Buying Every Item From The 99 Cents Store!

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My cousin Nour and I decided to buy every single item from the 99 cents store, and the ending to this video was emotional and great.
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If you read this far down the description I love you


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15 may 2019

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug Hace 2 meses
Next video: Buying Every Item From Gucci Jk jk but watch the video till the end for an emotional surprise
nm22.0 mtz
nm22.0 mtz Hace 4 días
You guys would be a good couple
MarcoA Briseño
MarcoA Briseño Hace 6 días
You are an inspiration
MarcoA Briseño
MarcoA Briseño Hace 6 días
Yo faze rug at 6:02 -6:07 you said I got 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 aims in my bank account if you think it was funny like it and also faze rug you have a realy nice Hart man you got enething the homeless people wanted good gob you made a diverence in other people
obeythecuber YT
obeythecuber YT Hace 10 días
Stop coping mr beast
Joe Borda
Joe Borda Hace 20 días
FaZe Rug you made me cry 😪 god bless your heart 💙
mikasa todoroki
mikasa todoroki Hace 7 horas
Fsjall Hace 8 horas
So than why do they call it 99 cents if not everything 99 cents
Kinemaster Edits
Kinemaster Edits Hace 11 horas
2:54 song please? Thx
Lacrosse Wonders
Lacrosse Wonders Hace 12 horas
Wow I thought he was actually going to buy every single item, not just 1 off the every item! Mr beast wanna be! 😂
Enchanting LavaXI
Enchanting LavaXI Hace 12 horas
I thought you would grab everything single thing
Clorenex Hace 21 un hora
i swear the joy of rugs face looked like we was about to cry
Shantreneika Harper
Shantreneika Harper Hace un día
Mariana Zolhof
Mariana Zolhof Hace un día
Marvin Veit
Marvin Veit Hace 2 días
Morgan Elking
Morgan Elking Hace 2 días
I think it will be $300
ll Snowyy ll
ll Snowyy ll Hace 2 días
1,500 to1,700
Kristine Sefyan
Kristine Sefyan Hace 2 días
Lethal noah
Lethal noah Hace 2 días
I respect what ur doing but u could at least give beast credit, after all ur getting ur content off of him
Lethal noah
Lethal noah Hace 2 días
Faze Rug: Let’s do the copy mr beast challenge
Superbulldog Studios
Mr beast copier
Superbulldog Studios
Mr beast copier
Superbulldog Studios
Me beast copier
Cry Baby
Cry Baby Hace 2 días
You’d think since he supposedly had so much money he would get chin surgery for his weak ass chin
Mexican PORK CHOP Hace 2 días
2,300 cause bout smart and she said it
Aya Almosawi
Aya Almosawi Hace 3 días
Koarpse Hace 3 días
I'm just here for the mr beast comments.
MPmakers Hace 3 días
Bugget cut mrbeast
Haidyn Anderson
Haidyn Anderson Hace 3 días
Haidyn Anderson
Haidyn Anderson Hace 3 días
Sylvia Cota
Sylvia Cota Hace 4 días
This video is disgusting. Go buy feminine hygiene products for homeless women! Use your platform to help people. This is in no way helping anyone it’s just a waste!
Hannah Erwin
Hannah Erwin Hace 4 días
You look extremely like the character pope
Hannah Erwin
Hannah Erwin Hace 4 días
Are you from the movie five feet apart
Robin McDonald
Robin McDonald Hace 4 días
I was just standing in front of the toy section of the $.99 only store there are over 300 items just in the toy section alone.. There are tens of thousands of items in the $.99 only store. I guess what sad about it is this was really just to serve your channel. Because if you wanted to help the homeless once you realize you could never buy everything in the store you could’ve bought the things they really needed so instead you ended up with two Blankets two pairs of socks. But hey that’s more than I’ve given to the charity so I can’t really criticize
Jocelin Panuco Salinas
This is so like Mr. Beast video
Isabel Urieta
Isabel Urieta Hace 4 días
Rock Starr
Rock Starr Hace 4 días
Sarah Myers
Sarah Myers Hace 4 días
Steven Blumhoefer
Steven Blumhoefer Hace 4 días
bro stop trying to be like mr beast. your doing the same challenges and same ideas but with a lot less money. come up with your own ideas. your not mr beast. never will be
TurdManJones Hace 4 días
He can never beat the one and only Mr Beast
Kara Prost
Kara Prost Hace 5 días
1854$$$ stopped video at 5:41
Marylin Leonhart
Marylin Leonhart Hace 5 días
ER7 Hace 5 días
Sam Whitebear
Sam Whitebear Hace 5 días
Ur a dumbass
Cody Nesbitt
Cody Nesbitt Hace 5 días
Abt 9574
Cynthia Barbosa
Cynthia Barbosa Hace 5 días
You're awesome guys, love what you did ❤
sereysothea por
sereysothea por Hace 5 días
2 567 $
Jackeline Valente
Jackeline Valente Hace 5 días
I think it’s going to be 1,647
Meme Boi 900
Meme Boi 900 Hace 5 días
Hey Kirby, stop copping Mr. Beast.
Aniyah Diaz
Aniyah Diaz Hace 5 días
the 🦒
Aniyah Diaz
Aniyah Diaz Hace 5 días
i have the same stuffed animal
_HAIL _ Hace 5 días
I cant believe you are getting it all we think 1000 dollars
Lillee Dodgson
Lillee Dodgson Hace 6 días
Yocelin Barajas
Yocelin Barajas Hace 6 días
Faze rug you have the grates heart that is in this world we all love you so much
Iconic_ Dávīøñ
Iconic_ Dávīøñ Hace 6 días
In my state it’s called dollar tree
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