BTS (방탄소년단) - Last Christmas (A Typical Trainee's Christmas) (Color Coded Lyrics Han|Rom|Eng)

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BTS (방탄소년단) - Last Christmas (A Typical Trainee's Christmas) (Color Coded Lyrics Han|Rom|Eng)

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7 dic 2018






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Bibi Baepsae
Bibi Baepsae Hace 9 horas
Go ahead babies you could date now. Your not a trainee anymore. 😘
guiltyfortune Hace un día
[ ARMY ]옌
[ ARMY ]옌 Hace un día
뭐지 ,, 처음 듣는 노랜데??
IM s2
IM s2 Hace 2 días
Jk rapper my heart
김지원 Hace 2 días
Why am I just discovering this song, the message is so beautiful
아미루니루닝 Hace 2 días
제이홉대사 어디있어요 ㅠㅜ
YeetxSkeet Hace 2 días
*cough* jhope *cough*
Uaz Manap
Uaz Manap Hace 3 días
I love Jungkook and Jannie❤❤❤❤👍
Tangmouy Preap
Tangmouy Preap Hace 3 días
Where Jhope?
Tangmouy Preap
Tangmouy Preap Hace 3 días
Why Jhope, RM don't famous like Jungkook?
Hyper Jump_HD
Hyper Jump_HD Hace 3 días
IKR.. RM and J-HOPE are so underrated
Min Min
Min Min Hace 6 días
This so funny 😂 😂
Holly Wheeler
Holly Wheeler Hace 9 días
oMQWIFBinbue namjoons vocals got me jungshaking
아미ˇ Hace 9 días
아 .. 진짜 귀가 녹네 녹아 목소리가 오 ㅏ이리 초코릿처럼 녹아유 방탄 ㅠ
savage lil meow
savage lil meow Hace 9 días
i can't hold it after the white poop was mentioned XD crackheads since trainee.
lafille Hace 9 días
J-hope don't singing bagtan is not bagtan without j-hope 😢
issie._.games Hace 10 días
Did anyone notice that j-hope didn't have a part?! 😢 And namjoon saying "white poop" omg 😂
Steven David
Steven David Hace 10 días
This needs to blow so all their deluded fans see this and let them breathe
Ocka Gibran
Ocka Gibran Hace 10 días
RM sing soo soo soooo nice here..and kookie rap 😍😍
Aline Sthefany
Aline Sthefany Hace 11 días
Zubi Dubi
Zubi Dubi Hace 11 días
Omg i am gonna cryyyyy one thing its before there debut 2012
DJ Sanding
DJ Sanding Hace 11 días
2:03 Jungkook ain't Bighits maknae anymore sadly
Melani Mendez
Melani Mendez Hace 12 días
3:05 QUE ONDA PRROS! jajajajaja :v
youngran choi
youngran choi Hace 12 días
듣고 있자니 눈물이 나네.... 고생 많았네 우리 방탄이들~ 앞으로도 또 다른 이름으로 힘듬이 있겠지만 꽃길만 걷길 바랄게~ 사랑한다 방탄♡♡♡
ste.ll.a Hace 12 días
reading this comments made me realize none of u care about ur idols or pay attention to whst they say disgusting
Jimin's mochi cheeks and cute eyes
Im just here appreciating jin's, jungkook and rapmon covering the last christmas song
Staffi Lyngdoh
Staffi Lyngdoh Hace 12 días
I just luv this
Pho Phi
Pho Phi Hace 13 días
Ellos hicieron de mi navidad de mierda una muuuy feliz ❤
jinjinnie Hace 13 días
the part "hitman baeengg introdyusess" cracks me
jackie Hace 13 días
savages only
yasin baser
yasin baser Hace 13 días
Good Song
Fgv Gff
Fgv Gff Hace 13 días
Ok Baeky Chogiwa
Ok Baeky Chogiwa Hace 15 días
Im drowning in my tears😭😭
Taekook S.
Taekook S. Hace 15 días
RM:*Esta lloviendo caca blanca* RM:*Esto no es nieve es caca uwu* Váyanse a dormir que a esta hora sale el ayuwoki 😔✊🏻
x.Varu-ssi.x Hace 15 días
Solo digo que esta canción es como del 2O12 o cosa asi xdd (lo se por el libro de BTS UwU
MC606 Mystic Charmagne
*Why does everytime I listen to RM's singing it reminds me of Expensive Girl* :/
magic melody
magic melody Hace 16 días
no es navidad pero no me canso de escuchar esta canción
Gadolium Nitrogen
Gadolium Nitrogen Hace 16 días
This song got even more sad...
Noorish Ataef
Noorish Ataef Hace 17 días
THE HITMAN BANG PART MADE ME CRY I SWEARRRRR I wasn’t expecting that!!!djdjdndd
skye l.
skye l. Hace 17 días
Most people in the comments are talking about their favorites. Is no one reading the lyrics?? They are talking about the hardships and the pressure bighit is/was putting on them. Joonie even said they can't love and wondered how they are supposed to write love lyrics. It's so disappointing how the majority talks about how they look or how nice their voices are. They are clearly trying to spread a message but y'all are ignoring it😐
Sofia Marquez
Sofia Marquez Hace 17 días
Me gusta la cancion
jmhnj7 Hace 17 días
It took me 5 years to find out this song 🙂
Jimin & Jeongyeon's Awkward Love
Damn we love white poop
Batmin yoongi
Batmin yoongi Hace 18 días
Lmao tae keeps saying he wants a debut next year 😭
unknowntrash Hace 18 días
Jin 😍
Ashley Hace 19 días
When did they make this video?
min_yoongles_ EXO-L-ARMY-BLINK
Can we all just realize that rm is talking about poop poop poop and white poop?
TSHEVEVENUH Venuh Hace 20 días
Namjoon sings so good 😱⊙_⊙
Yoongi Kookie
Yoongi Kookie Hace 21 un día
maholy cedeño
maholy cedeño Hace 21 un día
Wuauuu jungkok rapeando en shok
최은서 Hace 21 un día
Dawood Bismillah
Dawood Bismillah Hace 21 un día
Any one know what the sound. Track in the back i starts about 4:03
mr nerdburger
mr nerdburger Hace 22 días
The song is really nice but the lyrics are so sad
mhd usman
mhd usman Hace 22 días
This one is little bit boring.but I am not saying that I hate BTS.
吉田聖子 Hace 22 días
Ume Amara
Ume Amara Hace 22 días
ARMYPEDIA answer is dinner
Huong Dang
Huong Dang Hace 22 días
Bangtansonyeondan .i love you.
Marie Baumbach
Marie Baumbach Hace 23 días
who's here from the armypedia quiz lololololol
Marie Baumbach
Marie Baumbach Hace 23 días
+Peaches N Cream it's dinner! lol
Peaches N Cream
Peaches N Cream Hace 23 días
Me , hey you know the answed i don't have time to read it pls the internet is not working
Mana SIM
Mana SIM Hace 23 días
Jk's rapping??? Damn the lyrics is a special gift for BIGHIT 🤣🤣🤣😂😂 you got a diss song from a group of trainees (aka BTS) Bang Pdnim😁😁 but I love it so much.
jemin dhayun
jemin dhayun Hace 23 días
Haters will not understand this un Till they understand go through this situation ...
Ash’s World
Ash’s World Hace 24 días
My lord rm rapping about poop is the best thing I’ll ever hear 😂
Natalie Chau
Natalie Chau Hace 24 días
Vkook Shipper
Vkook Shipper Hace 24 días
A voz do tae sem edição nenhuma é tão linda❤
Abi TaeTae
Abi TaeTae Hace 25 días
poor (*poop*) BTS
Sreyasi Rakshit
Sreyasi Rakshit Hace 25 días
Why is it that not many people actually appreciate Namjoon?? Like listen to him?!?
[JELLY]현진 Hace 25 días
호석이 오빠의 가사가없어...
oke j
oke j Hace 17 días
그때 소속사 나갔을때
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken Hace 25 días
Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you said you were GAY
• m o o n c h i m •
*its raining white poop*
뾰루지ARMYღ Hace 26 días
Pritha Ghosh
Pritha Ghosh Hace 26 días
BangPD's cameo though....I lost it....🤣 everytime .....🤣🤣🤣💜💜💜
소심한아야 Hace 26 días
열분 왜 호비오빠가 안나오는걸까요?ㅠㅜ
oke j
oke j Hace 17 días
그때 소속사 나갔을때
jungkook jeon
jungkook jeon Hace 26 días
I feel bad for them😭😭😭😭
띠후TV Hace 26 días
Narjis Saleh
Narjis Saleh Hace 27 días
This makes my heart ache for BTS, seriously there are only 2 reasons i Like BigHit, 1. They gave us BTS
Crab Joon
Crab Joon Hace 27 días
lAst ChristMAs I gAve yOu my cAr,thE vEry nExt dAy yOu dRove it aWay~
Guiller De Guzman
Guiller De Guzman Hace 28 días
Why J HOPE didn't sing 😞
Sébastien Poncelin de Raucourt
When and what this recorded for ??
hunnylemon7 Hace 10 horas
Park Graziih
Park Graziih Hace un mes
Alguém 2019?
Kimchi Is Good
Kimchi Is Good Hace un mes
this was very beautiful, the message in this video was so touching omg
Captain stark
Captain stark Hace un mes
Jhope at 2:07 pui pui pui. Most unfair line distribution.
Abu Zafor Md. Amirul Islam
Where is jhope
GRACE HAN Hace un mes
RM is good at english for an Korean
WorldWideGarbage Garbage
It’s actually pretty sad how They write about love but they can’t love them selves. And how everyone apart of Big Hit gets to rest on Christmas except Bts.
jisoo [ • blackpink•]
Hola y chao kooki
충이 Hace un mes
fadia aqila
fadia aqila Hace un mes
crying into a river bcs people who have golden voice like jin didnt have many lines:")
BTS Lover
BTS Lover Hace un mes
That some one special is all A.R.M.Y
김혜영 Hace un mes
제이홉 목소리는 어디간거야ㅠㅠ
Alana Reyes
Alana Reyes Hace un mes
_*Queen Malak RBLX • Coolawesomekid1013*_
*Way better than the original! I hated the original tbh...*
Sally Gacha!
Sally Gacha! Hace un mes
okay but RM's vocals are just great, his voice is so pretty ❤
Park Layla
Park Layla Hace un mes
jungkook's sing for the rap part thooo
Jasmine Rose Palma
Jasmine Rose Palma Hace un mes
Namjoon's vocal is no joke
Ella Montefalco
Ella Montefalco Hace un mes
Ayo hitman bang
Suga Hace un mes
1:42 RM: it’s raining white poop White poop is snow right?
Yumi UWU
Yumi UWU Hace un mes
The snow is now white poop
ㅇ..웨 제이홉 오빠 파트없는것같지 기분탓이니ㅏ
EXO L Hace un mes
Lol biggest diss to bighit and bang pd nim...lol just let them date. But kookie's bwing bwing got me so soft
Jier Jeyser
Jier Jeyser Hace un mes
sorry but this song is not about what you said
Chen Qingqing
Chen Qingqing Hace un mes
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon Hace un mes
I know I knowwwww... But someone tell me pls.... WHY JUNGKOOK SOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE * teary eyes *
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