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BTS (방탄소년단) 'I NEED U' Official MV (Original ver.)

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방탄소년단 '화양연화 -The most beautiful moment in life- pt.1' album is available on iTunes!
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10 may 2015







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[방탄소년단]박씨네 망개떡_박지민_
싫어요 누른사람 뒤졍^^
Zule Jerez Jaimes
Zule Jerez Jaimes Hace un hora
Aleksandra Rodrigues
Love BTS 😍😍😍😍
X Alexa Playzx
X Alexa Playzx Hace 2 horas
Made me Cry again😨😭😔
nyimas salsabila
nyimas salsabila Hace 3 horas
i need u jimin sshi
Maria Jeon
Maria Jeon Hace 3 horas
Army! Army! Army! Please don't forget to stream BTS DNA! Its 618million views! Our goal is to reach 700 million! We can do this! Fighting! I purple you all💜😘
Drexler roldan
Drexler roldan Hace 3 horas
doftorel Hace 4 horas
Dear friends, in case you, also, think that this song, and all the older ones deserve a higher number of views, we could help them by making a BTS playlist (with all their official MVs) which you could play daily (even set it on "loop"). Its quite nice to have their music playing when reading, working .. This way, I could make other people listen to them, too :). And most of them got hooked! Even when I have to mute my computer, the MVs are still playing. Using multiple tabs might be confusing, but that could be done, too. They worked hard for these early videos. Would be so nice to help them get better results.
Ozlem Sazan
Ozlem Sazan Hace 4 horas
Çok ağladımmmmm yaaaa
X.Ceren X
X.Ceren X Hace 4 horas
Karen Joy Mangabat
Karen Joy Mangabat Hace 5 horas
CalicoJM Hace 6 horas
Still tryna decide if I like the original version more or the 1theK version more
Coleen _
Coleen _ Hace 7 horas
i'm crying
I Love Nooder
I Love Nooder Hace 7 horas
Where can we see this webtoon that everyone is talking about?
coro Hace 8 horas
ahhh now i get the webtoon o k thanks bighit :)
Yee Bao Ng
Yee Bao Ng Hace 9 horas
This is deep... the theories are making senseeee
ayo wat up
ayo wat up Hace 9 horas
It feels sooo different watching this after reading the webtoons.. it finally clicks??
Rocio Pizarro
Rocio Pizarro Hace 9 horas
Kim Widy
Kim Widy Hace 10 horas
Who is cutting onion beside me 😭😭😭 the theory from this mv shocks me after reading webtoon.. i got emotional indeed 😭
유튜브관계자 Hace 11 horas
*THIS MV IS -19-??*
Sarah Barajas
Sarah Barajas Hace 11 horas
From lollipop to cigarette :) so holy
InFIresMaN UwU
InFIresMaN UwU Hace 11 horas
Quien esta aqui buscando teorias despues del webtoon? :'v
Dana Suárez
Dana Suárez Hace 12 horas
Esta canción antes para mi era muy alegre y nunca le preste atención al vídeo. Ahora la letra y el video son tristes cada vez que la pongo me hace sentir mal, llorar.
Banan Milkshaek
Banan Milkshaek Hace 12 horas
came back after reading the save me webtoon can i just die
Alyanna Park
Alyanna Park Hace 12 horas
1:59 wtf V 😆😆😆😆
Ramen-Chichi WoeIsMe
Ramen-Chichi WoeIsMe Hace 12 horas
Does anyone notice the motel sign outside of Yoongi's bedroom what if it was a scene from after the house burning incident with his mom and that caused him to burn that room too. Also, I think he burned a motel room.
Ramen-Chichi WoeIsMe
Ramen-Chichi WoeIsMe Hace 12 horas
Everyone I have something to say. Watch the lyrics and replace girl with fear and think about how V was sitting next to bottles of alcohol and later with his dad scene he was seen holding an alcohol bottle.
Kim TaeTaeh
Kim TaeTaeh Hace 14 horas
Chorando estou T.T
Hwa Seong Kim
Hwa Seong Kim Hace 14 horas
One flower. Six petals. Each petal symbolises one member, exept Jin. Because he's the one that has to save each one of them from their 'fate'. Jin's gifted with a time/space distortion ability, he can turn the time back by using that white flower's petals. (and opening the curtain to access the memories he had lost from the time travel I guess.) He knows everything now, and in one point, Jungkook probably learns the truth about Jin's time/space distortion (and/or travelling) ability and smiles at him. (in pt. 2, Run) He just smiles so sincerely because he knows Jin can, and will, save them all. This is what real friendship, brotherly love and trust looks like fellow humans. Oh, also I think after every member Jin saves, one petal will disappear in the upcoming episodes of the webtoon. Just a small thought.
fallen angel
fallen angel Hace 14 horas
hawra Amara
hawra Amara Hace 14 horas
angela lopez garcia
angela lopez garcia Hace 16 horas
Who's here after reading Weebton?? I just watched run and can't get over about JK and Suga fight.. And know Tae.. Damn Big Hit you got all planned from the beginning CLAP CLAP im a fool and you're amazing
Dayoung Hace 16 horas
Farida Hamza
Farida Hamza Hace 16 horas
I realise, this song mv is even more related to that save me webtoon comic, maaaan bts universe is so complicated Well, I love it💜
반탄 소년 다
반탄 소년 다 Hace 16 horas
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Yan Jeon
Yan Jeon Hace 16 horas
jennifer ramirez
jennifer ramirez Hace 16 horas
Come on this master piece deserves soo much more 😭
ariana gomez
ariana gomez Hace 16 horas
esta cancion narra mi vida literal
Elissa Toribio
Elissa Toribio Hace 16 horas
I'm sorry RM but suga is really cute in this video 😶
•Noe Gonzalez• :v
•Noe Gonzalez• :v Hace 17 horas
Isabela Gutierrez Monje
como cuando ves las teorías y ya todo tiene sentido en tu vida
I LOVE YOU BTS😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sn Dg
Sn Dg Hace 19 horas
This should be deleted. Neither can I watch them in pain nor can I stop watching the video. What should I do??? 😰😰
Suginha Life
Suginha Life Hace 19 horas
Eu não paro de voltar no começo que o diga começa a cantar
Miau oficial
Miau oficial Hace 19 horas
Cadê os brasileiros? ;--;
Ll. Ixv.
Ll. Ixv. Hace 19 horas
Best song ever.
Siraaj Ceena
Siraaj Ceena Hace 19 horas
This Is The First Song I Heard From BTS... 'I NEED U' :)
настя мирош
настя мирош Hace 20 horas
Почему так мало просмотров ? Оригинальное видит заслуживает больше. Но вобщем клип крутой обожаю его😻💜
Samantha Mendez-Vargas
Im from WEBTOON "Save Me"
NineCircleZ Hace 20 horas
0:35 Now search Bigbang - Bad boy
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