Call Me Maybe - 2012 USA Olympic Swimming Team

USA Swimming
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Swimming is fun!! Thank you USA!! @usa_swimming
Director: Kathleen Hersey @kathleenhersey
Exec Producer: Caitlin Leverenz @Cleverenz
Producer: Alyssa Anderson @alyssaloo930
Airplane choreography: Natalie Coughlin @NatalieCoughlin
Editor: Russell Mark @russellmark1226
Song Credit: Carly Rae Jepsen singing Call Me Maybe. (C) 2011 604 Records Inc.
2012 USA Olympic Swim Team
Cammile Adams @CammileAdams
Nathan Adrian @Nathangadrian
Alyssa Anderson @alyssaloo930
Haley Anderson @halswims
Elizabeth Beisel @ebeisel34
Ricky Berens @RickyBerens
Rachel Bootsma @r_bootsma15
Clark Burckle @TheClarkB23
Tyler Clary @TylerClary
Natalie Coughlin @NatalieCoughlin
Claire Donahue @clairedonahue
Conor Dwyer @conorjdwyer
Anthony Ervin @AnthonyErvin
Jimmy Feigen @JimmyFeigen
Missy Franklin @FranklinMissy
Andrew Gemmell @ADGemmell
Matt Grevers @MattGrevers
Brendan Hansen @BrendanHansen22
Jessica Hardy @swimhardy
Kathleen Hersey @KathleenHersey
Charlie Houchin @CharlieHouchin
Conor Jaeger @conjaeg
Cullen Jones @Cullen_Jones
Kara Lynn Joyce @karalynnpaisley
Ariana Kukors @ArianaKukors
Breeja Larson @BreejaLarson
Micah Lawrence
Katie Ledecky @katieledecky
Caitlin Leverenz @Cleverenz
Jason Lezak @JasonLezak
Ryan Lochte @RyanLochte
Tyler McGill @TyMcGill
Matt McLean @MattBMcLean6F
Alex Meyer @AlexMeyerSwims
Lia Neal @LiaNeal
Lauren Perdue @LoPerdue
Michael Phelps @MichaelPhelps
Allison Schmitt @arschmitty
Eric Shanteau @shanteau
Rebecca Soni @rebsoni
Chloe Sutton @csutswim
Davis Tarwater
Nick Thoman @Nick_Thoman
Peter Vanderkaay
Dana Vollmer @danavollmer
Shannon Vreeland @s_vreeland
Amanda Weir @AmandaJoWeir
Scott Weltz @SwimWeltz
Kate Ziegler @kate_ziegler


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26 jul 2012






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Comentarios 80
Jason Hace un día
Americans have great humour
Stoves Stoves
Stoves Stoves Hace 3 días
That a funny video team USA
Katie Gordon
Katie Gordon Hace 10 días
2020 anyone?
Littlebeef2 Hace 11 días
2020. Lol, miami dolphins cheerleaders. Much better....
Gerodahero Da legend
Gerodahero Da legend Hace 13 días
0:46 that dude like tf this guy doin
Prabesh Paudel
Prabesh Paudel Hace 13 días
Get this, this was before TikTok
Gefen Arnon
Gefen Arnon Hace 15 días
I remember I loved this video so much
Mithi Hace 16 días
Feels like a high school swim twim going for school trip funn
Luke Holmes
Luke Holmes Hace 16 días
And this is what quarantine lead me to
Luke Holmes
Luke Holmes Hace 16 días
Why ESvid recommended???
Agnes Soballa
Agnes Soballa Hace 19 días
i would love to go swimming again. 🙄 cool video
davide Hace 21 un día
clap clap clap... soooo funny!!! :))))
Shots Fired
Shots Fired Hace 23 días
Honestly, why are they not pro dancers instead?
Gr D
Gr D Hace 28 días
Love it!
Biazio Hace 29 días
we make a new version
Katie Williams
Katie Williams Hace un mes
I hope they do this again for 2021
listsof goodstuff
listsof goodstuff Hace un mes
There is some irony somewhere that Rowdy Gains is in this video.
Maksym Pavskyy
Maksym Pavskyy Hace un mes
Milagros Karolina Angeles perez
Solo estoy viendo este video gracias a mi maestra de inglés :)
Ghadeer Aldarboly
Ghadeer Aldarboly Hace un mes
I can't believe that it's been 8 years since I saw this .
Keith Vickers
Keith Vickers Hace un mes
That lot could create a race of super humans.
C K Hace un mes
I came back for Rowdy and Dan and I was Not disappointed
Benson Kid
Benson Kid Hace un mes
This is in my algorithms 8 years later
Wildan A Maulana
Wildan A Maulana Hace un mes
And 15 years old katie edecky (April 2020)
Antonia STOINA
Antonia STOINA Hace un mes
Swiss Cup Zürich 2021 - Call Me Maybe
Swimming is very useful for health
Dmitry Kri
Dmitry Kri Hace un mes
Bryan Wright
Bryan Wright Hace un mes
ESvid knows that this is exactly what I need rn, 8 years later
Katie Ho
Katie Ho Hace un mes
Who had this video pop up in their recommendations in 2020
Arizona Ranger
Arizona Ranger Hace un mes
Bro everyone was hot in this video
Will Smallwood
Will Smallwood Hace un mes
0:45 The dude next to the one singing is like ._.
Dave Walker
Dave Walker Hace un mes
Still a cool team video. Never gets old.
liquid lime
liquid lime Hace un mes
Rip 2020
Dave Ang
Dave Ang Hace 2 meses
Who is the white shirt at 0:01 ?
Julie Martinez
Julie Martinez Hace 2 meses
Eye candy for women and men
Kathy Do
Kathy Do Hace 2 meses
It’s been 8 years man I remember watching this a couple years ago. These people are amazing swimmers I aspire to be like them.
Kimberly Hace un mes
Василий 111
Василий 111 Hace 2 meses
Это круто ребята!!!!
Luke Falasca
Luke Falasca Hace 2 meses
In honor of the canceled 2020 olympics
Eitan Ben Moha
Eitan Ben Moha Hace 2 meses
Swimmers in quarantine over here?
Ricky Connolly
Ricky Connolly Hace 2 meses
Because of the top notch classes and equipment, I went with Peloton. If you would like $100 off of accessories with bike or Tread purchase...Use code G24C2R
Mattie Lupo
Mattie Lupo Hace 2 meses
this is the most 2012 thing I've ever seen
Arizona Ranger
Arizona Ranger Hace un mes
And I love it
Bill OLeary
Bill OLeary Hace 2 meses
So much fun watching this. USA USA USA!!’ and it still it!
Bryan Hill
Bryan Hill Hace 2 meses
2021 team, all eyes are on you
bingotiger2009 Hace 2 meses
I would appreciate your program since I 'm locked down in my home due to the Covid-19. You ease my anxiety away from it .
Compare Dolphins cheerleaders' and Army's !!!
maomote1 Hace 2 meses
Mitchell Robby
Mitchell Robby Hace 2 meses
Super cringe noooo😂
Reasonable Gump
Reasonable Gump Hace 2 meses
Unfortunately years later now.. this is kinda cringey..
LouisianaLady2015 Hace 2 meses
202 and this video is still fun to watch
M Movies India
M Movies India Hace 3 meses
Who does that in the plane
mae12561 Hace 3 meses
I watch this video again, 2020 and share it still, lol. I love our american swimmers and polo players best. Always happy when I see this fun video - knowing how hard those swimmers have worked all their young lives and they deserve some fun.
Katie Williams
Katie Williams Hace 4 meses
Best video ever
علي المحمد
علي المحمد Hace 4 meses
2020........still iconic
Elior Malul
Elior Malul Hace 4 meses
Question: Best swim team to ever walk the planet?
leonidasrhodez Hace 4 meses
And then Phelps has run one through the lot
Simon Knowles
Simon Knowles Hace 4 meses
You all should check out the Orica Greenedge Australian professional men’s cycling team rendition of this.....GOLD
kritin gour
kritin gour Hace 4 meses
This is so cute
BrenttheGreat Hace 4 meses
The girl from survivor!!!!!!!
Qais Hijazi
Qais Hijazi Hace 4 meses
They travel economy??
SirNerrad Hace 4 meses
this makes me proud to be american :`)
Michael Clark
Michael Clark Hace 4 meses
Got to love the algorithms giving me this as a recommended 7(8 years later)
R B Hace 4 meses
January 2020? 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻
Logan Hace 4 meses
still watch it 2020
Malisia M
Malisia M Hace 4 meses
2020? Haha ( its the 1 of january at 1am) and im watching this from 2012 .....
pwk22 Hace 4 meses
Love it.
Mike Blazey
Mike Blazey Hace 5 meses
Just a bunch of rich folk
Derek Gleeson
Derek Gleeson Hace 5 meses
Jan Kowalski
Jan Kowalski Hace 5 meses
I love you guys. Thanks to you and your extremely positive clip I watched the whole 2012 Olympic Games. Wish you all the best.
Francesca Allegrucci
The oldest tik tok
Kaya NOYES Hace 5 meses
this made my day!!
beccys_200 Hace 5 meses
If i dont see the 2020 team recreate this with Cody Miller, Lily King, and Katie Ledecky... i might cry
100jokes Hace 5 meses
HOW WAS 2012 7 YEARS AGO....??
Miguel Cravo
Miguel Cravo Hace 5 meses
2019 hahahahahah (no life)
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis Hace 6 meses
wow the girls team is so attractive. Are professional athletes just perfect people.
hugh jorgan
hugh jorgan Hace 6 meses
Lauren Purdue is a goddess.
random Hace 6 meses
2020 Olympic team remake
Tuvshintugs Battulga
So sweet! Funny and adorable! God bless USA Swimming Team!
pete ziriaah
pete ziriaah Hace 6 meses
Maddie Flint
Maddie Flint Hace 6 meses
Omg I met missy Franklin today and had no idea about this video until someone asked her about it. I love it so much! They had such a great team!
Kenneth Ostrer
Kenneth Ostrer Hace 7 meses
Clearly one of the greatest songs (of any kind) of the century. Fr
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