BTS Performs "I'm Fine" on The Tonight Show

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Music guest BTS (방탄소년단) gives an incredible bonus performance of "I'm Fine" for the Tonight Show studio audience.
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BTS Performs "I'm Fine" on The Tonight Show


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26 sep 2018






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Comentarios 30 389
KEYJI 07 Hace un hora
Park Jiminnnnnnn
Jeon Wonhoe
Jeon Wonhoe Hace 7 horas
Poor Jimmy was just trying to talk sjsksksksk
Shanzéa Hace 8 horas
tae's voice omg im melting
itz_Kookie Hace 9 horas
Suga raps faster than my internet lol
Kawaii UwU
Kawaii UwU Hace 9 horas
Mariana Somnyadeul
Mariana Somnyadeul Hace 10 horas
Nicole Indig
Nicole Indig Hace 12 horas
The captions sure is helpful😹😹
Mochi Park
Mochi Park Hace 12 horas
Now everyone say Thank You director and cameraman :)
jola_ meoww08
jola_ meoww08 Hace 15 horas
Subtitles: [Singing in Korean] [Singing in Korean continues] [Rapping in Korean] [Rapping in Korean continues] I'm feeling just fine fine fine [Singing in Korean] I know I'm all mine mine mine [Rapping in Korean] I'm so fine you so fine [Singing in Korean] [Singing in Korean continues] [Rapping in Korean] [Rapping in Korean continues] 😀
Rista Agustin
Rista Agustin Hace 18 horas
Love BTS💜 Love Jimmy💜
fahrenheit8329388 Hace 18 horas
*I love how they all dance in sychronization then have their own dance parts then come back together in sync*
fahrenheit8329388 Hace 18 horas
*1:35** They did the reverse of the jump from IDOL* 😍
Kissme Forever
Kissme Forever Hace 19 horas
No pude dejar de ver a V 😮es que realmente me encanta mucho de rubio..se le ve tan sexy😏👌....fue una buena presentación...los adoro¡¡😊💖(brenda/Perú)
Kissme Forever
Kissme Forever Hace 19 horas
No pude dejar de ver a V 😮es que realmente me encanta mucho de rubio..se le ve tan sexy😏👌....fue una buena presentación...los adoro¡¡😊💖
Always ARMY
Always ARMY Hace 20 horas
My god I just love them so much
sush panda
sush panda Hace 20 horas
What difference does the subtitles make? Jhdjdjdj
kooko. au
kooko. au Hace 21 un hora
And this is the difference between the two groups if u know what I mean...
Sofia B.R
Sofia B.R Hace 21 un hora
bts: I'm fine me: Fine as hell bisshhhhhh
knjksjmygjhspjmkthjjk ·
ok but this next comeback when they are in/near New York can the PLEASE be on Fallon again?? It was so good last time like,, so wholesome?? especially with jimmy and jimin and they looked so good their stylists popped off??? Also this is literally one of my absolute fav performances I watch it almost every day
Stanley Bert
Stanley Bert Hace 23 horas
Worldwide phenomenon, nobody can stop them. Just great.
ScoutJinTan Hace un día
I really like how at the end all of the members are facing RM and RM is facing them. It looks like RM is telling the members that everything is fine and they will get through the difficulties so they are depending on their leader and they are facing him to show that they support him.
룡룡 Hace un día
라이브 미쳤다 진짜.......
Puput P.Novie
Puput P.Novie Hace un día
YES TAE YOU’RE SOOOO MF FINE! And I’m not..at all 😭
Giao Phan
Giao Phan Hace un día
"rapping in korean continous" Lol
Flaming hot cheeto girl
All these comments of new army's or people who aren't army's taking into consideration how talented they are is making me tear up a little I wish the kids in my dance classes and school classes would see that they just hear Korean boy band and think "ew" my god they don't realize
Habiba Mim
Habiba Mim Hace un día
V... just kill me... ;(
김지성 Hace un día
Seokjin's Forehead
Seokjin's Forehead Hace un día
Just realized that my prince Jinnie has a lot of lines in this song
Medih Gulis
Medih Gulis Hace un día
How did they sing like that ??
SeeSea Covers
SeeSea Covers Hace 23 horas
+Medih Gulis on their own Will tho
Medih Gulis
Medih Gulis Hace un día
Yes i knew that 😹😹😎
a mess
a mess Hace un día
16 hours a day of practice.
Arianna Lopez
Arianna Lopez Hace un día
Is no one going to talk about the hilarious English subtitles though?? XD
Demian Hace un día
Jimin........I love you Jimin.......
SHARIN GAN Hace un día
I’m sometimes confused why haters talk shit but they themselves can’t even dance and sing at the same time and get money like BTS. “BTs SuCkS!” Shutttt cho assss up
Brookie Cookie
Brookie Cookie Hace un día
Legit almost all these comments are about tae, so let me change that 😔✊🏻 Namjoon: being the flawless man he is Jin: Worldwide handsome mode: activated Suga: Rapping HELLA fast J-hope: Being an absolute dance god Jimin: Look at that mochi at work V: Voice is deep as hell and still sounds like an angel Jungkook: being the perfect golden maknae he is ❤️ I PURPLE YOU ARMY 💜
Div Fer
Div Fer Hace un día
For me this is the most sensual and emotional song of BTS. Next is Save me. Plus I was surprise at V's voice at the beginning because it was so chilling and full of serenity. ❤️
Yoongi's swag
Yoongi's swag Hace un día
Dont know but watching this remains me of the waiting every comeback before they came out with such ice stages but then when promoting and touring the ansiety of that something happen to them overseas or in korea for exahustation!!!
BTSFAN Xxxx Hace 2 días
Go boys 😘😘😘😘
Casey Williamson
Casey Williamson Hace 2 días
was i the only one looking at their shoes? just me?...ok
Jungkook Hace 2 días
I love you bts!!!
Syb Syb
Syb Syb Hace 2 días
BTS V voice is gold! The Choreagraphy is very hard and still they slay it!
Milena Vasović
Milena Vasović Hace 2 días
The audience is kinda annoying haha they are way loud
Robyn Peace
Robyn Peace Hace 2 días
ARMYS are usually very loud during BTS performance, sorry 👉👈
Emma Patrzalek
Emma Patrzalek Hace 2 días
Watching this for the 100th time, and I can't get enough. They are so so talented, I am in chock every time. And I wonder why? I know what they're capable of!! So proud to be an ARMY, for now a year. Damn, they work so hard.I love them so much. They deserve more than the universe.
Tara Siljanović
Tara Siljanović Hace 2 días
That title tho. I play on english and its says -singing in korean- lmaoooo
Starkookie Hace 2 días
Aditi Singh
Aditi Singh Hace 2 días
I become army after I saw then on Ellen show and thought why these guys are so popular and then I check the music and here I am army for about a year now
Lady.Sunshine Hace 2 días
Jungkook`s voice is so stable and warm! How can he sing like that while dancing so much?
Jocelyn Hace 2 días
Bts x Jimmy Fallon AGAIN ❤️🙆
Bidyalakshmi Koijam
Bidyalakshmi Koijam Hace 2 días
Vote for bts on soompi app
Nicole Hace 2 días
Comeback here for Taehyung
Poorvi nidsoshi
Poorvi nidsoshi Hace 2 días
In the middle jimin just collapsed was it part of choreography
I've got strength
I've got strength Hace un día
Everything went as planned here.
Sabrina Lee
Sabrina Lee Hace 2 días
their dance moves and charm are here superrrrrr (I really like the choreography and vibe of this song
Lillie K
Lillie K Hace 2 días
Suga continues to rap at the speed of 1.2 milliseconds
Akbar Cyber
Akbar Cyber Hace 3 días
For BangTwiceonly
For BangTwiceonly Hace 3 días
Look at rm in the end
Red Ruby
Red Ruby Hace 3 días
SO This guy used to talked trash about BTS but one day I got him to listen to waste it on me and the English version of Mic drop with desiiger. He said he couldn't believe that it was BTS. He told me he download Both versions of Mic drop and watched watched the music video too. LoL muhahahahaha!!!! Now he wants to listen to there album.
Vic Frost
Vic Frost Hace un día
Sad that mount of gp is like this. They trash boys even with out listening to their music. Imagine how could be bts' mainstream if peaople learn before open the mouth
Red Ruby
Red Ruby Hace un día
strength kind of, and bias about kpop period, I told them that they were Mentored by Coolio and Warren G and stuff. He didn't believe me at all. The just thought they Asain version of Disney bubble pop singers. He was also a troll. I can't wait until he listen to joke XD
I've got strength
I've got strength Hace un día
So he was just prejudiced against their language
Sugabiasedgirl Hace 3 días
They look so good
Itz Nawailah
Itz Nawailah Hace 3 días
I'm fine thank you,next💕💕💕
*AnD sPriTE*
*AnD sPriTE* Hace 3 días
Damn.. Who the hell did the captions? HAHAHA
KOI케올 Hace 3 días
Guys... we are luring more humans into our army..
Facturacion Lanco
Facturacion Lanco Hace 3 días
2:13 ahre yoonmin 7u7 :v 3:32 MÁS YOONMIN U.U
TRENT Waller
TRENT Waller Hace 3 días
Idk wtf this song is but that anpanman song they got is fire
Stephy Hace 2 días
i would also check out Hip-hop phile, Ma City, and silverspoon. More of their hip-hop songs.
Ash Hace 3 días
This song is called "I'm fine". This song is like a continuation of their other song "Save me" and they both have lyrics which are ambigrams just like their titles. And yes anpanman is a bop. I recommend you also check out their songs outro:tear, Ddaeng, I need you, fire, etc.
Mxn Hnyy
Mxn Hnyy Hace 3 días
0:46 I cant stop watching this part, dance line ft rm is the best oh god:(
White Fang
White Fang Hace 3 días
The subs man... (Singing in korean continues)
un known
un known Hace 3 días
*Wtf subtiles!*
ArianatorAndAriana '
Can u plz invite blackpink next 🙏
n b
n b Hace 3 días
taehyung is so CAPTIVATING
Ha Ha
Ha Ha Hace 3 días
0:38-0:47 dance line 😍💜
李祖卉 Hace 3 días
i just love them
leilathecoconut Hace 3 días
Cheography on point 👏
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Hace 3 días
0:46 did RM just say the N word 2 times? I'm shocked
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Hace 3 días
+golden kookie thanks Now I'm not Shook anymore
golden kookie
golden kookie Hace 3 días
oh no it’s just that some korean words sound like they said it.. for example “I” can be said as “Naega”
Victor Andres Retamal Fernandez
Tremenda coreografía que se mandan estos cabrones.
Nisha Kumar
Nisha Kumar Hace 3 días
1:57 *5 Rappers Eminem Was Afraid To Diss*
Pang Xiong
Pang Xiong Hace 3 días
Noelia Sanches
Noelia Sanches Hace 3 días
Savana Smith
Savana Smith Hace 3 días
I love reading this comment section and finding people fall in love with them for everything, talent, and character breaks through all boundaries
k e n d a l l
k e n d a l l Hace 3 días
poor jimins vocal shaky, and nervous ❤ i love him still
phyer com
phyer com Hace 3 días
Prince Mochi
Prince Mochi Hace 4 días
Gacha Holly
Gacha Holly Hace 4 días
Ok let’s be honest 1:56 his rap is litterally faster than our WiFi
Irene Xu
Irene Xu Hace 4 días
0:46 stunning
Melissa Vendramini
Melissa Vendramini Hace 4 días
I’m FINE F- famous I- international N- no shit on what other people think E- ever so the best boy band in the world
Rafidah Hassan
Rafidah Hassan Hace 4 días
Im fine. Ok
Victoria _rhayne
Victoria _rhayne Hace 4 días
wait for BTS on SNL next month..for their comeback...im sure they will slay it...Bangtan are the one of the best live performers in this generations...true artists in their dna
DrthyGscn 1306
DrthyGscn 1306 Hace 4 días
DrthyGscn 1306
DrthyGscn 1306 Hace 4 días
Feride Fleur
Feride Fleur Hace 4 días
The captions 💀
Parag Priyansh
Parag Priyansh Hace 4 días
*: There Are 26 Letters in the Alphabets , If we take out B T S , How many letters will be Left ??* *: 23 Letters* *: Wrong! It's 19* *: How??* *: Because B T S will always take A R M Y with them...*
아이나 Hace 4 días
1.57 is my favorite part! I was like WOAH! THIS MAN SPITS BAR AND FIRE! They are totally talented and i know why they are mainstream these days! BTS 🔥
아이나 Hace un día
a mess ive checked out Ddaeng and IT WAS LITTTTT!! Thanks
a mess
a mess Hace un día
They have really versatile rappers. They can do any type of rapping. I suggest you check Outro: Tear, Cypher pt 3 & 4, and Ddaeng if you have free time.
Aasha Gami
Aasha Gami Hace 3 días
His name is Suga. If you liked his rap you should check his album AgustD and cyphers
Chimmyy BTS•
Chimmyy BTS• Hace 4 días
Army please vote bts at soompi pleasee pleaseee
DianaV Tomlinson-Taehyung
okay else thought they effing nailed each and everything from vocals to rap!!! Jimin tho at 1:52 and 3:06 and Tae at the end!!!!!!
[ sInGiNg In KoReAn]
Sherin Hace 5 días
Claire Hyun
Claire Hyun Hace 5 días
Omg... V is so beautiful. I can see why everybody loves him so much. I'm so proud of BTS.
Deepak T Shiv
Deepak T Shiv Hace 5 días
Love the CAPTIONS, I understood every single work in the lyrics. Awesome job stranger!
Indhu Hegde
Indhu Hegde Hace 3 días
You are really amazing 😅😅
Lizzie B
Lizzie B Hace 5 días
prayer circle for audio and camerawork quality like this for SNL 🙏
Bianca kawai
Bianca kawai Hace 5 días
MDS eu vô chorar logo essa música linda
Anqita Roy
Anqita Roy Hace 5 días
We’re fine too after seeing you!
여름전 Hace 5 días
0:11 tae is very stable i can't even sing lying on bed without losing breath. 😂
ana *
ana * Hace 5 días
Meus filhos são lindos mesmo né incríveis merecem o mundo inteiro
Fancy panda0
Fancy panda0 Hace 5 días
The English subtitles are crack taken VERY seriously.
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