BTS Performs "I'm Fine" on The Tonight Show

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Music guest BTS (방탄소년단) gives an incredible bonus performance of "I'm Fine" for the Tonight Show studio audience.
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BTS Performs "I'm Fine" on The Tonight Show

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Jo Kim
Jo Kim Hace 58 minutos
춤이 저리 빡센데 라이브라니 와... 진짜 넘사벽
My TT World
My TT World Hace 2 horas
Me: *crying and screaming cuz I love BTS Friend: are you ok?? Me : *sniff* ya I’m fine
burnt celery
burnt celery Hace 5 horas
imagine what people must think of suga tho the quietest little shit in the interview beforehand then he comes out rapping like this 1:57
miss y park
miss y park Hace 11 horas
If I watched it live maybe I couldn't breathe the whole performance. This is one of their amazing live performances
Arin Tel
Arin Tel Hace 13 horas
방탄소년단은 음식으로 따지면 모양이 이쁘고 향기롭고 맛도 좋고 식기는 고급스럽고 주변 분위기는 편안하고 자연풍경도 멋진 것이랄까.
BlackJem Hace 14 horas
When I first watched this I was just getting into BTS, now watching it again I know their names and every song they have ever sung lol
Linh Baby'x Nguyễn
Linh Baby'x Nguyễn Hace 15 horas
Sally Sanchez
Sally Sanchez Hace 15 horas
i am a fan love bts
Total Drama
Total Drama Hace 15 horas
Nomjoon is looking so cute oml
Norma Irene S
Norma Irene S Hace 16 horas
I'm fine, I'M SO FUCKING FINE hwkxblsns It's beautiful
Monnie Writes
Monnie Writes Hace 16 horas
Ahhhh my goshhh! They’re so precious 😭😭😭😍😭😍😭😍😭😫😫😫
Jihyeon 23
Jihyeon 23 Hace 18 horas
I really love Jimin's voice at 2:09, I really fall in love with BTS since 2015 now. They always give their best and I'm thankful !! Thank u BTS !!
Nicknoltiiiiiii Hace 19 horas
Aerobic from 80. with clothes from 70. and music poland.
hailey akan
hailey akan Hace 19 horas
how Taehyung manage his cuteness and sexiness at the same time?
Nerea Juan Paya
Nerea Juan Paya Hace 20 horas
OMG it's been impressive.
ruby99 Hace 20 horas
Dance till u die
Jjnahyun Khcha777
Jjnahyun Khcha777 Hace 23 horas
I bet it will be remembered as one of the greatest performances of BTS
sey R
sey R Hace un día
Jimim you were perfect at singing and poweful dancing at the same time!! Proud of you ♥♥
빨빨챠챠 Hace un día
내가 작년에 이거보고 입덕했지 특히 지민 춤 ..진짜 😍
JJ Y Hace un día
(B) E A (T) L E (S)
Tiny Hace un día
This was it. This was the video that made me love them
Sidra A.R.M.Y
Sidra A.R.M.Y Hace un día
0:10-no matter how dirty or clean the floor is, they will perform for ARMY!!!
byay Hace un día
colorsfly Hace un día
a return of the 80ties with more personal and better choriographie and nicer guys...
Eddie Robinson
Eddie Robinson Hace un día
6 Bruce Lee hell yeah
Lovely Kim Taehyung
Lovely Kim Taehyung Hace un día
KIM TAEHYUNG!!! You're more than Fine! Your amazing! God Tier visual. Love!
Zehra Heşimli
Zehra Heşimli Hace 2 días
jo크리스탈 Hace 2 días
bts best
ECKO723119 Hace 2 días
These kids can really put on a performance holy shit
Amani Ali
Amani Ali Hace 2 días
They look so tired omg :(
Kikue Otsuka
Kikue Otsuka Hace 2 días
im a new fan so i was so shocked with their performance. They’re so adorable and pure in interviews and then they perform and i- 😳
Amel T
Amel T Hace 2 días
V is awesome 😍
syahed leo
syahed leo Hace 2 días
where all haters?
Weehls A
Weehls A Hace 2 días
0:16 look at RM
Borahae C
Borahae C Hace 2 días
Jimmy is a whole ARMY ~
Jjinjjin_bom Moon
Jjinjjin_bom Moon Hace 3 días
Mind blowing
Helena Kaehyung Tim
Helena Kaehyung Tim Hace 3 días
I watched this video many times before but *Kim Taehyung's* voice is killing me.
힝유유 Hace 3 días
왜 인기많은지 알겠네 무대가 참 재밌다 춤도 잘추는데 노래도 잘해 대단하네
songs about jimin
songs about jimin Hace 3 días
it’s so funny when someone praises jimin or another member and they get shit for doing it while people praise tae and nobody says anything 😭😭 y’all on some crack
Ce Marie
Ce Marie Hace un día
Reenna v sorry i think i interpret what they were trying to say wrong... i used v and jm as an example i didnt mean just those members specifically
Ce Marie
Ce Marie Hace un día
Yeah it happens all the time... a member can be praised by themselves i dont get the whole “you should praise other members” and i especially hate the “why is everyone ignoring ___ praise him too!” Like they could praise him without the need to make it look like they are the outlier in the group.. it looks bad to non fans
Reenna v
Reenna v Hace un día
+Ce Marie NO! also they did it to v too not only jimin or who (sorry for my english)
T H Hace un día
Please don't start this, we don't like to see solo stans fighting over this again...i love jimin the way i love tae the way i love every member, just imagine them reading comments like that, we don't want them to feel different, all of them work hard and we love them so much. I can feel you because i see a lot of comments like that and i feel bad, sometimes we just hear them praise tae and jimin (note: i love that), BUT i'd like to see more comments about BTS as a group and family💜
Ce Marie
Ce Marie Hace 2 días
Literally i just read Comment: Wow jimin is mesmerising and pours all of his emotions Response: all of the members do. Meanwhile Comment: wow cant take my eyes of v Response: yeah he is the most handsome 😓
Mary Hannah
Mary Hannah Hace 3 días
I'm not fine......
Blacksoul V
Blacksoul V Hace 3 días
Taehyung voice really good
karennamm Hace 3 días
Their implication is so amazing; I'm fine You're fine We're fine Now I'll let go my hold of your hand,,,
Butternana Hace 3 días
The stability in their voices as they dance so vigorously is honestly just so amazing, and they honestly deserve so much respect for all the hard work they've put in
Elwin Dhale
Elwin Dhale Hace 3 días
this cameraman must work at bbmas.. sorry but this really sastify to watch ...
WiNxie Hace 3 días
BTS is the BEST💜💜💜💜💜💜
shasha Hace 3 días
I'm a fan of bts since their debut and my two brothers were always teasing me that they're gay and such just to annoy me. But look at them now, i caught them listening to bts these days esp my younger brother who i caught listening to v's singularity
T H Hace un día
Haha that's funny!😂 The same is happening with my friends, i sent them some of their songs after they said BTS looking like gay, and they are starting to respect them more😊
Candela •
Candela • Hace 3 días
I'm not fine
Candela •
Candela • Hace 3 días
Candela •
Candela • Hace 3 días
La parte de yoongi la re mil putisima madre
Candela •
Candela • Hace 3 días
me: let's see Jimin my mind: see Taehyung
Candela •
Candela • Hace 3 días
and back
Himani Singh
Himani Singh Hace 4 días
FINE word never sounded so good @2:30
Viktoria Lorenssa Ilagan
Me : WHO ATE MY CD's BTS : ......................
Фёдор Портнов
kiv.bts7. пооожалуйста достигнити что за хотите будущем,есть мечта
park chim chim
park chim chim Hace 4 días
Haters: BTS JUST LIPSYNC WHILE DANCING Me : shows them the video
Agnes Raisya
Agnes Raisya Hace 5 días
lmao, the subtitles are like "rapping in korean" "singing in korean"
Ceren q
Ceren q Hace 5 días
Isn't English translate awesome chisgzbksxg
Love Bangtan
Love Bangtan Hace 6 días
Wtf cc Rapping in korean Rapping in korea continue Pops melody Sings in korea Sings in korea continues Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Unicorn Family!!! Gonzalez
They are sooooooo CUTE AND HANDSOME!🥺😅☺️😊🤩🥰😍
Amazing, absolutely AMAZING! Looking forward to seeing BTS back on your show, Jimmy! :)
hot Asian
hot Asian Hace 7 días
respect from China.
dalilahusna Hace 7 días
They really work hard.. They deserve everything they got now... Love BTS..
Samantha McDonough
Samantha McDonough Hace 8 días
god im so straight for these men
Min Suga
Min Suga Hace 8 días
한형찬 Hace 9 días
MINGI ARMY Hace 9 días
Henry Joel Alvarez Flores
3:31 yoonmin:)
김은비 Hace 9 días
이연습벌레들.. 하아...
Kookie Hace 9 días
Absolute legendsss😍
Jim P
Jim P Hace 9 días
I'm a father of 18 yrs old boy, and I am really into this song. I thought it was only for young generation but when I heard it first time, I was like WOW and now I am a big fan of BTS. I love every song from all their albums and feel surprised every time I listen to each of them. Really amazing and also big congratulation on your worldwide success!!!!!!!!!
My TT World
My TT World Hace 2 horas
Kids you got yourself a cool dad 😎
Amina A
Amina A Hace un día
Hi Jim, im 43 and i love them so much😊💓 My 16yr old daughter and i are big fans!
gave my jams to jimin but namjoon stole them away
Don’t feel left out for loving BTS and their songs! BTS’ fanbase consists of people in the age of 5-70 year old. We younger fans get happy and giddy whenever BTS gains older fans ☺️
Aurora Skies
Aurora Skies Hace 5 días
Glad you're loving their music! Hope you can attend one of their concerts someday bc it's an incredible experience every fan should have :)
Goldjade14 Hace 5 días
South Korea is known for mental health and suicide issues . Bts tackles topics like that are considered to be “ sensitive” in korean media . In a way they are kinda like activists . They want their music to speak up and take a stand on problems like this . Plus they can incorporate a mix between hip hop , RnB , rock , pop , edm , music , etc even Latin pop as well
bts lover sugaa
bts lover sugaa Hace 9 días
WHO IS AN ARMY💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
jaquelin guzman
jaquelin guzman Hace 10 días
Bts 👏👏👏👏 mis respetos✌✌✌
yessir shook
yessir shook Hace 10 días
Jin,jimin,jongkook,suga,rm,v,tae,j-hops If I spelt one wrong it's because of outo correct!! They the best they have my heart😟
Joey Gatchola
Joey Gatchola Hace 9 días
yessir shook Tae and V is only one person
yessir shook
yessir shook Hace 10 días
Whis been their since day one✊
strongpowerthankyou Hace 10 días
i'm not new to bts or this song but i'm shook by how difficult this choreo is
Shriya Gupta
Shriya Gupta Hace 10 días
This song literally gives me chills
초록빛GL Hace 11 días
아이돌이라 쓰고 가수라 부를 수 있는 몇안되는 그룹
Taegi chokemepls
Taegi chokemepls Hace 11 días
Cupid's dart
Cupid's dart Hace 11 días
What's happen to me? I keep coming back to this every day.
Kang LinLin
Kang LinLin Hace 12 días
Kim Taehyung thực đẹp trai quá đi
dale aquino
dale aquino Hace 12 días
I know army is here
Shanea 02
Shanea 02 Hace 12 días
Almost 4 years That am a big fan of bts..I notice that they Really popular now..😍😍😍
Ngọc Linh
Ngọc Linh Hace 12 días
1:58 V and Jungkook
Shaun Craig Parkinson
Shaun Craig Parkinson Hace 12 días
fuckin awesome!
Min Mim
Min Mim Hace 13 días
ckkiffin Hace 13 días
{singing in korean continues} {beat drops} {rapping in korean}....yall....
Ikanebi Hace 13 días
One of my favorite live performance. I think i watch it at least one time a week lol
Zar Mawi
Zar Mawi Hace 13 días
Jimin's singing live has improved a lot and I'm so proud of it.... love you BTS...
Maria antonieta Checca huillca
La música está muy hermosa y megusta
Bach is Back
Bach is Back Hace 13 días
person: how do you describe bts? me: slik *shows them 2:24 person: true that.
ChicagoCrew Hace 14 días
Thank you Jimmy Fallon ! Your genuine friendship with The Boys is so wonderful and appreciated by them and BTS ARMY 💜💜💜
kalmarion Hace 14 días
너무 멋있고 아름답다. 몇번이고 봐도 감동이 된다.
Abraxas Owl
Abraxas Owl Hace 14 días
I love this performance better than the one from Mnet 😂
Ara Bica
Ara Bica Hace 14 días
This show need more cameraman and camera equipments.. imho.
Twenty Juan Pilots
Twenty Juan Pilots Hace 14 días
I came here for English lyrics. I turned on the captions. What do I get? *_[Singing in Korean Continues]_*
Xx Royalty_Gaming xX
Xx Royalty_Gaming xX Hace 14 días
The captions are SOOO helpful Caption:[sings in Korean]
ARMYBell Hace 14 días
You can literally hear them singing. What they need the mics for? Lol Talent Kings.
Asaya Hutchins
Asaya Hutchins Hace 14 días
Starry S
Starry S Hace 14 días
1:57 the guy right there is one of the most fastest rapper in korea!
Goldjade14 Hace 5 días
His name is min Yoongi . His stage name in bts is “ suga “. Suga can be kinda quiet but is straight up passionate about his music . Really is a hard working guy. He’s also a certified music producer .
Viv Saheard
Viv Saheard Hace 11 días
You should hear him on Agust D or Cypher pt 2.
smeraldo Hace 14 días
The choreography is so symbolic and beautiful. Such a meaningful song with deep lyrics. What a brilliant performance! Words fall short to describe how incredible these boys are.
Norahh Jonness
Norahh Jonness Hace 14 días
wow mereka pakai kostum dari kertas kado
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