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Artist: BTS RM
Track: Always
Album: No Album
Release : 2017.01.01
방탄소년단 알엠
BTS Always
방탄소년단 Always
방탄소년단 Always 가사
방탄소년단 Always Lyrics
알엠 Always
RM Always
RM Always lyrics
RM Always 가사
Always mv
Always 가사
#BTS #방탄소년단 #Always #알엠 #RM #김남준


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3 feb 2019

BTSRM알엠김남준BTS RMRM lyricsRM Alwaysrm alwaysalwaysAlwaysBTS Alwaysalways lyricsrm always lyricsalways 가사알엠 always알엠 always 가사방탄소년단방탄소년단 always김남준 always






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Ruby Hace 19 horas
I am crying this is beautiful and i can't anymore and i'm sooketh
Ranjeet Ranjan
Ranjeet Ranjan Hace un día
Ooooooooo this song and RM OPPA
쉐랭이 Hace 2 días
뭔가 힘들 때 이 노래 들으면 짱일 듯
Jolie Simmonds
Jolie Simmonds Hace 2 días
wow. I read the comments first and was scared to listen but I'm glad I finally did. Can't believe those are the lyrics, they made me cry. I pray he can hold fast to hope. This song was so gut wrenchingly earnest, props to him for releasing it.
Lesly Cisneros
Lesly Cisneros Hace 3 días
J Gonzalez
J Gonzalez Hace 3 días
Eli Plays
Eli Plays Hace 4 días
He just cured my depression! Jesus Lord
Juliette Quinones
Juliette Quinones Hace 4 días
Namjoon I love your voice it suits the song you nice keep going
Cat Tate
Cat Tate Hace 4 días
I'm still listening 💜
gday mate
gday mate Hace 4 días
he speaks for me namjoon for president😔✊
XX ECLIPSE XX Hace 4 días
OhHh yEah its such a good song
Heat Flakes
Heat Flakes Hace 4 días
Yooo I’m early
BTS X Anime
BTS X Anime Hace 5 días
RM such a legend for anyone and also me really really really really awesome amazingly beautiful Kim naamjoon is beautiful person in the best person ❤️💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😭😭😢😢😭😩😩
jin hoe
jin hoe Hace 5 días
bruh i have depressed tears
nAmJoOn GoT JaMS
nAmJoOn GoT JaMS Hace 5 días
I'm in love.
NamJae Kawaii
NamJae Kawaii Hace 6 días
0:27 Apenas empiezo...... Y ya asta los lentes se me caen .,__,.
Thảo My CHANNEL Hace 7 días
Joonie sing "always" but I heard "oh why"...🤔
Tahere Hussaini
Tahere Hussaini Hace 8 días
I could listen to bts forever if u just let me
정원에 부는 바람
이 노래는 너무 우울해요 왜 그렇게 슬픈거예요 그러지 마세요 ㅜㅜ
Primitive Hut
Primitive Hut Hace 9 días
Is this on Spotify
Love me Namjin
Love me Namjin Hace 9 días
It's sad on how much I relate to this song.
narvin meherun .jheel
I am in love with this song...keep coming back
Thuylinh Bui
Thuylinh Bui Hace 9 días
He is like me and now I feed so good .thanks
Cute Kookie
Cute Kookie Hace 9 días
A masterpiece,like all of his songs!Keep the good work RM and Saranghae❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
ARMY _BTS Hace 9 días
this is the first time that rm makes a music without rapper he has a magnificent voice
Joonie Koya
Joonie Koya Hace 10 días
Once he say i miss me miss me baby , i got a very bad goosebumps! That’s why i love him ! I love bangtan ! Especially you Nam Joon ! My biggest motivation 💜
호선 Hace 10 días
인간은 고독한 존재라 했지ㆍ항상 생각이 많고 깊은 남준님이라서 그 고독의 깊이가 더깊은것같아 ㅠㅠ 그러나 우리 남준님은 그해결책도 다 알거라 믿어요ㅡ^^ 💜💜💜💜💜💜🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🦀🐳🌌🌈❄☁⭐🌝🌞🐨🐻🐼🐕🌷🍀🌱🦋🤘🤙👣🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆
Rika Kinoshita
Rika Kinoshita Hace 11 días
i will always love him
TheGaming Monster
TheGaming Monster Hace 11 días
I read the first few times and I'm like "Holy crap" *I have some theories* *"if I ever met God"* is contradictory to the fact that he is an aethiest, but he still thinks about the scenario. (1:48) *"are you sure that you're alive"* could be him expressing how he doesn't believe God is real, (2:01) then further pressing on the belief of this he says *"let's prove it somehow"* (2:03) Showing the aethiest side to himself I see.... *"you are dead"* could be him saying he's not real. Or not longer a thing in his life. (2:13) *"you are dad"* referring to how I don't know if it's in other religions too, but in christianity God is referee to as the farther and everyone his children (2:16) Then *"but you are dead"* could be him expressing the fact he believes there is no God. It could also mean that he's talking to the God really meaning something like "you're supposed to be the father looking out for people, but you're no where to be seen. Helping no one.-" going back to when Namjoon asked him to prove he was real, him not being real is practically the equivalent of being dead. So adding onto my theory of what he's trying to say "-you are practically non existent, the equivalent to dead, But you are the father of so many people, a thing people believe in. Why?" *"dead dad, you don't listen to me"* (2:20) is him maybe saying either he used to pray, but his prayers weren't answered so he won't listen to him therefore ending up in his belief of there being no God Or He is almost mocking (I wouldn't exactly say mocking but couldn't think of another word) the fact that he's saying God won't listen to him even with his belief that he's dead and not real. Knowing he won't get a reply if he's not real. *"dad please listen to me, dad"* (2:23) Could be him either 1 - him before praying struggling with his faith, as if this was the last straw, begging for him to say something before he leaves his faith in a God. Or 2- it could be he's reached a time where all of a sudden he's desperate and then maybe even desperate for a God. A God that will probably listen and answer his prayers Or 3 - something more physical as in maybe a referring to real life parent and son relationships with the father not acknowledging him. (I'm doing more theories on religion, if I were to do details on more physical things too then my comment would be even longer) And that's it. I mean I pretty much have a comment for everything in the video but that'll take ages
naomi Banks
naomi Banks Hace 11 días
Obviously it's the year of BTS solo tracks, Jimin, V, Suga, RM, who's next
Hano-amal Jodi
Hano-amal Jodi Hace 10 días
It's an old song from his first mixtape
Lamiya Asgur
Lamiya Asgur Hace 11 días
The writer of this song has severe depression. So beautiful, sad and true.
BTS X Anime
BTS X Anime Hace 11 días
RM your all songs are such a master piece I love your all songs I love BTS I love BTS I love BTS you are a such beautiful person in the entire palent best leader Kim naamjoon always your biggest fan from India love BTS ❤️❤️💜💜❤️❤️💜❤️💜💜💜👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😘😘🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🤗🤗🤗
Patricia Hace 11 días
I love you my best leader 😘😍👑
Capri Cornelia
Capri Cornelia Hace 12 días
He gets me everytime. If I ever see you I will hug you Namjoon
Maya Pflugh
Maya Pflugh Hace 12 días
Y’all remember when ppl used to be like “rm can’t sing” Bitch where
Kpop Gang
Kpop Gang Hace 12 días
Ahh im not crying you are
영미 Hace 12 días
Wow...This...This was really deep Anyways Army is here for you and grate vocals😁💖
Bijendra Singh
Bijendra Singh Hace 12 días
Omg!!! I loves his voice so much .. 😍😍😍😍 he is my bias....... kim naamjoon....
Houria Fezani69
Houria Fezani69 Hace 12 días
you vois kiling me
Josephine Hopp
Josephine Hopp Hace 12 días
I can Relate to Kim Namjoon ...
Bắc Tây
Bắc Tây Hace 13 días
vừa ms nghe đã thấy tiếng chó sủa
K-pop Genius
K-pop Genius Hace 13 días
Crying in the club again 😔
AnD SpRite
AnD SpRite Hace 13 días
The vibe of this song is similar to Uh Good
Kawaii Unicorn Gacha Studio YT
Can we talk about the voice of Namjoon? Its so angeliccc! TwT
Lenora Purcell
Lenora Purcell Hace 13 días
He means Father. Like “Heavenly Father”
Asha Mahamed
Asha Mahamed Hace 13 días
This song almost made me cry he should love himself......I love this beautiful boy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jordynn Brown
Jordynn Brown Hace 13 días
Rm should make a song with Troye Sivan
Elizabeth Hace 13 días
Its soo gooooood
B a b y p a r k
B a b y p a r k Hace 13 días
hadil didou
hadil didou Hace 13 días
i loveeeee uuuu RM😍😍😍😘😘
بطس خرامي
بطس خرامي Hace 13 días
*He have awesome voice❤*
12345- -67890
12345- -67890 Hace 14 días
My lifeline.....
BTS//ARMY//KPOP Hace 14 días
Wow it's beautiful :3 *NAMJOON* ( i'm not english i'm french )
A.R.M.Y Anj-Joon-BTS
A.R.M.Y Anj-Joon-BTS Hace 14 días
Love you Kim Nam Joon
SUGAbeyb MiNeYOONGi Hace 14 días
Why this song fits to what I feel ? 😢😢
esther Hace 14 días
Everyone has a purpose to be born. You have not yet died because you have not fulfilled its mission. There are more people in the world who love RM than people who hate RM. If the dislike is 4M, there are 800M like. God also loves you. Hold on.
Aada Paasovaara
Aada Paasovaara Hace 14 días
Very beautiful song. Why some people hate this man? He is awesome and he created Bts.
Lizzles Hace 14 días
I’m literally crying what the heck. Everything he writes is from the heart. It’s so perfect, every beat, every lyric. I don’t know how to phrase my love for him. It just this bundle of butterflies and smiles. He deserves the world but honestly sometimes is underrated and it ain’t it chief.
Raja vel
Raja vel Hace 14 días
RM love you😙😙a prescious voice❤️❤️❤️ your (i) ARMY is always there for you😗😗
Navdeep Atwal
Navdeep Atwal Hace 14 días
Mirena Haliti
Mirena Haliti Hace 14 días
R Rm Rm💙 Rm R
Mem shantie Santirasid
I love u rm
Gabrieli Araújo
Gabrieli Araújo Hace 14 días
Alguma ARMY Brasileira??
real__ bbh
real__ bbh Hace 14 días
Forever rain should still be shaking XD
andsprite Hace 15 días
This hits me hard. Protect this man.
Lea P
Lea P Hace 15 días
for anyone who didn't know about this song, it was released 2 years ago on soundcloud, so please go give it a listen there too!!
Anesu Hace 15 días
This is too deep and I felt it ❣️❗. RM 🌟. "I miss me," because we tend to get caught up and forget about ourselves. But you matter too because you need you to keep going. Love yourself💜
Suga Sugary
Suga Sugary Hace 15 días
Bich i didn't know i missed something so beautiful
Qizilgul İbrahimova
Qizilgul İbrahimova Hace 15 días
İ love you RM
지민씨지민씨 Hace 15 días
Omg, i always listen to this song when im studying... basically everyday... BUT I NEVER BOTHERED SEARCHING UP THE LYRICS AND WTF?!?! MY EYES GOT TEARY AND THIS IS THE SADDEST SONG EVER! Now imma be sad when im studying... but thats not the point, i am now just thinking of how Joonie was feeling when writing these lyrics..😢😢😢🧸🧸🧸
BTS LoVeR Hace 15 días
A channel name 'ibighit' (not the official BTS entertainment) copy your vedio!!! 😓
My heart can’t handle
Chanelle Or Shany
Chanelle Or Shany Hace 15 días
Why are so many sad BTS songs coming in my recommendation and making me cry! WAHAHAHAHHAGGG😭😭😭😭😭😭😥😥😥😥😪😪😪😫😫😫
ss Esparza
ss Esparza Hace 15 días
Im reading the lyrics and I’m honestly scared. It’s beautiful but I remember having these thoughts and I was in a very bad place. To think he could be there, hurts. If you are feeling like this. Please talk to someone. Honestly reply to this comment and I’ll listen if you really need. I hope he finds peace and continues to share his beautiful words with us.
JeanEsfor 2
JeanEsfor 2 Hace 15 días
Dios esto realmente es demasiado fuerte
savy Reynolds
savy Reynolds Hace 15 días
😭 namjoon stop cutting onions!!!
Jesse Beyer
Jesse Beyer Hace 15 días
Wait...”dad listen to me”? Does that mean his dad never listened to him?
Anime Doramas Uchiha
Anime Doramas Uchiha Hace 15 días
I love this, is so sad and so beautiful. I love you Nam. 💜
Isabella Gallardo
Isabella Gallardo Hace 15 días
“I want someone to kill me in this loud silent.” Sameeeee
Jennie Rai
Jennie Rai Hace 15 días
Woahhh...love you 🌹💜💜💜
Cup of Tae with a Suga Kookie
*pay attention to the lyrics ARMY* *THIS ISN'T JUST A SONG IT'S A CRY FOR HELP* Edit: Tysm for the likes!
bts army 4 ever
bts army 4 ever Hace 15 días
Rm can step on me and I shall say SORRY.... a really cool song from a really cool person... u r the best leader ever! Borahae!
Nora Hace 15 días
This song is terrifying. I was expecting something melancholic, sweet somehow, but this... Don't misunderstand me, it's not a bad song, how could it be? Namjoon is probably the artist I admire the most, he's smart and sensitive, and you can understand it when you listen to his music. But Always' words hit like a punch in the face, they're not sweet nor soft, they're just awfully full of regret and resigned desperation. He's angry but he's also exhausted and almost whispers instead of screaming; that's why the lyrics sounds 100 times more effective. His voice is really delicate and pleasing to hear but his words are heavy and to me they're also (sadly) relatable. I started crying just at the second line of the song and had to watch the video and read the subtitles again because I couldn't see the screen through my tears. For the whole time I felt like he was slowly squeezing my heart in his hands until I couldn't breathe. having that said, I think Namjoon is a wonderful person. He always puts all himself in his songs, his honest thoughts, his deepest feelings, his struggles, his joyful moments. This is why his music is so genuine, heartwarming and relatable. I'm glad he shared his feelings once again, it means he feels safe in doing so. His ability to empathize with us through simple words and melodies is stunning, and I can't do nothing but respect, love and support such a great man.
vTraqicc Hace 15 días
I literally squealed as soon as RM started singing omg
ArcticKitty Hace 15 días
I feel like I've heard this before
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny Hace 13 días
ArcticKitty you have it isn’t a new song it was released 2017
Mlyssa Quinze
Mlyssa Quinze Hace 15 días
where is this from?
Rubab _•_
Rubab _•_ Hace 15 días
holy shit... this is so beautiful
Su Hnin
Su Hnin Hace 15 días
His beautiful deep voice!!! 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️seriously he has such a deep voice and soothing voice.
hobi hyung
hobi hyung Hace 15 días
wait what the fuck when was this released
miss unicorn
miss unicorn Hace 15 días
His voice touches my soul
Min Min
Min Min Hace 15 días
Is he using coffee as a reference because usually people use coffee to wake themselves up ?
Jimin Park
Jimin Park Hace 15 días
love u rm 😍😘
Evelyn Machado
Evelyn Machado Hace 15 días
I consider this song to be RM’s equivalent to Yoongi’s The Last. They’re are the most talented composers of our generation (in my not so impartial opinion). And although I love absolutely all their songs, these two are by far my favorites, because the lyrics are raw and brutally honest. I’m so inspired by their work! I wish people would appreciate Namjoon more cause this man definitely deserves the recognition ❤️
Νεκτάριος Γαλανός
Love you ❤️💓💘💋💔 Rap Monster 😘
JUNgSHOoKETH H Hace 15 días
Noo i haven't recovered from Scenery😭😭😭
J Mana
J Mana Hace 15 días
J Mana
J Mana Hace 15 días
SUGA Agust D
SUGA Agust D Hace 15 días
Please dont feel like killing yourself your too beautiful 💜💜💜💜
SUGA Agust D
SUGA Agust D Hace 15 días
So beautiful 😍😍
Bindu Magar
Bindu Magar Hace 15 días
lts really heart touching song.I feel you understand my heart and we have something that is unknown for us💕
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