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14 dic 2018






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nguyên chằn
nguyên chằn Hace un hora
SpaceGirl Spiff
SpaceGirl Spiff Hace un hora
I know it’s a dream, but.... BTS for Super Bowl! It would beat all the past performances!
Khuyên Đoàn
Khuyên Đoàn Hace 2 horas
So Fireeeeee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hana Saleem
Hana Saleem Hace 3 horas
This is just an observation I made, but how come the vocalist get the face mics but the rappers get the hand held ones?
Twice is trash
Twice is trash Hace 4 horas
This is just a concert to me 90% filled with armys 10% other fandoms
Edwin torres
Edwin torres Hace 6 horas
I wish jimin hadn't died :(
Laura Vctoria
Laura Vctoria Hace 6 horas
Stephanie Gomez
Stephanie Gomez Hace 9 horas
More aggressive than another performance I’ve seen and I’m loving it!! What I also like is that you can see that they’re really connected emotionally cause they usually perform in unison energy/vibe-wise. 😻😻
Clio Rossi
Clio Rossi Hace 11 horas
And it was at that moment that they all knew that they were at a BTS concert.
Jou Ge
Jou Ge Hace 12 horas
suga choke me with 2:55 - 2:57 :)
ยูคยอม คือผัว!!
เหมือนงานนี้มีแค่วงbtsอ่ะ บางทีวงอื่นก็น้อยใจนะ
Mrs. SAVCI Hace 13 horas
Nasil bu kadar mukemmel olabiliyosunuzzz 😍😍 krallarrr
uisa fatoum
uisa fatoum Hace 13 horas
taehyung's jacket is trying to make a runaway
crazy star
crazy star Hace 14 horas
Dresse top Bts top Dance top
bachodi wali pathsala DJ banna
03:08 awesome
Hiyori A
Hiyori A Hace 15 horas
Where do they get these clothes from ? ♡
Sunshine Kitty
Sunshine Kitty Hace 15 horas
5:30 did V just crash into someone? 😂
taehyung kim
taehyung kim Hace 16 horas
Kawaii Roy
Kawaii Roy Hace 17 horas
It's not a concert it's a party
alissa kim
alissa kim Hace 18 horas
no matter what seokjin will forever be my ultimate bias
J-min YT
J-min YT Hace 22 horas
5:19 *Jimin is me when I hear idol* *I usually act drunk when I hear bts songs why cause sometimes drunk people get crazy right well I get crazy when I hear bts*
Cold.coffee xx
Cold.coffee xx Hace 23 horas
I watched all the other performance of the other artists, so far BTS, WANNA ONE and MAMAMOO, 17 are the most entertaining ones. You never get bored watching their perf over and over
una army
una army Hace 23 horas
Cuando no estas en hong kong :")
Loan Loan
Loan Loan Hace un día
Make some noiseeeee
BorahaeJiminie Hace un día
this was their MEANEST idol performance ever i swear. they were yelling into the mic's and looking mad af but i loved it
Guinevere Hace un día
the video hasn't started yet but i feel like i died already :))
anitayaj Hace un día
Rewatching BTS’s performance and I am Jungshook everytime! Their stage presence is unbelievable even though I have seen this performance a 100x!! They never disappoint ARMY 💜💜💜💜 Love the remix at 4:49 when you thought the song was ending!! 😍😍😍😍🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Hey Wols
Hey Wols Hace un día
Mas queria tanto ta nesse comeback show
Txt is Bangtan Babies
kara max
kara max Hace un día
Slayyyy my kings slayyy!!!
toeyjackson 28384
toeyjackson 28384 Hace un día
BTS_army1309 Hace un día
4:39 Jack Sparrow we stan
Nobaisah Dirimbangun
No! This is not mama!😃 this is what we called BTS concert😃👌 whahhahqhq goshh😃 i love it💕😘😘😘
Sxecrxext 1010
Sxecrxext 1010 Hace un día
Nobaisah Dirimbangun Yap I seriously think that almost all people there are army 😂😍
bts saha
bts saha Hace un día
I can't remove my eyes from Jin...I don't know why some armies make him feel..he's worth nothing...this is just trash! Jin is very precious..his voice, his looks,his music,his dance,his visual,his expressions,etc...and full he himself...above all Proud to be an army... Proud that my bias is Jin... truly this is man is something!🔥 🅰®♏Y
Phoneathit Phengsavanh
Jeon JK 💕
Lady Anais
Lady Anais Hace un día
This performance is so damn powerful!😍😇
Jossel Catolos
Jossel Catolos Hace un día
Btsss!!! What a great dancers and singers👍👍 nakakainlove😍😍♥️
Renee Rose Besa
Renee Rose Besa Hace un día
عاشقة BTS
عاشقة BTS Hace 2 días
I LOVE Yuo Juhgkook💔💕
Gacha _unicornᄏᄏ
they seems tired
La Crazy Dani
La Crazy Dani Hace 2 días
Damn Harmony
Damn Harmony Hace 2 días
this is one of their best idol performances ever.
justdina Hace 2 días
Tam Vu
Tam Vu Hace 2 días
❤ V
Indah Sugiharto
Indah Sugiharto Hace 2 días
Wowwww 🙆💜💜💜
Alexander Dimas Kelvin Jonathan Hutabarat
Syangnya cuma 1, why tae's hair colour must be that red one??? :"(
Alexander Dimas Kelvin Jonathan Hutabarat
Gilasihh parah bagus bgt tata panggungnyaaa
Atroxx Resal
Atroxx Resal Hace 2 días
It’s a shame they barely sing live
Atiqah Rais
Atiqah Rais Hace un día
+Atroxx Resal yeah too bad. But i personally think it's better than lip syncing 100% tho considering their choreography..
Bella Hace un día
They did sing live, but there's playback
Atroxx Resal
Atroxx Resal Hace un día
MIN SUGA yeah and you can literally hear the autotune and pre recorded vocals
Sxecrxext 1010
Sxecrxext 1010 Hace un día
They do ! Please don’t say wrong things! They always sang live ! Look at this ! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-HD1NAoBnaJE.html
MIN SUGA Hace un día
You can clearly hear their voice there And screaming... Dont Hate..
g dragon
g dragon Hace 2 días
Say What?????
Panit So
Panit So Hace 2 días
the whole audience is equal to 5 girls in my class
Elene Kaldani
Elene Kaldani Hace 2 días
BTS and ARMY I purple you
tanvi mane
tanvi mane Hace 2 días
Hobi looking so fine!!😍
Shelan Salar
Shelan Salar Hace 2 días
Irfan Ullah
Irfan Ullah Hace 2 días
any one 2019?
Wabbit Bunnie
Wabbit Bunnie Hace 2 días
F**k exams imma watch this a Billion times
this is daniel
this is daniel Hace 2 días
真名美小池 Hace 2 días
RVann Ramos
RVann Ramos Hace 2 días
That's too much Taehyung!! When I'm always shock of Taehyung Brrrahhh!!
fatih dabakoğlu
fatih dabakoğlu Hace 2 días
turkey army
Bon12_02 Hace 3 días
What? This is not a BTS concert? :0
Erin Hace 3 días
1:27 I know this is rm’s moment and I love him to pieces but JIMIN. 😱 I don’t usually scream for real but wow. and he’s just standing. i would love to be as stunning as he is 🙈
ARMY Tae KunKun
ARMY Tae KunKun Hace 3 días
Masayu Dita
Masayu Dita Hace 3 días
I love youuuuuuuuu Jungkook😍😍😍😍😍
Nadia Flores
Nadia Flores Hace 3 días
Kimsy _
Kimsy _ Hace 3 días
Damn, I'm died
ᴀʀɪ Hace 3 días
They are THAT powerful
ᴀʀɪ Hace 3 días
Mochi Kookie
Mochi Kookie Hace 3 días
Ana Belén Martínez
and people keep saying they have no stage presence, then whats this?? loool
kajjafeeluv Hace 3 días
4:45 - 5:34 by doing this part it's like BTS are saying "yeah we own this MAMA"
Амангуль Корыкбаева
BTS 👌👌👌💖💖💖💖👏👏👏👏
Moonchild Hace 3 días
0:20 is a visual presentation of how "Map of the soul" will arrive and kill all the records and ARMY with it, because they won't be able to handle such perfection
99 130499
99 130499 Hace 3 días
3:03 That's illegal Jeon Jungkook!!
king lehar
king lehar Hace 3 días
Primer Man
Primer Man Hace 3 días
Joana Mae
Joana Mae Hace 3 días
Who’s here before the comeback???
Valentina Sosa
Valentina Sosa Hace 3 días
Al guíen habla español porque yo fui al consideró😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙍😭😭😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Julie Nyy
Julie Nyy Hace 3 días
Everyone so Lucky that you can go to BTS’s concert 💕💕💕❤️ But I’m so unlucky that I can’t go 😔😔 I’m an Cambodia 🇰🇭 girl and I’m only 13years old 🥴 When I can go to join with them? How can I go to join With them? please ARMY explain me how can I? Reply me and click like #BTS ARMY CAMBODIA #BTS INTERNATIONAL ARMY #CAMBODIA 🇰🇭& SOUTH KOREA 🇰🇷 #SUGA_STAN #MIN YOONGI 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰 👇🏻
Taenin Hace 3 días
phantaso` Hace 3 días
Hrikesh Debbarma
Hrikesh Debbarma Hace 3 días
I like
Kulsum Khan
Kulsum Khan Hace 3 días
Shanzéa Hace 3 días
i literally stared at taehyung the whole time
Horloo Hn
Horloo Hn Hace 3 días
bts amazing
Gina Saiyo
Gina Saiyo Hace 3 días
Why are they soo goood?!! Y y y y y?
salsaaabillah salsa
salsaaabillah salsa Hace 3 días
1:12 my rm lovee whoahh
Winnie Lau
Winnie Lau Hace 3 días
This is probably one of the most bad ass Idol performances. I was exhausted from just watching it.
Even blackpink ships v-kook
On backstage BTS is:- RM is the translator and wierd father... Jin is the mother with all dad jokes
Yurii Hace 3 días
Afreen Shaikh
Afreen Shaikh Hace 4 días
I love your dance performance 😁😁😁😁😁
excusemee.jiminie Hace 4 días
rohan dwarka
rohan dwarka Hace 4 días
Jimin's hair😍😍😍😍
Janet Park
Janet Park Hace 4 días
Kings 💜
Azucena Colohua
Azucena Colohua Hace 4 días
gaby Hace 4 días
Fabbiola Reyes
Fabbiola Reyes Hace 4 días
How do they keep their voice steady while jumping around like I’m over here not being able to talk even while walking
Jhelanie Hernandez
Jhelanie Hernandez Hace 4 días
-fleX -11
-fleX -11 Hace 4 días
4:26 did anybody heard that scream?? AH! XD
park jimin _bts _army_blank big bang
Bts jimin♥♥♥¡
Mariela Army forever
Dios sigo gritando como loca hasta ahora por esta presentacion🤩♥️♥️♥️😂
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