BTS Performs "Idol" on The Tonight Show

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Global phenomenon BTS (방탄소년단) delivers a high-energy performance of "Idol" for a thrilled Tonight Show audience.
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BTS Performs "Idol" on The Tonight Show


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26 sep 2018

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Comentarios 30 188
yusuf nur ahad
yusuf nur ahad Hace 36 minutos
Thata Energetic! Ohh so hot here
Patricia Martes
Patricia Martes Hace 46 minutos
I love these guys but as a musician and singer I could tell that at least 2 of them dropped out when it came to the group singing because of all the dancing. So guys practice more with singing full voice and dancing too! I know it's hard to do but Micheal Jackson did it by himself so I know you guys can do it too!!! Good Luck!! 😍😍
Tri BwiiYa
Tri BwiiYa Hace 2 horas
J-Hope is our hope!💜
Freedom-Fashion Diorella
Well I died yasss
JADORA Liovelle
JADORA Liovelle Hace 4 horas
Tae Tae was scaring me with them laces.😬😬
Juan Torres
Juan Torres Hace 5 horas
If you guys love BTS and their performance, check out their MV called DNA, you're going to be pleased at the tAlent and visUals.
Lillian Renee
Lillian Renee Hace 5 horas
i used to think kpop was so weird and then i watched this video and i have been in love with them since! i’m so obsessed now that’s it’s crazy😂
dominique hill
dominique hill Hace 7 horas
They only entertaining because they can dance that’s about it
Fan K-POP chọn lọc
becky Hace 9 horas
who else thinks, NO, wait, KNOWS, that they are professional dancers? 😌
Default Profile
Default Profile Hace 11 horas
I like the fact that south koreans are so open
김정은 Hace 12 horas
남에서 뜬다는 갸들이가?
이루하 Hace 13 horas
Daisy Ahned
Daisy Ahned Hace 13 horas
Hey im ur biggest fan But... Jimin...ur lace was opened
loou loou
loou loou Hace 12 horas
It's V( Taehyung)😊
YUJI Hace 14 horas
the best
autim20 Hace 14 horas
Vicky the Youtuber
Vicky the Youtuber Hace 14 horas
BTS lowe
BTS lowe Hace 14 horas
BTS ♡♡♡♡♡:)♡
wow게임방송 Hace 15 horas
한국인요기와서보고있는사람 좋아요
Олег Брэйн
Олег Брэйн Hace 19 horas
You cant stop me lovin my self
Meirina Fanti
Meirina Fanti Hace 20 horas
OMG I love their move 😍😘
Meirina Fanti
Meirina Fanti Hace 20 horas
OMG I love their move 😍😘
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Hace 21 un hora
I have respect for singers who can sing and do dance moves as intense as these
JLMichael1 Hace un día
Ay my people anyone else recognize the subtle Shoki?
Jozhua Aramis Zamora Gomez
Nadezhda Atanasova
Nadezhda Atanasova Hace un día
Jimin so nice 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Kania Benita
Kania Benita Hace un día
Kaget bgt gue kira tonight show desta vincent
Hung Nguyen Canh
Hung Nguyen Canh Hace un día
neelam gulati
neelam gulati Hace un día
Kinda sounds like rotten to the core (descendents) LOL 😂
Lemon Lime
Lemon Lime Hace un día
Oh wow I've watched this video so many times and I just now noticed the back up dancers towards the end 😌 BTS really got me captivated to the point I didn't notice anything else lol
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Hace un día
Ehh...they are soo talented...and chimchim...love you😍
Chii Chan
Chii Chan Hace un día
When you realise that you can't find friends like them
응원단장 Hace un día
Sam 93
Sam 93 Hace 2 días
Man these boys work their ass off!
``Aтнєηα 。
``Aтнєηα 。 Hace un día
IkR!! (•ө•)♡
Ezlyanie Rahini
Ezlyanie Rahini Hace 2 días
Just try Imagine how many fans of each of them.
``Aтнєηα 。
``Aтнєηα 。 Hace un día
BTS Army Rocks
BTS Army Rocks Hace 2 días
Back in 2019
``Aтнєηα 。
``Aтнєηα 。 Hace un día
parralel ix
parralel ix Hace 2 días
Does bts stand for bacon tomatoe sandwich
xSaranghe Hace 2 días
i should be studying rn but NAHHH i wanna see taehyungs face before i die
xSaranghe Hace un día
``Aтнєηα 。 uwu
``Aтнєηα 。
``Aтнєηα 。 Hace un día
Dondurma Mesepee
Dondurma Mesepee Hace 2 días
Suga ♥
Biak Moi
Biak Moi Hace 2 días
Can't take my eyes away from jungkook😘😘
😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰 I love BTS!
Assia Malik
Assia Malik Hace 2 días
Dudeee my dudeeeee Vy if I spell that right 😰😂 my fave member is Vy he my dudeee they all are but he my most fave is Vy comment witch one your fave??😋
kipa Nuka
kipa Nuka Hace 2 días
My first video of bts.. And boy they r legit..
``Aтнєηα 。
``Aтнєηα 。 Hace un día
Lmfao ikr 💪💪💪💪
TheTeamedwardrocks Hace 2 días
So proud of American fans going all out for bts, I usually only see this reaction from Korean fans. Would’ve wished I was able to go
astra astra
astra astra Hace 2 días
Choreo of NINETY ONE's All i need is better
injung im
injung im Hace 2 días
Anyone turn on the cc sub? If it ain't us international fan, idk what that is. It's either 🎵🎵 or [ singing in korean ] then 🎵hoo hoo🎵 then 🎵ooh ooh oh🎵
Neazy Army
Neazy Army Hace 2 días
Low angle. Ah yeah 😂
Semra Altınpınar
Semra Altınpınar Hace 2 días
llove YOU
Eruo Tae Wife
Eruo Tae Wife Hace 2 días
Tae my love 💕💕💜💜💜✌✌😢😢😢😢😢
Koely Alam Lucy
Koely Alam Lucy Hace 2 días
I love it
Bailey Joyner
Bailey Joyner Hace 2 días
I watched this video and three days later my instagram explore page and ESvid suggestions are nothing but bts
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind Hace 2 días
BTS are amazing actually. They released Save me Weebtoon today, pls, read it ( u can find it on lineweebtoon in english ). It has such a great storyline ( u need to watch all of BTS videos on Ibighit channel to get references ). If u like well written storylines and strong messages - it's for u👍
Mr. Irrelevant
Mr. Irrelevant Hace 2 días
K pop scares me
남현우 Hace un día
Muse of Wind You don’t even know whole korean music
``Aтнєηα 。
``Aтнєηα 。 Hace un día
+Muse of Wind _Um, no. Kpop isn't crap, hun. Get yo facts straight._
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind Hace 2 días
Kpop is crap, BTS are different from that manufactured shitty industry
Nur eshal Khairiya
Nur eshal Khairiya Hace 3 días
Sarah Yang
Sarah Yang Hace 3 días
Pandora Cake
Pandora Cake Hace 3 días
I literally was just worried that V would trip with those untied shoe laces.
cel Lerio
cel Lerio Hace 3 días
I'm a 42 yr old mom. I don't understand at first why they go crazy in their music, now it totally change my perspective. Their music is so good, the artistry, their talent. Their passion and energy they give is beyond compare. They are incomparable. The best thing that happen in this generation is kpop. Kudos!
남현우 Hace un día
cel Lerio I appreciate your compliment :P
M. Grootxy
M. Grootxy Hace 3 días
Аружан Нурбарова
Мне кажется или они фальшивет (если конечно есть такое слово), пипец как им трудно петь и танцевать и держать эмоцию одновременно. Как-то мне грустно, они всемирная группа им отдыхать не дано, как бы если у них будет долги отдых их успеваемость и фанаты может стать меньше. Они всегда должны быть идеальными, и у Чонгука детство не было.( Это не хэйт, я тоже Арми и эти просто мои мысли в слух)
Big SMOKEY VLOGS Hace 3 días
Suga is so good at dancing and rm has improved
Leo Na
Leo Na Hace 3 días
they are like 7 member of Asian Bruno mars lol.
drasif shaik
drasif shaik Hace 3 días
I can seriously watch this video every time 😍😍
Edd Marie Lapay
Edd Marie Lapay Hace 3 días
selen ophile
selen ophile Hace 4 días
BIA BTS TAE TAE Hace 4 días
Afternoon Hunter
Afternoon Hunter Hace 4 días
1:49 sounds like brian immanuel song “dat stick”
Juana Toledo
Juana Toledo Hace 4 días
Quien pensaba que en tan poco iban a estar tan por encima de todo :0 pensar que los escuchaba desde hace unos años cuando eran nuevitos que nostalgia
Sugar Kookie
Sugar Kookie Hace 5 días
Im proud to be Asian bcoz of BTS 😚
María Fernanda Mora Navarrete
I think the scenario is a bit little to their performance because they have too complex and energetic dance. They used to performance in big scenarios.
Marlina Aritonang
Marlina Aritonang Hace 5 días
They have a consistantly and powerful of stage performance. Good 😊
Rebecca R
Rebecca R Hace 5 días
Vs loose shoelace had me sweatin the entire performance XD excellent job on clearly a much small (physical) stage than accustomed to!
joe goldberg
joe goldberg Hace 5 días
soo much swag in their moves. this is insane and I'm not even a K-pop fan
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind Hace 2 días
Watch Mic drop, Save me, Fake love, Not today and Blood Sweat and Tears by BTS too
Madhu girl
Madhu girl Hace 5 días
Amazing beautiful attractive wonderful awesome breathtaking.. Oh I don't have words to say .. love you BTS ❤️
qin-rus lopez
qin-rus lopez Hace 5 días
my heart belongs to Jin but I think RM wants to steal it 😂😂 anyways BTS always nailed it! And they were the only boy group who got my attention in just a minute and the rest is history 😄
Red Raven
Red Raven Hace 5 días
*Forever The Best Group In The World*
Louise Hace 5 días
hoseok is RADIATING positive energy, i'm glowing in his light aksjkdjsk
missy polka
missy polka Hace 5 días
Love from 🇲🇾
Yuvis Gonzalez
Yuvis Gonzalez Hace 6 días
Hola amoresamo de yiyi😍😍😍😍😍😘😻😻🐰👑👑🏰
Layla Kotb
Layla Kotb Hace 6 días
so handsome men this is a perfect performance
Jill Smith
Jill Smith Hace 6 días
I like jolly the gray hair guy
BM loves JK
BM loves JK Hace 2 días
His name is RM, leader of BTS,
BTS ARMY yay Hace 6 días
KayatheKreative Pearson
J-hope is living sunshine
Himederriere Hace 6 días
EVERY TIME I see 3:33 I can't stop thinking about the Single Ladies dance, like??? anyone else?? it kinda fits some of the subjects in the album too XD
Himederriere Hace 6 días
I MEAN THEY EVEN DO THE "OH OH OH" STUFF! All of them are single ladies now
Jay Joshi
Jay Joshi Hace 6 días
설치는패밀리 Rodent family
My prairie dogs love BTS
Hannah Pulvera
Hannah Pulvera Hace 6 días
Minchan Perry
Minchan Perry Hace 6 días
문화가 정말 많은 부분을 차지한다 생각함 부디 대한민국을 더 널리 알려주는 예술인들이 되길.. 그대들은 딴따라가 아닌 영웅이다
Vicki Vale
Vicki Vale Hace 6 días
Me gusta su música pero ellos no, no se me hacen lindos ni simpaticos 😂😂
Laura Vctoria
Laura Vctoria Hace 7 días
0:10 oh jungkook meu amor meu gostoso meu bb love jungkook
Eashal Siraj
Eashal Siraj Hace 7 días
BelleLove86 Hace 7 días
Their dance moves add 20 more years to my life
Jimin Got No jams
Jimin Got No jams Hace 7 días
*dear 7.1k dislikes fuck you*
A Child
A Child Hace 7 días
Jimmy should've done BTS IDOL Ft nicki Minaj (sorry her name is werid to spell)
Maimer Jordan
Maimer Jordan Hace 7 días
bys forever
Anne Danh
Anne Danh Hace 7 días
omg talented as fuck!
Cool Guy126
Cool Guy126 Hace 7 días
Fan of bts army
Johanna Nicole
Johanna Nicole Hace 7 días
the most satisfying camera works rn 😍💕
sj k
sj k Hace 7 días
멋지고 신나고 재밌음
니나노 Hace 7 días
All seem have a nice personality..
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