BTS Jungkook (방탄소년단 정국) - Ending Scene (이런 엔딩) (COVER) (Ver 1) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng/가사]

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Artist: BTS Jungkook
Track: Ending Scene (이런 엔딩)
Album: No Album
Release : 2019.01.23
Ending Scene (이런 엔딩)
BTS Ending Scene (이런 엔딩) LYRICS
BTS Ending Scene (이런 엔딩)
Ending Scene (이런 엔딩) LYRICS
방탄소년단 Ending Scene (이런 엔딩)
방탄소년단 Ending Scene (이런 엔딩) 가사
방탄소년단 Ending Scene (이런 엔딩) Lyrics
#BTS #방탄소년단 #EndingScene #JUNGKOOK #정국


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23 ene 2019

btsjungkook방탄소년단정국이런 엔딩정국 이런 엔딩jungkook ending scene이런 엔딩 가사정국 이런 엔딩 가사jungkook ending scene lyrics






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오정원 Hace 8 días
yes thank you ♥
p e a c h y
p e a c h y Hace 24 días
+britemiso i mean technically it's a gender neutral song?? it doesn't have to change just cos he's a dude
DiKoNa Alam
DiKoNa Alam Hace 29 días
+Lcrima Hobi ver. 2 is a bit softer😊😊
Elijah Lee :0
Elijah Lee :0 Hace 29 días
Lcrima Hobi same
Jungkook i love you 😢😭
taekook family
taekook family Hace 8 horas
1:23 don't say those words, please you know those words hurts even more 🐰 I got u😂💜💜💜
Monika Monika
Monika Monika Hace 10 horas
His voice is like a flowing water in river very smooth. When my mind is disturbed I play this song to make myself relaxed. I don't understand their language and don't even bother to read captions because his voice so deep that I only want to listen it rather than wasting time in reading captions
BTSWorld Hace 10 horas
너무 좋다ㅏㅠㅠㅠ 전정국 짱😍😍😍😍
Ajax_joon strongpower
Ajax_joon strongpower Hace 15 horas
Okay... i'm diying *urg*
Pwark Jisung's VOICE omg
why am i only just now hearing this. i've missed out on 4:18 beautiful minutes of my otherwise lame-ass life til today~
Ellen Krist
Ellen Krist Hace 19 horas
Please tell me are you guys crying when you hear jungkook's voice or just me !!!!
Lilo minaj
Lilo minaj Hace 19 horas
Jungkook is the best for me, he is just perfect
Shukria Ismail
Shukria Ismail Hace 23 horas
Thanks for all this captions❤️
A_human_ like_others
It was in a Playlist called "K-pop song that makes you feel badass" Lolol right now, I just feel depressed
Daphne Lslfamkimi
Daphne Lslfamkimi Hace un día
Harcicik Rustandi
Harcicik Rustandi Hace un día
hay pass you ll bel to i really me use know of
Touka Kirishima
Touka Kirishima Hace un día
His voice is like an angels voice and I'm crying
Jungkook girlfriend
Jungkook girlfriend Hace un día
i just noticed like american American artist songs are depressing but when i listen to this beautifull song of jungkook or all bts song i feel much better but like now i kinda feel depressing and im hoping i can meet or go the bts concert with my sisters we love them so much
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan Hace un día
мє lονєѕ υ
мє lονєѕ υ Hace un día
i'm crying
Joy Yang
Joy Yang Hace un día
oppar :(
Hà Vy Lê
Hà Vy Lê Hace un día
I'm crying right now T^T
숭숭숭구리 Hace 2 días
정국인 이런 노래도 뭔가 아이돌스럽게 부르는 듯..
jinncultt Hace 2 días
yall im crying 😢💜
Joceline Yu
Joceline Yu Hace 2 días
Does anyone know that this is a cover??? *lmaos in korean*
Lydia Bhujel
Lydia Bhujel Hace 2 días
Lady Godiva
Lady Godiva Hace 2 días
I just had a mental breakdown because of this it’s beautiful but sad at the same time 😢
{army}아르미 Hace 2 días
한국사람을 찾기가 힘드네욤.....그래두 오빠께서 행복하시면 저는 됬습니다 앞으로도 꽃길만 걸으시길 빌게요 -한국의 한 아미가-
Yoongi's neckpillow and kookie
Lowkey wanting jk and iu to collab ;---;
Seloş army Jk
Seloş army Jk Hace 2 días
Jungkook voice💜❤🐰
주아 Hace 3 días
정국오빠 ! 멋있어요 ! 전 오빠가 정말 좋아요 근데...이런 말을 못전한다는게.. 너무 슬퍼요 오빤 절 모르잖아요...어린나이부터 어려운 거 다 참아내고 이자리까지 올라왔는데 초심을 잃지 않고 이렇게 잘 살아줘서 고마워요 많은 안티들 때문에 힘들겠지만 힘내요 그냥 오빠목소리가 저를 행복하게 해서그래요 저같은 아미 많을거에요 아미들은 오빠가 생각하는것 보다 훨 씬 오빠를 더 사랑해요.. 그리고 정말 저는 오빠를.. 사랑해요.. 목소리로 저를 행복하게 해줘서 고마워요
Bangtan Bae
Bangtan Bae Hace 3 días
감자선비 Hace 3 días
와...정쿠오라버니...생각지도못했다... 사랑해...고마워...엔딩...이 이렇게..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Hédgehog Hace 3 días
This suits Enemies With Benefits FF so well
Choi Eunmi
Choi Eunmi Hace 3 días
To me,his voice not like always, his voice this time look like is a man not as a boy omg I really love both of his voice I'm died
Janileth Santos
Janileth Santos Hace 3 días
omg jungkook blessed me with those vocals TT i cantttttt my heart
let's get it
let's get it Hace 3 días
I'm here everyday
LV . 12 상긋
LV . 12 상긋 Hace 3 días
정구기 오빠 ㅠㅠㅠ 음색 쩐당 ㅠㅠ퓨
Shakiba Paiwandi
Shakiba Paiwandi Hace 3 días
I love this cover
korean mantis
korean mantis Hace 3 días
I love Jungkook, but IU still gives me the emotions and feels with this song. 😍
remi Do
remi Do Hace 3 días
0:48 heaven
Kisha Suk
Kisha Suk Hace 3 días
I love you my hubyy Jungkook 😍❤❤❤
Quynh Nhu To
Quynh Nhu To Hace 4 días
Hay ghê
BTS EDlTED Hace 4 días
Does anyone know which instrumental Jungkook used? Bc it doesn’t sound like the original
ᄏ저격 Hace 4 días
아이유 곡을 커버했구나!! 진짜 목소리 천사다ㅠㅠ 누구곡을 커버하든 정국이 너는 잘부르는거란거ㅠㅠ 아이유님도 좋고오오 정국이도좋고ㅠㅠ
Zaynab b
Zaynab b Hace 4 días
love you so much kok Babyy 💔
닌예07지민 Hace 4 días
진짜 정국오빠 음색 쩐다고요ㅜㅜㅜ
배주얀 Hace 4 días
목소리 진심 미쳤다 ㅜㅜ
Tún A.R.M.Y
Tún A.R.M.Y Hace 4 días
JungKook ahhh 😭😭😭😭
Jinnie'swife#1 Fo-life
When he sang the chorus, I cried. 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔
Marzia C
Marzia C Hace 4 días
Beautiful lyrics and meaningfull song😍😍 his voice is like to be in heaven💜
gdsmgnmsdngöm u8j7yfggfd
bu şarkı ıu nun diye biliyorum ?
Jeongsook Jeon
Jeongsook Jeon Hace 4 días
Jk's voice is so sweet!!!
Ponga Pongo
Ponga Pongo Hace 5 días
Imma Bunny
Imma Bunny Hace 5 días
Iᔕ IT ᒍᑌᔕT ᗰE, ᗷᑌT Iᔕ ᕼIᔕ ᐯOIᑕE E᙭Tᖇᗩ ᒪOᗯ Iᑎ TᕼE ᗷEGIᑎᑎIᑎG?
장재우 Hace 5 días
bts l love you
Huỳnh Ngọc Thảo
Xem phụ đề mà muốn khóc :((
Serena Cardenas
Serena Cardenas Hace 5 días
Replay buttons because I know you need them: 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 You can thank me later.😉
Jacklyn Jen
Jacklyn Jen Hace 5 días
Jk ain't fucking around with his voice damn
Laurikus Tunjo
Laurikus Tunjo Hace 5 días
Ending y scenary tienen un parecido. Sera por el vkook
M Mm
M Mm Hace 5 días
الصوت خيال احب أصواتهم اذا كانت هادئه في كوك جيمين شوقا جين آر آم جيهوب
JustAnother Viewer
JustAnother Viewer Hace 5 días
This shows how much JK likes IU ;-; i ship this hopeless romantic and korea's little sister
Мин Ен DIY
Мин Ен DIY Hace 5 días
Мин Ен DIY
Мин Ен DIY Hace 5 días
J-hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and Чонгук
Thalyta mafra
Thalyta mafra Hace 5 días
Love a
꾹이황금막내 Hace 6 días
목소리도 좋고҉ 얼굴도 잘생겻고҉ 역시̆̈ 황금막내 전정국❤️❤️
T ARMY Hace 6 días
These are real feelings Jeon jungkook???
ARMY BTS Hace 6 días
Listen to JK cover and listen again to IU's . The thing suddenly realized: "Ah ~ JK likes IU so much, how can I do anything but keep loving and hurt so much" :(
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee Hace 6 días
On Ending Scene's MV, the English lyrics are more grammatically correct and have slightly different meanings, I would really recommend listening and reading the lyrics there. It's a bit more heartbreaking as well :') esvid.net/video/vídeo-Rh5ok0ljrzA.html
Tea jin jhope
Tea jin jhope Hace 6 días
I like it
CinderIllusion Hace 6 días
“You have the right to be happier” I’ve been so depressed lately. This made me cry, thank you so much.
c h i m k o o k y o o n g i
J❤💙💚 Je❤💙💚 Jeo❤💙💚 Jeon❤💙💚 Jeon J❤💙💚 Jeon Ju❤💙💚 Jeon Jun❤💙💚 Jeon Jung❤💙💚 Jeon Jungk❤💙💚 Jeon Jungko❤💙💚 Jeon Jungkoo❤💙💚 Jeon Jungkook❤💙💚
Ha Bui
Ha Bui Hace 6 días
nghe mà trái tim tôi thắt lại vì giọng ngọt của oppa của toii
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Hace 6 días
Me quieres matar ???????? Jungkookie me quieres matar??
zineb abid
zineb abid Hace 6 días
who's creying right now ......
-_ Hace 7 días
마이크가 너무 좋은데...? 소름이 이상하게 돋네
CrimsonDark_2811 Hace 7 días
Sometimes, it actually angers me how emotional their lyrics, and their voices are, and how beautiful they (Their voices and lyrics (And them as people)) are. Because the tug my heart strings so much. But, I purple them for that, and I'm glad that they came into my life. And now I fear they'll leave
K-pop Trash
K-pop Trash Hace 7 días
Jk chincha love you very much ur voice is so soft like cotton
Risa Suga
Risa Suga Hace 7 días
....scenery(v)ending scene (JK)vkook kookv? (I'm kidding5555)
더블유걸 Hace 7 días
와~ 역시 전국이 오빠다~^^❤❤❤
Bé Nấm
Bé Nấm Hace 7 días
Ainun Ayoe
Ainun Ayoe Hace 7 días
Joana Lagata
Joana Lagata Hace 7 días
The voice of Jungkook so beautiful I love this song👍👍💞💞😭😭
오정원 Hace 8 días
bang tan boy jungkook k pop music song thank you ♥
Elisabete Silvestre
Elisabete Silvestre Hace 8 días
Lina Hace 8 días
Jimin- promise V- scenery Jungkook- ending scene Waiting for jin to complete it 😊
Lina Hace 5 días
+Just Another Potato Who Loves BTS yes I do
Just Another Potato Who Loves BTS
But you know that this is just a cover right? IU made the original song
Akeeshia Rhiane Hipolito
My heart is now collapsing.. this is cute and emotional,like kookie really said "I really hope you meet someone who will love you more than you." *wipes tears* I..am not okay so far ;--; 1 like = more tissues and hearts for every army
lina schmidt
lina schmidt Hace 8 días
There is no one that touch you right in the feelings like jungkook does with his sining. His voice is something so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes.
Kim SJin
Kim SJin Hace 8 días
Hopefully ARMYS won’t get mad at them if they disband or even like someone and decides to create a family. They’re like us, we don’t own them. They gave us happiness so we should not be a hindrance to their own happiness as well.
amyraamir Hace 8 días
Beautiful song! Beautiful Voice! Beautiful Soul
`하따 Hace 8 días
레모닝님 한국사람이에요? 아니믕 외국사람이에요..? Are you Korean? Or are you a foreigner?
Otaku World
Otaku World Hace 9 días
i loved iu's voice with this song but jungkook's one is also so amazing
Mae Music
Mae Music Hace 9 días
I feel like all the boys songs have to do with the new album. Cause RM said the album is a thank you to army (RIP my heart) so I think it's something along the lines of this Promise: I promise to always be there for you in your darkest times Scenery: you make our scenery brighter with your love and support I love you: pretty self explanatory tbh Ending scene: please care for yourselves and stay happy and healthy. You are beautiful. You'll make it through these hard times and we'll always be there for you I love our boys so much and this is just a theory but could be a possibility
Оксана Персик
Ооооо, Чонгук❤❤❤
Intaellectual Hace 9 días
I started crying when i first heard this. his voice is so beautiful😭❤
try choi
try choi Hace 9 días
처음 들을때보다 반복해서 들을수록 더 정국이의 노래에 빠져드네요~~~~
Urvashi Chamoli
Urvashi Chamoli Hace 9 días
Wowwww woowww wooooowww....I love this Voice
B to the T to the S
B to the T to the S Hace 10 días
Woah! I’m actually jungshook, his voice is beautiful.! 💜 Borahae 💜
전소연 Hace 10 días
아..영어 못하는데 스트레스 받게왜 닷글이 다 영어여!!
전소연 Hace 10 días
으어.. 정국이 목소리로 들으니까 새로운 느낌이닷..
Rin Lee
Rin Lee Hace 10 días
To my first crush, where are you now? You promised that you'll be back to help me escape this world of loneliness.... you lied....
i am AP
i am AP Hace 10 días
This gives me a heart attack, so beautiful
Josie Victor
Josie Victor Hace 10 días
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