BTS Jungkook (정국) "Still With You" lyrics (Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

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Engtrans: Sinae Kim & 김상진
• Artist: BTS Jungkook 정국
• Song ♫: Still With You
• Album: FESTA 2020
• Released: 2020.06.05
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4 jun 2020






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Nina Hace 5 minutos
I'm gonna be honest, it's not BTS's charisma that attracts me , their are so many charismatic people in this world. It's the emotional connection. For me this song, it's not jk singing to a girl.. It's my feelings. The line " Dark night, with no light I shouldn't get used to it, but I've gotten used to it" , is literally my childhood.
Shu Kurenai41
Shu Kurenai41 Hace 14 minutos
His angelic voice passes through my ears and straightly goes to my heart....
Jasleen Kaur
Jasleen Kaur Hace 15 minutos
All i wanna say is that.. I'm listening to it.. Like 100th time and i still have goosebumps.. This happens everytime i listen to still with you.. It literally became my favorite when i listened to it the very first time and..it's still my favorite and i think it'll always be.. Jungkook's voice is literally... Like..the best.. It just sends you to heaven.. You feel like you're in another world when you listen to him.. This song is really a masterpiece...it's so iconic...and so do jk himself.. 💜💜💜
Asha Saha
Asha Saha Hace 34 minutos
Jungkook : Will you call my name one more time? Army : Jeon jeongguk , jungkook ,kookie , kook , kook oppa , cookie .WE CAN CALL YOU EVERY SECOND...
Asha Saha
Asha Saha Hace 37 minutos
Bts to army : we are still with you Army to bts : don't we know ? You taught us we never walk alone.
Reiponzelle Lacson
Reiponzelle Lacson Hace 49 minutos
Ashina Shabir
Ashina Shabir Hace 53 minutos
i'm addicted to this song😍❤💕
Shreya Singh
Shreya Singh Hace un hora
We don't deserve this angel of a person. His voice is so soothing.
sanjeevani Yadav
sanjeevani Yadav Hace un hora
I want someone to play this song in my funeral so my soul could get peace✌😌😛 .... it's reallly soothing!!
snuggle cakeee
snuggle cakeee Hace un hora
so basically this songs make me as an army,since my friend knows that i like this kind of genre(sad kinda)she suggested this to me,and since tht day i never stopp listening to it,i started stanning them and jungkook is my bias😊their other songs for me really is good king of kpop
Emmy De La Mora
Emmy De La Mora Hace un hora
It’s official if you are still here it has been a month. YEs IM StILl HOokED
emma lily
emma lily Hace 2 horas
250 subs before July CHALLENGE
The first time I listen to this is without using my headphones and I was like it's good but I just accidentally came back and this time with my headphones and WTF it's 7,000 times better if you use headphones cause you can hear all the melodies and tunes that was used in the song and set aside all the noises in your house *THIS IS MASTERPIECE OMG I'M GONNA STAN NOW*
Sassy K719
Sassy K719 Hace 3 horas
Jungkook inspires me
ROSÉ styles
ROSÉ styles Hace 3 horas
"I'll look you in the eye and say I missed you" 'my hearteu'
ROSÉ styles
ROSÉ styles Hace 3 horas
Main Vocalist. Periodism
Young An
Young An Hace 4 horas
love this song
Incognito Hace 5 horas
You literally cant say hes a bad singer. Like, bitch WHERE
Nakulkan Tahom
Nakulkan Tahom Hace 5 horas
His voice 😭😭😭
Ashwin Jones
Ashwin Jones Hace 6 horas
Oppa is gonna look ARMY straight in each of our eyes and say he missed us . My god when that day comes. ... Im gonna smile for the rest of my life . And not say one single word . Ever again.
جوري الغامدي2009
الاغنية ذي لامست قلبي بطريقة غريبة!!حسيت بنسيم بارد و هاديء و احساس لذيذ وانا احس بصوت جونغكوك يدخلني بسلاسة كذا،صوته كنز واحنا محظوظين ان العالم سمح لنا نسمع صوته!!صوته راحه نفسية وبس!!!!
Taehyung Yeonjun
Taehyung Yeonjun Hace 7 horas
I Can’t stop listening... WoW
Mrs.MinSuga Hace 7 horas
Jungkook: Would you please call my name one more time Me: JUNGKOOOOK
Merola Anise
Merola Anise Hace 8 horas
Merola Anise
Merola Anise Hace 8 horas
Every time i listen to this song i feel so warm and cry idk why but this song just hits deeply.. Thank you jungkook for making us this masterpiece ❤️
Midnight Safari
Midnight Safari Hace 9 horas
Wait theres litterly rain in the backround
Midnight Safari
Midnight Safari Hace 9 horas
This song is so realxing and soothing and bonus i love it when people put that effect in a song (like the way itsounds in the beggining)
imen 22
imen 22 Hace 9 horas
Halle Stamps
Halle Stamps Hace 11 horas
His voice is the only thing that can keep me calm🥺
Complicated Case of Catatonia
Kookie. You're beautiful.
Aditi Gandhi
Aditi Gandhi Hace 11 horas
This song gives me such a vibe ...... I don't know why but his voice is soooooo smooth that it literally gave me chills . But seriously , wow!!! This is the kind of song I wanna listen on a rainy day looking out of my window lost in his voice and memories of past
Looking Joshua Lopez
Looking Joshua Lopez Hace 13 horas
Super duper garbage
Rabha .k.pop2004
Rabha .k.pop2004 Hace 13 horas
Naej kookie
Naej kookie Hace 13 horas
Jk your such an angel!!!!! Your voice has a healing power!!!!... i know bts because of you.... im happy that i know someone like you... im your avid fun!!!!!
석민존 Hace 14 horas
나는이 노래를 매우 기쁘게 생각합니다.
ATR youtube
ATR youtube Hace 14 horas
How is his voice so soothing. I wanna cry
Josh Estillore
Josh Estillore Hace 14 horas
Is this about Sinb
I purple you
I purple you Hace 14 horas
리재 Hace 14 horas
at 03.04 he's actually saying '잡아줘' : )
elsa Hace 15 horas
Well let's be honest... it's not your first time here , mine neither 😅 This is my 30th time listening to this song
LiLyy Hace 16 horas
Come here to listen to a chill song but end up crying tfff 😭
Arigona Mehmeti
Arigona Mehmeti Hace 16 horas
Junkshook! 🥴
JANIS ATI Hace 17 horas
Ugly b
Thanu Shree
Thanu Shree Hace 17 horas
Jungkook’s voice is my comfort pill,it gives my heart satisfaction.
Fatimah84 Wahyu
Fatimah84 Wahyu Hace 17 horas
Lagunya bikin baper..jungkook suraanya mantul 😍😍😍😍
csh2676 choi
csh2676 choi Hace 17 horas
10m congrats everyone
nrizzaisyah Hace 17 horas
I love him
Choudhury Lamisa
Choudhury Lamisa Hace 18 horas
Oh God!Please some one help me!!I am gonna faint at anytime!!
Mochi Hace 18 horas
It's like sitting in front of a window, watching the rain softly pour, missing my lover
Alvina Mulia
Alvina Mulia Hace 18 horas
Raja Mamidi
Raja Mamidi Hace 18 horas
Its a copy remaked after bts rain-dark and wild......
Ebooşşş Bem
Ebooşşş Bem Hace 19 horas
IMor Style
IMor Style Hace 19 horas
This song should be kdrama song💕
aita TK
aita TK Hace 19 horas
This song is so beautiful.
Tú Trần
Tú Trần Hace 20 horas
Ra 9_
Ra 9_ Hace 20 horas
bts need to release this song on spotify
Devyani Dibu
Devyani Dibu Hace 20 horas
i am so lost in it~~
Adilah Fitya
Adilah Fitya Hace 20 horas
Haize vibes 😄
DRALIONTAN_E Hace 20 horas
Why how come whenever I listen to this song I think of the kdrama Shark and Bad Guy or something similar to that genre. Who’s a Kim Nam Gil fan?!
Nur Yasmin Wardina Anuar
Nur Yasmin Wardina Anuar Hace 21 un hora
Imagine Jungkook sing this song for his girlfriend ^^
poranesian parapio
poranesian parapio Hace 22 horas
this song is soo asthetic
Ayu Erlina Wasih
Ayu Erlina Wasih Hace 22 horas
Kookie 😘😘😘
달밤 Hace 23 horas
999만회 불-편 내가 1000만회 곧 만들어야지
Buket Türköz
Buket Türköz Hace 23 horas
Kim Tổng
Kim Tổng Hace 23 horas
Nghe thật ấm áp và dễ chịu
Ειρηνηη Hace 23 horas
This could easily be in a musical like la la land
Deena Zaini
Deena Zaini Hace un día
Such soothing and a e s t h e t i c song T,T
Lyn Da
Lyn Da Hace un día
유진 Hace un día
이게 정국이 노래였구나 대박 너무 좋아🤦🏻‍♀️ 비 오는 날 들으면 눈물 줄줄 일 것 같아ㅠ
john paulo animation
mine lisa im kyl wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahah
john paulo animation
ano laban ka patakala😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛
john paulo animation
Maricielo Chávez
Maricielo Chávez Hace un día
Jk I love you so much I am crying
Maricielo Chávez
Maricielo Chávez Hace un día
Los amo basta
Serena05 Jackson
Serena05 Jackson Hace un día
I wish this was on Spotify
Stay Gold
Stay Gold Hace 21 un hora
Muhamad Rahmanjani
Muhamad Rahmanjani Hace un día
PK Soniwal
PK Soniwal Hace un día
Meow jesty
Meow jesty Hace un día
This is addictive than drugs.
Lii Lii
Lii Lii Hace un día
- Người Việt Nam nhaa
Kaye Sachi
Kaye Sachi Hace un día
this song is perfect to listen when raining
누텔라 Hace un día
I want to cry
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