaron The Kid!
Jaron The Kid! Hace 8 días
2:03 Is Really A Mouth Injury, It May Cause Issue's With The Mouth Or Have A Cut On It! You Gotta Be Careful About Injuries And About Brutal Tackles Because If You Don't, Then You Might Get The Person Collapsed Lungs, Body Issues, And Cuts/Scars, Alot Of People Are Cut Out For Soccer So You Have To Be Very Cautious!
Jaron The Kid!
Jaron The Kid! Hace 8 días
Like Seriously, I Know All Types Of Injuries!
Jaron The Kid!
Jaron The Kid! Hace 8 días
It Really Might Happen
Jørgen Nielsen
Jørgen Nielsen Hace 9 días
sorry but this one is worst then any off the one you did show esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-aApJXiNF8SU.html
Jørgen Nielsen
Jørgen Nielsen Hace 9 días
or this one esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-IjhLrqQ8--0.html
J3XLEY Hace 10 días
You know it's good when it's against community guidelines
Maria Contreras
Maria Contreras Hace 12 días
Sarah Sanchez
Sarah Sanchez Hace 13 días
Stian Jenssen
Stian Jenssen Hace 14 días
Dette må dåmerne pase mere på
ChainDrop21 Hace 14 días
Hell yeah some dubstep and life threatening injuries all in one video 😎😳
Lucas Tobias
Lucas Tobias Hace 15 días
Storm-eye Shrinking
Storm-eye Shrinking Hace 15 días
I knew that ramos also gets injures xd
Tudor the Miracle
Tudor the Miracle Hace 15 días
Music? I like it 👍👍👍
kanal kumar
kanal kumar Hace 15 días
Æ MADNESS Hace 21 un día
Amaru gameplays xdd v:
Song: Piercing Light
ALLAHU AKBAR Hace 27 días
I dislick this players
Odeta Vaidilaite
Odeta Vaidilaite Hace un mes
Don't laugh
Amaru gameplays xdd v:
Don't like this comment😂
Joelchhanchhan11 Joel11
Gamer102 Hace un mes
I'm so sad for those players man
abdussalam said
abdussalam said Hace un mes
Because it wasnt that painful but blood was coming out
Orlando Garrido
Orlando Garrido Hace un mes
I love this song
Amaru gameplays xdd v:
Song: Piercing Light League Of Legends
The edit Boy
The edit Boy Hace un mes
“Got the ball ref”
Joshua Kuipers
Joshua Kuipers Hace un mes
If the goalkeeper defended herself against Morgan she wouldn't be dying from pain, another difference between men and women's football/soccer
Henrique Oliveira
Henrique Oliveira Hace un mes
2:16 she s died?
Henrique Oliveira
Henrique Oliveira Hace un mes
Blood blood BLOOD
jmay1080 !
jmay1080 ! Hace un mes
That's very bad😭😭🥺
Nigel jones Pagatpatan
Gosh makes me want to go back playing video games...
Abdalla Palill
Abdalla Palill Hace un mes
When my mom see this video 🥵 I have to stop football playinh
Anoniem1 Hace un mes
The reason i dont wanna play soccer anymoe
Daryan Shwana
Daryan Shwana Hace un mes
Ktoś tam Xd
Ktoś tam Xd Hace un mes
Γιαννης Ζαχαριας
the mach sadest it was son
mc monkey roblox
mc monkey roblox Hace un mes
Poor firmino
MajorEU Hace un mes
I hate it when people hurt others then walk away like nothing happened .
Jan Sebastian Haifler
Vertonghen faul firminho in eyes vertonghen is mega shit
Jack Gabriel
Jack Gabriel Hace un mes
1:29 the girl in blue girl is dying and everyone goes to Alex Morgan
Call of duty mobile Gameplay
Thats so fucking racist
Siyar Lol
Siyar Lol Hace 18 días
They didnt cared about the black girl. Auch hoes
Arda1x Hace 20 días
Janiyah Amani it’s racist
Janiyah Amani
Janiyah Amani Hace un mes
Jack Gabriel
Jack Gabriel Hace un mes
Janiyah Amani no it’s not at all
Phionix 18
Phionix 18 Hace un mes
I like that if the goalie was the one who accidentally hurt the soccer player is the one who calls over the medics
Joao Vitor
Joao Vitor Hace un mes
curtis wheeler
curtis wheeler Hace un mes
0:42 creeps me out
JK waves
JK waves Hace 2 meses
Wait the video says 2019 but the discripson says 2018 can we all agree that there is such thing as time travel
Takuraguan1 Hace 2 meses
Wendy Lengacher
Wendy Lengacher Hace 2 meses
Ryan's toy review
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith Hace 2 meses
winner yeahmate
winner yeahmate Hace 2 meses
Gg ramos
Paulisto Paul
Paulisto Paul Hace 2 meses
Sean Solis
Sean Solis Hace 2 meses
masato kudo's injury is so hard to watch
Lil Tigz Tv
Lil Tigz Tv Hace 2 meses
This channel so funny
Name of the music
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee Hace 2 meses
2:04 Velocity is almost instantaneously 0. Massive deceleration = Massive Force sustained. Body = dropped.
Nold Reflex BTW
Nold Reflex BTW Hace 2 meses
Why does the woman that was gk look like ksi
Ronaldo CR7 Fan
Ronaldo CR7 Fan Hace 2 meses
Marija Petrović
Marija Petrović Hace 2 meses
This is so painfull to watch :(
Jen Powell
Jen Powell Hace 2 meses
That is not necessary
Albert Bosma
Albert Bosma Hace 2 meses
Albert Bosma
Albert Bosma Hace 2 meses
Jesse Lingard
Jesse Lingard Hace 2 meses
Carmela Imperial
Carmela Imperial Hace 2 meses
Hes eye oof
jahir_torres_507 torres
alinmcj Hace 2 meses
I realy hate Liverpool but thats ugly Red clear Rly bad
Mariam officiel 7
Mariam officiel 7 Hace 2 meses
Mariam officiel 7
Mariam officiel 7 Hace 2 meses
Silas Kinney
Silas Kinney Hace 2 meses
The thumbnail almost made me vomit
Cleila Vilas Bôas
Cleila Vilas Bôas Hace 2 meses
fennekin 5
fennekin 5 Hace 2 meses
Remember when that guy kicked the ball and died?
Gabriela Torres
Gabriela Torres Hace 2 meses
When his finger literally went in his eye😬
Sammy Donato
Sammy Donato Hace un mes
Yucky😲😲he probably was so sad and hurt
Anns Yolaga
Anns Yolaga Hace un mes
Yes so yucky 🤮😫
Rodrígo Ruíz
Rodrígo Ruíz Hace 2 meses
xd ducky
xd ducky Hace 2 meses
Is that son 2:04
Kid Account
Kid Account Hace 2 meses
what the fuck keeper
23 savage
23 savage Hace 2 meses
most useless sport of all.
scott mills
scott mills Hace 2 meses
2.30 got destroyed
Karen Hancock
Karen Hancock Hace 2 meses
1 like =1 prayer
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