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Ryland Adams
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Colby Jackson
Colby Jackson Hace 4 horas
Give him some meowjuiana
Annie De La Rosa
Annie De La Rosa Hace 8 horas
your such proud mom ryland
ShellyTurtle Hace 9 horas
I have the Litter Robot. Most amazing thing, ever!
Kitten2007 Cruse
Kitten2007 Cruse Hace 12 horas
You should litter-ely Make rooms for each Of your animals and Set them up like little Bedrooms.!!.!.!.!.!.!.! That would be so Adorable !!🙏🙏
Noah Bowser
Noah Bowser Hace 21 un hora
When ryland walked up to Uno and said "hi how are ya" I fuckin lost it
Emily Heath
Emily Heath Hace un día
2:09 ryland: we don't have to clean our current toilet shane: YEs wE Do THeRe'S PoOP In IT rIGhT NoW WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS PART IM LITERALLY DYING
Tori King
Tori King Hace un día
Omg I wish I could get all these
Rebecca Meerbeek
Rebecca Meerbeek Hace un día
Elise Dabbs
Elise Dabbs Hace un día
Did anyone else get jump scared at 20:17?
Kiah Yoo
Kiah Yoo Hace 2 días
I love how you keep calling it a furbro haha
Amy Mayle
Amy Mayle Hace 2 días
Ok but Cheeto is gonna love the boxes way more
Alpesh Burnheart
Alpesh Burnheart Hace 2 días
Wow...when did you get hair?
LiZzY x
LiZzY x Hace 2 días
Aha Shane in the thumbnail omlll 😂💘
Kaity Carlson
Kaity Carlson Hace 3 días
I love how Ryland actually took the time to try and train Cheeto how to use the cat wheel. #dedicatedpetowner #PetDaddy
Chris J. Films
Chris J. Films Hace 3 días
I’m scared for the human race
Sarah Marie
Sarah Marie Hace 3 días
My cat has a similar water fountain and uses it. She spills any regular bowls of water.
Lota Vaenuku
Lota Vaenuku Hace 3 días
Also he said that cat tree was 147 $ when it said 165 $
Lota Vaenuku
Lota Vaenuku Hace 3 días
I have never seen someone so happy to see a cat pee😂😂😂😂
Sara Sensabaugh
Sara Sensabaugh Hace 3 días
Every time you receive a package, this cat is gonna come thinking it's his 😂
Veronica amaya
Veronica amaya Hace 3 días
*Yo I'm watching this while doing my finals and I'm trying so fucking hard not to laugh-*
Christopher Hevner
Christopher Hevner Hace 3 días
20:18 actually made me jump lol
Omni Master
Omni Master Hace 3 días
When Ryland becomes Safiya Nygaard
LpsHORROR Cat Hace 4 días
I Love cats ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🐈
Jacinda Rose
Jacinda Rose Hace 5 días
My cat would go absolutely feral for that fake tree lol
athena belle
athena belle Hace 5 días
Ryland is the cutest,shane is the cutest too there jest the cutest
Daisy May
Daisy May Hace 5 días
25:25 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Larissa Rose Tracey Nuñez-Hill
My cat loves moving water so mine would probably like the flower water bowl
Beth Doddrell
Beth Doddrell Hace 6 días
Can Ryland not read prices?! Lmao
Marilyn Figueroa
Marilyn Figueroa Hace 6 días
You can literally diy the cat tree
Me-A Hardaway
Me-A Hardaway Hace 6 días
Jennifer Bennett-Marshall
Ryland cat note; cats can’t see still water btw
Cheeto looked like he was peeing in fear lmao
Jaymie Muncaster
Jaymie Muncaster Hace 7 días
I have 4 cats and they LOVE the Catit fountain :)
Willow TopazStone
Willow TopazStone Hace 7 días
Ryland is adorable 😂😂
Cierra Gayler
Cierra Gayler Hace 7 días
This made my life hahahahaha
JordanLynn Hace 7 días
ryland i'm about 19 min in and wavering between laughter and concern for your mental state
Kayla Tucker
Kayla Tucker Hace 7 días
The dogs are waiting for their video 😂😂
Meredith Mitchell
Meredith Mitchell Hace 7 días
I love you so much more now that I know you have a cat
Caroline Hope
Caroline Hope Hace 7 días
Every time I see Cheeto all I think is “I wonder whats going on in his mind rn...” like I wish we could understand animals lol
LaurikeG 24
LaurikeG 24 Hace 7 días
I love these kinds of videos because you can't fake it cuz cats are unpredictable. I laughed so much and I love cats😂😂❤
elena rozycki
elena rozycki Hace 9 días
Love this video!
Ocean Paws
Ocean Paws Hace 9 días
I think he wanted the box more than the items...
Israel Bruneau
Israel Bruneau Hace 9 días
RaeRae Is A Cat
RaeRae Is A Cat Hace 9 días
cheeto: *pees* shane: *ZOOMS IN ON CHEETOS FACE* cheeto: this is why i’m depressed
Veronika Dyk
Veronika Dyk Hace 9 días
litter robot is the best one evener
¡Alex! Hace 10 días
My cat is the assholest asshole ever, she is a fat cat who loves eating and waits at the cabinet that has her food in it and WAITS TILL I GIVE IT TO HER…and if we don’t give her food then she shits EVERYWHERE. 😑
Emily Rosse
Emily Rosse Hace 10 días
I fucking need a cat now. Me: DAD CAM I HAVE A CAT????! Dad: why ew no... Me: PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEE
Anastasia Villarreal
Anastasia Villarreal Hace 11 días
My ice cream almost fell out of my mouth when you guys started watching cheeto pee😂😂
Cat Felix
Cat Felix Hace 12 días
I have that flower fountain for my cats one of my cats keeps taking it apart
Its Yazan
Its Yazan Hace 12 días
Hannah Resendes
Hannah Resendes Hace 12 días
ryland: “u don’t have to clean our toilet tho” shane: “YES WE DO THERES POOP IN IT RIGHT NOW”
Johanna Nolazco
Johanna Nolazco Hace 13 días
I care about this video ryland
Johanna Nolazco
Johanna Nolazco Hace 13 días
I care about this video ryland
I’m Greg
I’m Greg Hace 13 días
11:50 Ikr, I hate it when I buy stuff for my pets and I’m the only one whoever uses it!
Angela Torres
Angela Torres Hace 13 días
I thought that in the beginning of the vid were real advertisements and i was like wtf how long!!
kween G
kween G Hace 14 días
*"Cheeto you little shit head guess what?"* HAHAHA ME AS A PARENT
Zara Hoffman
Zara Hoffman Hace 14 días
Shane saying Ryland should just set it all up. SAVAGE, but not untrue. I don't have a cat, but I love your pet videos (dog and cat same)
Ecchi Angel
Ecchi Angel Hace 14 días
I only buy my cat trees from Petsmart. That way for my $100+ I don't have to build it. I can just haul it home and put it in the room of my choice.
Ecchi Angel
Ecchi Angel Hace 14 días
Shane: "No one is going to buy this stuff." Me: *looks at exact same cat wheel, 2 cat fountains, and 2 Litter Robot 3 Connects already in my house*
libby mulligan
libby mulligan Hace 15 días
Roland: we r going to have so much fun he says while holding his cat and scissors he low key sounds like shane
Pet apocalypse Girl
Pet apocalypse Girl Hace 17 días
Cheeto isn’t the best hampster on the wheel
Denise Rawcliffe
Denise Rawcliffe Hace 17 días
I love cats but my mom wont let me have on 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Raegan_ G27
Raegan_ G27 Hace 17 días
I love how Ryland used these products more than Cheeto😂👏❤
Raegan_ G27
Raegan_ G27 Hace 17 días
I love how Ryland used these products more than Cheeto😂👏❤
the other ghost girl
the other ghost girl Hace 18 días
Put catnip on the wheel
skyler Kate
skyler Kate Hace 18 días
I have to be honest I have secretly wanted that stupid litter box for so long. It’s so unneeded but I WANT IT.
Maya Gray
Maya Gray Hace 19 días
Cheeto is a mood.
Sharon N
Sharon N Hace 19 días
I would love that litter box but I think it would scare my cat. I wish I could train my cat to use a toilet like others I've seen (LOL). I also wish I could get her in the tub or shower but that is a no go also. LMAO at Cheeto attacking Ryland after he puts him by the "tree". SMH...cat's are suck assholes! I always say they are like those sour patch kids....first, they are sweet and then they are sour. I swear they will cuddle and love on you one minute and attack the next.
Kennedy Hace 19 días
ryland:honeys the only smart aminal!!!!!cheedo: :/ u shure
Madison Cno
Madison Cno Hace 19 días
Chito: pees
Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of Destruction
Ryland hunny the tree is a catnip tree thats why he wacked you and you could tell by looking at his eyes its the catnip😂😂
Obsidian 1
Obsidian 1 Hace 20 días
Good Girl honey your my only smart animal Cat looks down:I’m shook
Arisa A.
Arisa A. Hace 20 días
My aunt has the same liter box
Liv & Maddie
Liv & Maddie Hace 20 días
Cheeto is literally me
Valentina  Wylie
Valentina Wylie Hace 20 días
I love you Ryland you're so precious and I am so glad you made this video I'm totally buying that litter box its gonna save my life too I hope 😭💗
Pick Up Your Damn Shoes and Put it Back Properly
*Why is no one noticing Ryland wearing his Gucci?*
Emily L
Emily L Hace 21 un día
Cheetos is fucking fat
Emily L
Emily L Hace 21 un día
3:29 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 so fucked up shane
Madison McMillian
Madison McMillian Hace 21 un día
My cat has the flower water fountain and loves it
Aoibhe Rutherford
Aoibhe Rutherford Hace 21 un día
i see ryland always getting sponsored by honey, it’s like honey is the teacher and ryland is their favorite students sksk
Nya _L
Nya _L Hace 21 un día
The water is not even for the dogs or the cat but it’s for Ryland!😂
Nena Pennington
Nena Pennington Hace 21 un día
I need that cat litter box in my life. 😂
Axel Axer
Axel Axer Hace 21 un día
11:10-11:30 is me when I'm home alone trying to get the dogs drunk on milk
MacKenzie Ann
MacKenzie Ann Hace 22 días
I love how ryland spends $30 only for him to drink out of the water drinker thing 😂😂
un known
un known Hace 22 días
People enjoy seeing people waste their money?
Audrey Nalina
Audrey Nalina Hace 22 días
I love how they are Dog and Cat lovers. Why only choose one or compare. Both cat and dogs are awesome!!! 🐶😺
Murphy does gacha!
Murphy does gacha! Hace 23 días
The look on cheeto’s face lol
Jeff _is_hot OwO
Jeff _is_hot OwO Hace 23 días
I thought they were sponsoring their dog lol
Franzii Marie
Franzii Marie Hace 23 días
i see it coming Roland Adams kind of annoying his cat for 10 minutes straight - but still love you
Panic! Trash
Panic! Trash Hace 24 días
*c h e e t o y o u l i t t l e s h i t h e a d*
Lara Kite
Lara Kite Hace 26 días
I just had surgery and i laughed so hard at you taken the tree stand upstairs i almost popped my stitches omg it hurts but i cant stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂
sarah salupo
sarah salupo Hace 26 días
20:12 Cheeto : I is tigger from da forest don fuk wit me 😆
Yaslin Perez
Yaslin Perez Hace 26 días
Ur cat can always pop in your backyard like ur dogs that’s what mine do
Lexi Tingley
Lexi Tingley Hace 26 días
Mr. Kate needs to decorate their house
Tyler Pistachio
Tyler Pistachio Hace 26 días
That poor cat.. Cant they even try to make their animals more comfortable? Like just a little bit, not do shit for youserlf but acctually for the animals well being. I mean..surely they have someone who takes care of them other than them..but jesus..I was not looking forward to this vid cuz as much as I love both shane and ryland, they are pretty shit animal owners.. and now they have goats too. ..They really shouldnt own any animals let alone these many.
Sammiee GoldWand
Sammiee GoldWand Hace 26 días
I love cats but I cant have one because my cousins are very very alergic
Kubz Scouts Chan
Kubz Scouts Chan Hace 26 días
Shane makes fun of Ryland for being extra _Up next Weird cat products I bought online by Shane_
Sedef Potter
Sedef Potter Hace 26 días
I love how ryland takes so much care of cheeto
Susie Que
Susie Que Hace 27 días
I love how Ryland said “now they’re in the dog house, literally” and Shane zoomed into the dogs in the house😂😂😂😂😂 lmao
Elaizaaa Hanamitchi
Elaizaaa Hanamitchi Hace 27 días
I just really want silantro right now😭
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