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A group of underage guys (Shia LaBeouf, Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, Will Forte) try to convince a shop clerk (Kenan Thompson) that they're over 21 in order to buy a couple cases of beer, but the clerk insists on seeing I.D. before making the sale. [Season 32, 2007]
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22 oct 2013

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Comentarios 2 795
Joshua Lindsay
Joshua Lindsay Hace 15 horas
Anyone recognise the dude from “ATF” he’s the captain that comes on Brooklyn Nine-Nine that Peralta and Santiago give a heart attack to.
Joshua Lindsay
Joshua Lindsay Hace 15 horas
IBmaster4 Hace 2 días
For a second I thought that sign said 99 cents for a 24 pack of beer
Krizell Ann
Krizell Ann Hace 3 días
Jake Peralta undercover to get Kevin to the library 😂
mrkrabappleson Hace 3 días
Xx_peachy_xX Gaming
Xx_peachy_xX Gaming Hace 4 días
The Relivake
The Relivake Hace 5 días
Idk why people think this is funny
A numba 9 large Extra dip
Your acting like this is amy schumer comedy bad
Stroop Hace 5 días
This is before Shia Leboof got paranoid about everything and lost it. There’s a funny Joe Rogan podcast vid on how Shia got tricked by some kids from the Internet, something about his Trump his paranoia. Hahaha
Daniel Red
Daniel Red Hace 5 días
Worst natural ice commercial ever.
Bodhi Soham
Bodhi Soham Hace 6 días
hahahahaahahahahhaa omg
sofia b
sofia b Hace 6 días
why is no one talking about how hot bill was in this sketch???
stanleykaffee Hace 6 días
All it takes was $5 dollars
Mark Youneva
Mark Youneva Hace 7 días
we need to teach and encourage effort. the kids clearly put in a lot of effort. i say give them about 10 cases of beer for effort. (also i'm not friends with them)
king of the Hill
king of the Hill Hace 8 días
I was getting served at bars when I was 16!
Ryder Patton
Ryder Patton Hace 9 días
Wave check
Kaleb Bruwer
Kaleb Bruwer Hace 9 días
I hope I never set foot in America before 21, that would suck if I could drink almost anywhere else in the world.
Daniel Godfrey
Daniel Godfrey Hace 9 días
Believe it or not. I seen under cover cops buy alcohol without an ID and bust the clerk.
Pedro Lopes
Pedro Lopes Hace 9 días
See you guys back at the dorm 😂
Nolan Boles
Nolan Boles Hace 10 días
This might be funny, if it weren't so realistic.
Алексей Кулик
The B055
The B055 Hace 10 días
Wait.. he said seven year old kid and he has been at the factory since 18 years old which is 6 years which means he had his first kid at 17. At 1:29
The B055
The B055 Hace un día
Name true
Name Hace 9 días
Not really uncommon these days, lol.
Audi S5 Fam
Audi S5 Fam Hace 11 días
I’ll take one alcohol please! 🤣
Review Dude
Review Dude Hace 11 días
Circle K employees
Morgan Kelly
Morgan Kelly Hace 12 días
“Sold, see ya back at the dorm”😂😂
Julius Schlotterer
Julius Schlotterer Hace 12 días
This some american joke i am too german to understand?
_ afigurezero
_ afigurezero Hace 12 días
That legit is the same set/convenience store from the Kenan & Kel show from back in the day.
Name Hace 9 días
I fucking thought it was, but wasn't sure! That's so awesome.
Prokaryotch97 0
Prokaryotch97 0 Hace 13 días
Shia la buoff
NoobMaster69 Hace 13 días
Alot of people missed the last line. Keenan says "see you back at the dorm" he obviously knows them from school.
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow Hace 10 días
NoobMaster69 Are you a detective ?
havardmj Hace 12 días
I don't think anyone missed that line..
Miya Bane
Miya Bane Hace 13 días
Wasn't the ATF officer Nine-Nine's new Captain after Holt? Season two, ep 8 or smn
Miya Bane
Miya Bane Hace 13 días
@ben schlesinger lol ik I stoopid
ben schlesinger
ben schlesinger Hace 13 días
Miya Bane u watches 4in ago lol
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia Hace 13 días
Poor kevin
Dead Man
Dead Man Hace 13 días
Shia LaBeouf
Matthew Mertens
Matthew Mertens Hace 14 días
How this supposed to be funny when they’re clearly over 21? Is that the joke?
NoobMaster69 Hace 13 días
You're putting way too much thought into it.
AXioS TraLLö
AXioS TraLLö Hace 15 días
I'll sip a Natty Ice to this.
James Benefield
James Benefield Hace 15 días
Wtf lol
Jintaro Kensei
Jintaro Kensei Hace 15 días
Looks like the guy finally got the moustache...
Randy Miller
Randy Miller Hace 16 días
This was very dumb.
NoobMaster69 Hace 13 días
Supposed to be dumb. Obviously
Breezy Mods
Breezy Mods Hace 16 días
I remember laughing at the retards that tried this shit and beating up the retards that tried it at my family’s liquor store and got away with it.. doesn’t matter if its a dumbass employees fault owner still gets fined and 3 strikes your out. Its VERY simple; don’t be an annoying dweeb and 21year olds won’t want yo commit suicide in your presence.
never mind
never mind Hace 18 días
That was a delight from start to finish.
Xx Anonymous xX
Xx Anonymous xX Hace 18 días
Chett Sibley
Chett Sibley Hace 19 días
Anyone else get reminded of the Anchorman from Andy Sandberg's character?
Kayla Sh.
Kayla Sh. Hace 19 días
It's funny how they use these hella old words while pretending to be 24-25
that girl
that girl Hace 20 días
Darn it Kevin !!
Itz just steve
Itz just steve Hace 21 un día
Stupid and not funny
Cali 180
Cali 180 Hace 21 un día
So bad wtf
paul gorham
paul gorham Hace 22 días
Lol, he got left hanging at the end.
Tommy von Muttonfudge
Tommy von Muttonfudge Hace 24 días
Great skit but the payoff was crap.
Tom Staunton
Tom Staunton Hace 24 días
why didnt the robber just take the beer
SecularLiberal Hace 24 días
Bill Hader: I'm a cop Also Bill Hader: That guy stole my wallet
Mr.Amazing Gaming
Mr.Amazing Gaming Hace 23 días
Defaulti Boi
Defaulti Boi Hace 24 días
Jake Peralta & Seth Dosernan had met before... I KNEW IT
Unstable Gengar
Unstable Gengar Hace 24 días
Peralta you’re a genius!
Ev Vamp
Ev Vamp Hace 24 días
This reminds me of an episode on That 70s show
Yossarian Hace 22 días
Ev Vamp Fez: How did you find it? Kelso: driving down the road man and there she was!
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