Bulls x Pacers 1998 ECF Game 7

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Chicago Bulls v Indiana Pacers - 1998 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals Game 7
31st May @ United Center on NBC Sports
Commentary: Bob Costas, Isiah Thomas & Doug Collins
Sideline: Ahmad Rashad & Jim Gray
Studio: Hannah Storm, John Salley, Peter Vescey & Matt Guokas
Box Score: www.basketball-reference.com/...

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16 abr 2019






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Emmanuel Mensah
Emmanuel Mensah Hace 2 años
TayGee 1976
TayGee 1976 Hace un año
This game more than any other game of his career really shows the raw competitiveness and determination of Michael Jordan. Look at the way he chased Reggie Miller throughout the fourth quarter yet he still found the energy to chase down rebounds and charge into the hole time after time to draw fouls when he was totally exhausted. Carrying the Bulls in the RS with Pippen missing 38 games plus the emotional strain of defending the title while the team slowly started to unravel led them to be vulnerable to a smart, disciplined, hungry, physical Pacers team that was not afraid of the Bulls. What you saw in this game, especially late in the 2nd half, was MJ pushed to his absolute limit. And what do you see? The overly competitive heart that was there the whole time but was normally overshadowed by MJ's immense talent and achievements. This game is the equivalent of seeing the Terminator after the human layer had been burned away and destroyed. In a way, MJ was more terrifying in this game than any other because you see him as he truly was. The box score could never quantify the true essence of Michael Jordan.
R.J. Hace 2 años
I remember watching this game, and as having lived in the Chicago suburbs at this time, this was the only time in the Jordan led Bulls era that I was actually scared for Bulls might cost their chance at three peat. Thank you, Reggie and the Pacers for giving the Bulls such a fight!!!
MehariNation Sports Podcast
One of the major reasons why the Indiana Pacers were the toughest series in the Chicago Bulls dynasty was familiarity.
DetlefSchrempf4 Hace 28 días
Greatest broadcasting crew in NBA history. Costas, while certainly full of himself, was in a different class than Marv Albert, and Albert was, in his day, as good as it got. Nobody shared the technical insight Collins did. And Thomas was as smooth a voice as there has ever been. As an aside, my second favorite crew, and the most entertaining, was Tom Hammond, Snapper Jones and Bill Walton. God I miss the NBA on NBC.
Radioactive 07
Radioactive 07 Hace un año
Damn that intro give me chills like I've never had before. Best intro ever. 90s is the best era in basketball
malosanmaka Hace 2 años
Toni Kukoč saved Chicago!!!! Big time player, but one of the most underrated players of the '90s. #7
emma bach
emma bach Hace un año
Cried mid game, the one of the rare cases I felt so scared about a Bulls game but destiny was ours! - Bulls fan from the Philippines
Brandon Kennard
Brandon Kennard Hace 3 años
I love your Bulls uploads. They are complete from beginning to end. Thank you!!!
Mario Bryant
Mario Bryant Hace un año
The hardest Game 7 that the Bulls played in their championship dynasty. Jordan refused to lose. Experience played a factor and they outrebounded the Pacers by 19 on the offensive glass
Hao Fan
Hao Fan Hace 2 años
This shows exactly how you will a title, not necessarily great shooting percentage, but great defense and complete trust to your team mates, and of course great leadership! Miss NBA 90s.
DrLight66 Hace 2 años
As Costas emphasized, the humongous offensive rebounding differential between the two teams determined this game.
A Fridge Too Far
I had forgotten just how close Indiana came to winning this series
MoneyBall Hace 2 años
Tony Kukoc was always clutch and was there to pick up the scoring when Michael didn't have it.
Devine Wynder
That intro was epic. This was a movie. It’s something about 90’s B-Ball that just has a bigger feel to it than today. I’m not even a fan of either team & I’m on the edge of my seat.
blade brown
blade brown Hace 2 años
This series actually made me nervous. Even more than the Knicks in '92 and '93. It legit could've gone either way. The home team won every game, but this one was just too close for comfort.
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis Hace 2 años
Incredible defense, pressure and tension. The touchness of the game back then was amazing, now it feels and looks like the 90's All-Star Games and 3-point shootout contests.
Andrew Hoyle
Andrew Hoyle Hace 2 años
Most nervous I ever been during the BULLS run. The BULLS showed their age, MJ & PIP didn't have their best games, and trailed by 12 to open the game. They also went on some cold streaks that the pacers took advantage of. This was a very difficult series
Juan Valdez
The G.O.A.T said it best “WE GONNA WIN GAME 7”….. Priceless…👍🏽
Jake Ward
Jake Ward Hace 21 un día
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