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We catch up with Steve from Adrenalin Motorsports Inc to look at his 1987 Buick Grand National with 8,700 miles on it and go over everything someone looking to purchase a Buick Grand National. These cars are a performance car and many were modified to make more power and used for drag strip purposes. With the current market value, you need to know if you are buying a car that has been modified or beat. Like anything else, signs of modification of heavy use can be covered up. Since these cars are older, it is hard to know all of the car's history, but knowing everything you can about the cars helps to give you the knowledge you need to pick a good car for investment and use.
The Buick Grand National was made from 1982 to 1987 with the 1986 and 1987 models being the most sought after. Even in 1986 and 1987, these cars were purchased and used at the drag strip as they were one of the fastest production cars for their day. with very few modifications you could get these cars into the 11 seconds at the track in the 1/4 mile. With a car like this, many chose to modify and use them while some enjoyed them in the stock form. Few were drove in bad weather conditions due to the way they drive, with stiff shifts and pretty fast acceleration. That means that most are still in pretty good shape. But with anything, time can deteriorate its condition.
This video is also a great overview of how a 1987 Buick Grand national should look. This car is bone stock in every way and a perfect car to show where hoses and wires should be. In the video, we go through the way these cars we assembled and the quality of the end product, the paint, truck sticker option codes, interior, turbo, engine compartment, and undercarriage. When buying a car like this it would be suggested to have it up on a lift to see the small issues that could cost a lot to fix.
These cars are true classics and you want to be sure your purchase is a good one. Something as simple as a cracked tail light can cost you a very serious amount of money to replace. Know what you are buying and the purpose of your purchase before you get too far into the car and realize you will be spending more than the car is worth to make it into the car you want. Feel free to ask any questions below.


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J C Hace 23 días
Love my 84 t-type. I drive it only when I want to feel unique.
Drunken Master
Drunken Master Hace 27 días
Some of the 82s has turbos.
Daddydollaboi 80
Daddydollaboi 80 Hace un mes
My father was the baddest dude ever back in the days. I was 7 years old when my dad introduced me to what it felt like to be thrown back into my seat. He passed away in 08. He was a service advisor for a local Buick dealership. Went from the Buick dealership to a chevy dealership where he had his foot ran over by a disgruntled customer that couldn't wait 45 mins for a 15 minute oil change offer that was going on. It was then he found out he had a brain tumor after seeing the doctors for his foot being crushed. Needless to say that lawsuit bought him an 87 Buick Grand National t-top just like this one. I own the car now. It only has just shy of 50,000 miles. Oh it has its flaws from its age. Filler pieces crumbled. Rocker paint is showing some peeling on the passenger side. He kept the original first oil filter from his first oil change. I have log sheets he would take documents of when he filled the tank up with premium fuel. Mileage at the fill up. Odometer before reset was logged in. The story is he loved this car. I was a kid. I couldn't fart in his car. I couldn't do nothing that was humanly normal like pick my nose in that car. I'll be 40 in May of 2020. I know exactly why now he was the way he was about that car. I'm a paint and body guy that own my own business and that car is in my possession and it will go down to my son when the time comes. Moral of the story is that car isn't just a car. It's really something to be proud to have if you do own one. It's a car that you just don't pound on or daily drive it cause assholes these days that text and drive could easily turn that car into a POS and that's not an option to happen with this car. Thanks for reading fellas.
Wrenches & Rides
Wrenches & Rides Hace 29 días
Awesome comment! Sorry for your loss. Your father sounds like an awesome guy and I am sure you miss him. Take care of his car bud.
morgan disabato
morgan disabato Hace un mes
I had an 84 and it was the first to go all black look, identical to a 86 and 87 except for rims, less performance with no intercooler and smaller intake and heads and the interior was different, it came with recaro bucket seats and the color was beige and grey
georgeEPC Hace un mes
I’m not saying that car doesn’t have 8000 miles on it but that car had one of the easiest speedometers to roll back and you would never ever ever know it. Once you had the dash apart those could be spun back in less than a minute.
Wrenches & Rides
Wrenches & Rides Hace un mes
Or the cables can be removed in seconds. We went over that at some point in the video.
bryan j Jones
bryan j Jones Hace un mes
Wish they still made this car
Walter White
Walter White Hace un mes
So much for his expertise Not every grand national had a posi 8.5 rear end
TheGlobalish Hace 2 meses
I bought my Grand National to modify, and go fast!
Turboboostin Hace 2 meses
11:26 in, the one part I look for that hasn’t been talked about is, the trunk badge. If the bottom of the 6 logo isn’t right at the trunk like where it’s supposed to be. To me that’s a red flag as well.
Mustang860 Hace 2 meses
NON POSI GNs had aluminum break drums, if you had a G80 on that trunk sticker you had a POSI rear end, and steel brake drums. The T-type had aluminum bumper supports, Grand nationals have steel. Transmission has the same valve body as the 87 cutlass 442.... And these cars were faster with four people in them than a Corvette when leaving a New Jersey toll booth. 💯
Brett Brannon
Brett Brannon Hace 2 meses
It’s the winter thaw when it’s warmer outside then the metal of the car. So u will get moisture inside the trunk and under the hood
Chris ZX14R
Chris ZX14R Hace 2 meses
I still have my Syclone I bought new. 9000 miles on it.
Casey Jones
Casey Jones Hace 2 meses
1987 Turbo T Types "WE4" were much rarer then the 1987 Grand National "WE2". Of course with only 547 produced the GNX is the rarest for 1987 Turbo G body's
Casey Jones
Casey Jones Hace 2 meses
GN"s received more body bushings from factory to give the car a tight sports car like feel. Ridgid. Its' twin brother the Regal had less bushings to give it a floating feel
Casey Jones
Casey Jones Hace 2 meses
THE VIDEO IS WRONG -- The 1982 GN were built mostly with the 4.1 V6. However the 4.1 non intercooled Turbo, was an option for buyers. This was called the "sport coupe package" there were only 16 produced with the sport coupe package.
Walter White
Walter White Hace un mes
I'm waiting for someone to figure out that there are less - way less- than 50 1982 grand nationals remaining I have 2
Casey Jones
Casey Jones Hace 2 meses
They were painted in Laquer from Factory. This is why the paint checkers. The urethane bumper fills in time fall apart and deteriorate. There wasn't 1 car GM produced with perfect body gaps.
Casey Jones
Casey Jones Hace 2 meses
@missingremote Lacquer shines beautifully
missingremote Hace 2 meses
Wish that I could get my hands on black lacquer. My Suburban's hood & roof were painted with it, 25 years ago. Some fade or, chalky areas. Still, the paint is glossy around the edges. 1995 Suburban 'HotRod'
mral131 Hace 2 meses
Erik Turner
Erik Turner Hace 2 meses
G body's arguably are the most versytal and arguably the most popular GM platform ever!!
Erik Turner
Erik Turner Hace 2 meses
Nationals had firm shifts from the factory.
If they had a 1 piece like the TA I believe had ‘86 and up they wouldn’t leak.
The 87 was the FASTEST THERE WAS THEN. The ONLY thing that could beat it was the 89 turbo trans am pace car...wow!
Lilibeth Doherty
Lilibeth Doherty Hace 2 meses
Buick should arrange somehow to remove itself from being a division of GM before the fate of olds and pontiac is their fate too.
Crazy Canuck
Crazy Canuck Hace 3 meses
You almost need someone to do a forensic check on a car as some guys out there are pros at copying anything and everything in any car, especially if big bucks are involved in the sale of the car.
Horacio Gamiz
Horacio Gamiz Hace 3 meses
Sell me that GN 🤩
John bryant
John bryant Hace 3 meses
I seen a pretty heavily modified GN sell for 39 grand
Lynwood 82
Lynwood 82 Hace 3 meses
Great video . I have an 87 GN all original unmolested digital dash, I'm the 2nd owner California car purchase 5 yrs ago. The paint is all original it looks great but you see all the cracking on the paint when you get near , would I be making a mistake if I was to repainted ? Not to mention the first owner hand me a binder full of provenance all the services, purchases etc ... even some letters from Buick from the 80s ,Up until I purchased the car no one had ever sat on the back seat and very little wear on the passenger if at all
ESEKAESE CREW Hace 4 meses
i have my buick lesabre 87
thebluelion3point0 Hace 4 meses
For anyone that's not an old fart looking for an perfect specimen to drive as a Sunday poot-poot or something to auction off at Barrett Jackson, disregard almost the entirety of these "issues to look for". If you happen to come across a GN and you have the money on you, buy it. Make sure it isn't some stupid clone or "tribute" some hair-lip pieced together in his backyard and ignore the rest knowing that any issue you discover has been fixed 15 different ways and documented over the last 30 years. TR's are a literal labor of love. They do not make for good financial decisions. The rewards you do reap are found in little 15 minute chunks that you get when unexpectedly finding a long deserted stretch of highway, or from the pleasant conversations you will get at every single gas pump you stop at. You drive confidently knowing that you can turbo-flutter into a Z06 convention and everyone will turn around at the sound and want to ask you about your 30 year old 14 second black box instead. You buy them based solely on emotion and impulse, not logic and self-control. Also, do not discount 84's and 85's just because of what others deem more worthy. Nothing can replace the feeling of gapping a "more desirable" 1 out of 20,000 87 with a non-intercooled GN you have modified that is 1 out of 2000. The GN was an underdog that fought above its weight class, and the Hot Airs are the underdogs of the underdogs. I sincerely hope that one person that's watching this due to being on the fence over buying a GN will listen to this. If you aren't opposed to the occasional bloody knuckle, black under your fingernails, and you want to own a car that will steal looks from all of the other cars on the road, buy it and never let it go. These cars are the last of the pure American hurrah. When you sit in a GN, you see right angles and lines, not compound curves and organic shapes. You are constantly reminded that you are driving a machine, not a wind-tunnel developed soulless appliance. It will not be as fast as a new Accord, but it wont matter I promise. If you walk away from a Grand National because it lacks an intercooler, or because the paint doesn't have the the appropriate orange peel per square inch, or the gas cap isnt the original you weren't going to be an enthusiast anyhow. Go buy a Corvette or Camaro.
thebluelion3point0 damn! I’m glad I read all THAT!! That’s right on...some of us realize the speed difference but NOTHING is like actually being there when they were NEW...the love for the time and cars are the same now as THEN. We loved all we had and times will NEVER BE BETTER THAN THEN...NEVER.
William Schwartz
William Schwartz Hace 3 meses
Out of pretty much most of these comments except those that are correcting the dude for saying it has a 700-4R when it is factory 200-4R as all G-body cars had, your comment is exactly what I was thinking and another thing is they didn't start GN in 1982, it was out and a thing since 1978 with a small exhaust turbo on a 4BBL carburetor engine so its history is from 1978 - 1987 with '86 and '87 being the only cars to come factory equipped with an air to air intercooler system. If I found even a T-type I'd grab it same thing slightly differently tune and power but great car! Like you I dont care about specific things such as faded fillers or orange peel, I care about the car and the experience I get from it weather its fully drivable or not as it is mine and CAN be fixed up and better than factory as they cut many corners and I personally do not feel comfortable with driving a car with 32 year old parts and seals so if it were modified for better longer lasting parts so so be it! Truth is these cars are not that easily obtainable and a Kia can whoop the shit out of them but they are a focal point in automotive engineering technology and history! If only more people knew and understood as you mentioned and I the same as sometimes there is no better feeling than to have turned a wrench and more and drive and enjoy your hard work!!! Let's keep these beautiful classics alive one car at a time
manny fresh vlogs
manny fresh vlogs Hace 4 meses
Does he want to buy a twin of that car I no someone that has one with 7,000 miles
Vic Abersold
Vic Abersold Hace un mes
Yeah, I'm interested in a Grand National. Contact me.
Log head
Log head Hace 4 meses
Paint #1 🤦🏽‍♂️ engine how it runs and drive #1 idk about paint
john circelli
john circelli Hace 4 meses
Steve wants the car to be ugly like it would be from factory wow glad he like the shitty looking cars with shitty fillers and splits in paint. i would rather have a clean repainted car. his 8k car looks like crap.
r lee
r lee Hace 4 meses
my 87 has 10,700 miles
William Schwartz
William Schwartz Hace 3 meses
Good for you, if you dont drive it or enjoy it then sell it they aren't going to be popular as time moves forward and there are Honda models that will eat it for breakfast these days, the reality is it's a classic G-body with a turbocharged engine that's pretty much it! Cars are meant to be driven not a museum piece
Wrenches & Rides
Wrenches & Rides Hace 4 meses
Steven Beckett
Steven Beckett Hace 4 meses
That recall was from the power master brake system
Walter White
Walter White Hace un mes
For the ball
Wrenches & Rides
Wrenches & Rides Hace 4 meses
Thank you for helping and posting Steven!
M S Hace 4 meses
"I had a couple of Monte Carlo SS's in my life" so sorry to hear
G8GTJav Hace 4 meses
A couple of corrections, Turbo Regals had the sturdy 8.5" rear not the weaker 8" and the transmission is a 200-4R not a 700R4. The 200-4R, specific to GN and T, had a different valve body, intermediate servo, and a few other minor changes for really crisp shifts.
Mexica Atl
Mexica Atl Hace 17 días
Dammmm all FACTS
Walter White
Walter White Hace un mes
How about getting underneath and verifying it has a BRF trans valve body tag as well
Chad Henderson
Chad Henderson Hace 5 meses
I have a 86 Buick grand national with 28000
Wrenches & Rides
Wrenches & Rides Hace 5 meses
Stephen Donegan
Stephen Donegan Hace 5 meses
I have a rare 86 T Type ex FBI car with documents owned for 22 years but not used, rebuilt drive trane at 500 plus rwh I'd like to sell if you know anyone looking please 5107062800
Stephen Donegan
Stephen Donegan Hace 3 meses
@Charlie B 20 K on the FBI car
Stephen Donegan
Stephen Donegan Hace 4 meses
@Charlie B the number is there if you have questions, but 20 k is where bids should start, if not it will sit
Charlie B
Charlie B Hace 4 meses
Stephen Donegan how much money? 145mph speedometer?
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor Hace 5 meses
It would help to have an "expert" who really was. GNs have a unique steering wheel horn pad that GM never service-parted. The host even ooped him with the "nothing different about the wheel?" Never once saw an original 86/7 with blackwall tires except a GNX. Not horrible, but not high art either.
r lee
r lee Hace 5 meses
Take off the driver's side door panel, there is a build sheet
Lynwood 82
Lynwood 82 Hace 4 meses
Same here , I will be removing my door panel. Thanks for the info. I still have that sticker on my visor and some small stickers on the side windows
G. Bill
G. Bill Hace 4 meses
r lee - I own a 1987 GN and didn’t know this!
Kevin Bodman
Kevin Bodman Hace 5 meses
What's interesting is that the Porsche 930 year 75/77 with no intercooler go for more moneys than the 78/79 with intercooler.That never made any sense to me.Love the Buick G/N
Jay Thornton
Jay Thornton Hace 5 meses
Any body know how many white 87 they made
Jay Thornton
Jay Thornton Hace 5 meses
I got to ride in my uncles 86,and 87 Buick GN
Eddie Costa
Eddie Costa Hace 5 meses
Where can I found a good 87 for sale?
Rickey Brown
Rickey Brown Hace un mes
86 did’nt have intercooler
millsmotorvation Hace 5 meses
Did not come with a 700R4 trans. They came with 200R4.
aegisranger Hace 5 meses
Y Z Hace 6 meses
Other things to look for. Air bags in rear shocks and drive shaft loop. All signs it has been raced. Also look for aftermarket rims. They make aluminum ones that look very similar but not quite as shiny as chrome. easy to spot if you know to look. Check under dash to make sure wiring hasn't been messed with. Biggest issue on these cars is weather stripping on doors and t-tops. Nobody makes a decent replacement. Very poor fit and finish on aftermarket and they leak air and water. Also look at injectors. Many swap them for higher pressure.Check chip in ECM to see if aftermarket. Its becoming difficult to find original cars now. Most have been modified and raced
Jim Moore
Jim Moore Hace 6 meses
Some details left out: look for the WE2 on the trunk sticker, original hood pad has 9 holes, reproductions will have 10, the recall was on the gray brake switch, the steering wheel emblem is very specific to the GN. It’s black with gray Buick tri-shield.There are no reproductions made on the stock emblem. Up pipe and intercooler should have black and orange rubber connectors with black hose clamps, not chrome. Vacuum lines are stamped 1987. Fuel rail Schrader valve cap should be black. Original AC pressure valve caps were black from the factory. Blue and red shows the conversion from R12. Plug wires are gray. Great video!
Angelo Virgilio
Angelo Virgilio Hace 4 meses
Reproduction hood pads are 8 hole, not 10 hole. The NOS pads have the 9th hole in the center closest to the firewall
RegalT-type Hace 6 meses
Gnx deletes the hood badge!
RegalT-type Hace 6 meses
The four speeds on these do shift really hard, especially 1-2
Cellamotors Hace 6 meses
Would the color on the bottom chip gaurd be different to rest of the car under a light on original car. . I noticed mine is more brown
Luke S
Luke S Hace 2 meses
Depends on the light your using. If it’s bright enough, the lacquer paint is slightly translucent. The chip guard may have been a different base type of the color black and you are seeing that through the top coat. Remember, it was built in the 80’s. Factory paint technology was fairly primitive. Very minimal prep to the metal and short warranty periods on fit and finish.
Wrenches & Rides
Wrenches & Rides Hace 6 meses
Nope, it is the same color, just with more orange peel look.
Tommy Remedies
Tommy Remedies Hace 6 meses
Great video thanks for the ride down memory lane the good old days
Wrenches & Rides
Wrenches & Rides Hace 6 meses
Glad we could make this video. Thanks for watching.
RZR Ron Production's
Ty for sharing, my dentist has 1 with 17 original miles, hes from holland Indiana
Wrenches & Rides
Wrenches & Rides Hace 6 meses
That is amazing.
Rob D
Rob D Hace 6 meses
Great video!! Very interesting and informative. I've always liked the Grand National. Compared to other performance cars of the time, it offers a unique driving experience and sound. The Turbo TA is pretty cool, too.
Wrenches & Rides
Wrenches & Rides Hace 6 meses
If you look in the background, You should be able to see a Turbo TA back there.
Mike's Tool Shed
Mike's Tool Shed Hace 6 meses
It's a 200-4R everyone says 200-R4 though
86tr Hace 6 meses
Lc2. Is turbocharged v6. Ar9. Bucket seats, mw9. The th2004r transmission, g80 is positraction
WorkshopAddict Hace 6 meses
@Mike's Tool Shed I called it the 700-R4 in the end also. Lol.
Mike's Tool Shed
Mike's Tool Shed Hace 6 meses
@WorkshopAddict it's cool. Like I said, everyone calls it the R4 because of the more popular 700
WorkshopAddict Hace 6 meses
I screwed up on the trans, sorry.
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