BTS performs 'Fire' live on 'GMA' [FULL PERFORMANCE]

Good Morning America
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The international pop music superstars perform their hit live in Central Park. gma.abc/2YwB0mA
#BTSonGMA #BTS #방탄소년단
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16 may 2019

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Comentarios 5 357
octaviana dias
octaviana dias Hace 16 horas
Thats my boy!!
Henaiza Muafiah
Henaiza Muafiah Hace 22 horas
Wowww keren 👍👍👍
DS2 Hace un día
Just plastic dance
Drage Hace 2 días
0:48 Teahyung:
Leo Haze
Leo Haze Hace 2 días
My birthday is May 17 BTS' Love yourself tear album cam out May 18 They preformed tho song live on May 16 Why are you always torturing me like this..?
Seokjin's Underwear
Seokjin's Underwear Hace un día
My birthday... May 15
bts forever
bts forever Hace 2 días
My boys❤
jiawey Hace 3 días
The camera keep rotating I can't even have the chance to spot my bias dancing when he was on the center ugh :(
Chim Chim 16
Chim Chim 16 Hace 4 días
Birthday wish come true 😍
Grilled Asparagus
Grilled Asparagus Hace 4 días
I was wheezing so hard at *2:53* because the cameraman just did them dirty!
Msp Queen Forever
Msp Queen Forever Hace 5 días
Perfect performers perfect songs perfect audience perfect performance *shitty camera work*
Jinky Castillo
Jinky Castillo Hace 5 días
Lucky people 😭😭😭 That's a very GOOD MORNING 🌞
Sabrina Correa
Sabrina Correa Hace 6 días
My Love V , Jun and J -Hope
bpxl53yewz Hace 7 días
Why would the camera guys show a side stage view or zoomed out view when they're dancing with all their might?? We missed the important parts.
Ray RBLX Hace 7 días
Lets all wear white sneakers and not tell Park Jimin 😂😂😂
jin lee
jin lee Hace 7 días
Kim seok jin 😘😘
Taehyung’s Blue Hair
1:38 is me whenever RM’s part comes on
Vanessa Vain
Vanessa Vain Hace 11 días
Gross. ..eewww
billi hilton
billi hilton Hace 11 días
these guys are just awesome!!! How can they dance on the rain drenched floor, jumping and sliding. Isn't that dangerous?
Blinks Stay fresh
Blinks Stay fresh Hace 11 días
Cambodian-Asian gangsters Korean- Kpop and drama Japanese- technology Chinese- martial arts movies and restaurants Filipinos- Dance,Sing and Nursery Indian-spelling bee and Doctors and the rest of others Asians are in between one of these😅😅😅
WINGGAM Hace 12 días
What the fuck.....lame as fuck
The camera work on this was HORRIBLE, for a better performance check this one out, not lame at all -> esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-cbSy36fu6Pk.html
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice Hace 12 días
Suga is done with fire
amor fati
amor fati Hace 13 días
a legendary foot cam... camera men must be antis
Joshua Osborne
Joshua Osborne Hace 15 días
I love Korean celebs over majority of US celebs. They truly respect their fans.
Blinks Stay fresh
Blinks Stay fresh Hace 11 días
Cambodian-Asian gangsters Korean- Kpop and drama Japanese- technology Chinese- martial arts movies and restaurants Filipinos- Dance,Sing and Nursery Indian-spelling bee and Doctors and the rest of others Asians are in between one of these😅😅😅
ARMYBell Hace 15 días
I saw the behind on this whole day w/ the boys, and it was DISASTROUS. Completely unorganized. The boys looked so confused because no one was giving them direction. There were just people everywhere waving them over. You dont wave someone to a direction. You guide them there. If you're going to have top A-list worldwide celebrities on your show, stay professional. I was completely in shock the way BTS was treated. Not only that, the stage was slippery. Don't you know they're dancers? Their manager had to bring out towels and wipe the stage down to prevent from slips, while the GMA staff stood around and did nothing. YOUR staff should've taken care of that beforehand. I bet if Britney Spears or J-Lo was coming, that shit wouldn't have went down that way. You should check yourselves GMA. Horrible!
다임 Hace 15 días
Camera fxxk
B B Hace 15 días
Did the camera really change right at the most iconic moment of this song's choreography? That was...just a turn off The boys rocked as always, though
Hi? Hace 9 días
I’m guessing the American cameramen are not used to kpop choreography After all, kpop just started getting really popular in the west
Lina Ly
Lina Ly Hace 15 días
they didnt film the 333 move properly. CMON THATS THE BEST PART
MH KM Hace 15 días
Just bangton ♡♡♡♡
Uff Da!
Uff Da! Hace 17 días
Good job young Men! Your training, talent and dedication puts you on the top and you have earned it 10 fold!🍍
mèo con mèo con tv
mèo con mèo con tv Hace 17 días
Kim Nam Joon. Kim Seok Jin. Min YoonGi. Jung Hoseok. Park JiMin. Kim. Jeon Jung Kook. BTS. I LOVE YOU
Jung Hoseok
Jung Hoseok Hace 17 días
Queen Fire 👉💘👈
Isaías Martins
Isaías Martins Hace 17 días
Perfect! ❤️
양윤재 Hace 17 días
연습양이 얼마나많길레.격한춤에 노래가나오나? 대단하다 쭉 지속되길
ting luvv
ting luvv Hace 19 días
V taehyung 💜 Hot🔥🔥🔥 Every nice to visual
Diane Diane
Diane Diane Hace 19 días
Camera guy, FOCUS!!!
진공청소기TV Hace 19 días
2:51 함성소름!
Hadeil Attaira
Hadeil Attaira Hace 19 días
I still cant believe they still know the choreo to every single one of their songs
Hadeil Attaira
Hadeil Attaira Hace 19 días
1:18 - 1:21 worst camerawork i have ever seen *why are they fucking filming in the middle of the group and zooming in and out* and _WHY_ THE FUCK are they filming them from the back ????
Youngmi Kim
Youngmi Kim Hace 19 días
3:44 🤣 Yes, This is JIN. I love you😘
johan irawan
johan irawan Hace 19 días
Faaiiiyyaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!
냥칫솔 Hace 19 días
구도 ㅈㄴ 못잡누
여김민정 Hace 20 días
If you're gonna do this, don't invite BTS. I watched the stage rehearsal. It's unbelievable. I can't believe you let the singer mop the floor. I guess the stage manager doesn't work. I think it's crazy. ... have no manners. ABC sucks. Safety comes first. Good Morning America is a major U.S. broadcaster? I didn't know that the U.S. broadcasting was so disorganized. It's a little disappointing. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-F6t9Hh7-e1M.html
Jin seok kim
Jin seok kim Hace 22 días
l love you BTS😘😘❤❤❤💋
Never get tired to watching this again and again
SSFandomLove Hace 23 días
Yo GMA it’s 2019 not 2009 we need >720p 🤦🏻‍♀️
angelika regina
angelika regina Hace 23 días
I still remember when jimin had a voice crack at fire reherseal
Ngọc Huyền
Ngọc Huyền Hace 24 días
help me!! What does "killed it" mean. I really wanna know. 🙏
TV LienLac
TV LienLac Hace 24 días
Music is for all. Share freedom with the world. Democracy is for all. Every child should be heard. Freedom of speech. Freedom of Press.
yechan han
yechan han Hace 24 días
카메라 잡는건 국제 방탄소년단 기준이 필요해 모든 각도로 전부 다 찍어주세요
Nikita Sachdeva
Nikita Sachdeva Hace 24 días
If they were in korea or japan then Armys would be enjoyin the concert or singing along them not busy in takin videos Sorry if someone's offended!!💜
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