Buick Grand National exhaust cutout

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TA headers/3"dp/Hooker Y/Pypes Race Pros/QTP cutout


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3 dic 2016






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RageGamer YT
RageGamer YT Hace un mes
You still own this car? How it stands with reliability?
Cryo Thunder
Cryo Thunder Hace 2 meses
is this stock turbo sound?
SinWillFindYouOut Hace 2 meses
Stock turbo at that time
Jeff Hace 2 meses
Are you running a wider rear wheel? If not what size tires are those?
MrV8Sverige Hace 4 meses
very well filmed. just the way you want it when you hear the engine sound both starting idle and under load. good job thank you
Zack The Redneck
Zack The Redneck Hace 4 meses
500th like 👍🏻
Paul.R90 Hace 7 meses
This car looks evil..... And I love it!! Sounds great too 👍💯
SinWillFindYouOut Hace 7 meses
Thank you
Joshua Ford
Joshua Ford Hace 9 meses
That Grand National ain’t no joke man 😂 I love it so much 👌
MrMister1227 Hace 9 meses
Sounds like my straight pipe Oldsmobile 😂
brianmathew09 Hace 2 meses
then you awake for breakfast : o
Tha Gip
Tha Gip Hace 4 meses
MrMister1227 🤣😂😂😂
Johnsson's Mixed
Johnsson's Mixed Hace 9 meses
I wonder... Why was it so hard to start? My '81 century (two barrel carbed 231) starts in less than a second if it has been started onece earlier. (Cold starts are a mess)
HoldWholeTruthHoly Hace 10 meses
Deep sound at idle is cool. Not too impressive when you open it up though sorry to say. The turbo is louder than the exhaust. Can't argue with those tail lights, however. They're pretty killer. You've got a really nice car, Buddy. I'm looking to bone right now . Just checking out exhaust options
trongamer56 Hace un año
This sounds so freaking cool that I like it even if I think it has a V6 and not V8
Jean-Andre Sonnenschein
Doesnt matter that it has a v6 because with that v6 it was beating the crap out of corvettes back in the Days 😂
Alejo Hace un año
omfg, my dream car!
Oh ye ye Oh ye ye
Oh ye ye Oh ye ye Hace un año
Like the lights
HispanicCausinPanic Hace un año
Sounds not good haha. Turbo’s cool but exhaust sucks to be honest.
drippinglass Hace 5 meses
HispanicCausinPanic Typical 6 cylinder sound.
Aaron's Go-Kart
Aaron's Go-Kart Hace un año
1:48 what ive would of done if we still had my moms 2003 hyundai elantra i would be rippin' up the pavement i miss that car!
Omar Escamilla
Omar Escamilla Hace un año
How much power are you making?
Omar Escamilla
Omar Escamilla Hace un año
@SinWillFindYouOut I have an 87 GN with some goodies under the hood!
SinWillFindYouOut Hace un año
Not enough LOL. Only at around 16psi on 93 octane.
Chris Collins
Chris Collins Hace un año
This is my Dream car next 2 the 69 Dodge charger Rt and 58 Plymouth Fury.
pörple Hace un año
John Lopez
John Lopez Hace un año
Amazing sounding car
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka Hace un año
Sounds like true duel exhaust how u do that had to dent my headers on my bonny
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka Hace un año
Had supercharged 1992 Bonny no compare to my gnx
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka Hace un año
Send me pics Nascar crank the rpms up or u don't mind
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka Hace un año
1.8 gs
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka Hace un año
That car scares the crap out of me
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka Hace un año
Also had 1992 Pontiac Bonny with 3.8 supercharged but no compare to Buick wit my gnx turbo
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka Hace un año
My favorite car I sold mine n regret it I can hear over size cam
SinWillFindYouOut Hace un año
Good ear. Comp Cams Weber Racing 206/206 roller.
Bendi D
Bendi D Hace 2 años
Is this a hot air turbo? 84, 85?
SinWillFindYouOut Hace 2 años
87 drivetrain
Cruz Navarro
Cruz Navarro Hace 2 años
What mufflers you have on it
Victor Montiel
Victor Montiel Hace 2 años
SinWillFindYouOut sounds fricken amazing
SinWillFindYouOut Hace 2 años
Pypes Race Pros, 3” Mease DP, Hooker catback minus cat, TA Performance headers (non-race), GN 1 3”tails
jonathan simard
jonathan simard Hace 2 años
what's the size of your bck tire? any modification to fit it in?
SinWillFindYouOut Hace 2 años
jonathan simard Thank you.
jonathan simard
jonathan simard Hace 2 años
i tought they were wider lol... your GN is awesome
SinWillFindYouOut Hace 2 años
jonathan simard They are 255/60 r15 on a 10" wheel. B.S. is 5.5". I have a 1/8" spacer and slightly trimmed wheel wells. My car is also lowered.
Jake Reyenard
Jake Reyenard Hace 2 años
haha, sounds like my Typhoon, funny how 2 engines that share no parts and are only related in spiritual successor kinda way sound that alike
Aaron Waterman
Aaron Waterman Hace un año
4.3 vortec sounds better imo, slightly deeper more v8 like than the 3.8
Frigglebiscuit Hace un año
the firing order is the same, so they will sound alike.
cbiltcliffe Hace un año
@TurboV6Firebird Yes. They're both 90° over square V6 engines that were quickly developed by chopping 2 cylinders from the middle of an old school small block V8.
TurboV6Firebird Hace 2 años
share no parts but many similarities.
Jared Pawlowsky
Jared Pawlowsky Hace 2 años
Where did you get those brake lights?
SinWillFindYouOut Hace 2 años
GNS Performance. I dealt with Scot
Vinny Farrell
Vinny Farrell Hace 2 años
That car sounds great!
Shawn West
Shawn West Hace 3 años
love those tail lights
raymond Adams
raymond Adams Hace 2 años
Rear wheels widened?
Lex Washington
Lex Washington Hace 3 años
SinWillFindYouOut x
SinWillFindYouOut Hace 3 años
rome 7869
rome 7869 Hace 3 años
................The L.E.D. Nice touch.
1972jwalk Hace 3 años
Grand national emblem on trunk lid is on wrong side .
NoNoNoNii Hace un año
@Landon Abercrombie camera flipped it??? are u alright
TheGlobalish Hace un año
Landon Abercrombie So the camera flipped the emblem, and the driver jumped in the passenger seat and climbed over to the driver’s side.
Landon Abercrombie
Landon Abercrombie Hace un año
1972jwalk probably cause the camera flipped it
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who cares maybe we likes it there
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