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BTS "You Laugh = You Lose" Challenge

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Hi A.R.M.Ys! ☜(˚▽˚)☞ I'm back with another video ʘ‿ʘ
BTS 'You Laugh = You Lose' Challenge (I totally didn't steal that name from Pewds lmao) or just BTS 'Try Not To Laugh' Challenge.
I feel like many of you really enjoy these types of videos, so I decided to make another one. I tried really hard to make this video entertaining, so I hope that some of you will appreciate it. In this video I included only funny moments from DNA 'era', so everything in this video is quite 'new'.
DISCLAIMER: By making this video I didn't mean to mock or laugh at BTS in any way. It's just for fun, so don't take it too seriously :)
🎵 Intro and Outro song : OMFG - Hello
(For some videos there won’t be links given so just google the name of the show and search for yourself)
🔵🔓- With links
🔴🔒- Without links (Because of copyright)
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📌[00:21] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[00:31] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[00:52] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[01:05] (🔓)Making of BT21 (Episode 1) - esvid.net/video/vídeo-OCtCmqoP2RI.html
📌[01:18] (🔒) BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[01:44] (🔓)RM - www.vlive.tv/video/43778?channelCode=FE619
📌[02:00] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[02:18] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[02:34] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[02:45] (🔓)R&V Live - www.vlive.tv/video/44464?channelCode=FE619
📌[03:08] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[03:36] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[03:44] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[03:58] (🔓)RM - www.vlive.tv/video/43778?channelCode=FE619
📌[04:12] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[04:39] (🔓)RM - www.vlive.tv/video/43778?channelCode=FE619
📌[04:56] (🔒)Knowing Brother (Episode 94)
📌[05:14] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[05:22] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[05:45] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[05:54] (🔐BTS BV (Episode 1)
📌[06:04] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[06:33] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[06:54] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[07:11] (🔓)Run BTS! 2017 (Episode 24) - www.vlive.tv/video/45209?channelCode=FE619
📌[08:14] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[08:31] (🔒)Knowing Brother (Episode 94)
📌[08:41] (🔓)Eat Jin - www.vlive.tv/video/44398?channelCode=FE619
📌[09:06] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[09:23] (🔓)Making of BT21 (Episode 1) - esvid.net/video/vídeo-OCtCmqoP2RI.html
📌[09:47] (🔐BTS BV (Episode 1)
📌[10:08] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[10:19] (🔓)RM - www.vlive.tv/video/43778?channelCode=FE619
📌[10:30] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[11:01] (🔓)R&V Live - www.vlive.tv/video/44464?channelCode=FE619
📌[11:43] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[12:14] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[12:28] (🔓)Making of BT21 (Episode 1) - esvid.net/video/vídeo-OCtCmqoP2RI.html
📌[12:41] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[13:05] (🔓)RM - www.vlive.tv/video/43778?channelCode=FE619
📌[13:22] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[13:35] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[13:53] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
Namjoon’s awkward handshakes:
📌[14:35] (🔓)DNA Reaction - esvid.net/video/vídeo-Cx6ZYcZnoW4.html
📌[14:47] (🔒)Knowing Brother (Episode 94)
📌[14:54] (🔓)BTS Home Party - www.vlive.tv/video/31938?channelCode=FE619
📌[15:06] (🔓)RM - www.vlive.tv/video/43778?channelCode=FE619
📌[15:14] (🔓)BTS @ Yahoo - esvid.net/video/vídeo-naaFZYEQt6M.html
📌[15:21] (🔓)BTSComeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[15:31] (🔓)BTS @ PeopleTV - esvid.net/video/vídeo-XgGxcMndEk8.html&t=1024s
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❗I do NOT own any of these clips and songs except the editing
❗All credit goes to the rightful owners
❗No copyright infringement intended
Hope you enjoyed, and if you did, leave a like and subscribe (▰˘◡˘▰)


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5 abr 2018

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JK Hace 10 meses
Sorry this video isn't new - I had to reupload it because of the copyright :(
NORH ALWARGAN Hace 16 días
My account is in Instagram : norh_4848 내 계정이 Instagram에 있습니다. : @norh_4848 تعالوا لحسابي فالاستقرام اناشاءالله يعجبكم للأرمي: norh_4848@
Sherine Rossyifa
Sherine Rossyifa Hace 21 un día
Rachana Singh
Rachana Singh Hace un mes
I lost it the minute Jin got hit at the starting
sarai manu
sarai manu Hace un mes
JK idc its crack up
تاليا زيد
تاليا زيد Hace un mes
TotallyNotABTSFanGirl '-'
I *Lost*
ProjectWolfie _xX
ProjectWolfie _xX Hace 6 horas
I love how at the technical difficulties part there was a squeaky toy sound XD
MIKKI SALCEDO Hace 7 horas
I hope jhope have already watch this HAHAHAHHAHAH it's so funny!😂😂😂
1 LIKE=if you prayed for JIN
c Hace 15 horas
this is so fucking shit
HR SETTY Hace 19 horas
No I'm not pass this challenge 😂😂😂😂
Aysha Ig: floralmike
Aysha Ig: floralmike Hace 21 un hora
crap i forgot it was a challenge so i lost on the first second
Momo Ring
Momo Ring Hace un día
I laugh so because of jin
PloryTheGaMer 555
PloryTheGaMer 555 Hace un día
Poor Jonnie 😂
UnicornGamerKawaii _YT
1 like= friends for him 2 likes=first aid kit to help his back 3 likes=get him a real fast car to drive inside 4 likes=get him better at drawing
Taehyung MSP
Taehyung MSP Hace un día
14:00 what is a song?
Klipersgirl Hace un día
This shows how manly they are. XD 💜 I purple them.
Aishh Ysmn
Aishh Ysmn Hace un día
글램 Hace un día
Goo goo Gacha
Goo goo Gacha Hace 2 días
Didb I pass the challenge HELL TO THE NAH I DID
XxAlexX MSPxX Hace 2 días
Hayley Davies
Hayley Davies Hace 2 días
0:58 is when I lost
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon Hace 2 días
What’s the song at 14.18 called?
Hailey Wright
Hailey Wright Hace 2 días
Jungkook: I've been thinking of getting rid of my bed. Jin:then where are you going to sleep? Jungkook:your bed😎 Me:wow!!!!Savage jk just taking people's bed's like that
Oodoo Boodoo
Oodoo Boodoo Hace 3 días
Lol I feel so bad for poor suga and rm hand shakes looked sad xd
_Brooky_ Hace 3 días
Okay, who said there is no DNA in your blood BRO WTF DNA IS IN YOUR BLOOD
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Hace 3 días
Honey, I choked on my pasta when Jimin started to rap about Hobi my goodness
It's KAWAII TIME! Hace 4 días
Kawaii's Gacha World
What made laugh was the "xdddddddd"
Carleigh Spikes
Carleigh Spikes Hace 4 días
i failed
Alanna Henry
Alanna Henry Hace 5 días
What’s the song at 14:51?
shyu hiro
shyu hiro Hace 5 días
namjoon il m’as dead a la fin😭😭
Spirit Kat
Spirit Kat Hace 5 días
3:02 The face of disappointment
Rumeysa Teber
Rumeysa Teber Hace 5 días
Kıyamam ya çok korktular
Emma Marie
Emma Marie Hace 5 días
2:12 killed me😂😂😂😂
Aaaaaaaaaaaa 2SEOK!!!!!!
No One
No One Hace 6 días
70% Jin 30% Jungkook being savage af
vannessa unicorn132lisa with emily
um i did not laugh its not funny but a little shout out to me pls
Zara Amir Khan
Zara Amir Khan Hace 6 días
12:45 can anyone tell me which show is this? plzzz
Sunnynui nguyen
Sunnynui nguyen Hace 6 días
Yoongi's face at 3:07 killed me
hashim hashim
hashim hashim Hace 6 días
Jungkook is that you
narjis soudin
narjis soudin Hace 6 días
thatttsssssssss lollllllll
kuranosuké BTS FOR ALL MY LIFE
Rm voice is so good at jimin song love yourself
Cindy Hace 6 días
Army link
Army link Hace 6 días
Somebody help me I'm on my period and I am laughing so hard
Gaming Girl
Gaming Girl Hace 6 días
12:41 is that a BTS run ep? Which ep is that pls tell meh
chimchim jimin
chimchim jimin Hace 6 días
I didn't know v likes listening to it's everyday bro😂😂
Pasansi de
Pasansi de Hace 6 días
DNA in blood vessels is great.😂
whoever DID pass obviously doesn’t like k-pop, and my unpopular opinion is that k-pop fans should really step up their game. for example: maybe putting together collages for their idols, or maybe congratulating them for their successes.
Clarissa Thu
Clarissa Thu Hace 7 días
14:19 - 15:25 i can start crying now 1 like = 1 handshake for rm
Nadine Sidney
Nadine Sidney Hace 7 días
I read the title, yes, but after the first video,,, i forgot it was a challenge
Tyra Padua
Tyra Padua Hace 7 días
J-Hope’s screams tho😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
astra Hace 7 días
I’ve never seen anything like it
John Doe
John Doe Hace 7 días
Bye screaming for one minute straight? You mean j hope?
ItzSharkyKatt 101
ItzSharkyKatt 101 Hace 7 días
The screaming one and the hand shakes got me
Keira HO
Keira HO Hace 7 días
The blood inside my vessels thing when rm said their is none if he knows that then why did he write the lyrics like that lol
Miyuki392 Hace 7 días
I died hahahahaha and I lost at the first 10 seconds xd
AlphaWolf Candy
AlphaWolf Candy Hace 7 días
0:26 HOW DARE YOU SLAP MY OPPA!!!!!! DEFEEEEEEENNNNDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(((((
NicoleMC Noob
NicoleMC Noob Hace 7 días
I did not even last a minute
Aarushi Shreevastav
Aarushi Shreevastav Hace 8 días
I even can't stop laughing when I first saw the thumbnail.... 😂😂😂❤
i dunno anything :v
i dunno anything :v Hace 8 días
5:45 did he really listen to that if he did uhmm did he understand the Spanish?
Poornima Ekanayaka
Poornima Ekanayaka Hace 8 días
Good and funny editing 😊😁😉🤣😅😂👍👌❤️💕😆🎈😋
Rossiel Campilan
Rossiel Campilan Hace 8 días
I lose I forgot this is a challenge lol
Forever Bangtan and ARMY
What is the name of the show at 2:04 Anyone plzz cause I really want to watch it..
Jamia Williamson
Jamia Williamson Hace 8 días
I failed so bad oml
DJ Girl57
DJ Girl57 Hace 8 días
I couldn't hold it I had to😂😂
Lo ve
Lo ve Hace 8 días
I’m being honest: I lost but I didn’t even tried to stop laughing cuz I knew I’d fail😂💜💜
Janielle Mateo
Janielle Mateo Hace 8 días
4:24 is lit, srsly😂
chi chi gachas
chi chi gachas Hace 9 días
Does Smiling Count ?
KIM MIYOUNG Hace 9 días
If I even laughed at it I am happy to loose 'cause BTS is something I cannot explain. My quote: 'if you start kpop, you can't kstop'.
Amrutha Varshini
Amrutha Varshini Hace 9 días
12:03 Jin Ko mata aagai 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love u BTS 💜💜💜😍
midnight_Rose ARMY
midnight_Rose ARMY Hace 9 días
3:22 where is this from I want to watch the whole thing
Hey Hannah
Hey Hannah Hace 9 días
The moment Jin started wiggling I already lost 😂
AMISHA RAI Hace 9 días
Jungkookie is a damn funny savage😂😂😂
Margaux See
Margaux See Hace 10 días
Stop talking, dead skin cells are coming out of your mouth That killed me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jho Delos Santos Mendoza
5:57 what run Bts ep is that?
chimchim da living mochi
ARMYSS is the best fandom in HISTORYv
i purple you
i purple you Hace 10 días
Hyy Sk
Hyy Sk Hace 10 días
6:11 whitch run bts??
Kpop Maniacs
Kpop Maniacs Hace 10 días
Jin:is there anything you want to go to any members? Jungkook:not in particular V:OH HELL NAH Me:SHUT YOUR FUCIN MOUTH RIGHT THERE BOI!
7ge Hace 11 días
5:50 EP number?
doublestufkookie Hace 11 días
it’s confirmed. j hope is officially the pussiest member of bts
Alyssa Halloween
Alyssa Halloween Hace 11 días
# savage Jungkook
Maria Weeks
Maria Weeks Hace 11 días
Well actually there is DNA in your blood vessels because there is a tubular structure carrying blood through the tissues and organs. The tubular structure is composed of endothelial cells, each of those cells contain a nucleus. The nucleus contains DNA so... if you don't believe google it but i'm a nurse in training so...
와 이분 편집 기깔나게 재밌네
shafimibrahim Hace 12 días
I won!!! yes I am like suga
Flavia Caccavale
Flavia Caccavale Hace 12 días
4:05 Song?
Pastel Gacha
Pastel Gacha Hace 12 días
3:31 look at Jungkook face too 😂
peachyz gragodyx
peachyz gragodyx Hace 12 días
Gacha Foxy
Gacha Foxy Hace 12 días
2:54 What Is that I mean the movie?
Kawaii Potatoes
Kawaii Potatoes Hace 12 días
Who lost on all of them?
İsmini Söylemek İstemeyen Bir A.R.M.Y
Bundan sonra rm hic el sıkışmak istemedi........ Bu arada keske orda olup suga nin arkasinda olsaydim(fesat anlamayin)
Ansh Anu
Ansh Anu Hace 12 días
Can anyone tell me what's the video at 3:00
Varvara Jhayne Silmaro
11:28 what show is this?
Rupa Kumari
Rupa Kumari Hace 13 días
I lost badly 😌
pretty princess
pretty princess Hace 13 días
5:47 That was hilarious😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cathy Bondat Genodipanon
"Who cares about the lighting?Im beautiful", (slap,slap,slap)😂😂😂
Lilis Puspita
Lilis Puspita Hace 13 días
6:19,, Omg jungkook
Shannelle R
Shannelle R Hace 13 días
When J-hope did the noise of a car and that car just popped up I freaking lost it....god damn it
I know I suck
I know I suck Hace 13 días
4:04 got me
Allirah Whybrow
Allirah Whybrow Hace 13 días
Roses Are Red... Voilets Are Blue.. I laughed so hard :D Im Sure u Did Too ;D
the simbline
the simbline Hace 13 días
EYE- 10:16
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