Bubble Waffle maker demo made by clients from Ireland www.goodloog.com

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Bubble waffle maker is becoming more and more popular around the world.
How to use commercial bubble waffle maker?
How to clean and maintain of bubble waffle maker?
What is recipe to make tasty bubble waffle with ice cream?
Check our website to know more, you will get more info you need:
Bubble waffle is different from other traditional waffles, it tastes crispy outside and soft inside. You can add different flavor inside like ice cream ball, candy, strawberry, chocolate or any flavor you like.
Bubble waffles are also called Hong Kong egg waffles, it’s originated in the 1950s. It’s a famous Hong Kong snack food which make by eggs, sugar, butter, flour, evaporated milk, mixed all of them into egg batter, in recent years the recipe has been improved and developed to meet different taste and flavor.
If you like to make egg waffles in event on the outside field, we’d like to recommend you gas model FY-6A.R, with its environmental friendly infrared burner, it will be more convenient to use gas model in places which without electricity.
If you are looking for one with high cost performance, FY-6 bubble waffle machine is your best choice, it’s our top selling model. With 3 layer high density non stick Teflon coating, it have longer service time which compare with comparable products in the market.
FY-6Y this model is more suitable for upgrade hotel/chain restaurant, with its exquisite exterior and high quality EGO German brand temperature thermostat, temperature differences can be controlled within ±5℃.

Bubble waffle maker with changeable plate and digital bubble waffle maker are also available with us.

Contact now for more info:
whatsapp&wechat: 86171 3083 5304

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Connie D
Connie D Hace 7 meses
What is the recipe?
Doctor Maya
Doctor Maya Hace 7 meses
I m the 1000
Flower Gacha
Flower Gacha Hace 8 meses
It's not Bubble Waffle, it's EGG Waffle.
Agustin Vazquez
Agustin Vazquez Hace 8 meses
Whers can i order the bubble waffle maker??
・sxmply αяια・
Agustin Vazquez I saw it on amazon
waffler world
waffler world Hace 8 meses
I approve
Mosharaf Hossain
Mosharaf Hossain Hace 8 meses
অনেক সুন্দর অসাধারণ একটা জিনিস দেখে খুব ভালো লাগলো প্রথমবারের মতো ভিডিও পাঠালাম আমি
O_YEA13 Hace 8 meses
These things probably cost like $10 bitch you better give me another scoop. Big ass cone and 1 scoop..fuck off.
francesco amaddio
francesco amaddio Hace 9 meses
Why they put tinfoil to all the mold tube long?
PublicEye Hace 9 meses
What's the price for the egg waffle machines
Sazna Islam
Sazna Islam Hace 9 meses
I’m hungrrryyyyyy nowww
Renegade Raider
Renegade Raider Hace 10 meses
No glove in both hand 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢 i aint eating tht shit fuck dat
cooking with adiy
cooking with adiy Hace un año
viv lu
viv lu Hace un año
i’m eating rn and this pops up. google h-
Fabrizzio Nuñez
Fabrizzio Nuñez Hace un año
what is the recipe for the waffles please??
aya ayatou
aya ayatou Hace 6 meses
Did u find it...?
The Frog sphere
The Frog sphere Hace un año
its me FMD
its me FMD Hace un año
They this kind of waffle in HK too
Goodloog Hace un año
Murathan Hace un año
what is the song 1:40
Rachel Duncan
Rachel Duncan Hace 5 meses
Leave a light on
Evelyn Rojas
Evelyn Rojas Hace un año
This lady doesn't demo this, theres no explanation on how long, what temperature, nothing. Plus. Shes using the whipped cream canister the wrong way.....lame
Fation Tahiri
Fation Tahiri Hace un año
2018 Greece 💖
Fation Tahiri
Fation Tahiri Hace un año
2018 ALBANIA 💖
Goodloog Hace un año
HI Fation, pls send mail to: sales@goodloog.com, best price of bubble waffle maker will be sent to you. Annie Best wishes
sila umran
sila umran Hace un año
Yangin tupunun icine kremsanti doldurmak cinlilerin isi yapcak bise yok
mehtap münüsoğlu
mehtap münüsoğlu Hace un año
sudenaz Memiş Aynen ğwlwğslwğek
Balmung Hace un año
Demo means she is doing that the first time? Cause it looks like that.
dwi andini
dwi andini Hace un año
Ijin share instagram
richard none
richard none Hace un año
you can make your own bubble wrap ha ha ha
parul kansal
parul kansal Hace un año
' wx+-zblcz-"zck
Shaik Naziya
Shaik Naziya Hace un año
So nice and delicious. Thank you for this video
zoe neoh
zoe neoh Hace un año
wow,where is this shop?
Gabriel Enache
Gabriel Enache Hace un año
Shaik Mustaqueem i nu44 Mihaela prtrovici
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