BTS (방탄소년단) 'LOVE YOURSELF IN SEOUL' Official Trailer

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19 dic 2018






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A.R.M.Y Love BTS
A.R.M.Y Love BTS Hace 3 días
Sarjerao Salwe
Sarjerao Salwe Hace 5 días
This Bts love yourself World tour will be. in India also so, what will be the data?
Kitty Studio레나
Kitty Studio레나 Hace 7 días
Oml i was there IT WAS AWESOME I CRYYY😭💜
Rika C
Rika C Hace 8 días
Me after bighit drop the dvd tour and new comeback: 🎶 Did you see my cash? Did you see my cash? All my money's gone away! 🎶 🎶 What BTS think bout that? What BTS think bout that? I bet it got ARMYs hella poor 🎶
•사HONEY Hace 14 días
maria flores
maria flores Hace 17 días
Yo la fui a ver dos veces en Salta y en Bariloche
Akost Hace 20 días
What's the song in this trailer?
:0페르난다 Hace 11 días
Karla Revero
Karla Revero Hace 21 un día
Please come to florida
Si vi la pelicula yess!!! I love you bantang sonyeodan
MAN MUSIC Hace 24 días
Love My Self
Love My Self Hace 24 días
I was rewatching this trailer and suddenly i noticed one thing... IS THIS NICKI’S “WHOA” AT 0:05 FROM THEIR “IDOL” COLLAB????
Elisha Shem
Elisha Shem Hace 27 días
I Watched this movie with my little sis and my aunt. My little sister sang some of bts song because i introduced her to bts in 2017 i've known bts for 5 years. When the movie began first i saw JUNGKOOK! He was so handsome!!😍😍 My aunt got mad at me so she slept the whole time! lol! And if they had a concert here in the philippines again me and my aunt will go to their concert and maybe i'll bring my mom! lol! Ok i'm out!
CYL ARMY Hace 27 días
Большое спасибо Big hit .Вы дали нам шанс посмотреть фильм концерт для тех кто не может придти на концерт 😢💜💜💜💜💜💜💜Это было шикарно.Я даже не думала что в Баку есть столько ARMY💜 Билеты были раскуплень за минуты Я очень рада за это💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😚😚
Her Serendipity
Her Serendipity Hace 27 días
perhaps....i cried?
박혜경 Hace 28 días
방탄 잘생겼다~♡💜 보고싶었는데 못보게되었다ㅠㅠ ((한국말 찾기 너무힘들어요 어디까지 내려야 한글이야!!!!!
luexq.- Hace 28 días
T - ARMY COME TURKEY (yıkık armyler iş başında)
my life is bts
my life is bts Hace 28 días
I saw burn the stage without even going to the theater and now i am gonna watch it but when is it releasing?
minerva garcia
minerva garcia Hace 29 días
yo fui a ver esta pelicula me encanto grite
Kim Oduber
Kim Oduber Hace 29 días
Went to watch it 2weeks ago and i miss it already😭❤I LOVE IT AND I LOVE BTS💜💜❤❤❤
Eleana Jantzi
Eleana Jantzi Hace un mes
loook like im gonna spend 10k on 4 tickets for speak yourself
Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing
Guurl... I'VE NEVER SCREAMED SO MUCH WTF I EVEN GOT SICK CAUSE I CRIED AND SCREAMED :') BTS truly are the only artist than can give me so much pure joy 💜 I always thought that 8d audios would be the closest I would ever be to going to their concert but I was wrong 😌 I truly think that I'll see them someday 💜
Emika Umi
Emika Umi Hace un mes
The best trailer 😎😍❤
thomas the triggered engine
I’m just watching this to remind me of the time i cried for two hours
Jimin Is a god
Jimin Is a god Hace un mes
THIS MOVIE IS AWESOMEEE❤❤❤ im crying all the movie😅💜
Raneem Iftekhar
Raneem Iftekhar Hace un mes
I never went to their concert, but i saw this in screen x...and left me an emotional wreak inside. It is three days later, and still haven't gotten over the lingering feeling. Imagine what the actual concert must have been like. oh my god, i really wanted to go. nothing hurts more than seeing fancams lol.
Farida Hamza
Farida Hamza Hace un mes
I am so happyyyy I went twice! Firstly on release day (aka 26.1) and then on additional screening day 2~ Thank you BTS! One day I'll see you for real💜
nurma yunita
nurma yunita Hace un mes
the best dah
BTS_ Trash
BTS_ Trash Hace un mes
Does anyone know where it’s playing
unknown ARMY
unknown ARMY Hace un mes
The film was on cinemas yesterday and MY VOICE IS GONE!!
Виктория Филкова
Ааааааа спасите памагите фильм был опупенный!!! Биг хит спасибо за таких прекрасных мальчиков! КАЗАХСТАН КОРЕЯ УХУУУУУ АРМИ ПЕТРОПАВЛОВСКА И ВСЕГО КАЗАХСТАНА Бантосики МЫ ВАС ЛЮБИИИИИИИИИИИИММММ❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤❤😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
_BTS ARMY Hace un mes
🇦🇷¡¡I went to see the movie and it was great, the ARMYS were shouting, it seemed like a concert with a lot of happiness!!!❤🤗🇦🇷
NicaXD Gacha girl Part of BTS Army
Man it was amazing we had to go home like 10 pm at night 😂😂😂😂😂 But i still cant believe only 6 people (3 girls, me, my brother , and my mom) just watched a movie at night...
Squirrel Jisung
Squirrel Jisung Hace un mes
i watched it today and it was amazing uwu
ice cream
ice cream Hace un mes
Omg the movie as AMAZING!💜💜💜💜
Christina Nguyen
Christina Nguyen Hace un mes
I was wayyyy too poor to pay for this so I watched it in theaters... yes it was in theaters somehow
Cris Gonzalez
Cris Gonzalez Hace un mes
Yo la fui a ver fue una de las mejores peliculas del mundo
Aracely cuevas
Aracely cuevas Hace un mes
I went yesterday to see the movie
Nicole Tae
Nicole Tae Hace un mes
carol espayos
carol espayos Hace un mes
mansi shukla
mansi shukla Hace un mes
It came in Patna , Bihar , India today . I went first day , first show ...we all got mad we shouted the whole time , w
Shan Oliver
Shan Oliver Hace un mes
Just saw this yesterday after they brought it back by popular demand and it was incredible. Walking out felt like I have actually just seen them live. I was smiling all day afterwards, and even now I still can’t believe it. If you get the opportunity to go, then don’t miss out. It was an incredible experience, and well worth the money!💜
Kinan Gacha
Kinan Gacha Hace un mes
What date?, can you tell me?
Bangpink is real Bangtwice is really fake
yolo yolo yolo yolo yolo where my money at?
Lupe :D
Lupe :D Hace un mes
lpm como la ame la veria infinitas veces ❤😂🤣 tenia ganas de pararme y empezar a bailar en toda la sala del cine xddd
Idman M.
Idman M. Hace un mes
going to watch it in 2 hours🥰🥰😆😆😆 Ottawa Army’s also going tonight ???
jimins lost jams
jimins lost jams Hace un mes
I saw this just today it was amazing❤
Yamile Nieto
Yamile Nieto Hace un mes
Voy a verlos mañana!!! Qué emoción!!! 😆😆😆
oscar perez
oscar perez Hace un mes
Yo lo vi hoy, es grandioso
xvane bts
xvane bts Hace un mes
*I watched this and I died*
Armixer Rage
Armixer Rage Hace un mes
This was the best movie EVER
Flowerhoseokeu Hace un mes
Im seeing it today im so excited!! I’ll be whispering the fanchants to myself lol
Noor Essa
Noor Essa Hace un mes
i went and it was wow but i think they cut parts lol suck them
Анюта Родионова
Сегодня посмотрела ❤️😍
bts water poh poh poh B x
Is anyone going today or tmro FEB 9/10???
CYL CYL Hace un mes
Tomorrow! In Dallas lol I have successfully made 2 non army go with me🙈
Paloma Army
Paloma Army Hace un mes
Eu vou no dia 10/02❤️❤️❤️❤️
Elfatmi Mohammed Elhachemi
I love BTS
Lucy Napier
Lucy Napier Hace un mes
I just bought tickets without thinking. IS IT SUBBED?
Lucy Napier
Lucy Napier Hace un mes
Meep owlz LoL Thanks, I watched it twice, it’s got the best quality ever!
Meep owlz
Meep owlz Hace un mes
no its just them singing, but even if you dont know what they are saying it is still totally worth it
Owunle Hace un mes
I'm going to see this in 3daaaayyyyssss and I'm excited
Лиза Показеева
НЕ ХОДИЛА НА ФИЛЬМ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Dede Andreea
Dede Andreea Hace un mes
In Romania, the movie will be in 3 counties, Bucharest, Oradea and Brasov. I will watch the movie in Brasov on February 9th. I'm excited to see the movie 🙈💜
Mayra Dominguez
Mayra Dominguez Hace un mes
Tengo emoción !!!! En 3 días voy a verlos
Kookie's AJ
Kookie's AJ Hace un mes
Eu vouuuuuuuu aaaaaaa Cadê as armys Br?????
Chimmy Chummy
Chimmy Chummy Hace un mes
Take my money
Bratu Horia
Bratu Horia Hace un mes
My mom said yes instantly oh my god i booked my seat and its more than half full sooo many armys i caaaaant waaati ahfnzjgmschdbs im losing my mind lmao , going on the 9th ^
Valeria Galán
Valeria Galán Hace un mes
Ya fuimos el 26/1/19 a verla y compramos entradas para verla el 9/2/19 otra vez. Vengan a Argentina, por favorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
-ʜᴇʏ ꜰᴀɴɢᴜʀʟ-
Well i think its a miracle that my parents allowed me to watch😂
Jenny R
Jenny R Hace un mes
I’m watching it February 9th AND IM HYPED UP....... btw dose it have English subtitles
redxkisses Hace un mes
Jenny R I don't think it does
Reema Rai
Reema Rai Hace un mes
2nd Feb: was my birthday and on the same day LY in SEOUL was released in INDIA.. Thankyou BTS for making my Birthday a memorable one... 💜💜💜
Cabra do Medo
Cabra do Medo Hace un mes
quem ai vai?
Thyrone Castillo Vlogs
Filipino ARMY'S where are you BTS Love yourself Tour in Seoul will be premiered here nationwide via SM Cinema this Feb 9 and 10 tickets cost 352 pesos, due to Public Demand. #BTS #PhARMY
Жанне Кероно
Bts fucking shit for assholes
• ベーpark
• ベーpark Hace un mes
amie randall
amie randall Hace un mes
Chill ♡
Elle Ross
Elle Ross Hace un mes
Love yourself
aesthetic.savvy Hace un mes
Anybody here Hawaii ARMY? 💕😂👀
mel's world
mel's world Hace un mes
My mom reserved seats for me and my twin sister before the movie was out. She didn't tell us until that day when we arrived at the movie theater, but only said it was a surprise. We did see people with BTS merch. There was even a family with BT21 outifts! It was fun though.
wanka dia
wanka dia Hace un mes
to indo ver essa semana ainda caralho!!!!
sol RM
sol RM Hace un mes
En Colombia hay nuevamente función el 09 y 10 de Febrero en CineColombia. No se la pierdan a comprar sus tickets!! m.cinecolombia.com/pelicula/bogota/bts-world-tour-love-yourself-seoul
Queen- Freddie Mercury con queso 7w7 :3
Me alegra saber que el trailer de Bohemian Rhapsody tiene mas vistas que este. Creo que el mundo está progresando.
Jimin Forever
Jimin Forever Hace un mes
I was there and in cinema bc this was awesome
Xenia 101
Xenia 101 Hace un mes
Geht irgendwer am 9.2 am Samstag in München ????
Sophie Stephenson-Reade
I've always seen this it's fucking amazing
waaaaaah!! i sill remembered that day!! one of the best days in my life... waaah! i missed shouting my lungs off... that fan chant tho!
은정김 Hace un mes
I watched it 😭❤ , it was just amazing 😢❤😭 , their all performances in one single movie, also all the members did their solo performances as well, and it was too beautiful to watch as the camera work was on point 😍❤ literally the best😍❤
T-ARMY 2005
T-ARMY 2005 Hace un mes
the most beautiful movie ı watched 💜💜💜💜
Jasleen Sohel
Jasleen Sohel Hace un mes
I just saw it yesterday and I must say what a show it was. Their commitment , the scale of the show and their moves everything was unmatchable. Its not easy to entertain for straight 1.5 hrs( it becomes difficult for me concentrate for so long ) but I was spellbound . I love them more now and hope to see live show soon.
Sri Vidhya
Sri Vidhya Hace un mes
Today I watched this with my friend in bangalore India at PVR cinemas.It was a wonderful experience with Army's..I enjoyed a lot with ARMY'S.Thank you ARMY'S.We love you BTS.Stay healthy.
ღAstrix la waifuღ
:"3 ay me muero mi Jimin :3 es precioso >:'3
cxlxe JE
cxlxe JE Hace un mes
Will this be on DVD?!?! (if it isn’t i’m gon’ be hella pissed cause it was only a one day thing 😒)
Rathi Pandian
Rathi Pandian Hace un mes
Yesssssssssss finalllllllyyyyyyyy I'm as close to the boys as I'll ever be I'm soooo happy! It's a brilliant movie I love ❤️❤️♥️❤️ such energy 😍❣️ 😍😍
I know movie but I dunno movie name
Ok so I just watched the movie....AND IT WAS MIND BLOWING!! I WANNA WATCH IT AGAIN!!!!
Meenu Choubey
Meenu Choubey Hace un mes
_It was such an amazing day for me as in my country for only 1 day it was going to be released which is today (2nd feb, 2019, India) _*_It was my first bts movie experience and once in a lifetime moment_*_ I enjoyed it so much that neck hurts (singing fanchants) _*_and I don't regret it_*_ and everyone there was just like _*_jimin!_*_ _*_Nochu!_*_ _*_Worldwide handsome!_*_ _*_RM!_*_ _*_Hobi!_*_ _*_Min yoongi jeonje!_*_ _*_KIM TAEEEEHYUNG!!_*_ LOL I shouted until my neck started hurting but I was still like _*_scale is international playboi!!!_*_ 😂 Anyways, I love this family so much and I love you guys!_ ❤❤
Lauren T.
Lauren T. Hace un mes
OMVOPPA Hace un mes
Just got back from the movie, I have officially died and resurrected a billion times.
Kim Myung Soo 레티샤
Ohh very nice ❤
Hanh solo
Hanh solo Hace un mes
Gonna watch it today!! Psyched!!!!!!!
b to the t to the s to the bts
I am going to watch this yay In few hours
Merisa Meris
Merisa Meris Hace un mes
Ya...finally its released in India......Any Indian army's who are watching the movie today!!!...
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Hace un mes
I am going to be at the movie in 1 hour!!!!
Isha R Mohan
Isha R Mohan Hace un mes
quierotacobell Hace un mes
To be honest i was a lil bit disappointed with the movie because it was nothing more than a raw footage of the concert...i definitely think that it could’ve been better if they had added something like interviews in between..
melo mania
melo mania Hace un mes
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