BTS Jungkook (방탄소년단 정국) - Ending Scene (이런 엔딩) (COVER) (Ver 1) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng/가사]

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집에서 쉽게 해 먹는 음식 영상! - "집밥"
Making Korean food that BTS also likes. Home Cooking! I love it.
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Artist: BTS Jungkook
Track: Ending Scene (이런 엔딩)
Album: No Album
Release : 2019.01.23
Ending Scene (이런 엔딩)
BTS Ending Scene (이런 엔딩) LYRICS
BTS Ending Scene (이런 엔딩)
Ending Scene (이런 엔딩) LYRICS
방탄소년단 Ending Scene (이런 엔딩)
방탄소년단 Ending Scene (이런 엔딩) 가사
방탄소년단 Ending Scene (이런 엔딩) Lyrics
#BTS #방탄소년단 #EndingScene #JUNGKOOK #정국


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23 ene 2019






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Comentarios 3 987
레모링 Hace 7 días
집에서 쉽게 해 먹는 음식 영상! - "집밥" Making Korean food that BTS also likes. Home Cooking! I love it. 클릭.CLICK! ▷esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-E82QVJAXWOk.html
Joy Koh
Joy Koh Hace 9 horas
this made my heart die... i am literally crying in my heart so sad but so heartfelt 😢 😭 😢
fefeng kyot
fefeng kyot Hace 10 horas
3:11 and i start crying. i can't hold back my tears. how can you do this to me, guk 💔
Josephine Alvarez
Josephine Alvarez Hace 19 horas
i need the instrumental of this cover😩😩 please someone help me...
ĵūñğĸooĸ ðaððý
هذه الاغنية تجعلني اشتاق لحبيبي ولكن المشكلة انني لم ارتبط من قبل و ليس لدي احد احبه ولكن بعد تفكير طويل رأيت انني حقا مجنونة ومجنونة بماذا مجنونة بحبي لملاك مجنونة بحبي لشخص اعلم انه لن يكون ملكي حتا ولو فعلت المستحيل الكل يعرف من هو انه جونغكوك .....لااريد اطالة الحديث لانني ان اطلت فلن اتوقف.
Alyza Vanesse Belza
Alyza Vanesse Belza Hace un día
OhMyGod! Kookie’s voice is like an angel...this song makes my day feel better
Ji Ji
Ji Ji Hace un día
Sweet Attack
Sweet Attack Hace 2 días
i got goosebumps!!
김태형 Hace 2 días
army bts
army bts Hace 3 días
nghe như chó dại sủa
Alanna Poblacio
Alanna Poblacio Hace 4 días
Jungkook sings a song with all the right emotions. I’m really moved, i felt how emotional and hurt the person was. “What is this” was the line that he sang that made me feel so hurt. I swear jungkook, ure a gift from heaven.
kookieh Hace 5 días
I really need other songs like this that sang by bts' members heuheu
Regina Louise Villanueva
Note; Please appreciate Ending Scene not just because Jungkook sang it. Let's appreciate it for it's unique beauty and the emotion in IU and Jungkook when they song the song and the beauty of the lyrics and the composition. Let's not label Ending Scene as "The Song Jeon Jungkook Sang", let's love it because it's beautiful, the original or his cover!
Lyne ytb
Lyne ytb Hace 5 días
I've a feeling that this song is for Taehyung...
Nyumi Liz
Nyumi Liz Hace 2 días
He released this on 23 Jan 2019 and IU's last relationship ended on 23 Jan 2017. So I don't think it's to do with Taehyung!
Eunice Javier
Eunice Javier Hace 5 días
Kookie has an angelic voicee😍. My heartu is collapsingg this song is very emotional💓
Eunice Javier
Eunice Javier Hace 5 días
Kookie has an angelic voicee😍. My heartu is collapsingg this song is very emotional💓
Rithy Ung
Rithy Ung Hace 5 días
Chloe Estrada
Chloe Estrada Hace 6 días
this song absolutely broke me
I don't speak Korean, I came here because my love for IU.
Amber Ayra
Amber Ayra Hace 8 días
Actually, he n IU have a magical angelic voice. Both carry out the emotion that overwhelm us all. Each are unique in their own way but they both touch us through their voices n music. I loved this song, be it the original singer or the cover. Coz both are so beautifully conveyed the feelings but damn, this song made me cry in the middle of the nighT...So beautiful
reign benioni
reign benioni Hace 8 días
*does iu know how lucky she is..* i hope so.. ☯️
Indonesia Gamer
Indonesia Gamer Hace 8 días
JK ❤️
Jeongsook Jeon
Jeongsook Jeon Hace 8 días
Jungkook really sings a soulful song.And how captivating his voice is!! He move my heart better than anyone.
sad lol
sad lol Hace 8 días
정국이 목소리: 솜사탕 목소리. 노래할 때 마다 달콤함이 녹아내린다.... ....나비들이 그의 주위를 달려들어 날아다닌다..... ... 응 개인적인 환상이미지....>U< 꺄아아아양아ㅏㅇ야아아아아야아아야아야아야ㅑ아어어아어아ㅜ웅우으우ㅡㅜㅡㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠUㅠ
Mình Tên Trứng
Mình Tên Trứng Hace 8 días
Bài hát buồn thật, dù không giống với hoàn cảnh của tôi bây h nhưng khi nghe nó tôi luôn cảm thấy buồn lắm ,có lúc còn khóc nữa. Giọng cậu hay lắm Jeongguk à, cậu đã truyền tải được cảm xúc vào bài hát 😥
현즈엉 Hace 10 días
Annika Heinsen
Annika Heinsen Hace 11 días
sorry jungkook. im not feeling it as much as iu.
Hiền Lê
Hiền Lê Hace 11 días
Hay quá Kookie ơi 💓💘❤
Jetel Jacala
Jetel Jacala Hace 11 días
Omg he covered IU ending scene❤️❤️😮😮😮😮
Suga Kookies And tae
Suga Kookies And tae Hace 11 días
Is that an angel singing?
belen anayeli cocom euan
Me desmaye de tanta perfección de voz :'3
Smile KT
Smile KT Hace 12 días
If jungkook is sing 🎶 a song feat IU They are amazing 😉
Bon Bonnn
Bon Bonnn Hace 12 días
This is so sweet
koukie bkt
koukie bkt Hace 12 días
he is killing me with his soft voice that why i stan kookie the song was beautiful too
Akasha Kirby
Akasha Kirby Hace 12 días
His voice is like honey
Ritie Kookie
Ritie Kookie Hace 12 días
I really love you jk ...!
Defita Amanda
Defita Amanda Hace 13 días
bintaro tangerang serpong
Rush Ind
Rush Ind Hace 13 días
What ever you do.. We always stand by u boys
Mu Yueliang
Mu Yueliang Hace 13 días
You know, I feel like I've been lulled into Jungkook's story of the song. Every emotion is expressed softly into his voice. I've been sucked into his thoughts and longings. There's so much to be felt. It's a song that would make you cry yourself to sleep. I feel like I would wonder all of this before I drift off, just questioning things and remembering things.
Moch Chimmin
Moch Chimmin Hace 13 días
내 마음 .. Jungkook your voice sounds like an ANGEL!
Makka usm.
Makka usm. Hace 14 días
This song is so sad😭
시우. Hace 14 días
내가 싫어요 누르면 500인데 고민이군
Astri Wulandari
Astri Wulandari Hace 14 días
IU ❤jungkook
한별 Hace 15 días
Jungkook covering my favorite iu song???? How did I just find out about this.
卡茲 Hace 15 días
army, let's stick together till the end, let's always help eachother out. also, let's cherish our moments with bts.
Kim Lek
Kim Lek Hace 15 días
meshi Hace 16 días
luv 😭😭😭😭😭
Min Suga
Min Suga Hace 16 días
bakit ang sakit? 😭
Hawau Touray
Hawau Touray Hace 16 días
never knew I needed this. Thank you for existing Jungkook.
annie moses
annie moses Hace 17 días
I really want Jungkook and IU to collab!!~
Vivian Zhou
Vivian Zhou Hace 17 días
Nam Jesus please let IU and Jungkook do a collaboration Ar-men ( lol get it ar men army men lol)
Chim Chim Park
Chim Chim Park Hace 17 días
It sounds really sad but i love the way he sing. It makes me love it a lot ♥
― dumplings
― dumplings Hace 18 días
(2:38) the way he says that line.. full of emotion, it's like he's experienced this before.. agh *I love you too much jungkook* and I'm very proud of you
Ff w
Ff w Hace 19 días
MUHAMMAD Reza Hace 19 días
Thanks JK you made my day so beautiful
redjugaz redjugaz
redjugaz redjugaz Hace 19 días
The intro sounds like "beautiful goodbye by exo chen" :D
Emily Lee
Emily Lee Hace 19 días
전졍구우우우ㅜㄱ~~~~~~~~넌 내마음을 녹인다 정말로 사랑해~!!!!!!!
김뽀율ᄏ Hace 20 días
진짜 노래 좋아요...♥
루미사루 Hace 20 días
My My
My My Hace 20 días
This song have many meaningful !
Francesca Leguia
Francesca Leguia Hace 20 días
I am your favorite Army I love you A lot Jungkook 🥰🥰🥰 be my girlfriend
Faradiba TS
Faradiba TS Hace 20 días
ndeh adem:(
Ingemann Ingemann
Ingemann Ingemann Hace 20 días
I'm crying, he has the voice of an angel ╥﹏╥
Karma Choki
Karma Choki Hace 21 un día
Please please baby koo!😭😭😭 your voice!😭😭😭😭 I cried a lot and its only your voice who made meh cry till date.😭😭😭❤❤❤ I love my baby Koo,, and please be HAPPY!!❤💎💎
Happy Laili
Happy Laili Hace 21 un día
I feel like jungkook singing beside me :")
aanvi kumar
aanvi kumar Hace 21 un día
Is anyone else crying?
가뎨담 Hace 21 un día
제가 2년전에 차이고 매일 밤 울면서 듣던 노랜데ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이렇게 들으니 옛날 생각 나요.. 감성이 즈응말 찰떡이세요 :)
fina iryanti
fina iryanti Hace 21 un día
DOAA ARME Hace 21 un día
yo its alena
yo its alena Hace 21 un día
Hoa Hạ Tạ Vũ
Hoa Hạ Tạ Vũ Hace 21 un día
I dunno why but I heard this song from the first day it was released. Iu made me sleepless. JK made me also sleepless, but I can't stop myself to come back and keep listening to him again and again
Park Jimin95
Park Jimin95 Hace 21 un día
This song made me miss my boyfriend-- --But I don't have one..???
ĵūñğĸooĸ ðaððý
Me too
Oun Laura
Oun Laura Hace 12 días
Lisa I have to go to school I’ll be back around 3pm I luv u see u later❤️💗💓💞💜💜💞💗💓🥰💝🥰😍😘
Oun Laura
Oun Laura Hace 12 días
namjin child friends are always there for each other right and can I ask u a question do u have any social media cause I want to get to know u more. This is the first person that made me happy I have friends but there fake. If u do have any social media my Snapchat name is oun_laura ❤️💓💗😊🥰
namjin child
namjin child Hace 12 días
Oun Laura awww you’re so sweet, thank you jen💕💖💓💗💝💘💞💗
Oun Laura
Oun Laura Hace 12 días
namjin child thank u. I hope ur happy in ur life if there’s something wrong u can always tell me I’m there for u all the time like friends do ❤️❤️💜💗💓😊🥰
Hannah Ballanger
Hannah Ballanger Hace 21 un día
I purple you Jungkookie!!
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez Hace 22 días
I need the exact keys to this piano piece
minyoongi ku
minyoongi ku Hace 22 días
lagunya ngena di hati
weni William
weni William Hace 22 días
Iu big fan 😊
Hanna Turambi
Hanna Turambi Hace 23 días
Omg so cute
Lệ Nhật
Lệ Nhật Hace 23 días
ppeachie Hace 24 días
i want the song to play on the day of my funeral... my heart is screamin
Naurisa Sylma
Naurisa Sylma Hace 24 días
Apa perbedaannya ver.1 sm ver.2
Hiếu Vũ
Hiếu Vũ Hace 24 días
Who is this, V or JK. Their voice are so samilar
Nyumi Liz
Nyumi Liz Hace 20 días
It's a cover by JK not V!
Trúc Linh
Trúc Linh Hace 24 días
졍새 Hace 24 días
원래 아이유노래네....
Tamara Saez
Tamara Saez Hace 24 días
(Todo bien hasta que me enteré de que la canción es de IU)
kpop bruh
kpop bruh Hace 25 días
I honestly can't wait for his Mixtape.
Raining Umie - морские свинки
seems to me all beautiful music is born in Korea nowadays. i always have tears in my eyes listening K-pop ballads
릴카조아 Hace 25 días
어떻게 설명칸에 iu 이두글자가 없냐..
Lorraine Santos
Lorraine Santos Hace 25 días
why do i listen to this while im reading a sad story im crying uwu
톨레스세이 Hace 25 días
the moment i saw the word 'disband' in the comments... sh*t these tears
톨레스세이 Hace 25 días
why did i scroll on the comments, im crying now😭
X T I N C T Hace 25 días
Stop overworking boiz I swear y’all gonna make me cri!!!
xxyoongixx Hace 25 días
crying a river
LISOO LISOO Hace 25 días
J'adore 😍❤ il chante tellement bien mon p'tit kookie 😘❤ c'est un très beau cover de IU ❤
Alliana Vera
Alliana Vera Hace 26 días
That voice never fails to make me smile
cinnamon 21
cinnamon 21 Hace 27 días
Basically the male version of IU. I can imagine him singing “Through the night”, Knees, Heart, Dear Name, Full Stop, sounds really good in my mind!
layla dukes
layla dukes Hace 28 días
oh my god i just got chills
taikhoan MA
taikhoan MA Hace 28 días
Purple Moon477
Purple Moon477 Hace 28 días
Imagine this being the end....
Park Soyoung
Park Soyoung Hace 29 días
no offence but this cover is better than the original
Muntasir Rahman
Muntasir Rahman Hace 13 días
nope...great cover though.
Nyumi Liz
Nyumi Liz Hace 20 días
dumb comment ever!
G D Hace 24 días
no offence but the original is the best
Han Han
Han Han Hace 29 días
no IU is better, sorry. jungkook lower key in the beginning is so strange
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