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Musical guest BTS performs "Mic Drop" on Saturday Night Live.
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14 abr 2019

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Comentarios 35 319
WutDaFreakNutz Hace un hora
My routine: Watch video, read comments, then repeat
Unknown Girl
Unknown Girl Hace 3 horas
I used to hate K-Pop, but BTS' talent changed me. I'm a new army and I'm proud to be the part of it. Thanks guys 😍
Jasmyn McGhee.
Jasmyn McGhee. Hace 7 horas
I remeber seeing a rerun of this episode.
dark Queen
dark Queen Hace 7 horas
واوووووو حلو روعه يا حلاتكوم
Alyssa Victoria
Alyssa Victoria Hace 8 horas
My HaNdS cArrY Em
aygün tiptip
aygün tiptip Hace 8 horas
Jimin 💙
DLRS1 Hace 9 horas
Sorry but, living for RM's Louis Vuitton hoodie ;)
•SunnySunflower• Hace 10 horas
I still wonder.. did Tae Tae find his bag 💼?
hartnet12345 Hace 10 horas
2:15 wow angry taehyung seems so good
irischelle dela cruz
irischelle dela cruz Hace 11 horas
I've been watching them for 3 days straight now, but I've known them for a while but never really given them that much attention until now. I'm addicted! 💜
irischelle dela cruz
@7starsthatshine bright thank you for welcoming me.. 😊 Like I've said i have known them for quite a while now, but never really took the time to really get to know them.. And now here i am binging over their videos. 😁 Before i only know jungkook and v, now i know all of them and i love them all. 💜💜💜
7starsthatshine bright
hey welcome to BTS :) and ARMYs ^^ I feel u beifore becoming a fan I did even listen to their music from time to time but wasnt interested in learning more lol how stupied I was dang ...but one day I got curious and I fell hard for them, their music, their lyrics and performances ...now there isnt a day were I dont listen to their music or watch some funny videos of them :) if u need any help let me know but I see u allready know about the purple heart :) or was this a coincidence ? :D
Mihir Hace 12 horas
this is the reason why BTS totally deserves the attention they get, its so hard to sing and dance like that at the same time, they are amazingly hard working people who respect the art, unlike todays artist who are not even bothered to sing while standing, all they know is to make autotuned music and flex.
Moonchild Hace 12 horas
Y'all are going crazy about this performance, go watch mic drop MAMA version live and MAMA version dance practice and come back to thank me
LM AO Hace 14 horas
This is fucking insane. I finally know why all the people about this guys. can you recommend more this guy's song that you think that best?
hana Jin
hana Jin Hace 3 horas
Please check out " Not today " & "Fire" M/V
7starsthatshine bright
LM AO oh this is hard BTS are the rare sort of Artist were u can listen to their Albums without being disappointed :) so if u have the time and are interested check them out :) But a few recommandations: ( it still are 12 but there is so much more I would recom. lol hope u understand how hard it can be to chose) 1) Outro : Tear ( only the 3 rappenrs no MV only fancams from concerts ...full on energy performance) 2) Chyper pt 4 ( only the 3 rappers, no MV, only live performances) 3) Silver Spoon ( no MV BUT : dance practice here on youtube, ;) and live performances) 4) Ddaeng ( only on their Soundcloud account : soundcloud.com/bangtan/ddceremony 6) Spring Day ( MV, look for theory video on the MV + Lyrics push the CC buttom on the MV) 7) Blood Sweat & Tears ( MV !!! high end story telling a lot of symbolism based on a book called "Demian") 8) HOME ( no MV ) 9) Singularity ( only one member, has an MV ) 10) Dope ( has an MV ...look at the eng sub for lyrics) 11) Hous of Cards ( only the 4 vocalists no MV) 12) Heartbeat ( it's the soundtrack to their phone game, has an MV but on a different account: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-aKSxbt-O6TA.html ----- their lyrics are also awesome here is a side with english translations + explanations : doolsetbangtan.wordpress.com ---- an introduction video from 2018 to the Members of BTS : esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-xu0IfBvZMRs.html ( P.S it is missing new music & more but still a good starting point) Hope u have fun :)
Nameless M.
Nameless M. Hace 13 horas
if u liked mic drop you'd probably like ddaeng, cypher 3, cypher 4 and outro:tear
Pi Pipi
Pi Pipi Hace 16 horas
Carmen B
Carmen B Hace 17 horas
Taehyung, amazing singer, dancer, visual artist and charisma...
Myles Cremat
Myles Cremat Hace 18 horas
3:36 - 3:44 THIS IS ILLEGAL 😭♥️😍
Rob Catbagan
Rob Catbagan Hace 21 un hora
decided to focus first on jin bc he my bias but that yellow pants of v kept on bothering me to focus on him too🤣💜
Wafa Zahra
Wafa Zahra Hace 22 horas
I dont like K-pop but.. I so much like BTS. Figth me
방생탄사 Hace un día
진짜 몸이부서지도록 췄네ㅜㅇㅠ 💜
김유진 Hace un día
Charaze Ugmad
Charaze Ugmad Hace un día
First BTS song I love. Second is Boy With Luv coz it has mah girl Halsey in it.
Jakayla Hart-Turner
Jakayla Hart-Turner Hace un día
omg how could you look good sweating? lmfaooo
Hace un día
Anyone else notice jimin's gasp of air at 1:11? Actually whenever he sings you can hear it haha thats awesome.
adel karassartova
adel karassartova Hace un día
*OKAY, WHO’S THE GUY IN A SHIRT WITH ROSES, WHO SANG THE BRIDGE PART?!! HE’S SO FREAKING HANDSOME, I’M A STAN NOW* edit: i know his name now and omg, Jin is freaking perfect
Jen Dover
Jen Dover Hace un día
Jin, the eldest in the group.
Kripa Tiwari
Kripa Tiwari Hace un día
But why is j hope wearing kurtha paijama?
Kim G
Kim G Hace un día
47 year old AA female, and yes I've been ARMY now because of performances like this for about 2 months. And just so you know, my bias is the one from Korea!
Christina Nomee
Christina Nomee Hace un día
2 words...J Dope!
Jeannelle J Cesar
Jeannelle J Cesar Hace un día
Desi Fitria
Desi Fitria Hace un día
They performed soooo good, my heart hurts 😖😖😖
kyung tae lim
kyung tae lim Hace un día
MeLiAnn Hace un día
These guys blew every American pop boy band out of the water nobody even comes close to these guys... they are on a whole nother level of talent then anything we've seen in America before..Wow.
Suman Gurung
Suman Gurung Hace un día
This is so cool
Nana I yoonkookmin's manager
keep coming back to this video to put jungkook's part controlling hoseok's hips with his hand on loop
Olivia Hinson
Olivia Hinson Hace 2 días
The boy bands here don't put work into dancing like that so you wonder why everyone's a fan of bts now. Personally not my thing but I can see that they're talented
Jill M Izzo
Jill M Izzo Hace 2 días
They are cool! Wow!
Melisa V.
Melisa V. Hace 2 días
I keep coming back to this video that started it all for me. I love them so much.
Negin S.
Negin S. Hace 2 días
This performance is the reason of my death I’m honest
Holly Hace 2 días
I've avoided getting sucked in by these guys for years now, finally giving in after all the peer pressure. Gotta say, best few months of my life so far lol
A pinchOfSalt
A pinchOfSalt Hace 2 días
people in the comments are so shook and this isn't even one of their AVERAGE performances! their power IS MUCH STRONGER
Eleanor Malone
Eleanor Malone Hace 2 días
Seeing bts on snl was the first time that I had heard their music. Their dancing and singing is what pulled me in. They are such talented men.
Harleen Multani
Harleen Multani Hace 2 días
My first reaction to J-hope in this was is he wearing a kurta pajama? (sorry Indians understand this)
Harleen Multani
Harleen Multani Hace un día
@Thank me later Guy Are you a fellow indian ARMY?
Thank me later Guy
Thank me later Guy Hace un día
Lol yes me too
Devin McFarlin
Devin McFarlin Hace 2 días
their growls. Speechless
Bangtan GANG
Bangtan GANG Hace 2 días
Am I the only person who was an ARMY way before watching this performance
슈가님은 아예 박자를 갖고 노시네요
Sammie R.
Sammie R. Hace 2 días
When I feel down I come back here to see all ppl b coming ARMYs and it puts a smile on my face💜💜
Маргарита Павлюта
Do yo HEAR that ???? 3:37 OMG Jimiiiin
Thank me later Guy
Thank me later Guy Hace un día
Venessa grace sison
Venessa grace sison Hace 2 días
taehyungie #btsv in blue hair. this got me to support this guy!
케빈 Hace 3 días
Me emputé con los cámaras
Patricia castillo
Patricia castillo Hace 3 días
I recently saw this!!!
JoMacSlauter Hace 3 días
Masterful. Magic
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