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From 1982 to 1987, Buick (yes Buick) used the Grand National to rise from overlooked GM family sedans, to the maker of America’s fastest, most powerful Muscle Car. The 1987 Buick Grand National Experimental (GNX), took the G-body auto to new heights as one of the baddest, blackest automotive triumphs in history.
This is everything you need to know, to get up to speed on the Buick Grand National.
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28 sep 2017






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Comentarios 2 978
Gregory Fuller
Gregory Fuller Hace 2 días
I still think it's the baddest motherf**ker on the planet along with the Shelby cobra .both have they're own reasons . Great review.
Dabz Face
Dabz Face Hace 3 días
My uncle had a grand national, I took a rock and carved everyone's name into it when I was 5, I understand what I've done now
Little Skull Big Brain
China saved Buick
Julian Gacutan
Julian Gacutan Hace 3 días
BMW e24 m3
Leonardo Machio Troiani
It's 2019 and there's still no new GNX :c
kobra6660 Hace 6 días
Fun fact the FBI actually used a few back in the day
ray mathieu
ray mathieu Hace 8 días
My most underrated car was my 1981 chevy chevette diesel . A whole whopping 1.8 litre with a smashing 51HP Baby ! TOTALLY UNDERRATED !!!!!! My Fucking 1994 Polaris Snowmobile has more HP's than the Chevy Shuvit !! Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!
Samantha Alvarez
Samantha Alvarez Hace 11 días
Wow what a difference compared to now
gil serrano
gil serrano Hace 12 días
CJ R Hace 13 días
The William S. Burroughs of cars
Lich King
Lich King Hace 13 días
make an up to speed on Oldsmobile Cutlass (or Oldsmobile in general)
Ronald Whaley
Ronald Whaley Hace 22 días
I.have.owned.2. 1987.gns.my.first. I.purchased.in. 1990.had.kenny. Bell.updates.it. Run.great.my. Second.one.i. Purchased.in. 2012.the.guy. That.sold.it.to. Me.spend. $30,000.on.the. Engine.trans.rear. End.it.would.run. Quarter.mile.at. 125mph.these. Cars.had.cheap. Made.interior. Most.of.them. Had.paint. Issues.from.the. Factory.they. Were.fun.to.drive. But.in.1990. The.trans.am. Came.out.with. A.turbo.v8.it. Would.out.run. The.gn.one. More.thing.about. The.gn.insurance. Cost.the.same.as. A.corvette.the.gns Had.a.smooth. Ride.on.the. Interstate.but.wasa.rough.ride.on. Back.roads.the. Buick.regal.t.type. Is.my.favorite. At.least.it.had. Quality.interior.
Ethan Schroeder
Ethan Schroeder Hace 25 días
Buick should dot the grand national like dodge did the challenger if they bring it back
Larry Ford
Larry Ford Hace 26 días
So many things were wrong here...
John Olsen
John Olsen Hace 28 días
Jay Leno said its not the Maclaren that everyone thinks.
Andrei Bogatsky
Andrei Bogatsky Hace 28 días
What do you mean, "That Mclaren"? Not the same Mclaren like the F1... ASC. Not the British company.
Euclid Dimahuli-huli
fghfg Hace un mes
You're a bitch ass and the GN was baller as hell
Justice Mirasty
Justice Mirasty Hace un mes
"It's fast,it's black and just like my dad it stuck around for 3 years
Gidyup Hace un mes
How about Hurst’s unholy alliance with Oldsmobile. Lightning Rod Shifters in the ‘83. The Hairy Hurst Olds is completely nuts. Two 425 Olds engines with two Tornado trans axles jammed into one 442 Cutlass. Burnouts the entire length of the track.
HaCKuS PRiMe Hace un mes
I'm strictly thumbs-uping this video for the dad comment in the beginning 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Malte Jardesten
Malte Jardesten Hace un mes
volvo 940 classic turbo
Average Joe78
Average Joe78 Hace un mes
Actually it wasn't THAT McLaren, it was a company that was otherwise known as Mclaren U.S. Sunroof & only did interior work, not the supercar company.
Average Joe78
Average Joe78 Hace 23 días
@jf27437 yes sir
jf27437 Hace 23 días
Jay Leno video lol
Eddie Leon
Eddie Leon Hace un mes
Its weird hearing v6 in a american car video
heatshield Hace un mes
Ethan Schroeder
Ethan Schroeder Hace un mes
Do c10
Jake Murphy
Jake Murphy Hace un mes
Why is James actually calm in this video😂
St Jerry the Goatfucker
Because 2017 James wasn't that comfortable operating up to speed.
black man
black man Hace un mes
no talk about the 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 442
DarkSerenity Hace un mes
Damn this guy dude needs a good hug
Joe Pro
Joe Pro Hace un mes
Love to see a video on the Grand Prix...
Landon Webb
Landon Webb Hace un mes
I own a 1984 regal grand national
Kyle Osgood
Kyle Osgood Hace un mes
My cousin has a T type making 700 hp
Send Nukes
Send Nukes Hace un mes
My grandma drove a regal
Matt Williams
Matt Williams Hace un mes
Dream car
Devon Kirkham
Devon Kirkham Hace un mes
I'm waiting to see a Chrysler Cordoba episode. Not to mention it's evil twin brother.😈
Hubert Carter
Hubert Carter Hace un mes
The Corvette has nothing to do with the death of the Grand National. The Regal’s last production year as a RWD G body was 1987. The GNX was produced by ASC/McLaren. Same developmental group, different production group. Your hometown of Louisville used Grand Nationals as unmarked patrol cars.
Marcus Burket
Marcus Burket Hace un mes
Can anyone tell my why i always get the same dove men sport care (in spanish for gods sake!!) Before every one of his videos? Plz help
Travis Wurz
Travis Wurz Hace 2 meses
300zx z32 please!!!!!
Chris Pena
Chris Pena Hace 2 meses
Ryan Oakes
Ryan Oakes Hace 2 meses
I need a UP TO SPEED on Olds Cutlass.
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