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James Corden hits the carpool lane with international superstars BTS to sing songs off their new album "Map of the Soul: 7" and cover Bruno Mars' "Finesse (Remix) (feat. Cardi B)" and "Circles" by Post Malone, before finally taking a detour to a PLYOJAM dance class where James attempts to convince V, Jungkook, Jimin, RM, Jin, SUGA and J-Hope he's got good enough moves to become the 8th member of BTS. #BTSCarpool #BTS #BTSxCorden
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25 feb 2020






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Muhammad Jhanzeb
Muhammad Jhanzeb Hace un minuto
Ok every army knows that Jin was gonna say wwh when he had the chance
tvd Hace 10 minutos
Jungkook looks like the tiniest out of all of them but he’s literally taller than most of them 😭💜
Srishti Hace 29 minutos
I love it when Mr. Corden and BTS are together😭
calliestephen Hace 50 minutos
So I’ve only just discovered BTS through my niece but they are absolutely adorable! I’m still learning who is who, but I just want to adopt them all!
Alaska Angelo
Alaska Angelo Hace 54 minutos
Its my first time seeing bts AND THE GUY IN THE MIDDLE ADORABLE. Hisss smileeeeee... and the guy in the back i guess V?? So handsome omg. O am gonna go and learn their names now
Ana C
Ana C Hace 42 minutos
This is where it starts for all armys.. "I just wanted to know their names" and then the rest is history 😂 anyways, have a great time :)
caty g
caty g Hace 59 minutos
I love how namjoon is like "the traffic in los angeles is terrible" and jungkook just lost it
댄스aesyuli Hace 2 horas
Admit it it’s not your first time here......
chuekinmylive Hace 2 horas
7:00 it's my moment fav 💜❤️
Moist kookie
Moist kookie Hace 2 horas
I really suggest becoming a fan of BTS if you haven’t already💜 they are amazing and so funny. I promise they will NOT disappoint
Bianca 123
Bianca 123 Hace 3 horas
One of the funniest and best videos I've ever watched
Vildan D.
Vildan D. Hace 3 horas
Am i a bts fan now? Seriously, i had no idea about how talented and adorable they are, before this video. After a little research (watched millions of videos) i started to think that they’re pretty pretty good. Funny thing is, they’re just some cute and adorable Korean guys in the talkshows but when they’re on stage; while they are singing and dancing, wow they’re smoking hot. Seriously, how it can be possible? It was a bit hard to find out who is who at first but now i can recognise them, and have a knowledge about their personalities and talents (thanks to army’s comments under the videos) :) Well yes, i’m almost 32, but i’m an army now...
Monica dwbr
Monica dwbr Hace 3 horas
We need BTS carpool karaoke part 2 after pandemic please:'))
Paul Simon
Paul Simon Hace 3 horas
I wish James is hiring a ARMY fan to join with BTS Carpool Karaoke to bond together in one day.
Sam Ealy
Sam Ealy Hace 3 horas
Goosebumps 7:00
Chynae Thomas
Chynae Thomas Hace 3 horas
I need Hobi (J-Hope) and James Charles in a room together and Yoongi (Suga) and Ed Sheeran to do a Collab.
Aileen Abrahams
Aileen Abrahams Hace 3 horas
I LOVE BTS💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Blackpink Ot4
Blackpink Ot4 Hace 3 horas
Back when things were normal
lisa maharani
lisa maharani Hace 3 horas
Vyn FN
Vyn FN Hace 3 horas
8:48 (for me)
bella phillip XD
bella phillip XD Hace 3 horas
i just wanted to learn their names 4 years ago, but now im here...
نسيبة عبدالله الحسنية
Rashi Agarwal
Rashi Agarwal Hace 3 horas
Suga looks like a young kid dancing because the parents are taking him to get a happy meal😭💀
Seema ABD
Seema ABD Hace 4 horas
James:that's funny cuz Worldwide handsome was my nickname in school Jin:HAHA your A joker guy
bersi.s._ Hace 4 horas
No one: Jin and suga to rm: Nerd
Feylea Hii
Feylea Hii Hace 4 horas
Ppl who are driving beside them be like: That bts? 👁👄👁
zahra Hace 4 horas
yo you here? yeah i know you have fallen for them now go stan
Vanessa L
Vanessa L Hace 4 horas
I’ve watched this video like 5 times everyday for a week. It was only last week that I started liking BTS...
Peralta Vlog
Peralta Vlog Hace 4 horas
I love how v and suga are just chillin
k-culture 007
k-culture 007 Hace 4 horas
1:43 mom the r drunk. Me : it’s normal😆
k-culture 007
k-culture 007 Hace 4 horas
Papa mochi! 🤣🤣
hanna magdy
hanna magdy Hace 4 horas
and to that day we still don't know what happens when a 9th person comes to the car...😀😂
clarissa cantos
clarissa cantos Hace 4 horas
I don’t know how this happened but I became a boy band fan at 32. I haven’t been a boy band fan since Backstreet Boys 😂. They are so adorable!! Gahhhh!
NEVER MIND Hace 3 horas
LoL this is just a trailer of what they are. They are really adorable offstage but when they perform their upbeat songs or diss tracks, they snap and its hawt. But if ypu don't like upbeat songs don't worry cuz BTS have something for everyone. If you have Spotify then put their albums on shuffle and discover songs of your type cuz they have songs of almost every genre. Also,watch "BTS aren't clowns they are the entire circus" and "BTS were wild in 2020" to have a good laugh.
Amber Ochoa
Amber Ochoa Hace 4 horas
Of course Jhope killed the workout dance 😅😂❤️❤️
Apolonia Trejo
Apolonia Trejo Hace 4 horas
I can’t believe it’s almost a year since they were in LA ... I miss them and love them so much.
Iah Hace 4 horas
i can't get enough of this
you very darry water my faceu
Someone tell hobi to close his legs its distracting 😅💜
Deepali Sabat
Deepali Sabat Hace 5 horas
Suga "YEAHHH" at 3:29 😂😂😂 Savage...💘💘
Deepali Sabat
Deepali Sabat Hace 5 horas
A petition for PART 2..... ARMY C'mon.. 🥺🥺 We need it James.. and i know u want it tooo😎
Ruth Y Almendre Aguilar
jungkook is so naturally funny
María Ev
María Ev Hace 5 horas
I’ve watched this at least 500 times
sonia adil
sonia adil Hace 6 horas
Fun fact : This is not your first time coming here + its not even your last time
Olivia Henry
Olivia Henry Hace 6 horas
Whenever James said the WWH was his nickname at school you can hear JK in the backround go “really?”
Mandy Caswell
Mandy Caswell Hace 6 horas
BTS sucks, try xxxtentacion
NEVER MIND Hace 3 horas
It's fine that you like xxxtentacion but why do you have to put down BTS to uplift your fav?
Cløudbèrriès •
Cløudbèrriès • Hace 6 horas
6:00 you will see rm's fake laugh
Cløudbèrriès •
Cløudbèrriès • Hace 6 horas
Nobody : Absolutely nobody : V : claps when your not supposed to because he doesn't know it Me : laughs and feels bad for laughing at the same time Poor v..........
Emily Cervantes
Emily Cervantes Hace 6 horas
J-hope is having the time of his life 😂💙
Mr shiftless
Mr shiftless Hace 6 horas
라단 Hace 6 horas
졸귀네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Blyxl Hace 7 horas
change yourself
change yourself Hace 7 horas
Taehyung trying his 100% best but-😂
Jordyn Garriques
Jordyn Garriques Hace 7 horas
btw did anyone noticed that he ended up to the gym and not work when he said " i really felt i needed seven people in the car to get to work properly"
•_Ana _uwu_•
•_Ana _uwu_• Hace 7 horas
9:48 Mmmm.... Madonna? SO CUTE
Christine Craft- BTS ARMY
Some beautiful people right here, God y'all can sing, like people should appreciate these men. 😊💜
Aubrey F
Aubrey F Hace 8 horas
I have no clue about any of these guys but this is fantastic.
Ashina •
Ashina • Hace 2 horas
@Aubrey F He's Jungkook & he's the Main Vocalist of BTS
Gravity Exx
Gravity Exx Hace 6 horas
Yeah that was V who said dumplings he would of been more chaotic but they were filming for 3 hours and he was hot at the back. But yeah they’re funny guys lol.
Aubrey F
Aubrey F Hace 8 horas
Aubrey F
Aubrey F Hace 8 horas
Aubrey F
Aubrey F Hace 8 horas
dino bby
dino bby Hace 8 horas
Thai is too much for me too handle I’m almost at the end-
Yamila Gomez
Yamila Gomez Hace 8 horas
No me canso de verlo
Nicola SY
Nicola SY Hace 8 horas
Absolutely Love this & James Corben &.BTS Are so awesome xx with Love & Light from the UK 🇬🇧 love you James xx
shara horan
shara horan Hace 9 horas
a week ago im listening dynamite because of a vlogger here in the Philippines who always dancing this to her girl and im just curious who are the BTS ? then now im addicted to taehyung and always searching Bts in ESvid and his photos im saving it to my phone . 💜💜💜💜💜 . im a fan now 💜
heidi Hace 9 horas
heidi Hace 9 horas
Master M03N
Master M03N Hace 9 horas
does anyone notice how they can sing a whole english song without any problem but they don't speak english? i think they can but they just don't have the confidence to do it in public or tv shows
NEVER MIND Hace 3 horas
No they can speak basic phrases but can't really form an actual sentence. Like I sing korean and spanish songs but can't speak either of the languages.
Gravity Exx
Gravity Exx Hace 6 horas
Kinda also think it’s not about confidence Bc the members can speak English ,they just don’t wanna bc namjoon translates so quick they can just answer in Korean and he will translate back. But like they always speak English. Learning songs helps
Maeghan Hilburn
Maeghan Hilburn Hace 9 horas
Constantly coming back because this video made me an ARMY 💜🥺
Rose G
Rose G Hace 10 horas
Me when I'm a one direction Stan and my best friend is an army and told me to watch this now I can't stop and I love bts now
Gravity Exx
Gravity Exx Hace 6 horas
BTS are funny guys. and don’t worry it’s hard getting into another group when you already stan one.
adnie raihana
adnie raihana Hace 10 horas
this will never old
HaveAGreatDay thx
HaveAGreatDay thx Hace 10 horas
anyone else’s confort video😭
Takudzwa Chibage
Takudzwa Chibage Hace 11 horas
Other bts members be like :we also watched friends by she Dont know English
Aisy Rose
Aisy Rose Hace 11 horas
They owe me a new set of lungs because mine don't work anymore.
Scarlette Salazar
Scarlette Salazar Hace 11 horas
The fact that the other people BTS has visited they don’t know a thing about then and then cordon just knows the song and everything😂😂
dakurai Hace 11 horas
jhope really came being himself at 100%. he's not trying to prove anything to anyone and he ends up being non armys' favorite and bias wrecker
R0 XY Hace 11 horas
JHoPe is a whole mood. 💜
Neha Lili
Neha Lili Hace 11 horas
To all the non-Armys who just enjoy the atmosphere in this carpool karaoke: Search for "drunk BTS" - you're welcome ;)
Aisy Rose
Aisy Rose Hace 11 horas
I've watched this so many times...I need help...
Eye Witness Fake News
Eye Witness Fake News Hace 11 horas
bts im a fan of you let me meet you to kreoa wen the cronavirus covend 19 stops then i can mee you there bts i love you bts i miss you bts i love you jimin i love you
Gente parem para pensar o quanto ele sofreria para colocar o Now United no em um carro kkkk principalmente a não sei quantos integrantes a mais ele ter ia precisar de um ônibus
Emily Hills
Emily Hills Hace 12 horas
When V and Suga clapped at the wrong to the Friends theme tune "Was that off"?
Someone 123
Someone 123 Hace 12 horas
7:00 all I can hear from some video is “Michael told me in the closet. They got some chicken I’m so sad. My hairy thing! My brothers tears, got no friends. I’m sick, I’m unwell”
sophies.bubble Hace 12 horas
Watched this a few months ago (not knowing who BTS were!) Stumbled across it by accident, never even watched a carpool karaoke. Well, I'm now a huge fan.. even got the "BE" album for Christmas from my husband and I'm constantly walking around in a Jungkook hoodie 😂 Constantly blasting their music in my car attempting to sing in Korean (I'm British 😂) This video made me discover happiness... My 6 year old son has heard Boy with luv so many times he now walks around singing it 😂 I'm SO glad I discovered these lovely guys.. they fill the world with happiness 🥰
Tove Kauppi
Tove Kauppi Hace 12 horas
Hoseok is the only one who didn’t get a dedicated segment to sing😒😔
lxvelyariq Hace 12 horas
Why is it like every time V tried to talk they cut him off :(( the poor boy barley talks in general! It would have been nice to hear his voice a bit!
Chimchim Chiquitita
Chimchim Chiquitita Hace 12 horas
James: 'is that something you'd like to do? Come to my dance class?' Dance line: raises hand excited Non dance line:quietly sitting 😂 I love these boys 💜
lxvelyariq Hace 12 horas
Am I the only one who noticed that Jin wasn’t singing Finesse because he didn’t know the lyrics so he was just nodding LOLLL
melissa hrz
melissa hrz Hace 12 horas
can someone tell me the songs they where singing?🧍 i dont listen to BTS BUT i just saw this video and i think im gonna start too lmao
Ana C
Ana C Hace 12 horas
These r the bts songs which they were singing.. 1) Mic Drop 2) ON 3) Black Swan
미니미니미니 Hace 12 horas
영어를 방탄으로 배우고 있는 1인입니다......ㅋㅋㅋㅋ자랑스러운 우리 탄이들...
Hyunjinskimchii Hace 13 horas
im waiting for other k-pop artists in this car. I am so happy for BTS and i hope that other K-pop idols will be here too!
sarafina Alfred
sarafina Alfred Hace 13 horas
Honestly how could you not love bts
Nadia Acosta
Nadia Acosta Hace 13 horas
every time i watch this i love even more this guys!!!!! nobody like them!
Nancy Farragher
Nancy Farragher Hace 13 horas
Is it BTS
Ana C
Ana C Hace 12 horas
Little Dark Age
Little Dark Age Hace 13 horas
Oh look this is the video that destroyed my life by making me an army and made me keep fantasizing about 7 boys 24/7 who doesn't even know that I exist
You are so lucky,you meet BLACKPINK and BTS💜
babygirl parker
babygirl parker Hace 13 horas
the comment section is whipped for hoseok and honestly same
The Army
The Army Hace 13 horas
Someone tell me why Ellen makes them uncomfortable and Jimmy and James makes them welcome and comfortable
A. Akimsha
A. Akimsha Hace 14 horas
Is that ok to become BTS fan at late 30's ..... love at first sight?
-marshe Hace 8 horas
Anyone can 😌
Ana C
Ana C Hace 12 horas
We have fans much older than you as well.. This fandom is really diverse
F B Hace 14 horas
Yes all generations allowed. Welcome
NEVER MIND Hace 14 horas
Absolutely fine. Welcome.
Paola Ochoa
Paola Ochoa Hace 14 horas
My daughters have me watching this. By far the only approved music and personality allowed to be followed. This is a BTS household.
zainab alfarhan
zainab alfarhan Hace 14 horas
Did anyone notice these line :” Michael told me in the closet I got some chicken i’m so sad “ ( 7:00 )
Jane Bronte
Jane Bronte Hace 14 horas
recently, i've been worrying about matter that this generation getting out of hand. i saw smth on social media that few army girls saying really bad words for someone who doesnt listen kpop. The reason of this fight was first started when non kpop person said smth negative about kpop and army girls stood up for them. I'm glad to see that. but sad part is, army girls said really hurtful things like, "you should die B***". BTS theaching their fans how to love yourself. it's good thing. but it's sad that they don't teach their so called fans HOW TO LOVE OTHERS. and in the last, i am not saying to all army girls. please be kind to others ARMY!
Jane Bronte
Jane Bronte Hace 3 horas
I dont understand that why people are trying to blame me here or looking for flaws or trying to tell another sides... I am trying to remind SOME people that loving others should not neglected. and again i am telling NOT ALL.
Jane Bronte
Jane Bronte Hace 3 horas
@Gravity Exx so you are just gonna ignore the point of what i'am saying and just gonna look for any flaws?. i am gonna say again, BE positive and try to understand what i am saying.
NEVER MIND Hace 4 horas
@Jane Bronte in my country loving others and helping others is instilled in school. There are two types of people. Those who take advantage of others and those who get their life fucked while trying to help/getting used by them. So loving others shouldn't be a phrase. It should be respecting others and loving only whom you trust enough to love.
Gravity Exx
Gravity Exx Hace 6 horas
You can’t even spell right. Wtf 💀
Jane Bronte
Jane Bronte Hace 13 horas
@Navv Baaw i wrote that i am not saying to all army girls. and i didnt say that im judging. i think you are a mature enough to understand that this is only my thought and words. I used to listen BTS for like a 3 years ago but not anymore. So you can see that i am fully aware of how they influence on younger generation. and i am not blaming them too. im just saying that its hard to see that their fans(mostly teenage girls) are missing the whole massege like, loving OTHERS.
Iamalimelight Hace 14 horas
One way or another most of the iconic lines in this video were said by Jin. Another reason why I love him. Also, who put Jin and Suga, my two biases, next to each is amazing. 💞💞💞
Lilibeth Orial
Lilibeth Orial Hace 15 horas
Go Giminie and V
Adithya P Rajesh
Adithya P Rajesh Hace 15 horas
Why doesn't Namjoon have a driving licence?
Ana C
Ana C Hace 14 horas
Bcuz he can't drive
Uncle Iroh
Uncle Iroh Hace 15 horas
BTS Fans I need your help I’m new to this bts stuff and I’m looking for what songs to listen to and it would be appreciated if you guys could put the names down here thanks 🙏🏽 👇🏽 😊
Uncle Iroh
Uncle Iroh Hace 8 horas
@Siri ok thank you ☺️
Siri Hace 10 horas
Their newest album BE would be a good start since it's fairly short, around 25 minutes to listen from start to finish. It's an album that came about because of Covid 19 and they openly express themselves with it. They took all of the negative energy, fear of the unknown and pain from not being on stage with their ARMY and used it to create a beautiful, meaningful album that expresses hope for a better tomorrow. Dis-ease is a freaking experience though and it's one of their best songs.
Ana C
Ana C Hace 14 horas
Can you tell the genre you like? Or the kind of music? Then I can suggest a few of those types
Navv Baaw
Navv Baaw Hace 14 horas
Do u have any that you already listened to so i can base it of off that?
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