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Franny Smith
Franny Smith Hace 10 días
Wonderfully read. Especially enjoyed his George Mcdonald Scottish accent. Such a short book of Lewis' but so much to think about.
A.R.K Hace 12 días
Great voice, really well read & presented. Thank you.
William Simpson
William Simpson Hace 22 días
The reader of this program did a splendid job. His dramatic reading brings the characters in this story visible. C.S. Lewis was a creative master of the English language.
PJ Riddell
PJ Riddell Hace 23 días
1:57 :42 You cannot love another creature fully until you love God. (Wow)
Marlene Silvano
Marlene Silvano Hace un mes
Bookmark 1:28:43
Marlene Silvano
Marlene Silvano Hace un mes
This book is timeless. Everything happening then is happening now. It’s a warning to us all.
Adam Mangler
Adam Mangler Hace 2 meses
... Lewis loved to live in worlds full of woo :0)
Clare Kuehn
Clare Kuehn Hace 2 meses
Awesome. I wonder if he ever had an afterlife experience (near death experience).
Jelly Donut
Jelly Donut Hace 10 días
He definitely had an afterlife experience :) He died the same day as JFK
The Berean
The Berean Hace 4 meses
In a world built on sinking sand CSL has written simply, powerfully to a people searching for real truth.
Ryan Buikema
Ryan Buikema Hace 4 meses
I am a big Lewis fan. I have longed to read/listen to this book in particular. I was not disappointed in the least. This book definitely made me look at myself. It had a feel of Screw tape and Mere Christianity meet.
MsHburnett Hace 5 meses
Bishop Barron sent me here
J A Hace 5 meses
I didn't like this book at all. I suppose I can't quite understand it. Of course it's an allegory but very weird. I felt I was reading something which was written under the influence of a double dose of prozac. I would not read it again. But thank you for sharing it as an audio.
E Dennis
E Dennis Hace 3 meses
Try The Screwtape Letters audiobook with John Cleese. It's on ESvid, as well. I found it easier to follow.
theMike97_ Hace 5 meses
this is one of those books that you can't passively listen to. i'm gonna need to actually read and mark this up so i understand it i think
theMike97_ Hace 5 meses
@Christian Material lol i have to relisten to individual sentences
Christian Material
Christian Material Hace 5 meses
good comment. but u can always listen to chapters more than once before going onto the next one. i find myself doing that if my mind wanders.
Frenemies: bipolar disorder and me
I absolutely love this book. It satiates in a way I can't describe
David Vasiu
David Vasiu Hace 6 meses
RikiTikiTaviXVX Hace 6 meses
It made me think less of myself and it made me joyful. Both good things it appears to me.
Andrew Shupe
Andrew Shupe Hace 6 meses
This moment contains all moments. I love that line
WarriorPhantom17 Hace 7 meses
Bookmark: 40:41, 1:02:35, 1:54:17
WarriorPhantom17 Hace 7 meses
This book was released when ww2 ended.
Tori Ellise
Tori Ellise Hace 8 meses
(@52:40 convo does not start there. But it's the point where I would have just given up on the convo is I was Dick. Lol) That conversation with Dick and the posh gentlemen or liberal Christian was SO FRUSTRATING to listen to! But it's so relatable to me! LEWIS NAILED the self inflicted injuries that puffed up grandeous speculations of the "truth is relative. Or that's how u interpret things." That's in the church today. The only hope I have is to think back on christ and this book for inspiration, so that I can be just as patient and long suffering with my fellow brother and sisters who r staying. Bc surely, if u can only say one thing about their dodgy relationship with biblical truth- it's they mean well. Tysm for the upload. 💓
The Amazingly Normal Mystic Riverbank
CS Lewis rules.
Linda Carlson
Linda Carlson Hace 9 meses
Excellent. Christian Material, please tell is who the narrator is. Thanks for making this available
mnbvfdhgfygfd Hace 4 meses
Linda Carlson You can go to the iTunes Store and listen to the previews of the books of this or the Amazon store whichever you prefer. Which ever one sounds similar to this narrator Then just look at the credit thing it should say
DeGaN WAyNe Hace 9 meses
It would require Lewis himself to express in writing my thoughts on the beauty of HIS writing. Much gratitude for posting.
devastated warrior
devastated warrior Hace 6 meses
Great way to put it! I feel the same way after just finishing the space trilogy. Incredible work.
Yogeshwaran N
Yogeshwaran N Hace 9 meses
What are the topics we can choose from this novel for project
Barbara Sunday
Barbara Sunday Hace 9 meses
Self image (pride) and expectation vs reality.. Grace vs what one deserves.the blindness we have when we make.chouices
Yogeshwaran N
Yogeshwaran N Hace 9 meses
Thank you so much more topics are welcome
Christian Material
Christian Material Hace 9 meses
hell as choice not punishment
Christian Material
Christian Material Hace 9 meses
Yogeshwaran N cs lewis theology of time
Christian Material
Christian Material Hace 9 meses
Yogeshwaran N the different gifts that humans desire more than the giver himself.- art education family romantic love- etc
Rosario De Leon
Rosario De Leon Hace 9 meses
I read this book before, but love it to hear it as audiobook, great work! 100% recommended
Thaddeus Von Awesome
I was forced to look at my self and I am not proud.
E Dennis
E Dennis Hace 3 meses
All of us who are honest with ourselves are right there with you. If ever you meet someone who thinks they have little to be ashamed of, they are lying, either to themselves or to everyone else. Human beings get messed up easily. You might find The Screwtape Letters interesting. There's an audiobook with John Cleese as Screwtape here on ESvid.
Big Kat TV
Big Kat TV Hace 6 meses
Those who see themselves and blame the mirror are foolish. But those who see themselves and try to fix what they see and seek help are wiser than they think
Sam Carroll
Sam Carroll Hace 9 meses
The imagination of CSL reflects Truth in a most beautiful and inquisitive way.
Mrs. Patterson
Mrs. Patterson Hace 6 meses
@Christian Material Pay attention..
Christian Material
Christian Material Hace 6 meses
Mrs. Patterson you probally think this song is about YOU
Mrs. Patterson
Mrs. Patterson Hace 9 meses
...their Vain imaginations. ..
WeTube Hace 10 meses
One Love
Valerie (Kyriosity)
Valerie (Kyriosity) Hace 11 meses
Anyone know who this narrator is?
Valerie (Kyriosity)
Valerie (Kyriosity) Hace 8 meses
Ah...no, he's not the narrator. He's another author someone mentioned. :-)
Valerie (Kyriosity)
Valerie (Kyriosity) Hace 8 meses
@Linda Renninger Thanks! I'd scrolled through the comments, but hadn't seen a name. Good to have one! :-)
Linda Renninger
Linda Renninger Hace 8 meses
Bernard Lonergan, per comment above. Sounds a bit like Billy Connelly, too... in the "George McDonald" section ...(the Teacher.)
Tori Ellise
Tori Ellise Hace 8 meses
Ikr. The narrator has such a great storytelling range of voices. It's very impressive. Almost like an audio drama without the sound track.
Walter Debnam
Walter Debnam Hace 11 meses
What an amazing book by a gifted and godly writer. Thank you for posting it, even with the glitches. Blessings in Jesus Name. Maranatha
James Ferguson
James Ferguson Hace 11 meses
Bookmark 13:22
MagnificentFiend Hace un año
George McDonald turns up at 1:17:15
Emma Mix
Emma Mix Hace un año
Chapter 4 - 32:04
Katherine McChesney
Katherine McChesney Hace un año
One of my favorite books by Lewis.
Ahllen Lang
Ahllen Lang Hace un año
from r/raisedbynarcissists This book is more about narcissists... They only need to change a little to enter heaven but they decided that changing is harder than going back to hell... 1:46:42
dotwarner17 Hace 2 meses
What we moderns call "narcissism" is, if not identical to, at least congruent with, what the wise of their age called "hubris" or "pride" or "conceit". What Christianity is saying when it talks about "sin" and "fallen man" is, if rendered in the vernacular, something along the lines of: to whatever degree a person is bad in any sense of that word, the core badness that prevents them from being better people is they are so full of themselves that they cannot conceive themselves as anything other than perfect. A murderer is a narcissist because they are so in love with their own state of being that they deny right to life in others; a thief is a narcissist in that they believe they are due something that belongs to someone else without needing to earn it; a religious fundamentalist is a narcissist because they have set the particular set of beliefs they hold true even when Truth Himself thunders at them at every corner of the universe that they are the sons of the devil.
Richard T. Buryan
Richard T. Buryan Hace un año
Lewis plus Bernard Lonergan are life-changing.
Tori Ellise
Tori Ellise Hace 3 meses
@Wes Bergen THANKYOU so much for the thoughtful response and personal reccomendation (and brief summary). I am becoming a more concious reader, but I havent built a very high tolerance for philosophy/self help books as seemingly in depth as Insights maybe. I'm certain I'll find resources online to help me through it. If it's anything like Lewis's exposition in Mere christianity, it is a jewel of a book.
Wes Bergen
Wes Bergen Hace 3 meses
@Tori Ellise Insight is Lonergan's masterpiece, but it's massive and not an easy read. I read it, painfully at times, in my philosophy MA program. His basic goal in the book is to convince you that your primary relation to the world is one of, unsurprisingly from the title, having insights---from extremely basic insights like "I seem to be in a body" and "this is a ESvid comment" to the algorithms that Google uses and beyond. I say "you" because the book is meant to be a kind of personal journey, asking the individual reader to engage in a series of thought experiments that reveals, with increasing detail, the universal pattern that intellect follows, the traps intellect commonly falls into, and various implications for religion, sociology, philosophy, natural science, etc. that follow. We come away from Insight with an ironclad method for making progress in any domain, whether intellectual or practical. Boston College has, or at least had, a Lonergan Center with online lectures for each chapter of Insight, most of which were extremely helpful for me.
Tori Ellise
Tori Ellise Hace 8 meses
Bernard is the name of the narrator? ///edit never mind. Google says he was a theologian Jesuit priest, economist, and philosopher. :p I'll look him up. Any work u reccomend?
Will Cruzan
Will Cruzan Hace un año
Table of Contents --------------------------------- Preface - 00:00 Chapter 1 - 4:47 Chapter 2 - 11:11 Chapter 3 - 24:55 Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - 40:41 Chapter 6 - 55:50 Chapter 7 - 1:02:35 Chapter 8 - 1:09:03 Chapter 9 - 1:17:15 Chapter 10 - 1:46:39 Chapter 11 - 1:54:18 Chapter 12 - 2:17:25 Chapter 13 - 2:31:38 Chapter 14 - 2:48:06 ----------------------------------- Hope this helps!
it_alec Hace 16 días
Will Cruzan thank you daddy
qaz wiz
qaz wiz Hace 2 meses
32:00 is chapter 4
PushandillPushback Hace 6 meses
Your service is greatly appreciated fine Sir or Miss.
Frenemies: bipolar disorder and me
Yay! Thanks! ❤️
Elizabeth Polsdofer
Elizabeth Polsdofer Hace 8 meses
Thank you for this!
Andrew Doyle
Andrew Doyle Hace un año
Bookmark 2:06:44
Madison Mclendon
Madison Mclendon Hace un año
bookmarking!! 1:06:00
Ayanna Horton
Ayanna Horton Hace un año
Where is the full movie ?
Christian Material
Christian Material Hace un año
Nicole Horton there is no movie- just fan made videos on you tube. But the book is worth listening too.
Elle Rylee
Elle Rylee Hace un año
great audio! (but heads up it skips the first paragraph in chapter 13 and just continues reading like its chapter 12)
Donna Shirk
Donna Shirk Hace un año
Very well written...I laughed, I cried but most of all I examined my own heart and reflect on my own actions
devastated warrior
devastated warrior Hace 6 meses
@Donna Shirk may God bless you more and more! Thanks for your heart! I'm so sorry for your loss.. but truly Jesus interrupted every funeral he attended because HE IS the resurrection and the life! This life is full of sorrow and the shadow of death.. but thanks be to God, this present age will be interrupted one day, and the KING of KINGS will make all things new...
Donna Shirk
Donna Shirk Hace un año
Luigi Vampa I’ve fallen in love with my Savior Jesus Christ, I truly desire to pick up my cross, follow Him and persevere to the end because He is so amazing! I recently lost both of my biological sisters unexpectedly but I’m very thankful for the gift of my spiritual siblings ❤️, my brother
Luigi Vampa
Luigi Vampa Hace un año
Donna Shirk, It sounds like Christ is growing in you, amen! Love this brother, I know what you mean. The same thing happened to me listening to mere Christianity. C.S Lewis is a saint I look forward to hanging out with!!
Skullator X
Skullator X Hace un año
Skullator X
Skullator X Hace un año
Julia Dion
Julia Dion Hace un año
Amazing book!!
Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson Hace un año
Short break... 1:09:03
Sebastian Melmoth
Sebastian Melmoth Hace un año
Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost!
Doug Plumb
Doug Plumb Hace 6 meses
The trinity is the greatest of Christian concepts. Kant, in Religion Within The Boundaries Of Mere Reason explains it. Kant is an exceptional Christian philosopher, deeper than CS. But CS is good too. I like his "The Last Man".
MagnificentFiend Hace un año
Craig Long As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be : world without end. Amen!
yasmondi Hace un año
Chapter 5. 40:41
yasmondi Hace un año
Chapter 3. 24:55
Ethan Masters
Ethan Masters Hace un año
Bookmark 24:25
motionsquared Hace un año
Sandra Kelly
Sandra Kelly Hace un año
Wow, "evil can be undone but it cannot be turned into good." excellent point!!
mark harris
mark harris Hace 7 meses
@Craig Warner Ponder this- The first born of every Egyptian was killed by the Angel of the LORD.
Jarrid Gable
Jarrid Gable Hace 10 meses
@Craig WarnerThat's precisely what this quote means. The evil was what caused somebody to murder someone and that evil can be undone, but the evil act that was committed can never be turned into good. Forever and always, it will be evil. Hope that helps.
Craig Warner
Craig Warner Hace 11 meses
not necessarily true. how can you un murder someone? there is definitely evil that cannot be undone
Christian Material
Christian Material Hace un año
“Evil can be undone, but it cannot 'develop' into good. Time does not heal it. The spell must be unwound, bit by bit, 'with backward mutters of dissevering power' - or else not.”
tstsullivan Hace un año
Who's reading?
Qu Zee
Qu Zee Hace 11 meses
It sounds like it might be the gentleman who narrated the children's movie "Milo & Otis", but I'm not certain.
god al hakanson
god al hakanson Hace un año
Christian Material
Christian Material Hace 6 meses
im interested too
Allan Lindsay
Allan Lindsay Hace un año
god of hakanson. Greetings, could be an interesting post, so any chance of a translation?
Felix Davila
Felix Davila Hace un año
11:11 Chapter 2 :)
Tradwife Life
Tradwife Life Hace un año
I’ve listened to this 3 times and I will probably do it again.
BibleFire Hace un año
I want a beer and a smoke.
Naomi loving purpose
Naomi loving purpose Hace 11 meses
@Sonny Fellers im listening with your menu
Sonny Fellers
Sonny Fellers Hace un año
bong hits and coffee.
doxatheos Hace un año
Cognac and a pipe for me...
Antonio Derenzis
Antonio Derenzis Hace un año
Rachel Corbin
Rachel Corbin Hace un año
Antonio Derenzis
Antonio Derenzis Hace un año
Rachel Corbin OMG FREN!!
Rachel Corbin
Rachel Corbin Hace un año
hey there friend
KeiaronRenee Hace un año
1:46:39 Chapter 10
KeiaronRenee Hace un año
1:17:15 Chapter 9
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