Buccaneers vs. Saints Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2020

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season.
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13 sep 2020






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Kenneth Follmar
Kenneth Follmar Hace 42 minutos
TTM x snxgz
TTM x snxgz Hace un hora
Coming from a bucs fan for all my life i feel there needs to be chemistry between the offense i have had season tickets all my life third row from endzone bucs need to step up there o line its unbelievable that brady got hit so many times brady is used to good pockets protection he is old he needs the protection and not blaming anyone on my team but changes need to come for a chance of a good season
Freakazoid Hace un hora
The Saints deserve to lose every season for continuing to run that 2 QB offense
Finfan4lyfe Dude
Finfan4lyfe Dude Hace un hora
Dang that was a really physical game. These guys play hard
kevin ruiters
kevin ruiters Hace 2 horas
It really is simultaneously funny and sad to hear the artificial crowd going mad whilst the cameras are showing the empty stands.....life is interesting!
Steven Suslik
Steven Suslik Hace 2 horas
No one cares, no one watched.
Cody Darnell
Cody Darnell Hace 3 horas
You got this Brady show em next time
REDNEK HUB Hace 4 horas
Brady and gronk back on the same team and it’s the defense that’s dominant? That’s a shocker😐
elizabeth weatherborne
Jared Cook out here looking fast at 33 years old. Damn do your thing Cook.
Dusty Lane
Dusty Lane Hace 4 horas
NFL ratings are in the dirt!! Black National Anthem is the dumbest thing to happen since the #BLM #NFLIS AJOKE #BLMISAJOKE
I like Turtles
I like Turtles Hace 4 horas
Scotty Miller is the only one keeping then going
I like Turtles
I like Turtles Hace 4 horas
Mans on x game mode
I like Turtles
I like Turtles Hace 4 horas
What was all the bandwagon fans saying before the season Tom Brady is going to the superbowl. Superbowl my ass lmfao
Matthew Buckner
Matthew Buckner Hace 5 horas
When you realize it’s not the bills, jets and dolphins 6 times anymore lol
DoughBoy Hace 5 horas
11:22 😂😂😂😂
Czachery Shaw
Czachery Shaw Hace 7 horas
Ieremia Milovale
Ieremia Milovale Hace 8 horas
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Hace 8 horas
The Saints played poorly on offense and still blew out the Buccaneers lmao.
P12EDATOR Hace 9 horas
Feels good knowing that Jared cook is still tearing it up. Miss ol boy on the raiders. But Monday is gonna be another kinda love. Till next week
daSense 7263
daSense 7263 Hace 9 horas
Me as a pats fan have to say that im very happy that brady left he be trashin
Николай Шверненко
Guys, I do not know who makes these reviews, but I recommend to show the final score at the end.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Hace 8 horas
Put Aaron Rodgers on the bucs and see what happens 🏆🏆🏆
Zombie Gang Ent
Zombie Gang Ent Hace 11 horas
Josh J
Josh J Hace 12 horas
"Brady is a sl*t" 5:03 5:18 Come on Drew that is just mean.
JMJArkansas40 nature
JMJArkansas40 nature Hace 13 horas
Brady had it too easy playing 6 games a year vs the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins
Carlos Cabrera
Carlos Cabrera Hace 13 horas
This proves that when football players understand each other they make moves. Looks like Brady misses his old team
Christian Alexander
Christian Alexander Hace 13 horas
I think the bucs will be 7 and 9 this year people only think they will be good just because of 1 player bandwagons overhyping them 😂😂
Andrew Horton
Andrew Horton Hace 13 horas
Love how the refs reffing the Saints game now decide to call PI on any play that might have even barely warranted it.
czechpirc Hace 13 horas
fear the jackrabbit
Collin Beck
Collin Beck Hace 14 horas
Always nice to see Brady throw a pick or 2 and seeing him take a big hit for a sack
Bleed Em
Bleed Em Hace 15 horas
So nobody gone talk about that fake ip on 23 👀?
SCG Louie
SCG Louie Hace 16 horas
Saints defense went hard dis game.love it
21JulioJonesMahomes21 Hace 16 horas
Drew is going to wreck some peoples dreams 💯 tried to cancel the man‼️ payback is forever 2💯
Berg Hace 16 horas
Love when Karen Brady loses
Sam Petraglia
Sam Petraglia Hace 17 horas
GOAT my ass
Cameron R
Cameron R Hace 17 horas
Brady is still wondering when they start deflating the balls for the Bucs
RedmanLS3 Hace 18 horas
Put Aaron Rodgers on the bucs and see what happens 🏆🏆🏆
Henry Bryant
Henry Bryant Hace 18 horas
I wouldn’t trust Evans to throw up another one on one pass. He literally quit on the route 5yards early. He didn’t even compete for a tackle. Lol that’s probably what Winston had to deal with.
JJ Magallon
JJ Magallon Hace 19 horas
ESvid chill with these ads b
jim l
jim l Hace 20 horas
What happens when you play in a Real Division ...
Roy Howard
Roy Howard Hace 20 horas
Stop appropriating white culture. Get your own technology, medicine, music and sports. Also, get your own country away from us civilized humans. Thank you.
Hyrum Simanu
Hyrum Simanu Hace 20 horas
6:24 why did say touchdown and zoom in on brady's face like that lol
Public Enemy
Public Enemy Hace 20 horas
Tom: wait I don’t have 30 seconds in the pocket and we aren’t facing the jets???
Jonathan Dryden
Jonathan Dryden Hace 20 horas
Tell me it isn't great looking at Tom in an incomplete, for the time being, system getting beat by a legit team. A better start creates more confidence. That's coming from a Brownie. I'm just an observer :(
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore Hace 21 un hora
Everyone sleeping on brady
ZKVGameplay Hace 21 un hora
Stars American Football and Subway Surfers esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-24doamqr96M.html
Kerry Geiling
Kerry Geiling Hace 22 horas
I love seeing brady lose.
Ellen De-generous
Ellen De-generous Hace 22 horas
Heard D. Brees is a an apologist for BLM now. Lost himself a ton of fans and respect.
Stylus Hace 22 horas
So the buccs are basically the seahawks from 2018-2019.
Hunt Hace 23 horas
It goes to show you that you can't just put Tom Brady on a team.
Gabe Erickson
Gabe Erickson Hace 23 horas
Watch Tom grossi
Banana Bam!
Banana Bam! Hace un día
Does anyone else love seeing Tom Brady lose?
Bojan Lučki
Bojan Lučki Hace un día
4:51 you can heard how Brees said before snap Tom Brady
Jesus Torres
Jesus Torres Hace un día
Its nice hear the crowd giving the kickers some noise and respect for making the field goals......
Norumbega Man
Norumbega Man Hace un día
There was more pass interference yards than passing yards
Charlie Pitt
Charlie Pitt Hace un día
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-hZX6iq0usuY.html Incredible
Jalen WALKER Hace un día
NFL i love watching your ESvid videos
Jimbob Jicckup
Jimbob Jicckup Hace un día
Trump 2020
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Hace un día
I have to say, this was a really good one!
hip hop fiend
hip hop fiend Hace un día
Well Brady is still awesome. Unfortunately he plays for the bucc's so.....
Media Beast
Media Beast Hace un día
This is the real Brady without patriots o line and defense.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Hace un día
We dont need pre season games✊😎
Edwin Kubena
Edwin Kubena Hace un día
I like what Bucs are doing. Sharpen a few things and they should make playoffs. They need Gronkowski to get in there
Rafael Fernandes
Rafael Fernandes Hace un día
What kinda dolphins is this? -BRADY, Tom
Abdul is juicy
Abdul is juicy Hace un día
This refs really be cheating 11:07
Spear It
Spear It Hace un día
Been a Browns fan since 1969. Never did I think ~ through Modell and his disappearance, Byners fumble to win the AFC....and losing season after losing......never did it change my love for the Brown's. Got more memorabilia than is reasonable. But last season the kneeling on Ole'Glory was the start, didn't like it but pushed through. Now, there's kneeling during the National Anthem and "no lives matter but black lives"........I'm sick of the whole thing. I never thought the day would come when I would quit watching football, but it has and I don't want it, like it or comprehend when football became a political game. Whole thing is plain sickening.
James Robinson
James Robinson Hace un día
Congratulations on your Drew Brees QB 9 win over the Tampa Bay Banditz ICE 43 icedaddy2003@gmail.com Spurs PG ICE
The Unknown
The Unknown Hace un día
Brady is old. And he was a system QB. I think he's really going to get exposed this year, unless this team's offensive weapons can carry him and make him look good.
Chase Cragun
Chase Cragun Hace un día
I come here just for the Taysum Hill highlights
Yung Faness
Yung Faness Hace un día
Tom Brady Lost HiS First ReguLar Season NFL FootbaLL Game To New OrLeanS An New OrLeanS Won A NFL Championship Before Tom Brady is The OnLy NFL FootbaLL PLayer To Ever Win 6 NFL ChampionshipS An ALL On The Same Team
gor9027 Hace un día
Saints will win the division once again.
Jermaine Durham
Jermaine Durham Hace un día
Buccaneers suck brady went to the wrong team i rather see him go to the giants or panthers
Christian Alexander
Christian Alexander Hace 13 horas
The Giants and Panthers suck to
Jermaine Durham
Jermaine Durham Hace un día
Brady left the patriots never think he would leave
BeefheartLynch Hace un día
I just LOVE watching Brady fail.
NikConnick Hace un día
i Hope Tampa WR 's step it up....
Hector Castro
Hector Castro Hace un día
Bucs looks scary despite how bad special teams and few bad plays they had. Defense held up pretty well as well. Those PI were questionable
sixhooter tantoo
sixhooter tantoo Hace un día
We dont need pre season games✊😎
eliborio camacho
eliborio camacho Hace un día
Welcome to the NFC, Brady..
Sam Yang
Sam Yang Hace un día
Tom Brady will come back. He just needs to get to know his players some more and vis versa. Lets go Brady!
Matthew Reid
Matthew Reid Hace un día
NFL should get rid of pass interference its bs let them play.
R A I N Hace un día
Hearing the players chatter and the impacts on the field is so much cooler than the fake canned crowd noise. 🙏
Jace Ashbaugh
Jace Ashbaugh Hace un día
Saint P.I. Almost every play
Ethan Ciocca
Ethan Ciocca Hace un día
Brady should have went to the chargers
chris kelly
chris kelly Hace un día
3:03 - Brady, "Ahh, Mike!" Tells you who's responsible. Tom, like a pro, didn't throw him under the bus Shitty, shity play calling by Tampa all game long
S Hace un día
11:23. Dumb ass HAHAHAHA
30 mph
30 mph Hace un día
Boy the bucs was blitzing dumb heavy
Wilson Erazo
Wilson Erazo Hace un día
Its unbelievable how many people dont like Tom brady because of the success he's had... why you people don't respect that the man is the most accomplished quaterback in history, be thankful that you got the privilege to watch him play.. why you guys are so ignorant.. i respect all the teams and quaterbacks.... Brady is in a new system new players new coach new environment... he will adapt soon can he win another superbowl I don't know. Guys respect him and enjoy his last moments... when brady is gone he will hold alot of records and will go as the undisputed Goat and it's not easy. BRADY THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MOMENTS YOU GAVE US AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. YOUR GREATEST INSPIRE ALOT OF KIDS THAT ARE NOT TALENTED BUT IF YOU DID IT THERE'S HOPE FOR MANY UNDER APRECIATED kids.. out there THAN YOU Goat
Terry Adger
Terry Adger Hace un día
4:24 your not in Boston anymore
Andy Chou
Andy Chou Hace un día
bradys done
Pack Attack
Pack Attack Hace un día
With teams like my Packers, Saints, Seahawks, Niners, Arizona, Rams, etc, Brady should've stay in the AFC lol!!! He learned real quick that the NFC is the alpha division. And to add on, how in the hell do you struggle getting the ball to guys like Evans, Godwin, Howard, Gronk!??? Rodgers only has 1 star WR, there's no excuses for Brady anymore.
Butterscotch Army
Butterscotch Army Hace un día
Welcome to the NFC south Brady
E J Hace un día
Drew brees is not a hall a famer! He cheats like Brady and belluchuck
E J Hace un día
This has to be one of Tom Brady s best games ever. Go Tampa..Superbowl here we come! The rest of the nfc can kick rocks! So glad he's my quarterback in Tampa.
Jacob Kenyon
Jacob Kenyon Hace un día
Brady man just doesnt have that support !
Benny Diction
Benny Diction Hace un día
At the 3:00 Brady thought Evans was gonna keep going. And lets be honest, did anyone really think the Bucs were gonna come in here and beat the Saints? Everyone needs to just relax about criticizing Brady, It's his first game. I think Bucs offense will be settled in by week 3.
Nolan Petroski
Nolan Petroski Hace un día
What flew of his helmet at 3:36
Benny Diction
Benny Diction Hace un día
Wasn't his mouth piece. Doobie in his ear?😄
M 2
M 2 Hace un día
As a Pat's fan Brady won't be as good in the NFC. He is going to get hit harder. But I hope he does great.
Stanley Williams
Stanley Williams Hace un día
It's the normal progression of sport.tom Brady will still go down as the best quarter back in NFL history.for what really counts the rings.numbers are cool.but nobody plays for the numbers.brady will not win another ring.if he could have he should have retired in New England.but regardless he will be known as the the best quarterback ever.
Josh Ortiz
Josh Ortiz Hace un día
Buccs D played sufficient but that offense really struggled
Rafa Toledo
Rafa Toledo Hace un día
tom the slack
Dekalb County Studios
Joe Buck Troy Aikman
Logan Jackson
Logan Jackson Hace un día
Everyone talking crap on Brady really must not be logically thinking. He's working with a team he don't know and didn't do that bad. Given the fact that he doesn't know them well enough and they made more mistakes than him I bet he picks it up and you will all have a realization of how hard it is to go from a group of people you've known a long time to a team you barely know. Don't just be jackasses to be jackasses thanks.
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