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I apologize for editing the MAMA 2018 speech a lot. I had to mirror the video, zoom in, filter, change pitch & edit audio PLUS throw in clips over the video cause ESvid kept copyrighting it. Thank you so much for your patience! It took me almost a month. I wanted to make it perfect so it took me awhile. I hope you enjoyed this! Let's celebrate how far BTS has come and how proud we are. The boys deserve all the love and rest they need. We need to understand that they're only human and just because they're super successful doesn't mean they don't feel the pressure or fear. Let's continue to stand together and protect them. Thank you once again ARMY and BTS for everything you've done.
I do not own any of these videos but I did edit them all together
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Bitello Off Vocal | BTS - Spring Day Inustrumental
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DooPiano | BTS (방탄소년단) - 봄날 (Spring Day) Piano & String Orchestra Vers


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xCeleste Hace 3 meses
I apologize for editing the MAMA 2018 speech a lot. I had to mirror the video, zoom in, filter, change pitch & edit audio PLUS throw in clips over the video cause ESvid kept copyrighting it. Thank you so much for your patience! It took me almost a month. I wanted to make it perfect so it took me awhile. I hope you enjoyed this! Let's celebrate how far BTS has come and how proud we are. The boys deserve all the love and rest they need. We need to understand that they're only human and just because they're super successful doesn't mean they don't feel the pressure or fear. Let's continue to stand together and protect them. Thank you once again ARMY and BTS for everything you've done. ✨Stay Connected: ►Twitter: twitter.com/xCeleste___ ►Instagram: instagram.com/xx_rosan ►Business E-mail: powierza_rosan@hotmail.com
Lea Buan
Lea Buan Hace 7 días
xCeleste Thank you for the uploads new sub here 😘
Give BTS a Grammy plz
Give BTS a Grammy plz Hace 25 días
Can you tell me what program are you using to edit your videos, please?
RM is a philosphere trust me
Thank you soooo very much for making this beautiful video.....i m a mess nw bt thank you 💜💜💜💜😭😭😭😭😭
Penny Bleta
Penny Bleta Hace un mes
Can I ask a favour? I am thinking of showing this video to my mum but she does not know English. Can you please add Greek language in the captions like the first video? If you need any help with the translation.
jebel jahannam
jebel jahannam Hace un mes
Can you make a video about all their daesang from the first daesang until now, Pleasee..
Camilla Drakenborg
Camilla Drakenborg Hace un hora
Fine young men! & Damn talented ! :D They deserve all their success
priyanka and bharathi's world bhamu
Who just love bts and is army also cried while watching it
Zabi Azizi
Zabi Azizi Hace 12 horas
Why am crying as I feel their pain and their honor, I feel like their happiness is mine and their hardships is mine, I pray for their success every day honestly and I want them to become the most successful and happy and one day every one in the world know them and love them as I do and they be the happiest in the world and achieve what they want, if one day there won't be BTS anymore I will still remember and love them, god bless them💜
Nikky shrestha
Nikky shrestha Hace 17 horas
damn this hit hard!!! evry time I see their videos or music I smile like idiot not just because I love them not just because their music are meaningful but also because how proud I am to see their steps and be the part of it. No matter numbers of time I watch this I still get tears! They are very inspirational ! love yourself! Proud I -Army!
Kerly sanzZ
Kerly sanzZ Hace 18 horas
wow,enserio con ambos videos ( este y en anterior) me dieron ganas de llorar
Khusshi Nayyer
Khusshi Nayyer Hace un día
Not the national anthem but this clip should be important and played before any movie😂😭❤️
Grey .F
Grey .F Hace un día
I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ja De
Ja De Hace un día
I'm sorry for them for being ARMY late I will use this time to love u guys alot before I'm in university I will cheer u I will fly with bts and my friend army.
Mar Trent
Mar Trent Hace un día
Army I love you so much and I'm proud of us all. Thank you so much for helping our boys reach their dreams.
Omyc Esther Perez Mañon
I cried
Marceline J
Marceline J Hace 2 días
Can’t wait for a 30MINUTE video by the end of 2019
GCELL TJRO Hace 2 días
This is soooo emotional !! 😭 December is my debut as an ARMY and seeing this and watching something like this makes me feels that Ive made the right decision for listening to their musics and cheering for them. Im right for loving them hard that I always watching their videos in utube morning and night just to show my support for them. Giving back what they did in my life: making me happy BANGTAN 💜 ARMY FOREVER 💜💜😭😭😭
Jin’s long lost patience for his 6 kids
I became an Army in 2016 and honestly, I wished that I’ve known them since 2013. But I think that even if I’ve known them in 2013, I wouldn’t have supported them given my then mindset and circumstances, so I feel that me knowing their existence in 2016 is destined in a way. 2016 was a year that I could not forget, not just because of BTS but also because of the incidents that happened that year/my personal problems (friendship etc). I became a selfish and self centred person because of what happened but my sudden change of personality was short lived because I met BTS. Believe it or not, I did not immediately like them when I first get to know them. I was a fan of another group and was pretty salty when BTS started gaining popularity even though I thought they didn’t deserve it. However, as if it was also “destined”, I began losing interest in the group I was a fan of. Ironically, that was because of BTS. I started to listen to their music and realised how much I was missing and how narrow minded and quick to judge I was when I read the lyrics, understood the meaning and saw the references from books and others. I love their concept because of it’s uniqueness and “difficulty of expressing”. As I got more intrigued by their music and concept, I fell deeper into the “Jimin hole” and admired their personalities, humour, talents and everything about them. They, BTS, changed my life ever since. I managed to learn and understand what it is like to love myself, or at least trying to. There are people who told me that fangirling idols is just a “teenage thing” and that when I grow older, I would forget about them or question myself why I “wasted my time and money” on 7 idols. But, I am not convinced and will never be because of how BTS has guided me, encouraged me, motivated me and helped me on days when I felt lost, shitty and under the weather. I am who I am today because of them, BTS. And I believe that there are many of you who have different stories from mine but are feeling the same way as me. Though I have no ‘valid’ reason to post my “monologue” (it’s 2:43am here) on this platform, I just want to express my feelings and thoughts after watching the video. Thanks for reading and I hope that you’re having a great day. AND THANK YOU, CREATOR OF THIS VIDEO, FOR YOUR TIME AND EFFORTS POURED INTO THIS VID! OH THE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS- im sorry
I watched the first video and I cried. Before I watched this video I said to myself "I don't know if I can handle this" and yeah, again I cried. I am thankful I got curious what song my sister is humming and now here I am loving them 💜
Léora Langlet
Léora Langlet Hace 2 días
i'm sad i didn't join the fandom earlier i mean i joined this big family in 2018 and since i keep smiling thanks to BTS, they help me a lot and they do so much for us ! that's why i want to fight everyday, fight to achieve my dreams, fight for BTS ! ARMY FOREVER
Munira Huzefa
Munira Huzefa Hace 2 días
My love for them has increased more after watching this video .Saranghae Bangtan Sonyeondan :-D :-)
pjmeuphoria Hace 2 días
while I was study for my march test I came here to watch this, I cried I'm so happy for them!!
joonam Hace 2 días
Mikasa A
Mikasa A Hace 2 días
they are such an inspiration 💕❤️ BTS fighting .. can't wait for our kings comeback ❤️
Lizy Moran
Lizy Moran Hace 2 días
LLORE 😭😭😭😭😭😭💜
Lizy Moran
Lizy Moran Hace 2 días
Mehar Pallan
Mehar Pallan Hace 3 días
Oh my god. THat last clip of Namjoon was IT.That did it. And I burst into tears. Truly this is What legends are made of.. Thank You Rosan..Lets love and support the Boys for a Long time..My Purple Family💜💜
Rin Kagene
Rin Kagene Hace 3 días
im so happy that bts didnt disband,now all of us see that bts did EVERYTHING to go where they are now,we know that they came from a company with low resources.But they started growing up with or without problems and know they are famous everyone at least knows them but they are still normal people with a normal life so ARMY let's give everything we can and give more awards to bts thank you!
tae kook
tae kook Hace 3 días
I'm crying rn😭😭😭😭
Sheetashma karki
Sheetashma karki Hace 3 días
My heart pains seeing them cry Relatable A.R.M.Ys ??? 😢
нσвι уσυя ѕυηѕнιηє
They are so beautiful 😭💕😪🤧 I love them sooooooooo much 💕🙏🏼 😞❤
Kshama Kalyate
Kshama Kalyate Hace 3 días
It's really awesome video
iluvyoo •_•
iluvyoo •_• Hace 3 días
I will never stop loving and supporting them, swear.😭❤
Iren Viloria
Iren Viloria Hace 3 días
im crying so much😭😭😭😭
Samantha Alba
Samantha Alba Hace 3 días
minjung joominjung
minjung joominjung Hace 3 días
nobides bts free concert... omg they are lucky
Gabbi Ibarra
Gabbi Ibarra Hace 4 días
xCeleste, Thank You for making such an AMAZING video!! I'm sure that if BTS saw this, they would really appreciate it. I Purple U!!💜💜💜
I purple BangtanSonyeondan
I came here after that "scandal"...tq BTS..ur guys really saves the kpop industry from falling...ur music and song so meaningful...u guys really got a mission to help the younger generation to stay positively in this society...ur r true idol to stan for..purple u guys..💜
Emma Rydberg
Emma Rydberg Hace 4 días
i swear to god i cried so much
Kookie Fan
Kookie Fan Hace 4 días
No I’m not crying
Zelia Costa
Zelia Costa Hace 4 días
It started with one song....and here we are now. I thank their parents for bringing them in our lives. They inspire, they teaches and reminds us to not only love others but to also love ourselves. Never give up even when things turns ugly. Think positive and it's not a shame to seek help and guidance. Be ever thankful and humble. My name is Zelia and I will speak up and love myself.
BTS ARMY Hace 4 días
I have watched this many times already, but I cry everytime. I know BTS might not be able to see this comment, But I just wanted to say that thanks for being strong and not leaving us despite of the hardships you went through, you deserve all the love that ARMYs give to you. Don't worry we're always here with you love you, and support you always. I really hope I can meet you all, it might be impossible, as I'm not as rich as other ARMYs, I will try my very hard to earn to go to your concert. I may not have depression, anxiety, family problems etc. like the other ARMYs, but I could atleast say you taught me to love myself even if, I'm not perfect, smart, and as pretty like the others. I really want to thank you, and this is the best I can. I might have not been there with you since your debut but I really love and appreciate you. I PURPLE YOU💜.
Be my Baby
Be my Baby Hace 4 días
I cry 😭 after i watched this video they work hard so much and after their work hard all of the achievements and goals they have now you deserve it all awards still ARMYs love you the way you love us thank you s much our BANGTAN!!! NO ONE CAN REPLACE YOU!!! 😘😘😘💜💜💜🔰🔰🔰
Little Nerdy Asian Girl
I have so much I want to say but I can’t make it out into words 😭
Sha Lawliet
Sha Lawliet Hace 5 días
I love them so nuch 😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜
najhen martinez
najhen martinez Hace 5 días
I'm so proud to bts!!!
Rhea Oclatef
Rhea Oclatef Hace 5 días
Every time I watch dis. I'm crying😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
khaimook 13
khaimook 13 Hace 5 días
I cry so hard at the throwback scene which they said about the name on their shirts and at Jin’s MAMA speech. The song you use, the scene you choose, your edit.. everything is beyond perfect! Thanks for this meaningful vid 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Crystal sinopoli
Crystal sinopoli Hace 5 días
Wow Celeste you made me cry soooo hard! But for our boys it’s an honor! They have grown to be our Legends and the story continues on in 2019! Sooo much love from BTS to the world! Very Thankful for the day I first saw them, Nov 19th, 2017 on the AMA's, not even knowing that I would see such talent that would change my life! And very grateful to fans like you Celeste for such beautifully illustrated videos! Your doing such a super job!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💗💋
Kira Ken
Kira Ken Hace 5 días
My Chimchim
My Chimchim Hace 6 días
Thank you so much for this video.. I've never been so inlove with korean music until I met BTS. I'm crying because I'm really proud of them. Yes! They deserve all the love in the world.
Zulia Latinova
Zulia Latinova Hace 6 días
Я рыдаююююююю люблююю бтссс моии ребятааа💞😍😍😍😘😘😘💝💝😥😥😥😥💝💝🖤😫😫😫💞😍😍😘😘💝
I Love BTS, So what ?
I’m crying so hard thank you so much BTS...
I Love BTS, So what ?
Ill always be thankful to them because they always make me so happy ! I love you BANGTAN 💪💜💜 I’ll stay grateful for the rest of my life. Your hardworking all that you guys have done for us omg I’ll never NEVER forget it! We all need to be sooo thankful
Rory Blossom
Rory Blossom Hace 6 días
This is truly amazing, they came from nothing. Went through countless hardships. Yet, they never gave up and through their hard work, they're soaring. I wish them they best. ❤ May BTS continue living their dream💕
kookv VN
kookv VN Hace 6 días
Ai đó viesub dum voi ah. Hic
BANGTAN 여친 Hace 6 días
YoU gOt nO JaMs
YoU gOt nO JaMs Hace 7 días
I'm start crying when hobi cry😭💕😫
DoEun (Donna) LEE
DoEun (Donna) LEE Hace 7 días
I'm so thankful I went into that juice shop in the night when visiting Korea. If I didn't, I would be here, still believing K-Pop was too 'girly'. Thank you BTS for making me happy when I felt like crap. Thank you for believing in yourself when you probably wouldn't have become successful. Now that TXT debuted, I hope nobody forgets BTS, because without BTS, TXT wouldn't be here either.
Lea Buan
Lea Buan Hace 7 días
they dont know me, yes, but damn im so proud of what they’ve achieved. 😭😭😭😭 They deserved it, no one can tell me otherwise
shellhead mel
shellhead mel Hace 7 días
WHY AM I SOBBING TO THIS WHEN I LITERALLY LISTENED TO THEIR MUSIC FOR THE FIRST TIME TWO WEEKS AGO i've literally been here for 2 weeks but watching this... im feeling so happy for them and so proud? lmao im crying what the fuck shfkf help i love them already rip my two brain cells its 6am ive been awake watching their videos
*Mîýmüñå Lõllŷ*
watching this video gives me hope . whenever i feel like i can not achieve something or i feel like i'm not doing enough i watch this video and see how bts struggled and worked hard and gave their all and finally achieved so much success and love and happiness.watching bts's journey makes me want to never give up my dreams too!!! i may not have stanned them since the start but i'm definetly not gonna leave them now!!!! thank you so much for making this video.
sharoncurry Hace 7 días
Damnit I’m crying again! I cried on the last video too!! BTS fighting!!!!!
Eva Marta Duran
Eva Marta Duran Hace 7 días
What a good cry, so proud of them. Thank you For existing 💜💜💜💜
Eternity M
Eternity M Hace 8 días
I did not know them and I was not a fan. But now I always cheer for them and I will. They are amazing ARTIST.
Ela McElle
Ela McElle Hace 8 días
Noo... I’m not crying
Sophia Diaz
Sophia Diaz Hace 9 días
Could u make one from 2013-2019 plz if I have time💜💜💜💜 all of these vids got me crying 😭
flowers blossoms
flowers blossoms Hace 9 días
watching this again make me cry. armys, lets give our best for their next cb
nefzi mayssem
nefzi mayssem Hace 9 días
you make me cry
Tracie Ferreras
Tracie Ferreras Hace 9 días
My tears aren't stopping😭BTS Fighting!ARMY Fighting! BTS loves us(ARMY)😭💜. Thankyou for everything bangtan,we makes us happy.Look at them now,such a good opportunities💓. Bangtan is working hard for all of us Kamsahamnida. WE PURPLE YOU!FIGHTING!💜
I know movie but I dunno movie name
They are the reason I smile when I wake up. They are the reason I don't ever give up. And I'm not even lying. My family members always scold me, and criticize me, because I'm not fair, I'm not slim, I'm not beautiful, I have no talents or potential, I'm just an ugly living being out there. They always look down on me. My friends are nice to me only when they need something from me. Also, many of my friends know that I stan BTS, so they call them transgenders on purpose, to hurt me. There are many things in my life that hurt me. And it came up to that pount where I considered suicide. Believe me, I was sitting on the railing of my building terrace, about to jump! I was just thinking that my life has no point. But then I thought that I maybe have one reason to live....BTS? I stepped back, looked at my phone wallpaper, which was obviously of BTS. Then I got a flashback of their struggles, and how they never gave up. I told myself that maybe I cangive myself another chance. And that's the day i became a true dedicated ARMY. *Till date, I don't regret knowing Bts and being a part of this fandom. Because they always helped me through my hardships and motivated me to do better and never give up! And I'm thankful to them.* The last thing I want to say, *_Saranghae Bangtan, Saranghae ARMY!_* *_BORAHE!💜💜_*
jessya panggabean
jessya panggabean Hace 9 días
i'm crying im so sad
JiNi95 sugalleto
JiNi95 sugalleto Hace 9 días
Yo nunca lloro lo juro pero ésta vez se me salió una lágrima lo que demuestra que soy humana :'3
Excelente muchas gracias por este video
Inay. Elpuhadewa
Inay. Elpuhadewa Hace 10 días
it's so meaningful for bts and army
MINT CHIMMY Hace 10 días
clarice Padio
clarice Padio Hace 10 días
BTS is just 3 letters yet so meaningful... they proved that at the end of the darkest night their still a light to shine you way... just keep on dreaming and work hard to achieve it... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INSPIRING MILLION OR SHOULD I SAY BILLIONS OF PEOPLE... EVEN IN MY NEXT LIFE I WILL LOVE YOU AS YOU LOVE US... KAMSAHEYO BANGTAN...
abane kyla
abane kyla Hace 10 días
this literally made me cry 😭
Elle M.
Elle M. Hace 10 días
From what video is that on 4:50 ?
Jamine Gayle Bustamante
This makes me cry. It cause me to love the BTS foreverrrrrrrr....😍😍
Ji Ya
Ji Ya Hace 10 días
Its going to be 1 whole year of me being an armh .... and i think i m not worth of to be called an army ........ coz i was not with them with their hard times .... i found them after they got famous ......i wanted to write so much but these thoughts cant be turned into words ........ i really apreciate them love them ........ nd respect them
Bangtan Forever
Bangtan Forever Hace 10 días
I encountered so many groups, but bts is the STRONGEST GROUP i ever saw. And Army are the STRONGEST FANDOM EVER!
Bangtan Forever
Bangtan Forever Hace 10 días
I once try to give up on pursuing my dreams, but when i met bts 4 years ago, they taught me to fight, as i saw they hardworking, i a started pursuing my dreams, eventhough its hard, i will going to try and try until i succeed. Thank You very much BTS! You deserve eveeything you have now!
V taeny
V taeny Hace 10 días
Why am I crying😢😭😭😭
Nicole Zia
Nicole Zia Hace 10 días
Gaddamit they're still together, making music and performing but why the hell I'm crying so hard!!! And the part where Seokjin mentioned about disbanding the group made me cry so damn hard :((( I'm so happy to be part of this fandom and knowing BTS again for the second time (I knew BtS when they first debuted but lost contact with them because I stopped updating to the KPop world) I LOVE YOU BTSSSSS
YAYA Hace 10 días
it was a beautiful video it brought me to tears...I LOVE THEM SO MUCH UWU TOT
Roofi Tara
Roofi Tara Hace 11 días
Awesome video 👏👏👏😭😭😭😭😭 and proud ARMY very very proud 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 BTS rocks always forever and ever
Rosa Delao
Rosa Delao Hace 11 días
Not saying that other groups haven’t suffered as well, but I feel like bts was constantly attacked and treated unfairly. They were told no. They were looked down on, but look at them now, those who treated them bad are regretting it now. Stay strong boys I love you guys
Veronica Wo
Veronica Wo Hace 11 días
Very nice video. Best editing that I have seen in a while. BTS is an amazing collection of men who deserve credit on so many different levels. The thought and care that has gone into their videos, performances and music is at the level of artistry and not just another pop production. This is what makes them rise above other performers...not to mention that they are talented singers and dancers.
It‘s just me
It‘s just me Hace 11 días
I swear, i am crying rn cuz they are my only hope during hard times and I can only more laugh and cry wirh or cuz of them since i git sick so.... thanks very much for making me cry with this video...💜
Fika Ariani
Fika Ariani Hace 11 días
kpop4 lifeu
kpop4 lifeu Hace 11 días
When I started stanning them in 2017, I promised myself, to never ever leave them no matter what happens. I would laugh with them, be sad with them, shed tears with them.. my life shined brighter than ever. Thank you BTS, I love you T-T
Tesaa B
Tesaa B Hace 11 días
I think that the main reason why Army goes all protective ehen someone even looks at Bts in the wrong way its bc we know how much they suffered and how many fandoms tried to put them down that’s why fanwars started bc ever since their first win other fandoms attacked BtS so now army its getting bigger and bigger and of course we are gonna go all bat shit crazy on ppl who offend these 7 beautiful kind gumble beings
Bedazzle Juju
Bedazzle Juju Hace 12 días
Nurul Kameliya
Nurul Kameliya Hace 12 días
I am crying to watch this.. 😭
Army Love BTS
Army Love BTS Hace 12 días
Nothing to say just proud of BTS 😭😭😭 Always Army for these 7 legendary Boys 🤧💜💜💜
Luvea Pamplona
Luvea Pamplona Hace 12 días
Heartbreaking ,your hardship showed us a good performance are earned , thanks God for allowing us to see a shining star on you BTS, I purple you.
Yanina Omar
Yanina Omar Hace 13 días
Lloré como nunca!! Son los mejores del mundo💓
Bangtan _ A.R.M.Y
Bangtan _ A.R.M.Y Hace 13 días
When spring day start.... Im crying so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 0 to Legends !!!!
Susama Biswas
Susama Biswas Hace 13 días
bangtan sonyeondan!! bangtan legends!! love thm more more more nd more... they hv inspired me. i want to study more reallyyy hard nd surely someday meet thm nd say u all hv made me soo happy. love u bts nd love u army. they r irreplacable.
Dragonwood SETNEUF
Dragonwood SETNEUF Hace 13 días
Amazing! wonderful a very sweet and humble success it is right it is not the view from the top of the mountain which is great but the process of reaching the top is the most amazing one! BTS loves ARMY and ARMY loves BTS! and thanks for the video xCeleste ^_^
mica_ gancha :3
mica_ gancha :3 Hace 14 días
Awww mi kokoro ;v; aiuda toy llorando we estoy orgullosa de ellos y q soportarán a esos prros q los menospresiaron y q ahora quedaron en ridículo x q BTS esta dominando el mundo ):'D X:UNA ARMY DE KOKORO siempre los voy a apoyar ;u; BTS TUS PATRONES PAPUH!!! :D
Airene Audrey Vizmanos
I also think why BTS is such a success now because of BigHit Ent. The way they handled BTS is great. As an ARMY, thank you Bang PDnim for making the 7 boys whom we love and adore 💜💜. Borahae 💜
Putri Arsena
Putri Arsena Hace 14 días
thanks a lot with this Video.. Army love BTS as always.😍😍😍😍
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