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BTS Special / 방탄소년단 스페셜 [2017 KBS Song Festival | 2017 KBS 가요대축제 / 2017.12.29]

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* BTS : 방탄소년단
- Interview
- Spring day
- Cypher4
[2017 KBS Song Festival | 2017 KBS 가요대축제 / 2017.12.29]
* Guest : BTS, Seventeen, EXO, Wanna One, Red Velvet, GFRIEND, TWICE, MAMAMOO and more!!!!
* 출연진 : 방탄소년단, 세븐틴, 엑소, 워너원, 레드벨벳, 여자친구,트와이스, 마마무, 현아, 황치열 등
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29 dic 2017

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Comentarios 11 101
Duatpuii Chhuntai
Duatpuii Chhuntai Hace 11 horas
khoise 17
khoise 17 Hace un día
Everyone 2019 💜💜💜
Jimin Chimmy
Jimin Chimmy Hace 2 días
I came here again in 2019 just to see them perf with a live band. Sprind day's dance break in 8:23 is my fav all the way 😍 Kinda miss it 😭😭 BTS ... borahae ~ 💜💜💜
*Forever* *Bangtan*
*Forever* *Bangtan* Hace 3 días
Its 2019 and I don't know why I am still here
Kirra Karamarov
Kirra Karamarov Hace 3 días
Who is see this after kai (txt) dance not today (Sorry for my bad English)
Bloody Butterfly
Bloody Butterfly Hace 4 días
Can we talk about how hot Cypher 4 was?
Jess C06
Jess C06 Hace 5 días
The rap line kills me with their talent. The power is overflowing.
This is soo freaaaaking tiring performance!! 😭😭😭🙏💜my legends!!
Iris Jame Teodorico
Iris Jame Teodorico Hace 5 días
I can't believe I just found this now
Joanna Abiel
Joanna Abiel Hace 6 días
Who’s watching this legendary performance by 7 legends in 2019 ??
Jimin Shii
Jimin Shii Hace 6 días
Sarah Angelica Medrano
Leaozinha lt
Leaozinha lt Hace 7 días
Cheska Jose
Cheska Jose Hace 7 días
Still here in 2019
Tran Thi Kieu Trinh
Tran Thi Kieu Trinh Hace 7 días
very good. my idol
BTS ARMY Hace 8 días
Cherrylyn Cruz
Cherrylyn Cruz Hace 8 días
Watching this 2019
malvina capay
malvina capay Hace 8 días
2019 y recién me acabo de dar cuenta el por qué cypher 4 me parecía raro. Namjoon no rapeó al completo su parte. 12:39 🤣🤣
Jeon Aira
Jeon Aira Hace 9 días
its 2019 and I’m still here :))
MYONEKTH Hace 9 días
never get tired of watching this again ❤❤
Ela Jie
Ela Jie Hace 10 días
shout out to the band they made the songs so much better especially not today
babu 02
babu 02 Hace 10 días
nichole_ lyyy
nichole_ lyyy Hace 11 días
2019 everyone
BTS jungkook
BTS jungkook Hace 11 días
Who's watching here 2019😍
imee jessa miculob
imee jessa miculob Hace 10 días
Jaahath Abdullah
Jaahath Abdullah Hace 11 días
I am waiting this again in 2019. BTS is the definition of the best !! 👏👏😚
Ky Duyen Huynh
Ky Duyen Huynh Hace 11 días
Ok 2019 and I’m still here
Titania Tabita Oktriana
2019 and still here
ashleynguyen263 Hace 11 días
2019? Anyone?
Novi Astuti
Novi Astuti Hace 12 días
Power full💖💖BTS
Lyndin Bordamonte
Lyndin Bordamonte Hace 12 días
A cup of Tae
A cup of Tae Hace 12 días
2019 anyone?
Edd Marie Lapay
Edd Marie Lapay Hace 13 días
2019🔥👌 Stamina at its maximum level 👌👌👌👌 ❤️❤️
Vıxx V.I.P.
Vıxx V.I.P. Hace 13 días
2019? I am still here. Army?
Farha Asad
Farha Asad Hace 13 días
Still comeback here after watching 2018 kbs song festival..all their performance is so great and unforgettable.
sharon me
sharon me Hace 14 días
2019 and they still as hot
Dana Palacios
Dana Palacios Hace 14 días
Spring day...lloro siempre con esta canción 😭😭😭😭🎶🎶🎶 Jin cantando lost es mi condena 😩😂 DNA ame esa versión 💜 pobres necesitaban pulmones nuevos para not today,ellos siempre dan todo por nosotras 😩😭💜💜
Loser Hace 15 días
00:00 - 22:56 = "THE BEST"
Loser Hace 15 días
6:00 My Dream😭❤❤❤
Loser Hace 15 días
Armys Power Full!👍👍👍👍👍👍
K-pop offline available
I can hardly breathe
Violet Michelle
Violet Michelle Hace 15 días
today is 4/1/2019 still come here. they're so amazing. no words can described them. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Minjoo is a Life
Minjoo is a Life Hace 15 días
The dance break is for Tribute they old popular song the first one is I Need J 2 is Run 3 Fire 4 Blood Sweat and Tears the last one is Clue that BTS have comeback with a badass song Fake Love
Linh Trần
Linh Trần Hace 15 días
Jungkook slayed the stage
bts7_ lovers
bts7_ lovers Hace 16 días
Who is here after a year 😍😍😍💜💜💜
sanagotjams_ Hace 16 días
am i the only who noticed the lyrics of magic shop in the beginning? they gave us such a big clue
Queen Bae
Queen Bae Hace 16 días
Is there a separate video of their reaction to their performance @1:15? Please i need that in my lifeu
Afifah Nur'aini
Afifah Nur'aini Hace 17 días
Early 2019 everyone?🙋‍♀️
Hace 18 días
Lady 7w7
Lady 7w7 Hace 18 días
2:14 ;-;
Kizoume Hace 19 días
Still here in 2019
RMVSJ JJJ Hace 19 días
Sabat Choudhury
Sabat Choudhury Hace 19 días
I'm choking this performance is too good.
Bella Qn
Bella Qn Hace 19 días
kalu dipikir-pikir BTS selalu ngasih petunjuk tentang next lagu yang bakal dirilis yaa.
Suna .59
Suna .59 Hace 19 días
Man Nhi
Man Nhi Hace 20 días
They are great in military uniform 💜💜
SOFREE Hace 20 días
I See why bts is number one idol :)
Niken Utami`
Niken Utami` Hace 20 días
keren sih...😮💚💙
BT21 BTS Hace 20 días
Still here in dec 2018 🙋🙋
bts7_ lovers
bts7_ lovers Hace 16 días
2019 😉😉😉😉😉
BT21 BTS Hace 20 días
Dec 30'18
My Face
My Face Hace 20 días
Came back here after watching 2018 song festival . I'm the only one emotional here ?😢😢😢 I love them so much💜💜💜
Bee ble
Bee ble Hace 20 días
this is the best. kbs gayo this year so dissapointed!
OT7 Frvr
OT7 Frvr Hace 20 días
That's why BTS is on top because they are always one step ahead of others when it comes in preparations and their music itself. 💜
essi holtman
essi holtman Hace 20 días
Jayashrii M.
Jayashrii M. Hace 20 días
stanning this group into 2019 and forever
Nessy Samp
Nessy Samp Hace 21 un día
Here after the 2018 performance
Min Adrikk
Min Adrikk Hace 21 un día
Gran presentación💕💕
Lucas Vinicius
Lucas Vinicius Hace 21 un día
I think this is the best dna stage seriously and the dance at spring day end... this performance is ICONIC
Yes, ARMY is everywhere
Yes, ARMY is everywhere Hace 21 un día
17:13 ohh Suga Suga I love you man 😂
videoworldwide100 Hace 21 un día
God I love them so much!...
yup. Hace 21 un día
their reaction aw
Celestine Pilapil
Celestine Pilapil Hace 21 un día
I watched this after the 2018 performance, I will Stan BTS as long as I can.... 🤗💜
Romina San Jose
Romina San Jose Hace 21 un día
Watching this again after watching their performance @ 2018 KBS and nothing has changed they are still the KINGS of every performance!!!!
doan diep
doan diep Hace 21 un día
team VIỆT NAM đầu rồi
Taehyung's Tae Tea
Taehyung's Tae Tea Hace 21 un día
*inserts ad at the best part of song* 😂
Elaf Othman
Elaf Othman Hace 21 un día
احبكم اكتيييير انتو حبي و عشقي 😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
ASMRMado Hace 21 un día
🌙child 🐨💜
Wendy Yi
Wendy Yi Hace 21 un día
I'm here after 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje~ Sincere thanks to BTS! I feel so lucky that I've been thru one year with u~~~ Although I'm late but it's ok I know u guys now~ wish that we can always walk together in the future! Keep fighting, my beloved BTS & Army!
silmi salsabila
silmi salsabila Hace 21 un día
miss this, when I just became an army. This appearance made me get to know BTS with dance, vocals and arrangements
Bea Kathrina Aguila
Bea Kathrina Aguila Hace 21 un día
PIM WARINTHRON Hace 21 un día
민현지 Hace 21 un día
진짜 이거 역대급이엿음 ㅠㅠ ♥️ 나는 이걸 다시 보러 어제 가요대축제 끝나고 이걸 또 보지ㅣ 히히
Aliana David
Aliana David Hace 21 un día
Who's here after kbs song festival 2018?
carol espayos
carol espayos Hace 22 días
Pink Rainbow
Pink Rainbow Hace 22 días
Came here after the 2018 KBS song festival 😊
Castiel Winchester
Castiel Winchester Hace 22 días
I wish they could perform spring day again
ling cheng
ling cheng Hace 22 días
I comeback here after 2018 12 28💜 love BTS forever
Thảo Vyy
Thảo Vyy Hace 22 días
Pau EG
Pau EG Hace 22 días
12:09 ARRR EEMM Me encanta.
Jin Thyself
Jin Thyself Hace 22 días
Throwback to 2017 kbs
Karla Pacheco Montesinos
I love BTS
Taeliciousness Hace 22 días
After 2018 performance Damn both performances were on fire
Aalema Saiyed
Aalema Saiyed Hace 22 días
Who’s here after watching this year’s KBS performance? 😍
Cristina BTS
Cristina BTS Hace 22 días
Iconnic performance
BTS Army
BTS Army Hace 22 días
Who is here after watching their KBS 2018 performance....🙋😁
Lucas Vinicius
Lucas Vinicius Hace 22 días
here after their second iconic performance
LUNA Hace 22 días
Who's here after seeing the 2018 performance💜
Aramita love
Aramita love Hace 20 días
Me 😊
Celestine Pilapil
Celestine Pilapil Hace 21 un día
LUNA ME!!! can't get over this boys!!!!
Xio Vásquez
Xio Vásquez Hace 22 días
los amo ❤️ i love you bts forever
Dayana Ca
Dayana Ca Hace 22 días
Amo como cantaron, sus voces, su presencia, sus bailes. Simplemente fueron perfectos. ❤️
Xio Vásquez
Xio Vásquez Hace 22 días
Like si lloraste😭
infox Zabini
infox Zabini Hace 22 días
The Rapline will be the Death of ME
Kookie Hace 22 días
Omg! BTS is on firrreeee! What a fantastic and breathtaking performance! I was breathless throughout their performance, I'm so lucky I survived. Bts will be the death of me.
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