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19 dic 2018

AnimebtsBTS MAMA 2018 Hong Kong REACTIONnon kpop fan rects to btsnon kpop fan reacts to bts mama performancebts reactionbts armybts mamabts mama reaction






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Betty Hodge
Betty Hodge Hace 4 días
Only thing about Yoongi's spli.. he didn't go ALL the way down like Hobi did.
Tsuki miya
Tsuki miya Hace 11 días
*Wait WHAT!!! i didn't know my bias could split*
WonSeob Hace 14 días
Great reaction. Would you react more great performance of 'IDOL'Special Stage (BTS focus) @2018 MMA? esvid.net/video/vídeo-ayGl-igrwy8.html
sammy sam
sammy sam Hace 14 días
2:59 Dylan’s expression changed so fast when he realized Yoongi split 🤣💀
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Hace 19 días
Hahaha this is so funny reaction
RandomEmo Hace 26 días
Omg, I LOVE your reaction😂💕
No Nu
No Nu Hace 28 días
Please react to SEVENTEEN-Getting Closer
린미Rein Hace 29 días
Lmao ur so extra sksksksskk I enjoy ur reaction
fatina khairunnisa
fatina khairunnisa Hace un mes
Show this performance to your college friends Dylan!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
kristen cordova
kristen cordova Hace un mes
I have the same bias as you (yoongi) and I had the same reaction when I noticed it was him who did the split. Like. AJDHDBCIDNXUENCKDNDCND
TheJello23 Hace un mes
"that was Yoongi that split" *shook* I had the EXACT same reaction!
Hayden Nicole
Hayden Nicole Hace un mes
Btw what software do you use to get the video there?
Hayden Nicole
Hayden Nicole Hace un mes
First off i love your channel, been watching you for a couple months now, and second NO ONE knew Yoongi could split like DAT. I'm sure we were like, "yeah he can do a little something here and there-" BUT NO ONE KNEW THATTT! LMAO.
Kim Bangtan Is A Bop
Wait wait wait......yeah we be sleeping. We knew he was a b boy but we snoozed.....sorry yoongi.
sena kanmaz
sena kanmaz Hace un mes
Francine Artificio
Francine Artificio Hace un mes
Pls. Watch to "IU BBIBBI" Thank u. Hope u like it.
lalalisa blink
lalalisa blink Hace un mes
Hey react to EXO
squirrel Bii
squirrel Bii Hace un mes
Same reaction with me when i saw suga 😹😹😹😹😹😹💙
Lea Bonzano
Lea Bonzano Hace un mes
your hair be looking dope
Lyra Wong
Lyra Wong Hace un mes
:This is epicccccccccc! Yes, RM’s rap is epic
uwu comics
uwu comics Hace un mes
dylan can you react to got7 lullaby?
I have the reason to love myself
Really love your reaction
Luisa Bradley
Luisa Bradley Hace un mes
They broke the performance into 2parts you should have kept going. It's a mix of your headphones plus the crowd was really crazy
Sofia Kim
Sofia Kim Hace un mes
A while ago, I watched the performance and they said that SUGA SPLIT! I didn't get it because I watched the seperate performance so when I saw the FULL PERFORMANCE, my mind is already clear. I already got it! And I CAN BREATH BECAUSE OF THAT!!!!!!
Cindy Hace un mes
Yoongi always been a great dancer ! It's just that he rarely gets a chance to show it🐱♥️My native language is not English ,I’m sorry, but........ he’s really good
Wings Hace un mes
Hey Dylan, you need watch this!!!! esvid.net/video/vídeo-8XxYHkGM_lA.html you gonna cry🙊🙊
Jordan Morrison
Jordan Morrison Hace un mes
I am a BTS lover but I have recently become an EXO fan from their new comeback ‘love shot’. Which I think you should react to! I think you’d like it!!
sham taqwa
sham taqwa Hace un mes
Oh come on u were supposed to finish the full performance.
Michael D
Michael D Hace un mes
Jungkooks and RMs ability to control the stage individually shows how good they both are. Same to the others, with honouable mentions to Suga and J-Hope for for the splits, and that jumpin' Jimin. V the visual king in the Airplane part 2 chorus and all-rounder Worldwide nice-guyJin.
Penguinichiwa Hace un mes
Pls react to THE BOYZ ♥ They love BTS very much!
Deya02 Hace un mes
Sydney Paschall
Sydney Paschall Hace un mes
lmaoooooooo Dylan i love you sm. You're such a mood!
Shahed 02
Shahed 02 Hace un mes
I loved your reaction to jungkook and suga 😍😍
Jennyzzang Park
Jennyzzang Park Hace un mes
zoro luffy
zoro luffy Hace un mes
esvid.net/video/vídeo-JlfH0oM4J-c.html -please react to This video 👑🙏🏻❤️️ G dragon (king of kpop) Thanks He dissed MAMA on MAMA 2014 live and still got invited next year 2015 lol KING ok KPOP 👑 Please do react
Darling ♡
Darling ♡ Hace un mes
lmaooo your reaction to Yoongi doing the split. Relate 😂
Highkey ARMY
Highkey ARMY Hace un mes
@ 4:01 you called?
Loo chun
Loo chun Hace un mes
I think no one know that suga can split I feel you bro I was jungshook when I watched it 😂
Celine Athisa
Celine Athisa Hace un mes
Melonie Leite-Kahikina
Don't worry me and all my friends thought it was jungkook
The MaKs
The MaKs Hace un mes
woww... you reaction so extra power
Melanie Plummer
Melanie Plummer Hace un mes
I didnt know it was yoongi either until the camera showed his face. I thought it was jungkook.
밤빠 Hace un mes
Where is idol...?
Joogledo Hace un mes
Hey Dylan i love you reactions and that you love Suga as much as i do lol 😁always click when you pop ul in my subscriptions. If you have time watch/ react to DKDKTVs video how MAMA backstage works its super intersting.
WITH MYER Hace un mes
I have been watching your reactions for a long time, and you are one of my favorite BTS reactors. Somehow I noticed that you really want to sing along. Why don't you try to learn how to read Korean? :) It would make it so easy to sing along all BTS songs. If you need any help, find me plz. I am a Korean BTS trash.
kook tata
kook tata Hace un mes
남준이 랩하니까 흥분한것봐ㅋㅋㅋ 귀여워요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Alice J
Alice J Hace un mes
When I first saw that it was yoongi keeping up with hobi like that I somehow ended up screaming " get it yoongi" so loudly that people were concerned lol. I loved Joon's performance, it still gives me chills.
Wimaa 1230
Wimaa 1230 Hace un mes
Easy man easy you will brake everything 😎😎😋 react to change by RM and wale
HAOUES Maroua Ahlem
That was hilarious when you realized that Yoongi the one who did the split hhhhhh
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