Building a Nissan 350z in 10 Minutes!

Tj Hunt
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It's been over 3 years with this car. It was the second car we bought and its still with us today! Here are the highlights of its journey so far!
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RantePlayz Hace 11 horas
how much did it all cost to customize it?
Epip Hace 21 un hora
8:16 the trust they got in each other damn
MDZ25 Hace un día
Idk much about cars atm, but I hope to someday have something like this
Georgeth3might Y
Georgeth3might Y Hace un día
Took y’all 10 minutes to build this???
yokoa Hace un día
I'd I've seen someone build a pool in 20 mins
Color Hace un día
this is so cool , dam i cant wait until I get adult money
Ace Hace un día
She's beautiful 😢
Blur Hace 2 días
Yo i wouldn't mind taking that 350z off you :)
Victoria Hutcheson
Victoria Hutcheson Hace 3 días
Dude the fact it took you 10 minutes is incredible
Texx Hace 3 días
How much was all this?
Texx Hace 3 días
Any1 have any suggestions for the best mods to start off with for a mustang
Gravitystars101 Hace 3 días
Clicked this faster than getting taco bell
JwG Firoo
JwG Firoo Hace 4 días
nice scam
TwiistyZz Hace 5 días
We all know that it didn't take 10 minutes irl but its still pretty cool to watch
Assassinhuss YT
Assassinhuss YT Hace 5 días
RIP your tires 😭
Hutch Hace 5 días
tontani Hace 7 días
we cant buy a phone with 7000TL they buy car LOL
Koi Hace 7 días
I want to do stuff like this, but what website do you guys order this type of stuff on
VxHd -_-
VxHd -_- Hace 8 días
I wish i had a car like this
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa Hace 9 días
4:24 me on the toilet After taco bell
Gianni Sargent
Gianni Sargent Hace 9 días
How do I learn this shit
The Rushin
The Rushin Hace 10 días
great video guys!!!
Ashleigh Carter
Ashleigh Carter Hace 10 días
If this man ever gave away thia thing somebody would be happy
アレル Hace 11 días
damn. money makes life worth living
TaP Hace 11 días
What’s it’s 1/4 mile time?
alex vlz
alex vlz Hace 11 días
clean as shit keep it up
M.I.R.O Hace 13 días
Hom much money have you aproximately spent on this project?
Aidan Singh
Aidan Singh Hace 14 días
No way this only took 10 minutes to build
spacedout__ luixx
spacedout__ luixx Hace 15 días
makes me wanna build my own but yet again ion even know how to paint a car lmaooo
Cody Phyo
Cody Phyo Hace 15 días
I’ve watched this video soooo many times and it still amazes me😭
Curved Strike
Curved Strike Hace 16 días
Very nice of machinery
mason peguero
mason peguero Hace 17 días
My brother love you he loves that car lol
TOMMY BROMLEY Hace 17 días
Where's that wing from
Joshua Pittman
Joshua Pittman Hace 17 días
I watch just for the music
Arian Rizvić
Arian Rizvić Hace 17 días
Good thing is that they are really good carss, and they are not expensive
Sxnny Hace 18 días
How much $$ you think he put in that
Joshua Pittman
Joshua Pittman Hace 18 días
First song by far the best
Its Respawn
Its Respawn Hace 19 días
this video says he built it in 10 mins even tho we know it did not take him 10 mins i want a refund
Andrés Guerra
Andrés Guerra Hace 19 días
hey why do they put a wrap and then another color? I have that concern
KyuiiDoesntHitTheSame Hace 20 días
10min to build my dream car wtf
Slawter Hace 20 días
What’s the first song called
Official CatchingAir
Official CatchingAir Hace 20 días
mute it and play your fav songs it bangs
INVESTED_YT Hace 21 un día
the white color looked a bit better ngl
David Haracic HKY
David Haracic HKY Hace 22 días
What is the audio called
Mathias Leys
Mathias Leys Hace 29 días
It are timelaps
jakewyd Hace 29 días
how much was the whole build?
gert raaf
gert raaf Hace un mes
But how much money he spend totall and tuning only?
Jorge Espinoza
Jorge Espinoza Hace un mes
This guys build a car in 10min while I’ take 15 min taking a shit looking at this video
Joshua Pittman
Joshua Pittman Hace un mes
Music link I’ll wait
Fiebrupr777 Hellaflush
KingRaccoon Hace un mes
Man I can’t wait till I can drive, I don’t know what my first car is gonna be but I’ll love it
isaacdayoungin Hace un mes
6:52 anyone knows what spoiler he got?
Chris Bridges
Chris Bridges Hace un mes
Oh you mean upgrading a 350z in 10mins.
Esteban Vega
Esteban Vega Hace un mes
Mis respetos
C K Hace un mes
I got a car just exaclty like this
Bren Stitz
Bren Stitz Hace un mes
my question is why did they get rid of the dope wrap
Koray Hace un mes
what engine is in there
TakenFN Hace un mes
What’s the roll cage he bought
Angel Gomez
Angel Gomez Hace un mes
does anyone know what engine he swapped?
Ethan Hace un mes
You gutsbdonnoe it didn’t take Wo ‘isn’t until tjsug she’ll this is actually took weeks probs buy was register to yhid ten minuttrnfigro
HyperZ Hace un mes
8:36 this looks like a cinematic from a street racing game like NFS, it's sick
Adv cxltures
Adv cxltures Hace un mes
he should of went to the guy that sold the car and showed him what he did to it
Fluid Hace un mes
Make the door handles black
Boonz Hace un mes
What’s this turbo called 5:20
Mill Mill
Mill Mill Hace un mes
I want a car so bad
x Hace un mes
if this is 350z what is mine?
demonetized ziti
demonetized ziti Hace un mes
“Sigh” looks down at wallet
Christopher Cantu
Christopher Cantu Hace un mes
Same bro same. My Z stock 😔
Tunahn Hace un mes
how much did this cost
Gym of simulation, Miscellaneous simulation
If the sports car is kissed by the BB, the faster sport car run, the longer the kiss time...Haha ............
Roushni Aziz
Roushni Aziz Hace 2 meses
Can I get a list what they did in thier z pls
Kreazic Hace 2 meses
I hope you can do an evo 6 build, love your videos.
Barry Sauer
Barry Sauer Hace 2 meses
Can you tell me what engine you swapped with
MXR Ixvy
MXR Ixvy Hace 2 meses
does anyone know the first song for the 350z build itself?
Joao Victor Rodrigues De Azevedo
O carro do renato garcia bai fica top com esse motor 2j
Chris Brito
Chris Brito Hace 2 meses
This video came up in my suggested and I just realized this build started in Clavins garage 😳, I've been watching for so long haha
Logan Klein
Logan Klein Hace 2 meses
Me watching this at 14 waiting till I turn 17 to buy and modify my own
Ronel Hernandez
Ronel Hernandez Hace 2 meses
what 350 version is this
Christian Knowles
Christian Knowles Hace 2 meses
if only it was street legal :' (
Alejo New
Alejo New Hace 2 meses
Brutality 🤪
Matheus henrique Jhon ppk
Eo do renato garcia
Cepha Nyagei
Cepha Nyagei Hace 2 meses
i never knew u could do this
Alex Spatz
Alex Spatz Hace 2 meses
How much did it all cost
filip krempatic
filip krempatic Hace 2 meses
that spoiler is so ugly
Gio Chavarria
Gio Chavarria Hace 2 meses
You had me at “stustustustustustus”😳😍
kalifu loli
kalifu loli Hace 2 meses
What's the build sirs?
Stancey Boy
Stancey Boy Hace 2 meses
My dream car
Mr Say168
Mr Say168 Hace 2 meses
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful .......
Mr Say168
Mr Say168 Hace 2 meses
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful .....
Rafael Salazar
Rafael Salazar Hace 2 meses
Is it street legal?
boii 1
boii 1 Hace 2 meses
How much you spend not including the car
Guillaume Pique
Guillaume Pique Hace 2 meses
I have the same car on GTA5.
ND Gaming
ND Gaming Hace 2 meses
so how many times did you change your mind?
dmirfn Hace 2 meses
i like how he cuts the music when the car is revving/driving/drifting
Impact Hace 2 meses
What engine did you guys use?
Max Puig Powell
Max Puig Powell Hace 2 meses
How you build the car in 10 minutes. That’s a speed run there
John Bakalidis
John Bakalidis Hace 2 meses
boo_yt _
boo_yt _ Hace 8 días
thats what i thought no joke XD
stallionboy Hace 2 meses
what engine did he put in this? it aint stock is it?
qseck Hace 2 meses
Mr.ybn420 Hace 2 meses
Ik this isn’t my build but it’s nice but the wing kind kills it my opinion still looks good tho
D killuminati
D killuminati Hace 2 meses
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