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BTS "You Laugh = You Lose" Challenge

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Hi A.R.M.Ys! ☜(˚▽˚)☞ I'm back with another video ʘ‿ʘ
BTS 'You Laugh = You Lose' Challenge (I totally didn't steal that name from Pewds lmao) or just BTS 'Try Not To Laugh' Challenge.
I feel like many of you really enjoy these types of videos, so I decided to make another one. I tried really hard to make this video entertaining, so I hope that some of you will appreciate it. In this video I included only funny moments from DNA 'era', so everything in this video is quite 'new'.
DISCLAIMER: By making this video I didn't mean to mock or laugh at BTS in any way. It's just for fun, so don't take it too seriously :)
🎵 Intro and Outro song : OMFG - Hello
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📌[00:21] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[00:31] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[00:52] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[01:05] (🔓)Making of BT21 (Episode 1) - esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-OCtCmqoP2RI.html
📌[01:18] (🔒) BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[01:44] (🔓)RM - www.vlive.tv/video/43778?channelCode=FE619
📌[02:00] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[02:18] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[02:34] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[02:45] (🔓)R&V Live - www.vlive.tv/video/44464?channelCode=FE619
📌[03:08] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[03:36] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[03:44] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[03:58] (🔓)RM - www.vlive.tv/video/43778?channelCode=FE619
📌[04:12] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[04:39] (🔓)RM - www.vlive.tv/video/43778?channelCode=FE619
📌[04:56] (🔒)Knowing Brother (Episode 94)
📌[05:14] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[05:22] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[05:45] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[05:54] (🔐BTS BV (Episode 1)
📌[06:04] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[06:33] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[06:54] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[07:11] (🔓)Run BTS! 2017 (Episode 24) - www.vlive.tv/video/45209?channelCode=FE619
📌[08:14] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[08:31] (🔒)Knowing Brother (Episode 94)
📌[08:41] (🔓)Eat Jin - www.vlive.tv/video/44398?channelCode=FE619
📌[09:06] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[09:23] (🔓)Making of BT21 (Episode 1) - esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-OCtCmqoP2RI.html
📌[09:47] (🔐BTS BV (Episode 1)
📌[10:08] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[10:19] (🔓)RM - www.vlive.tv/video/43778?channelCode=FE619
📌[10:30] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[11:01] (🔓)R&V Live - www.vlive.tv/video/44464?channelCode=FE619
📌[11:43] (🔓)BTS Comeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[12:14] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[12:28] (🔓)Making of BT21 (Episode 1) - esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-OCtCmqoP2RI.html
📌[12:41] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[13:05] (🔓)RM - www.vlive.tv/video/43778?channelCode=FE619
📌[13:22] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
📌[13:35] (🔒)Let's Eat Dinner Together (Episode 50)
📌[13:53] (🔒)BTS Countdown(171012)
Namjoon’s awkward handshakes:
📌[14:35] (🔓)DNA Reaction - esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Cx6ZYcZnoW4.html
📌[14:47] (🔒)Knowing Brother (Episode 94)
📌[14:54] (🔓)BTS Home Party - www.vlive.tv/video/31938?channelCode=FE619
📌[15:06] (🔓)RM - www.vlive.tv/video/43778?channelCode=FE619
📌[15:14] (🔓)BTS @ Yahoo - esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-naaFZYEQt6M.html
📌[15:21] (🔓)BTSComeback Special - www.vlive.tv/video/41492?channelCode=FE619
📌[15:31] (🔓)BTS @ PeopleTV - esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-XgGxcMndEk8.html
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❗No copyright infringement intended
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JK Hace un año
Sorry this video isn't new - I had to reupload it because of the copyright :(
Hanna Wiesner
Hanna Wiesner Hace 5 días
Wer is Your Bias JK
Chou Tzuyu
Chou Tzuyu Hace un mes
Thats ok
VioletBlossom1 Hace un mes
The screaming was mostly jHope
NORH ALWARGAN Hace 2 meses
My account is in Instagram : norh_4848 내 계정이 Instagram에 있습니다. : @norh_4848 تعالوا لحسابي فالاستقرام اناشاءالله يعجبكم للأرمي: norh_4848@
Sherine Rossyifa
Sherine Rossyifa Hace 2 meses
Britney Lowe
Britney Lowe Hace 3 horas
No i failed
Sienna Terenciuk
Sienna Terenciuk Hace 3 horas
PUBG BEF Hace 7 horas
I see a thumbnail say pass turn to ass
Snow_ Life
Snow_ Life Hace 10 horas
15:26 : “Did you pass this challenge Me: there was a challenge Them: yes Me: what was the challenge again, because I was too busy laughing
min_ swaeg_04
min_ swaeg_04 Hace 10 horas
Um... No, I definitely DID NOT pass this challenge.😶
M.R Ugly
M.R Ugly Hace 10 horas
I don't laugh because i'm not army
Kararaina White-maulu
Kararaina White-maulu Hace 11 horas
Once I saw v and herd jake Paul it’s everyday bro I was like u ruined my dreams of v and that got me through a faze for a few seconds and that faze was me screaming swear words
Black to the Pink
Black to the Pink Hace 12 horas
13:37 *rip head phones/ear phones*
Rashelly De Leon
Rashelly De Leon Hace 12 horas
I love BTS❤️❤️
ARMYLIZER 25 Hace 13 horas
Syendy Arshita
Syendy Arshita Hace 14 horas
I can't stop laughing because of Namjoon's handshake.
Lexie Da Potatoe
Lexie Da Potatoe Hace 14 horas
4:04 Me in the morning when i learn i have school (btw did you notice the lenny face? Leave a like if you did.)
Beauty Mvumba
Beauty Mvumba Hace 14 horas
"There's no DNA in your blood vessel".Xd Rap Monster just ruined the challenge for me😂😂😂😂😂
Fatimahtul Zahra Mtw
Fatimahtul Zahra Mtw Hace 16 horas
poor suga😂😂 jin:suga,who do you think is behind you? suga:jin hyung and that's no one right there and i want i'm behind suga😂😂
Nadya Poisac
Nadya Poisac Hace 18 horas
what was at 1:04 and that whole question thing?
fanya Here
fanya Here Hace 18 horas
6:26 is running man?
fanya Here
fanya Here Hace 18 horas
2:53 i can see where?
addis zemen tedla
addis zemen tedla Hace 19 horas
RM: there’s no dna in my blood vessel? Me: WTF YESSSS THERE ISSSSS NO ONES CRAZY 😜
Kimchi Hace 20 horas
0:09 yoongi: i didn't have friends me: BUT LOOK AT YOU NOW
LCT GAMINZ Hace 20 horas
RM can't say no blood in your DNA because he writes the sing and parts right?
Ximen 615
Ximen 615 Hace 21 un hora
Ximen 615
Ximen 615 Hace 21 un hora
I need that microphone pen so bad😂😂
Jihan Keneshia
Jihan Keneshia Hace 23 horas
I'm not laugh,i'm win you lose
A.R.M.Y BTS Hace un día
"Who cares about lighting I'm beautiful" -Jin 2019 *Then dies*
Andrea Marotta
Andrea Marotta Hace un día
Joy 823
Joy 823 Hace un día
I think namjoon gave up on hand shaking
Jaesakanim Hace un día
I already lost just by looking at the title and the thumbnail
natelirious Hace un día
"Who cares about lightning, I'm beautiful" that line alone made me laugh already
Danksuga Memes
Danksuga Memes Hace 2 días
I don’t know why 4:13 made me laugh so hard😂😂
Sai Sai
Sai Sai Hace 2 días
nope i died
Nenglia Cisasmi annuar
Exactly no, I always laugh in every parts of video. May be, I laughed 100 times.
Aeesh Rahman
Aeesh Rahman Hace 2 días
Bibbies ahh
Jimin Park
Jimin Park Hace 2 días
1:48 yoongi'sin tf yoongi
liskook Forever
liskook Forever Hace 2 días
0:08 awww poor Suga:( 8:48 savage jin hahaha
Games With Freja
Games With Freja Hace 2 días
1:33 yeah there is dna inside your blood vessels - dna is in every body cell except red blood cells which don’t have a nucleus poor namjoon he looked like he was regretting every life decision he’s made just cause he thought the lyric didn’t make sense
Eh. -_-
Eh. -_- Hace 2 días
Jin:FaAaaAaaAa All others members:*constant laughing*
Lefty Artist2001
Lefty Artist2001 Hace 2 días
Jimin singing cypher 4 almost got me not gonna lie lmao
its v-nessa z.l.z.v
its v-nessa z.l.z.v Hace 2 días
Edward García
Edward García Hace 2 días
You laugh = you win
Avi Elizondo
Avi Elizondo Hace 2 días
I Lost so Easy.😖
QD Vlogs
QD Vlogs Hace 2 días
*• Violet Edits•*
One like = one friend for Suga...
Pragedis Garcia
Pragedis Garcia Hace 3 días
I feel bad for suga
Phoebe Lionrain
Phoebe Lionrain Hace 4 días
what is so funny that Suga did not have many friends, i don't think it's funny :-(
Acsah Lukose
Acsah Lukose Hace 4 días
BTS screaming doe 1 minute straight or J Hope
Venus Reyes
Venus Reyes Hace 5 días
5:30 what's the music bg? I really wanna know
Venus Reyes
Venus Reyes Hace 5 días
6:58 too
Elda Zeng
Elda Zeng Hace 5 días
Can someone please tell me what video was that when they were in the bus and J-Hope was being pulled? Thanks.
Army Loveyourself
Army Loveyourself Hace 5 días
You know what I'm just gonna be honest I'm never gonna complete this challenge... NEVER!
Elena Arvanitaki
Elena Arvanitaki Hace 6 días
Soooooooo cute when they sceaming💜💜💜💖💖💖💓💓💕💕💕💝💞💞💞💘💘💘💟💗💗
Elena Arvanitaki
Elena Arvanitaki Hace 6 días
Sharad Anchal
Sharad Anchal Hace 6 días
i forgot that it was a challenge........................
Danila Hewitt
Danila Hewitt Hace 6 días
J-hope: how do you draw a Horse V: go look in the mirror and Draw ur self
Subheya Ahmed ღ
Subheya Ahmed ღ Hace 6 días
I only come here to laugh
Jiminie's Smile
Jiminie's Smile Hace 7 días
The worst thing is that I forgot the challenge and I LAUGHED ALONG 😂😂 I'm really sorry..
Agnes Wiman
Agnes Wiman Hace 8 días
Embarrasing Namjoon handshakes... Me: OMG HIS HAND IS SO BEAUTIFUL
kavitha s
kavitha s Hace 8 días
I lost it when jimin said *i love ma looooo* Actually i lost it from the first
Im Trash
Im Trash Hace 8 días
You almost got me at namjoon songing jimin part
Lisa and jungkook7
Lisa and jungkook7 Hace 8 días
Who else laugh through the hole video
Gemma Broad
Gemma Broad Hace 9 días
Gemma Broad
Gemma Broad Hace 9 días
ㅣ이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅔㅡ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 다 같이 놀고 있는 모습이 참 잘 잘 나와요 그래서 저도 좀 잘
Gemma Broad
Gemma Broad Hace 9 días
m i l k i i w a y
m i l k i i w a y Hace 9 días
stlaed1 stlaed1
stlaed1 stlaed1 Hace 10 días
I’m dead at 0:38 already😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yuki Rose
Yuki Rose Hace 10 días
I cracked When Jimin sang and Suga looked really funny 😂😂😂
Sekar Mustikawening
Sekar Mustikawening Hace 10 días
4:24 this is the best crossovwr in history
Nerxhivane Begesi
Nerxhivane Begesi Hace 10 días
Jenkins Aichem
Jenkins Aichem Hace 10 días
I love you Namjoon . 💟💟💟🎶🎵😇
Khouloud Hannachi
Khouloud Hannachi Hace 10 días
mago gamer12
mago gamer12 Hace 11 días
7:08 try me bitch
Analicia Zepeda
Analicia Zepeda Hace 11 días
Song for 5:12 ?? 💀💀
Pepper Gordon
Pepper Gordon Hace 11 días
well i guess i lost
Superior PG3D
Superior PG3D Hace 11 días
Have army’s planned a mission to get Hobi back from space?
BTS ROCKS Hace 12 días
j k u o n o g k
Mubashshira Farooqui
Mubashshira Farooqui Hace 12 días
Sry I failed😂😂😂
Emily Cottle
Emily Cottle Hace 12 días
I just started screeching with my mouth closed, bad idea I almost died of coughing about 3 times🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cassandra Nasol
Cassandra Nasol Hace 12 días
I'm burst out of laugh when Jim is hitted
Rebelz Samson
Rebelz Samson Hace 12 días
3:50 - mah new wallpaper - when u see it u can’t unsee it😂😂
Avani Huang
Avani Huang Hace 12 días
Hala Mahmoud
Hala Mahmoud Hace 13 días
I past yayyyy! 😄
Annabel Young
Annabel Young Hace 13 días
7:09 Yoongi looks like he’s ready to square up lmao
Linda Talavera
Linda Talavera Hace 13 días
10:57 so no one is going to talk adout this cute moment there having right here
BeingLifesBeauty Hace 14 días
Dashley is the revolution
7:54 Mostly J-Hope tho :V
mary jane
mary jane Hace 15 días
What is the song at 5:42?
Kayziex9 Hace 15 días
3:06 The words go perfect with the face suga makes.
Kayziex9 Hace 15 días
0:53 - 0 :55 oof that must BURNNN
eliaha merissee
eliaha merissee Hace 15 días
I love bts's smlies and my favorite is kookie bunny smlies
eliaha merissee
eliaha merissee Hace 15 días
0:54 lol jungkook is a savage lol
Janelle Saria
Janelle Saria Hace 15 días
Stop Jin abuse today call 568-340-216 or call BigHit entertainment for more information 😂
Pumpkin Studios
Pumpkin Studios Hace 16 días
BTS screaming is so romantic
Tory Rahman
Tory Rahman Hace 16 días
AWW I feel bad for joonie Nobody handshakes with him 😔😔 But it's was so funny tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Helen H.
Helen H. Hace 16 días
I don't get how the first one was funny though, it was sad for me because Yoongi was lonely in his childhood T_T
My Own Style
My Own Style Hace 16 días
I lost is at 4:16😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣
Ishi Gacha Gamer
Ishi Gacha Gamer Hace 17 días
Why is no one talking about 3:47 😂😂❤
Malaea Shurney
Malaea Shurney Hace 17 días
I Can Not Breathe😂😂😂😂😂
Gacha coke
Gacha coke Hace 17 días
J hope FAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Other member Hahahahhahhahahahahhahahah*dying*
Diana Moldaniyazova
Diana Moldaniyazova Hace 18 días
Оkay, i'm loser
Priscilla Nhyira Sam
Priscilla Nhyira Sam Hace 18 días
I forgot it was a challenge...😂😂😂. c'mon z bts we talking about, the source of my joy on a bad day.... BTW hu told RM dat there z no dna in a blood vessel? Smh..... BTS are geniuses they know what they write as lyrics...there z DNA in every cell of the body except the red blood cells which has no nucleus....in case u wanna know... Well....I love you BTS and Army..❤❤
The blue and purple Army
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