BTS Accepts the 2021 American Music Award for Artist of the Year - The American Music Awards

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Watch BTS's AMAs 2021 acceptance speech for Artist of the Year. Watch more highlights from 'The 2021 American Music Awards' and Stream Next Day on Hulu.


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21 nov 2021






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Jen Pascua
Jen Pascua Hace 12 minutos
zcqg fdkv
zcqg fdkv Hace 23 minutos
Is it just The American Gay Music Award? I don't like Gay-pop.
gracillia ainsley
gracillia ainsley Hace un hora
ga heran mereka bs sukses dan nama mereka jd besar krn mereka semua org2 baik yg super good attitude, personality nya jg bagus, saling sayang, ga sombong meskipun udh sukses bgt pun bahkan sama staff aja dia peduli, sering bantuin yg hrsnya tugas staff, trs orangnya apa ada nya ga jaim an, lucu, pokoknya org yg gasuka mereka itu karena belum kenal mereka aja. mungkin kalian yg gasuka cm liat luarnya mereka pas tampil atau sirik krn tbtb nama nya jd melejit, tp setelah kenal mereka sifat2 mereka semua percayalah kalian bakal jatuh cinta se jatuh cinta itu sm BTS because of their attitude and their personality!!
great weil
great weil Hace 2 horas
Spontaneous, pure, and genuine expressions. One of the best speeches in an award show.
deb Hace 3 horas
i’m so proud of them!!💜
Fanny Alexander
Fanny Alexander Hace 3 horas
When they won their first AOTY in Korea, many doubted them and said they were undeserving. Now they won AOTY in an american music awards show, I think this is the highest of the highest a foreign group could ever won in american music history (aside from grammys). To all the haters, THIS IS THE BIGGEST SLAP.
meow Hace 3 horas
I. H.
I. H. Hace 3 horas
BTS THANK their FANS all the time.
Kei Key
Kei Key Hace 4 horas
Nobody came to up the Mike for them. Lol
Aliza Lee
Aliza Lee Hace 4 horas
bruh, they couldn't translate them speaking korean? Come on, 4 mil people have seen this video, they could at least translate yoongi's statement: yes, yes. 4 years ago, we debuted in America on the AMA stage. We truly didn't think we would get Artist of the Year Award. It is really all thanks to ARMY, thank you ARMY!
bangtanschristmas Hace 5 horas
Awww I’m so happy for them!! 😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 I'M LITERALLY SO PROUD OF THEM!!! 😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Liz Mendez
Liz Mendez Hace 6 horas
Kyaaaa 💜💜💜 Congratulations 🎊 👏🏽 💐
Chelsea McReynolds
Chelsea McReynolds Hace 6 horas
I'm so proud of BTS! :)
iig gold
iig gold Hace 6 horas
wanderonart Hace 8 horas
Guess you dont have to be american to recieve an AMA award?
Jessicaelle M.
Jessicaelle M. Hace 2 horas
@wanderonart 1D is One Direction 😄 They are British and they won the Artist of the Year award at the AMAs in 2014 and 2015 ^^ I guess since they all speak English people don't realize but yeah it's not just Americans.
wanderonart Hace 3 horas
@Jessicaelle M. Ok, thanks for explaining that for me! I just found out who BTS were, I dont listen to them and I dont listen to Beiber , I had no idea he was Canadian, just looked it up. LOL No clue who 1D is.
Jessicaelle M.
Jessicaelle M. Hace 8 horas
Well no, it's not about american music/artists, it's about the music Americans listen to the most, and BTS are very famous here. And let me remind you that 1D, Justin Bieber and The weeknd (other nominees in that same category) aren't Americans either and yet it doesn't bother anyone when they win American awards... 🙃 The irony ^^
USHA M Hace 9 horas
Never think a award speech can be delivered this much cute.. 😂😂😂 love u BTS, we always love u from India Tamilnadu
sugaudacity Hace 9 horas
Linda Mauro
Linda Mauro Hace 9 horas
This speech was everything, they were having fun and that is the most important thing💜
Ajeng Kusuma
Ajeng Kusuma Hace 9 horas
Rebecca Pachuau
Rebecca Pachuau Hace 9 horas
I respect how much they appreciate army love and their love back to them, I can never feel this as a one sided love, thank you BTS..
Evol Hace 10 horas
3:33 same taehyungah, same, i'm proud of our kookie speaking such fluent english...
Renika Devi
Renika Devi Hace 11 horas
We are going to support you guys always we love you BTS ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ik J
Ik J Hace 12 horas
Asma Jubair
Asma Jubair Hace 12 horas
I love them so much 😂😂😂
RM's dimple ;)
RM's dimple ;) Hace 13 horas
You are all my heart
Emi Kharsyntiew
Emi Kharsyntiew Hace 13 horas
JK 's english is so cute 😘😘😘
Hagar Ahmed
Hagar Ahmed Hace 15 horas
Jungook is so cute his heart was racing so much that he couldn't complete the sentence ❤️
♡Cute Asian Crushes♡
Ishdeep Kaur
Ishdeep Kaur Hace 17 horas
🥺so proud of them
♡Cute Asian Crushes♡
Boo Bear
Boo Bear Hace 17 horas
One thing : focus on 😅
🔸Pratisruti🔸 Hace 17 horas
Tae is super naughty 😂😂😂
Jubanlang Pahsyntiew
Jubanlang Pahsyntiew Hace 18 horas
They're so talented 😘😘😘
skeetlybop Hace 18 horas
Taehyung was fighting so hard to speak 😂 did y'all see him beating up jungkook as they were walking away 🤣😂😂
Rose KIM_KP Hace 18 horas
Bruh the caption when suga spoke 😀 speaking foreign language 🙂 really 🙂
nanaa Hace 18 horas
Lap Lap Ricky Fung
Lap Lap Ricky Fung Hace 18 horas
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-bZB7ThLyqUI.html Bts
kamilove Hace 19 horas
Hahahaha, spoiler
레이나 Hace 20 horas
Purple you BTS!!!!!!!!!😭😭💜💜💜
doodle makeup
doodle makeup Hace 20 horas
They deserve it BTS we love💜💜💜💜💜
Unknown Hen
Unknown Hen Hace 20 horas
💜💜💜💜 saranghae 💜💜💜
Yogasree P
Yogasree P Hace 21 un hora
We wanna focus on on on 😂😂
ben arthur
ben arthur Hace 21 un hora
Congrats BTS!!! Finally😍 This is Christmas present ever!
Klay Tan
Klay Tan Hace 21 un hora
Hilarious hahahaha!
Samriddhi Banerjee
Samriddhi Banerjee Hace 22 horas
I don't know who've got butterflies in the stomach watching this,them or me!🥺💜
RandomChelly Hace 22 horas
They got mans breaking his back just to make his speech lmaoo
Jungkookie 🐰
Jungkookie 🐰 Hace 22 horas
Jk try to said we wanna focus on Army But taehyung push him 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Claire E
Claire E Hace 22 horas
Congratulations BTS. You deserve it every bit of it.
Sayed Mohammad Rumi
Sayed Mohammad Rumi Hace 23 horas
True fact: rm's english is not joke😭😘😘
iLove Madelyn
iLove Madelyn Hace 23 horas
Congrats BTS ! ❤️
i love Yoongi, he really said: idc I’m gon speak in my lenguage
Hasini Nag
Hasini Nag Hace un día
I am proud
Armemaryam Hace un día
Кто, как я не знал о существовании этого канала, а после этого видео узнал🤫
Bts army forever
Bts army forever Hace un día
lol they r so confident now and i just love it
Drake Yang
Drake Yang Hace un día
Lol rm has to literally bend down to talk
Katarina Hace un día
Jk’s lip piercing 🥵
Dora Rodriguez
Dora Rodriguez Hace un día
Supporting. BTS. Always !!! SUGA love you baby. !!! ❤❤
SentimentalHits Hace un día
this is so on your face moment to those racist ass douche bags "forever in your mind".. dunno where the fuck they are now..
ESRA Hace un día
W C Hace un día
Have to watch this daily. My ARMY heart.....
Penina Rosalin
Penina Rosalin Hace un día
Dendup tshering Dendup
Unexpected and preplaned… And those broken speech Fck BTS
naur Hace 29 minutos
you’re jobless
Lalalisa Hace un día
Um anyways
KUA DC Hace un día
La voz de Jungkook en ingles es tan tan brillitos tan soft TTTT
Sanjuktarani Bhuyan
Sanjuktarani Bhuyan Hace un día
Congratulations suga
Abass Gareth
Abass Gareth Hace un día
Best feeling ever Always deserve the best bts
GazeRUKI4eva Hace un día
The little ah from jungkook is so cute when he didn’t finish his speech hahahah
Karin Moya
Karin Moya Hace un día
I love how humble and themselves they are, never lost sight of how important fans are, despite how freaking big they get
kyaa Hace un día
jungkook was gonna spoil major shit for 2022 PLSLSLS
Jessicaelle M.
Jessicaelle M. Hace un día
@kyaa Jungkook is not fluent in English, so I doubt he would improvise to spoil things during a live speech on the stage though 🤔 He said he prepared for the speech and was embarrassed to say that the sentence was actually very simple but he blanked out because he was very nervous since they haven't given a speech in front of a live audience in 2 years. And also the reason why Jin pushed Jk away from the mic is because V actually asked him to right before (you can see it in the video) because he wanted to speak too and didn't have much time because the show put a sign asking them to please wrap it up 😄
kyaa Hace un día
@Jessicaelle M. ofcs he would say that to cover it up but look at taehyung he realized and jin pushed him away from the mic nevertheless it was cute
Jessicaelle M.
Jessicaelle M. Hace un día
Not really, he just wanted to say to "we want to focus on enjoying every moment with Army", he said it in the Vlive after.
Aer Bender
Aer Bender Hace un día
the highest award of the night goes to the BTS..
Claire E
Claire E Hace un día
They are so special. We need to cherish them.
FNF Friday night!
FNF Friday night! Hace un día
They deserve the best. Congratulations BTS💜💜💜❤❤❤ we are the most luckiest fandom ever 💜
Israt Qureshi
Israt Qureshi Hace un día
kawser .s
kawser .s Hace un día
Jk did so goood
lustremyg Hace un día
absolutely sickening
Nicole Lorejo
Nicole Lorejo Hace un día
Hahaha I had fun listening to the speech. For the first time 🤣💕💕
Ali Maths Academy
Ali Maths Academy Hace un día
Kookie is so sweet 😊
Khyati Mote
Khyati Mote Hace un día
Jks English as so cute and adroble good try bunny love u😘😘😘😍😍
26 Mansi Shukla
26 Mansi Shukla Hace un día
sincerity in nj's eyes made my cry
Shein Mharc Flores
Shein Mharc Flores Hace un día
Rumana Banu
Rumana Banu Hace un día
While watching this video, I had put a head phone in my ears, the way that hoster screamed so loudly I got scream came out of my mouth too💜💜
Mahi Gautam
Mahi Gautam Hace un día
They r just fuckin around on the stage!😂
Hiho Yono
Hiho Yono Hace un día
I hope they are not gonna end up like TLC being broke. Someone might simply be feeding off all their hardwork somewhere. And, their English isn't strong enough to read through their contracts
naur Hace 23 minutos
the label that manages them is a korean entertainment company who grew with them starting from a small and almost bankrupt one to the biggest entertainment company in korea, and their ceo treats them well im pretty sure they’re not mistreated and they know how to read contracts
Hiho Yono
Hiho Yono Hace un día
@Jessicaelle M. Well, eyes have seen. There are sharks everywhere preying on boys like this. When I saw that even Prince and Toni Braxton among other top names were tied by these giant sharks, I don't think there are any amended laws protecting like like these.
Jessicaelle M.
Jessicaelle M. Hace un día
But who would sign a contract written in a language they don't speak fluently? Pretty sure it would be illegal 🤔
Devi Hace un día
Their Korean company is actually really good at managing them. They gave them shares in the company, and don't let outsiders to interfere with what they do, so I believe they won't let the guys go broke or something like that lol
Mapuii Chhakchhuak
Mapuii Chhakchhuak Hace un día
So sweet all of them.....love their friendship.....
mngbt Hace un día
Jk's piercings tho 🔥
lee jisoo
lee jisoo Hace un día
the cutest speech i ever heard
Lovelydancer25 González
JK: We want to focus on.. Army: *cheers
케이팝 엔터테인먼트
Tae tae is sooo cute , jk was running away from mic but now his members are taking him away from mic but he want to speak
케이팝 엔터테인먼트
Hooo the mic is very short
クロムダイオプサイトChrome diopside
Liba mubaraque
Liba mubaraque Hace un día
i love you bts I also have a dream to see you BTS super super
Riyaki Ch.
Riyaki Ch. Hace un día
yes yoongi, speak with your native language !! 💜
Rajasree R
Rajasree R Hace un día
The smile on their faces specially yoongi aaaah so rare
Sweetheart123 Hace un día
they have solo album coming up trust me guys😅😅
Mary Muchabaiwa
Mary Muchabaiwa Hace un día
l laughed so hard watching the speech,the boys being real and not taking things too serious 💕
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Hace 2 días
BTS is so big yet they tremble while giving their speech means they don't take this as a joke and are very serious about it️ much respect
Ali Gamez
Ali Gamez Hace 2 días
I've been ARMY since that first AMA's performance, and I always will be. So proud and full of love for these beautiful men.
voxxy85 Hace 2 días
This was a great speech. Joon did amazing. He's so sweet and humble. Love the boys so much. This award was truly deserved
Grace Wang
Grace Wang Hace 2 días
theyre so funny!!! Esp Vkook😂😂😂
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