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Bubble Waffles - a new culinary trend conquers our kitchens and has lovers of sweets raving. Preparing these delicacies with the bubble waffle maker RCWM-1400-B from our catering supplies is child's play.
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The result: The waffles are particularly crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside. They taste like pancakes with a touch of sugar. Surprise the guests at the buffet in your restaurant or hotel, or as a part of a catering event or at a fast food stand. You can also indulge your loved ones with these waffles in the afternoon or evening.
The waffle maker for delicious waffles that are also eye-catchers
Due to the pattern of the baking plate, the hexagonal waffles have a unique bubble texture. You can enjoy them simply like this or garnish them with a variety of delicacies. The shape is also very good for rolling the waffles like an ice cream cone. In whichever way you serve the waffles, the unique "bubbles” make up the typical look of these waffles.
The two electric baking plates heat up very quickly and are powered by 1.415 watts to evenly bake the dough from both sides. This has the advantage that the device is quickly ready for use and the waffles are ready quickly. There are no long waiting times for your guests. The device is rotatable, and the dough is optimally and evenly distributed. The overflow protection ensures clean handling. The casing made of high-quality stainless steel and the baking plates made of Teflon-coated aluminium are a great duo. The device is very durable and extremely robust.
It is also easy to clean and adheres to hygienic and health standards. The waffle maker has a timer, so that nothing burns. You can select a time span of up to 5 minutes. At the end of the set baking time, an alarm tone sounds. Depending on the desired consistency of the waffles, you can adjust the temperature between 50 and 250 ° C with a rotary knob. The indicator light shows you when the baking plates have reached the necessary temperature. The bubble waffle maker has a high quality wooden handle, which protects you from heat and allows you to open and close the baking plates without protection. As an additional heat protection, the reinforced power cables are routed through a cable harness that is protected against moisture and other external influences. Four rubber knobs provide a sturdy footing without causing scratches. You will also find a replacement baking plate for the waffle maker in our range, for when the baking plate is removed from the device for a thorough cleaning.
Advantages at a glance
Rollable, hexagonal waffles with unique bubble pattern
High-powered baking plates for baking from two sides
Durable stainless steel casing and Teflon-coated baking plates
Reliant timer with alarm
Heat-resistant wooden handles
Easy and quick to use, with additional baking plate
item number: EX1732
model: RCWM-1400-B
Product details:
Power: 1.415 W
Bubble pattern
Material: stainless steel / aluminium
Heat-resistant wooden handles
Temperature: 50 - 250 °C

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