By the way, Are You a Psychopath?

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Are You A Psychopath? You can take a test to find out!
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Daniel, Hosuh and Stephen play: Are We a Psychopath to find out
whether or not we are one.
By The Way Series: esvid.net/group/PL7ftZN1qR-_5GF8tuT3L085fIz7EeCNYu

With psychopaths and sociopaths, it's very hard to experiment with full accuracy. Psychopathic tendencies derive from a lack of emotions or empathy. Tring to spot a psychopath is quite easy; psychopath test and psychopath quiz are all based on seeing whether you lack emotions or not. Creepy psychopaths exist but absolutely normal psychopaths exist as well. How to tell if you're a psychopath or not is quite simple: Usually, if you're questioning it, you're probably not a psychopath.
By the way, Can You Survive in Antarctica? esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-0Ciy2I4L1IA.html

Classic Horror 3 by Kevin MacLeod: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100469
Prelude No. 15 by Chris Zabriskie: chriszabriskie.com/preludes/
Sound Effects all thanks to Sound bible: soundbible.com credit to Daniel Simion and Mike Koenig
Other music Bensound: www.bensound.com/
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20 may 2017






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Missy Does something
"Stephen, I love you, and I care about you" *doubt*
Big Boy
Big Boy Hace 4 horas
Big Boy
Big Boy Hace 4 horas
When the phycopath fingers one came on I thought he was behind him
jorgen Hace 5 horas
1 out of 100 peapole is a Psychopath
If I.
If I. Hace 6 horas
Im a Psychopath wtf
Harrison T255
Harrison T255 Hace 8 horas
Who else is watching the videos again for Stevens psychopath thoughts
fiete pahlke
fiete pahlke Hace 11 horas
i gottem all right YEET
Liam Norberg
Liam Norberg Hace 11 horas
On the final question my answer was to watch the person bleed out and die.
ASPD owo
ASPD owo Hace 12 horas
I'm big brains cause I got em all xD
ASPD owo
ASPD owo Hace 12 horas
Been a while since I've watched these guys lmao
Coy Michael
Coy Michael Hace 13 horas
I got one right just because dogs are like kinda idk but I knew a phycho would pick a dog I answered all the rest wrong.
Fey __
Fey __ Hace 15 horas
Ok so why is the dog the psychopath answer?
banchi Hace 20 horas
It feels painful going back and watching this after all that's happened :(
øcøøkie nøvaø
øcøøkie nøvaø Hace 23 horas
I got all these right 😐
Stingray 711
Stingray 711 Hace un día
FBI: we gottem bois
PFR Hace un día
I got 2 questions correct...just 2. Why am I sad about it?
WinterMiko Hace un día
I might be a psychopath
Muhammed Muneeb
Muhammed Muneeb Hace un día
So I’m a physco path
Sandesh Adhikari
Sandesh Adhikari Hace un día
I can’t believe this came out literally three years ago
Corona Virus
Corona Virus Hace un día
the noodle vampire
the noodle vampire Hace un día
I got all of them right omg I'm terrified of my self
Mizlead T
Mizlead T Hace un día
Oh frik i think I'm a psychopath
hunter wilks 2.0
hunter wilks 2.0 Hace 2 días
we all know before watching this Stephen is always a psychopath
Uliana Gilbo
Uliana Gilbo Hace 2 días
I think for the question with the dog in the forest it's because dogs are comforting for usual people, the show affection and that is unfamiliar and confusing for psychopaths.
Flamie Hace 2 días
Deeez Nutz 1136
Deeez Nutz 1136 Hace 2 días
I got all of them right Am I a psychopath Omg I did not watch this again too
Bandito Dorito
Bandito Dorito Hace 3 días
I got it all right.Yea,I’m psychotic
أ إ
أ إ Hace 3 días
oh look, a nice test! with cool prizes such as: distrust and rejection and for the rest of the contestants, participating awards include: mild disturbance, insomnia and paranoia
JJZ J Hace 3 días
For the third About putting your finger across your neck?
Dhamiril Hace 3 días
1st question an im already psycho lol.......watch so much dark humor memes be like....
Haylin PM
Haylin PM Hace 2 días
If you watch memes, you are very much sane.
GF MEMES Hace 3 días
I honestly think the time before they had all the animators or started getting more polished was the best, weirdly. Always a good binge.
guardian ofroblox
guardian ofroblox Hace 3 días
i remember the first time i saw this i remembered all the psycho answers called my brother with me to watch and made him think i never saw it before answered all of them correctly and you should have seen his face he was like 😰😨😱 before i told him what i did
kigocrazy 188
kigocrazy 188 Hace 3 días
I got 4 right
Frozy Gacha Series
Frozy Gacha Series Hace 3 días
I Actually Have A Riddle... A Kid Is Back From The School, They Live In An Apartment With There Family. When In The Elevator, A Man Said : Wait! Don't Close The Door! The Kid Didn't Close The Door, And The Man Got In The Elevator... When They're In The Elevator, The Man Said : Thanks Kid, I Wanna Know What Floor Are You In? The Kid Said : Floor 6. The Man Said : Oh, I Live In Floor 5 You're Above Me! When On Floor 5, The Man Points His Finger To The Kid Eyes And His Eyes. Why Are He Pointing His Finger To The Kid And His Eyes? And This Is Based On A Real Story...
Mai _
Mai _ Hace 3 días
That moment when you knew you're psychopath..... I'm not watching stuff like that again But gosh miss you guys💞
Mai _
Mai _ Hace 3 días
I'm just smart duh maybe😹
FBI Agent 1
FBI Agent 1 Hace 4 días
5:49 add 6. *SIREN HEAD*
royal chaos
royal chaos Hace 4 días
Everyone: gets answers wrong because there normal. Me: literally gets almost every answer right
Liam Hayward
Liam Hayward Hace 4 días
Me: *gets all the questions right because I'm toooootally innocent* Family: *....*
Mason Pompo
Mason Pompo Hace 4 días
Is 6 for 6 good???????? Edit at 8:29 I agree with seven they are my friends.
Mia O
Mia O Hace 4 días
oh God, I got all of the questions right for being a sociopath 😬
Jeff York
Jeff York Hace 4 días
I got all the questions correctly.
方振 Hace 4 días
me:*getting 2,3,4,5 right my bros:*watching murder mystery 2 me:phew they didn't see me also: wait i don't kill anyone- my head: murdering people i hate NO SERIOUSLY
BTW I am weird tk
BTW I am weird tk Hace 4 días
Fr the first one i was like "WHAT IF THE KID DOENT HAVE FEET ....HUH"
Sercan Özbek
Sercan Özbek Hace 4 días
Leejames Galbraithwood
I got them all Wright soo yeah
alpha dead
alpha dead Hace 4 días
I got all of them right guess I’m a psychopath so anyone wanna have lunch at my place don’t worry about a knife they are to informal
Bruno Walther
Bruno Walther Hace 4 días
Donald Trump should take this. But when he finds out that he is a psychopath, then of course he would just label it fake news. So lies become truth, and truth become lies.
Zombikitty __
Zombikitty __ Hace 5 días
This is how Stephen got into killing
alonetale sans ace
alonetale sans ace Hace 5 días
I got every question right should I be worried?
Moon and Toxic
Moon and Toxic Hace 5 días
I live the fact that I got them all right!
Jakes Beyblades
Jakes Beyblades Hace 5 días
I got evry qwestiin right...
ThatUNordinaryArtist YT
I got them all correct (IM A PSYCHOPATH)
Navoii Gamer
Navoii Gamer Hace 5 días
*ONE OF THEM* we know is a psychopath he kills for no reason
Saturn_Go_ Gacha
Saturn_Go_ Gacha Hace 5 días
*Sobs quietly*
KristyCow. Hace 5 días
Why did I see a dog....
Ghing Monteroyo
Ghing Monteroyo Hace 5 días
the last question was not scary but the drawing was
Angie_ Flerraty
Angie_ Flerraty Hace 5 días
I’m rewatching this and I think that the reason why a psychopath would choose a dog is because it is used to lure the victim towards it then attack them while they are distracted.
frost spirit
frost spirit Hace 6 días
i thought the up and down thing ment he was going to lift your head from your body
Chocolatebar9001 Hace 6 días
My name is Andrew so that last part was so much worse
Ellie plays Roblox
Ellie plays Roblox Hace 6 días
Marissa Driver
Marissa Driver Hace 6 días
A quick question... if it is a glass elevator and you stab them, the other people in the mall probably saw you do it, so wouldn't it be pointless to try and blend in?
Ur_Bi_ BabE
Ur_Bi_ BabE Hace 6 días
When you rewatch....😭....and then realize that hosuh actually said "holy shit" ....😶...idk how to feel-
Reshiramwinner Hace 6 días
I picked dog on the multiple choice and got 3 other right so.......
Alison Roberts
Alison Roberts Hace 7 días
6:41 Well the vast majority of those tested who chose “the opposite sex” were female - so the fear relating to seeing the opposite gender kinda makes sense since one hears about rape/sexual assault happening late at night in dark places a bit too often
Alison Roberts
Alison Roberts Hace 7 días
(I’m not saying that men can’t be sexually assaulted, it’s just more common that a female is a victim of it. I just commented this cos they were confused why someone would be so scared of seeing the opposite sex)
Alison Roberts
Alison Roberts Hace 7 días
4:46 okay yeah but I honestly don’t get how people don’t get this riddle - it’s kinda simple and understandable
Ian Nichols
Ian Nichols Hace 7 días
Me on the third question : *Yells* WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO LOOK UP THERE'S NOTHING THERE!!!!!
wolfgirl gaming
wolfgirl gaming Hace 7 días
4:32 is it me or the handsome man they described in the video looks like Jungkook from BTS? I think it's just me😂
Frosty j
Frosty j Hace 7 días
i thought the up and down finger motion ment he wanted him to jump out of da window
A random Manga Artist
Oh god I’m a psychopath
Minii _
Minii _ Hace 7 días
I got 5 of them right I think I’m a physicopath
Boedy Red x
Boedy Red x Hace 7 días
But a wild animal could be a dog
Fushigi Neko
Fushigi Neko Hace 7 días
Psychopaths wouldn't want to see a dog after committing murder because they'd immediately bark and alert other people no?
beau_ diablo_
beau_ diablo_ Hace 7 días
So about the dog thing, I have a few plausible answers. The dog is there with you because it's helping you track down your victim whom you chased into the woods. That or it's this thing I read where psychopaths are drawn towards dogs because they're obedient and easy to manipulate
Darkness Covered
Darkness Covered Hace 8 días
Am I the only person that got all of them correct or-
c0ffee._. Hace 8 días
**Imma write these answers down for future use**
I thought the third one was a gun, if you try it out it makes a gun shape and of it shooting you.
Thijs Schols
Thijs Schols Hace 8 días
What quiz did you use I wanna try
Snow Hace 8 días
4:05 The eyes tho
marcus irizarry
marcus irizarry Hace 9 días
I'm seriously a psychopath...
Jake from state farm
Um the first question I answered the kid did not have legs
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