BTS and Jimmy Fallon Do the Fortnite Dance Challenge

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BTS and Jimmy challenge themselves to mimic the dance moves of Fortnite characters in real life.
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BTS and Jimmy Fallon Do the Fortnite Dance Challenge


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26 sep 2018

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Comentarios 45 365
Kaden Nguyen
Kaden Nguyen Hace 20 minutos
Meet Jimmy Fallon, the newest bts member
Mochi Hace un hora
Now I an doing fornite dances in my room like a Psycho
xXDragonEditzXx Hace 2 horas
Im NOT gonna lie būt Jin looked better whit the jacket
Saima Bakhtiatr
Saima Bakhtiatr Hace 13 horas
Jungkook and j - hope OMG!!
halena Magtolis
halena Magtolis Hace 14 horas
V is the best
Arianna Hace 17 horas
0:20 Right: Tidy Left: Tiny
Angler#0211 Hace 18 horas
Are we not gonna talk about how Jimmy fell and all of them just Floss around him instead of helping him? WE STAN KINGS
Games With Freja
Games With Freja Hace 19 horas
jungkook’s worm move is freaking amazing lmfao
ROBLOX zafar 777
ROBLOX zafar 777 Hace 21 un hora
IM BTS fen
Dahami Fernando
Dahami Fernando Hace un día
Monica Bedolla
Monica Bedolla Hace un día
V minute 1:48 cute
Jacinta Panique Segovia
Is amazing son unos grandes amigos
Tik Tok
Tik Tok Hace un día
Te am bts son el amor de mi vida bbss
Rohit Roy
Rohit Roy Hace un día
BTS is trash .
Ashley Nicole Carbonel Gamayon
Siobhan Diggs
Siobhan Diggs Hace un día
Jimmy has no rhythm whatsoever 😭
Hey Alexa 13
Hey Alexa 13 Hace un día
0:49 Jimin killed the electric shuffle
Lai Moon Ying
Lai Moon Ying Hace un día
Taehyung is the cool one
Weiss Hace un día
wth taehyung dance so cool
army blink
army blink Hace un día
2:04 lol suga!!!
Emily Valasek
Emily Valasek Hace 2 días
Beautiful Talented Smart
Vy Kpop
Vy Kpop Hace 2 días
Jin looks like that kid in middle school than will charge at u in the hallway for stealing his chocolate
Slimy air Behind the scenes
1:42 why does he look like Justin from Lankybox?
LiahTheRBLXGamer Hace 2 días
Jimin still cheat on Tony with Jimmy xD
Gege Rose
Gege Rose Hace 2 días
I love how extra They are 🤣🤣
Jiminie Cricket
Jiminie Cricket Hace 2 días
👏 ☺️😘
ツResileence Hace 2 días
Fortnite + BTS = i don't know ;-;
Robi Rooger
Robi Rooger Hace 2 días
Tae killed it every time!
Christina Awad
Christina Awad Hace 2 días
1:36 "oH yOu'Re ToO sLoW"
ShadingPpl Hace 2 días
1:02 me when school ends
Cupcaker 4241
Cupcaker 4241 Hace 2 días
1:30 Look at Suga being cute in the back
Chaton Swagé
Chaton Swagé Hace 2 días
1:49-1:52 whaT is Tae doing I'm- 😂😂😂
Chaton Swagé
Chaton Swagé Hace 2 días
Mi Mi
Mi Mi Hace 2 días
jungkook Very romantic I Love jungkook😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
BFF for life
BFF for life Hace 2 días
I think u can be the 8 member of bts
Shivani Sahu
Shivani Sahu Hace 2 días
Wow bts are so cool 😎
Jhourdan Hace 2 días
I have a new found love for BTS
Emine Uyar
Emine Uyar Hace 2 días
2:07 Suga is uncorcerned so cuteee💜
Sandra Martinez
Sandra Martinez Hace 3 días
Watching this again I’m like can we get BTS playing just dance for a vlive. Now that would be great please and thanks 😤😤🤠🤠
Dámaris Guzmán
Dámaris Guzmán Hace 3 días
1:8 yoonmin Is real >:'3
Aurora Fresu
Aurora Fresu Hace 3 días
2:06 Yoongi: wtf is happening
Jeanine Lima
Jeanine Lima Hace 3 días
Minty Yoyo
Minty Yoyo Hace 3 días
2:05 Lmao they legit flossed over his dead body I'm crying
Alondra Madero
Alondra Madero Hace 3 días
Weeeey, las nalgotas que se le ven a Jimin ahhhhh.
Yun Ri
Yun Ri Hace 3 días
Our kings💖✨
KEIas ARMY/ELF Hace 3 días
I remember this when My parents are watching t. v and they're like "woah they're good dancers" and that time I was just beginning to know them and i didn't know their names yet but I was already like "yeah they're great! they're bts"
Shahnaz Mahbub
Shahnaz Mahbub Hace 3 días
I am doing my homework while watching this
muntaha muhammad
muntaha muhammad Hace 3 días
RM ride the pony 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 when they dance better 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 BTS❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Aids for Gaming
Aids for Gaming Hace 3 días
Skyler Cookies
Skyler Cookies Hace 4 días
Jungkook doing the worm impressed me but I'm not surprised he's the golden maknae, but they all were so cute!! They all did a good job this video made my day 😊💖
WiciaKicia_XX_MSP Hace 4 días
Jimmy Samantha (Samanta)
Pema Tsewang
Pema Tsewang Hace 4 días
BTS B=beauty T=talent S=superhuman... ❤️ ❤️
Tea Lai
Tea Lai Hace 4 días
How they all floss around jimmy when he falls
Tea Lai
Tea Lai Hace 4 días
Vs the best dancer
Tea Lai
Tea Lai Hace 4 días
There faces when jimmy dances **cricket
Tea Lai
Tea Lai Hace 4 días
There faces when jimmy dances **cricket
こはるKoharu Hace 4 días
dan phil
dan phil Hace 4 días
1:09 lmao yoongi's enjoying it
haselünne deuschland
I love suga 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Internal Beauty
Internal Beauty Hace 5 días
Love how BTS acts so amazed at how bad jimmy’s dancing was
Violetpelt and Wishstar
this video is aka bt s being crackheads
jimin yoongi lover
jimin yoongi lover Hace 5 días
tag yourself i‘m jimmy
xXxOliviaxXx Hace 5 días
I see you suga :)) ♡
maryam Hace 5 días
BTS flossing over jimmy fallon’s corpse is something i will never forget
Shaurya Rajput
Shaurya Rajput Hace 5 días
Mỹ Ngô
Mỹ Ngô Hace 5 días
Bts ❤️❤️❤️
Rapmon's disciple
Rapmon's disciple Hace 5 días
cn ok
cn ok Hace 5 días
So cute
0:18 SWAG
Ya Fookin’ Losah
Ya Fookin’ Losah Hace 5 días
Fortnite dances have always been so cringe but bts made cool ngl
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet Hace 5 días
1:19 J-Hope ain't called the dancing machine for nothing lol
zaina alam
zaina alam Hace 5 días
whacca riding namjoon
Darklink XD
Darklink XD Hace 5 días
i came here for fortnite not bts
Unispark 8
Unispark 8 Hace 6 días
Pause at 0:27 and look at jungkooks face XDDDDDD IM DYING
Magu Neves
Magu Neves Hace 6 días
Y love jimin
Angela Alarcon
Angela Alarcon Hace 6 días
00:50 had me laughing
Айбар Токтарбек
Floss super easy
Yaritza Laja
Yaritza Laja Hace 6 días
Buen trabajo jimmy
Makayla Lu
Makayla Lu Hace 6 días
i think all jk stans were glad he did the worm 👌🏼 iM sOrrY iSaId iT
Noyonika Dutta
Noyonika Dutta Hace 6 días
At 0:36 all the members were like wtf is Jimmy doing
Emily May
Emily May Hace 6 días
This was adorable like OML
Anime peace Lover
Anime peace Lover Hace 6 días
0:30 isn’t that the dope dance footwork for the beginning
Ligma Over 9000
Ligma Over 9000 Hace 7 días
When your squad knocked the same guy and y’all all alone 2:06
Rebecca Souza
Rebecca Souza Hace 7 días
Tente ser mais swag o suga e falhe miseravelmente
Angel Orozco
Angel Orozco Hace 7 días
yasuorozcojimcablanca 15😘😘😘😘😘
•Sway •G•NDSSJR•
xxx _Vici_ xxx
xxx _Vici_ xxx Hace 7 días
2:05 Yoongi is done with everything lol
Joanne Espejo
Joanne Espejo Hace 7 días
BTS is the best on Korea.
tric bumo
tric bumo Hace 7 días
always love.
Fettsackkeks Lol
Fettsackkeks Lol Hace 7 días
0:14um diese
HUH andreas
HUH andreas Hace un día
Fettsackkeks Lol was damit
Kaylah ninja
Kaylah ninja Hace 7 días
Jimin is good at electro shuffle!!!!!
Belbecat Hace 7 días
First time I watch this: Cool! Coming back almost a year later as full fledge Army: They should all know the floss really well.... they do it in Go Go lol
The Weeaboo Girl
The Weeaboo Girl Hace 7 días
Look at how that massacred my boys...
Night Owl
Night Owl Hace 8 días
We know that they can all floss for sure ever since gogo YOLO
Yikes Hace 8 días
2:05 Jimmy is me Everyone else around him is anxiety, dirty dishes, my mom telling me to do the dishes, and my dad who didn’t come back from 7 Eleven
Fernanda De La Fuente
Amó an jin son los mejores
Playsjay Lol
Playsjay Lol Hace 8 días
Playsjay Lol
Playsjay Lol Hace 8 días
I meant I love u
SEUNG ZHU Hace 8 días
Omg v and jimin oh! And jungkook your dance is amazing i think all the boys ,....and....Jimmy :'D
Potatoe 13303
Potatoe 13303 Hace 8 días
During the floss, Suga's sleeves are so floppy UwU
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