BTS Performs "I'm Fine" on The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Music guest BTS (방탄소년단) gives an incredible bonus performance of "I'm Fine" for the Tonight Show studio audience.
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BTS Performs "I'm Fine" on The Tonight Show


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26 sep 2018

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LIKE JIMIN Hace 23 minutos
BTS is the best!!!!!!!
me su
me su Hace 3 horas
라이브로부르니까 진짜 어후 대단하다 best bts👍
Gacha._Sushi -
Gacha._Sushi - Hace 4 horas
Is Anybody Gonna Talk About Suga's Rap Am Speechless ;O letsss go army!!!
Aadya Thakur
Aadya Thakur Hace 4 horas
Bangtan 7
Bangtan 7 Hace 8 horas
I love this song....So describes me😍😍
Vedangi Sharma
Vedangi Sharma Hace 9 horas
👏👏👏👏👏👏 I just love to watxh them n getting soo much lessons from them I love dancing n that's how I found them
ʟᴇɪᴀ ᴠᴇʟᴇᴢ
They are beauty They are grace They are crawling on their face
Elsa Huerta Hernandez
A R Hace 12 horas
0:14 why do I keep playing that part over and over😂
Louise Gibson
Louise Gibson Hace 14 horas
DAMN!!!! they all killed it. i love all of you so much. you each have so much talent and have the best personalities and you can see it when they perform. i purple you. Also can we have so appreciation for Taehyung whose vocals actually killed me
kevin thai
kevin thai Hace 15 horas
oof 2020?
Jimin's voice
Jimin's voice Hace 19 horas
Jiminiee your voice😭
Stéfany Macedo
Stéfany Macedo Hace 20 horas
eu amo essa música
Fiha Rani
Fiha Rani Hace un día
The English subtitles for this video were just lazy
Fiha Rani
Fiha Rani Hace un día
Non armys seem to like Tae a lot, I see a lot of 'green jackets' and 'blonde hair guy' I can't wait for them to fall down the hole and then come back to their first video, I actually envy new army's, I want to experience everything for the first time again
kenzie Hace un día
also watch jimin at 0:45 you're welcome. and for people who don't know jimin he's on the left :)
kenzie Hace un día
since i don't see any comments praising jimin im just gonna say he popped off and did so amazing, i love his dancing so much and 3:02 wow he did that
Karen Scarlet
Karen Scarlet Hace un día
bts !!
Karen Scarlet
Karen Scarlet Hace un día
Chirstal Lim Xiao Wei
I wanna go I alaways a fan of jinmin I LUV U but hope u guys come in Singapore again so that I can watch u guys performing btw U all do a great job by coming in SG all the fans from ARMY LUV u guys pls like if I am saying this
Sara Spranger
Sara Spranger Hace un día
I’m not fine
Marcia Sahusilawane
Marcia Sahusilawane Hace un día
At IDOL Jimin's voice is soft-strong typical then I'M FINE is soft-smooth-slowly highnoted voiced type
Mikey Neang
Mikey Neang Hace un día
“Speak-sings in Korean”
Maru Sabina
Maru Sabina Hace un día
dos palabras... washitos ricos :v!
Nabila Hlm
Nabila Hlm Hace un día
*singing in korean*rapping in korean🤣🤣🤣🤣
JungSH00Kie Yoyo
JungSH00Kie Yoyo Hace 2 días
Jimin+Jimmy= FOREVER
Fardina Tahsin
Fardina Tahsin Hace 2 días
min yoongi 😊
Endah Sulistyowati
Endah Sulistyowati Hace 2 días
Still can't believe they perform in Jimmy Falon ❤️❤️
Güneş Min
Güneş Min Hace 2 días
Güneş Min
Güneş Min Hace 2 días
I love this song soooo much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Güneş Min
Güneş Min Hace 2 días
JS Kim
JS Kim Hace 2 días
marcelo ortiz
marcelo ortiz Hace 2 días
Fuck you k-pop
Reya Almira
Reya Almira Hace un día
Love yourself
di di
di di Hace 2 días
You should love yourself💜
Teanie Taetae
Teanie Taetae Hace 2 días
my taehyung😊😍
TP Isabella
TP Isabella Hace 2 días
Everyone is amazing in their own way 😍 but can't deny Tae's voice💕🎶
Mathilde Roudaire
Mathilde Roudaire Hace 3 días
They perform incredible well !💜💜
Karina Mendoza
Karina Mendoza Hace 3 días
2019 ❤️😭
LK NIGHT Hace 3 días
Omg this sub “I’m so fine” [Rapping in Korean] You so fine [Continues rapping in Korean] Laughing so hard
Mona Lual
Mona Lual Hace 3 días
The emotion just makes me want to cry inside in happy and sad tears
aestaetae Hace 3 días
Bangtan is just..... oh God! I love You for letting me love them so much
Joy Hace 3 días
Jim Fallon’s cameramen are spot on in filming this.
Protecc Our Mochi Jimin
[Singing In Korean]
Denise Mitza Perez Martinez
I LOVE YOU BTS ❤💋❤💋❤💋❤
SomniumSG1 Hace 3 días
I love sugars bit
jibek Ibraimova
jibek Ibraimova Hace 4 días
Aastha Chaudhary
Aastha Chaudhary Hace 4 días
Doesn't this song's chorus sounds like chorus of Ellie Goulding's 'Burn'
Nims Hace 4 días
I wanna thank the cameraman from Jimmy fallon show for capturing all those delicate dance moves from this song💜 BBMA pls take note
Hustle 13
Hustle 13 Hace 4 días
kim chimi
kim chimi Hace 4 días
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