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A group of underage guys (Shia LaBeouf, Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, Will Forte) try to convince a shop clerk (Kenan Thompson) that they're over 21 in order to buy a couple cases of beer, but the clerk insists on seeing I.D. before making the sale. [Season 32, 2007]
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22 oct 2013






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OtisDriftw0od _
OtisDriftw0od _ Hace un día
So clever! This skit had me smiling from beginning to end.
Av Av
Av Av Hace un día
I’m 24 and got asked for my ID to turn in a scratch off. Pretty sure the lady was just being a bitch tho
taine Hace un día
Took me a while to realise the third guy was with em haha
Inferno Frog
Inferno Frog Hace 3 días
Peralta what are you doing?
Nate Thompson
Nate Thompson Hace 3 días
Jake peralta grew more hair
hendri413 Hace 3 días
What's this show called?
videogame beer
videogame beer Hace 2 días
Plasma Hace 4 días
Good thing I live in Germany and I can buy my beer eventho I’m 16
Hany M.Gamal
Hany M.Gamal Hace 4 días
I see Andy in a thumbnail I click. I see Andy in a fake moustache I roadrunner click.
Jimson229 Hace 4 días
‘Sold see you guys back at the dorm’ 😂
Kermit The frog
Kermit The frog Hace 5 días
Okay this is a robbery
Morgil Hace 5 días
Chocolate cigarettes
N B Hace 5 días
1:34 he taps Amdy and wasn't expecting it and he jumped a little 😂😂
Liam Browning
Liam Browning Hace 6 días
Is that Shia Le cuck?
frostman hd
frostman hd Hace 6 días
Here in Germany we can buy beer at age of 16
Kevin Kirby
Kevin Kirby Hace 3 días
You're country's fucked cunt no wonder you guys got fucked up in the war ya dogs.
yA bOI - Bosi
yA bOI - Bosi Hace 6 días
Seen comments saying “cant buy alcohol till 21 but can buy a gun at 18” the only reason all states have it at 21 is because the fed gov would cut 15% of state funding if they didnt. So theres no federal law against it being lower its just theyd lose money.
MsAngelaSunshine Hace 6 días
Looks like the store on "Kenan & Kel"
fishroy1997 Hace 3 días
Yes! Keenan's still got the same job.
Seth Flower
Seth Flower Hace 7 días
Is that Shia Lebouf?
keptcmack Hace 7 días
This is funny as shit
Ben K
Ben K Hace 7 días
I don't get it. So you advocate bribery ?
Исрарул Хан
Why not ban alcohol outright??
Julianna Kopa
Julianna Kopa Hace 7 días
Исрарул Хан it didn’t work. And why ban it? Alcohol is amazing
Исрарул Хан
+Julianna Kopa ... Worked bad for whom? And then, as we already have the experience, we can try again to implement the ban in a better way,no?
Julianna Kopa
Julianna Kopa Hace 7 días
Исрарул Хан Yeah, prohibition worked so well before
Dylan Prentice
Dylan Prentice Hace 8 días
See you guys back at the dorm 😂😂😂
Simon M.O jensen
Simon M.O jensen Hace 8 días
LOL you can buy alcohol under 16.5% when your 16 in Denmark. And all alcohol over 16.5% when your 18 yesrs old.
K K Rool main
K K Rool main Hace 9 días
Is this some sort of american job, I am to german to understand?
ThereAreNo NamesAvailable
Is that the captain that died in 99 😂
Taylor Brink
Taylor Brink Hace 11 días
All that trouble for natural light poor guys lol
Yer boi
Yer boi Hace 12 días
3:58 awkward beginning of a handshake...
life death
life death Hace 12 días
Theo_ VeVo
Theo_ VeVo Hace 12 días
The funny thing is the cop (same actor) confronts McGlovin in superbad when he tries to buy beer when hes underaged.
Leon Britz
Leon Britz Hace 12 días
Why do stupid underage kids always want to buy beer? don't they have better things to do?
Julianna Kopa
Julianna Kopa Hace 7 días
Leon Britz no, no they do not
Joel W
Joel W Hace 13 días
This shit is actually funny though rip SNL
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Hace 13 días
I love that tv show
Kaiden Gawley
Kaiden Gawley Hace 13 días
Bill Jaden and Andy Samberg are in Brooklyn nine nine one Captain and one Jake Peralta # Andy's my hero actor
XXXyoungdayday Hace 13 días
The dude in the hat look like a young Shyla buff
Emma R
Emma R Hace 13 días
Collin Adams
Collin Adams Hace 13 días
Awesome video
Hotsauce Tacos
Hotsauce Tacos Hace 13 días
O_O oh kay...
Odysseus Hace 14 días
3:59 he tried to high five😂
Red Balloon
Red Balloon Hace 14 días
SNL is funny but it's somewhat uncomfortable seeing the actors stare at the cue cards instead of, in this case the clerk.
Ella O'Brien
Ella O'Brien Hace 14 días
The pooling the money got me
Benjamin Chase
Benjamin Chase Hace 14 días
If you guys have a minute a listen would be greatly appreciated. Thanks open.spotify.com/track/2BiK0tUXWGknsxpHBICioO?si=0UV4Y4amRPitL8-lq0pl-g
messibessi11 Hace 15 días
Haha he like knew them
Ronold Dump
Ronold Dump Hace 15 días
Yeah still need to see some id
oh yeah yeah _
oh yeah yeah _ Hace 15 días
Is the officer ben shapiro
Robert James
Robert James Hace 16 días
How did Kenan from Kenan and Kel get on this show? He's never been funny. Must be affirmative action.
soccerjoker95 Hace 18 días
You can legally drink beer at your house with your parents consent at whatever age.
Caiden Reynolds
Caiden Reynolds Hace 18 días
Did anyone else notice that they left the money on the case of beer when they took it😂
F.B.I Hace 18 días
Perolta what are you doing?
Ivan TheAwesome
Ivan TheAwesome Hace 23 días
They didn’t even pay for the beer, just took their 24$ and the cases.
Kamden Collins
Kamden Collins Hace 23 días
Tbh i thought when the robber came in he was gonna try and steal the beer, and then the clerk would ask for his ID.
Isabella Sweat-Grace
Same though
Tony Lohi
Tony Lohi Hace 6 días
+Magnets & magic well next time im working at 711 im gonna for ID with no ski masks to verify they is over 18-21or NO BEER!
Magnets & magic
Magnets & magic Hace 6 días
Ye haha
Tony Lohi
Tony Lohi Hace 11 días
+sasori Yeah I thought that would happen too asking for ID at gunpoint over beer would have been funnier
sasori Hace 12 días
Kamden Collins that would’ve been soo much funnier 😂
Aaron McDaniel
Aaron McDaniel Hace 24 días
If he has a 7 year old he had it when he was 17 🤨
zeregaa Hace 24 días
not unusual these days
Faggotini Linguini
Faggotini Linguini Hace 25 días
the first 40 seconds look like an improv stage
Toobadat Gaming
Toobadat Gaming Hace 25 días
*smacks lips* "Okay, this is a robbery"
15 mins ago
15 mins ago Hace 27 días
I click for Andy samburg
CAB24 Hace 27 días
*W A V E C H E C K*
Dunkin Nuts
Dunkin Nuts Hace 28 días
This is so funny because in Germany we can buy beer legally at 16. I mean..it's just beer. You don't get drunk when you drink a beer and I don't talk about American beer which is more like water mixed with a bit of beer. - no offense! That's just like wtf xD
Dr. DeadPool
Dr. DeadPool Hace un mes
Sneak: 0 Intelligence: 0
Bode Torgrimson
Bode Torgrimson Hace un mes
People at those stores work for minimum wage, so $5 probably makes up a lot of his wages.
BadgerCheese94 Hace 27 días
5 dollars doesnt make up the 5,000 dollar fine that we can get plus losing our job
B_in_the_ cut
B_in_the_ cut Hace un mes
This was so corny
Cuan Doyle
Cuan Doyle Hace un mes
Do Americans acc find this funny?
Jim Bob
Jim Bob Hace un mes
Verity The Vegan
Verity The Vegan Hace un mes
Is it terrible that were I a barkeep or off-licence I wouldn’t really give a heck... if they were clearly underage that’s one thing but if they’re working it that hard... I’d feel sorry for them and “forget” to check ID. Especially in the USA. Y’all can die for your country and get married and smoke but alcohol is a no...? Chill.
TGA Orbit
TGA Orbit Hace un mes
Wave check
Jim Bob
Jim Bob Hace un mes
Adrian Hiisss The Cat
It is also 21 or older for alcohol consumption in Malaysia, but a lot of underage (purposely or not) still break the rule. For those who were not on purpose were usually Chinese and Dayak Native kids who have consumed soup mixed with wine or rice liquor as part of the 'tradition' in families. I believed I did as well as a Chinese myself.
Joe Sanchez
Joe Sanchez Hace un mes
Zakaryan Kane Bennett
Hader’s wearing a goddamn pair of jeans and Reebok’s! 🤣
Skyfall Gaming
Skyfall Gaming Hace un mes
Outro song?
Nikki Lainee
Nikki Lainee Hace un mes
I still love Shia Labeouf, no matter what hes been through. I think he will always be great at acting💕
noneofyourbeeswax Hace un mes
Bill harder is seriously attractive
Adan Ortiz
Adan Ortiz Hace un mes
Looks like the Keenan and Kel set
EJS Hace un mes
_I'll have your 8 dollarest bottle of wine_
Princess Unikitty
Princess Unikitty Hace 3 días
Zac Zunter
Zac Zunter Hace 3 días
Tiernan Donaghy
Tiernan Donaghy Hace 6 días
Wine drink
Woodsy Edits
Woodsy Edits Hace 7 días
*red wine drink*
marvel marble
marvel marble Hace 9 días
Ricky Sanders
Ricky Sanders Hace un mes
I never went this far lol
Wesley Mcintosh
Wesley Mcintosh Hace un mes
uome20bukz Hace un mes
Am I the only one that thought that store was Rigby’s at first?
Leigh Ashley
Leigh Ashley Hace un mes
I thought this was the set of Kenan and Kel lol.
help me
help me Hace un mes
That means he was like 8 when he had his kids XD
Speedy Gamer
Speedy Gamer Hace un mes
Mari Hope
Mari Hope Hace un mes
They tried.
Eugene Krabs
Eugene Krabs Hace un mes
Look it's detective Peralta and captain dozerman
AJ Is On The Highway
Kids these days lol
Shook *
Shook * Hace un mes
if the guy is 24 but has three kids that are 7 6 and 3 then he became a dad at 8
Seythi Hace un mes
Damn sick catch bro
I are ur dad
I are ur dad Hace un mes
Shia La'bitch
mEdiCs Hace un mes
Old but gold
Dario Santo
Dario Santo Hace un mes
In America you can go to war and invade another country and kill theyr natives at 18 but cant drink till 21.Well done the country of freedom my ass!!
Metal Maniac
Metal Maniac Hace un mes
Yanie Hace un mes
THEY LEFT WITH THE MONEY AHHAAHAHAHA it cost 5$ for the two packs
secretagentman23 Hace un mes
Just do it!!! Make your dreams come true!!
Player 36
Player 36 Hace 2 meses
I wanna try this irl
Sile Hace 2 meses
just watch 03:57
Stone Yan
Stone Yan Hace 2 meses
"our country is broken"
Linda Lang
Linda Lang Hace 2 meses
Newswarsdotcom.. join the fight
ThatSavage 4Feathers
A-OK LAWN SERVICE... Bad bunny ink
Keith Anderson
Keith Anderson Hace 2 meses
My cousin worked for the police trying to buy beer without an ID.
BLK MIND Hace 2 meses
Leonard Simbre
Leonard Simbre Hace 2 meses
Billy Batson joined the group
kwnyupstate Hace 2 meses
It is silly that they care so much about people drinking beer. The drinking age is pathetic.
Joe Greenwell
Joe Greenwell Hace 2 meses
I didn't realize that was Shia Labeouf.
Sr. Supreme
Sr. Supreme Hace 2 meses
Doc Chicago
Doc Chicago Hace 2 meses
SNL has long been the enemy of comedy
AquaticTuber Hace 2 meses
Was this supposed to be funny?
Mark Weaver
Mark Weaver Hace 2 meses
Every SNL sketch with Kenan Thompson would be better without Kenan Thompson.
dani Hace 2 meses
uhhh Dis a robree?
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