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mhail Rama
mhail Rama Hace un hora
Mercedes Griffith
Mercedes Griffith Hace 9 horas
I need a studio version of this version of fake love
mehnaz purnota
mehnaz purnota Hace 11 horas
I think tae's deep voice just made me pregnant
Kim Thu
Kim Thu Hace 12 horas
How is this only getting 12,000,000 views? It’s a masterpiece of showing off BTS solo as well as group talent and performance. Soooo good! So proud!
Kim Thu
Kim Thu Hace 12 horas
BTS have made it! They get a fantastic long sequence to display their talents. Thank for for letting them each do their solo pieces and a group performance, KBS! BTS rocks my world on so many levels and they keeping doing it again and again. I’m gonna die ecstatically at this rate. God bless their souls! Thank you Big Hit!
Kim Thu
Kim Thu Hace 13 horas
Discovering BTS feels about the same as when I first discovered Kdrama! Highly addictive, sooooo good, fills your heads and dreams because of their greatness, pulls you in deeper and deeper with no escape.
Hana Saleem
Hana Saleem Hace 15 horas
What the heck all of the fake love performance sounded like the freaking recording like they really are eating cds they’re that good
Hana Saleem
Hana Saleem Hace 15 horas
Whoa look at he backdrop Suga got he literally got his name repeating over and over 😍 but how come he didn’t start at the beginning of the song like everyone else
Hana Saleem
Hana Saleem Hace 15 horas
What the heck why does tae get the most seductive roles 😍 like first blood sweat and tears and now this
life fight
life fight Hace 17 horas
JIMIN 🔥💜🥰👏Youre amazing as always.
Tae Tae
Tae Tae Hace 19 horas
Yes i love almost all the groups in kpop but whenever i watch/see bts, i feel like im part of the family. It's just such a loving feeling and without even realizing, i am smiling throughout the video. I am so glad that i found them and stan them this hard!! I purple you bts💜
成瀬開生 Hace 20 horas
fake love rocking vibe Special edition
Narges Rahimi
Narges Rahimi Hace un día
Bae Hace un día
Jimin you don't have to go that hard. Have mercy with my hearteu 😂
Malak Reda
Malak Reda Hace un día
my favorite song is serendipity
MsLokilla809 Hace 2 días
I like RM and V part
김민민 Hace 2 días
Can we talk about how much control Jin has over his voice on stage and off of it
BiBa JiGuk JiMin
BiBa JiGuk JiMin Hace 2 días
Well taehyung ft singularity is a crime u know...
BiBa JiGuk JiMin
BiBa JiGuk JiMin Hace 2 días
Alright jimin-ssi alright like he dances with expression like when he say the lyrics he gave u the emotion that he is referring to
사랑extrabantan Hace 2 días
All good... but Hobi slayyy... Still watching nowwww..
Aidan Barakat
Aidan Barakat Hace 3 días
Imagine if sugar decided to just go full on August d 😂😂
Melanny GMa
Melanny GMa Hace 3 días
I can't with the fact that in the Tae's and Jimin's mics are sounds of things that touch them while dancing. That's a big mistake from the audio staff. This doesn't mean that I disperage their work, it's just a mistake that shouldn't have happen and that's it. This isn't a hate comment, I love them.
Ahmed Hatem
Ahmed Hatem Hace 3 días
Imagine in your birthday you're jin,s girlfriend and he appears with the piano singing this song sooooo romantic
DarkKrad Rebo
DarkKrad Rebo Hace 4 días
i love serendipity! all of them have their own music style and they are even great as a group.
Hajra Jafri
Hajra Jafri Hace 4 días
10:12 can we please appreciate how fast Hobi has to run 😭😭🥺
noelani_ ileina
noelani_ ileina Hace 4 días
Heyo it’s 2k19! Man, these fans are lucky Bc it’s like a whole concert for them dammm! I wish I was living it in that perspective of those fans back then! But lucky I gained money and went to a concert. THEM SOLOS OMFG ITS FEELS SO REAL! JIN SING! YOU ARE AMAZING!
VikiDovi Hace 4 días
7:13 for some reason this dance mowe is very catlike to me kekekekek
Paloma Miranda
Paloma Miranda Hace 5 días
Love jungkook😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤
Mariana Flores
Mariana Flores Hace 5 días
love v's voice
Siddhant Bajpai
Siddhant Bajpai Hace 5 días
Still watching this everyday
J S Hace 5 días
Sm special, Jyp special but it's BTS special!😂😍
Inxs Qai
Inxs Qai Hace 5 días
Guys.....Can we talk about how powerful Jungkook performance is? I mean, it's too perfect... Please?❤
Francy MMuly
Francy MMuly Hace 5 días
You seeing how namjoon shining n shit All bts members should have long hair
BANGTAN Boys Armys
BANGTAN Boys Armys Hace 6 días
Jungkook's Euphoria performance killed me Tae Tae I wish your jacket was me Suga looks so sexy while laying a on a table
Paloma Miranda
Paloma Miranda Hace 5 días
Jungkook es mio
Hope Lee
Hope Lee Hace 6 días
BTS and their music/performances really hit different!!👏
Dåvinå *
Dåvinå * Hace 6 días
Omg I guessed the song they are gonna play!!!!!!
Dr user
Dr user Hace 6 días
خرب ببليسكم شكد قاسين قلبي ميتحمل خررب 😩
Shaile See
Shaile See Hace 6 días
Was it just my phone that froze at the beginning of seesaw ?
Jim-in Hace 6 días
0:42 I love this
Haniah x
Haniah x Hace 6 días
whoever the hell says jin can't sing need to get a lifee
struggling_to_stay_sane '-'
Back to watch these iconic performances
HAPPYGIRL Hace 6 días
I swear taehyung is so scary 😍
jihan nafla faiha syah
13:00 omg jk!!his voice askdnsldn
Salsa Cantika
Salsa Cantika Hace 7 días
zellie Z
zellie Z Hace 7 días
Jhooooooooope! 💜
Jeon Taehyung
Jeon Taehyung Hace 7 días
Finally my man hobi getting all the love he deserves in the comments🤧🤧 Ps:TAE BABY ISTG IM NOT CHEATING ON YOU YOU ARE FOREVER MY BIAS DVDHZHD
Eloxx Eugene
Eloxx Eugene Hace 7 días
I thought Jungkook one was an MR Removed...😂😂
A kookie and A cup of tae with a pinch Of suga
After this video,bts is not just idols they are performances and artists wooow they awesome
Diamond Patterson
Diamond Patterson Hace 8 días
Is no one gonna mention the fact that Yoongi’s butt looks amazing in those pants... just me ..ok *walks away thinking about her non existent butt*
Teahyung So Cute
Teahyung So Cute Hace 8 días
Katy Fisher
Katy Fisher Hace 9 días
did any other groups get to perform that much?🤔
RANDOM I-ARMY Hace 9 días
it's been how many months since this?? I STILL HAVE THE CHILLS
maria m
maria m Hace 9 días
rachexx Hace 9 días
JIMIN KILLED mehhh😭😭 JIN Made me cry And bts KILLED THIS PERFORMANCE *i watched this 1M times*
Rebeca Nuñez García
Rebeca Nuñez García Hace 10 días
J-hopeeeeeeeeee 😍😍😍😍
chïcâ løcæ
chïcâ løcæ Hace 10 días
❤❤ wooow 💦
bts bulletproof
bts bulletproof Hace 10 días
Jimin at 10:13. Omg he is passionate abt his dancing. You could just feel everything he was feeling😍😍😍😍😍
bts bulletproof
bts bulletproof Hace 10 días
Let's talk about rm tho😍😍😍😍
bts bulletproof
bts bulletproof Hace 10 días
I don't know how many times I watched this it's so freaking goooooooooood😍😍😍😍😭😭😭
JellyBoom Beaniez
JellyBoom Beaniez Hace 10 días
Prefer Stigma rather than singularity for V
xx_softchimchim_xx Hace 10 días
6:43 Someone says txt i swear 😂
hieu vo
hieu vo Hace 10 días
Kookxe Hace 11 días
evanti t.v.
evanti t.v. Hace 11 días
Tae and Hobi get me every time
Lia Nurmaliani
Lia Nurmaliani Hace 11 días
BigHit spesial?? BTS with TXT ^^
Nyla Fbianti
Nyla Fbianti Hace 11 días
Jeon jungkook💗
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon Hace 11 días
This video is so precious to me because 2 days after this I became and Army and I been stanning them since
SockJean Hace 11 días
Why did I watch this? My PCD got worse
로닌ronin Hace 11 días
Rosey Bae
Rosey Bae Hace 12 días
Is Nobody Gonna Talk About Jimins Soft Ass Rift At 4:28-4:30 Like A Pure Angel😍😍💜💜
Maiko Chan
Maiko Chan Hace 12 días
their fake love is without a doubt their most powerful and anticipated performance..i love how they drastically change the tone of the music and make it more dramatic than it already is
Dewey Duck
Dewey Duck Hace 12 días
*Can we just talk about jimin's body movement he did on the ground*
Fernando Castro
Fernando Castro Hace 12 días
Fernando Castro
Fernando Castro Hace 12 días
fue super el final I LOVE BTSSSSSS
Ni Luh Lestari
Ni Luh Lestari Hace 12 días
I am very curious about J-hope sounds, like various types of sounds at the same time So amazing 🔥🔥🔥
Angel Catiis
Angel Catiis Hace 12 días
Now they have txt hahaha
I stan BTS, TXT
I stan BTS, TXT Hace 13 días
Why am I crying watching BTS perform and represent Bighit?🥺 I'm so proud of our boys, now 2019 let's wait for BTS and TXT 💜
Liliana Wu
Liliana Wu Hace 13 días
Lisa RB
Lisa RB Hace 13 días
everytime i see jungkook its make me cry hes so calm
Rahma Abdulrahman
Rahma Abdulrahman Hace 13 días
13:35 damn jin w leather jacket
Rahma Abdulrahman
Rahma Abdulrahman Hace 13 días
8:05 they save the best til the last
Riato Kidnanti
Riato Kidnanti Hace 13 días
Jin with leather jacket. Oh my 😍
Virgochic84 Hace 13 días
The glow up is so real.
Roon Ji
Roon Ji Hace 13 días
Roon Ji
Roon Ji Hace 13 días
sara jinmin
sara jinmin Hace 13 días
J hooooooooooope i love you
Ayriza Riza
Ayriza Riza Hace 14 días
Melted_ Mochi
Melted_ Mochi Hace 14 días
I can’t handle how they all stare into the camera when their done with their performance
Lara Rosa
Lara Rosa Hace 14 días
Love all their performances BUT JINNNN😩😍
Chaton Swagé
Chaton Swagé Hace 14 días
bts bulletproof
bts bulletproof Hace 10 días
If only i could catch that mask
nanami 1136
nanami 1136 Hace 14 días
Just saying maaaayyyybee TXT will join them in the next special stage?
Aryn Min
Aryn Min Hace 14 días
Jhope is so stable it’s insane.
Shaima ALKafween
Shaima ALKafween Hace 15 días
jimin bts
jimin bts Hace 15 días
Where is my favorite part 😟3:57
jimin bts
jimin bts Hace 15 días
Where is my favorite part 😟3:57
Samiha Islam
Samiha Islam Hace 15 días
Who else wants to be the coat hanger in singularity? Only me. OK.
bts bulletproof
bts bulletproof Hace 10 días
Girl I want to be the mask ,the coat hanger, the floor, the stage
Sky_ Greeze
Sky_ Greeze Hace 16 días
Mic noises while Jimin is singing Anti: they lipsync Army: Are you deaf b**** ~BTSxARMY💜💜
Terry Jones
Terry Jones Hace 16 días
At 2:17 I can here someone saying imnida. Only OGs will know.
Mac Hace 16 días
I really want one of these but with their Wings solos😢
ChotiMintus Hace 5 días
That would be so cool
Tuğçe Kocaer
Tuğçe Kocaer Hace 16 días
I'm here again 😊😊😭💜
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