Call Me Maybe - Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders vs US Military

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You can't make a choice between the sexy ladies from the Miami Dolphins Football Team Cheerleaders and some US soldiers from a base in Afghanistan? No problem, watch them together and simultaneously :)
Left video : esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-FIfbghHdG1s.html
Rigth video : esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-B_zhaji9eos.html
Original music : Carly Rae Jepsen - Call me Maybe
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I do not own anything in the videos used in this mashup, including the audio and picture.
The credits go to the respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended.
Initial idea for this mashup is a anonymous internet user.


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18 ene 2013






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Jorge Cabrera
Jorge Cabrera Hace un hora
No Name
No Name Hace 2 horas
1:00 military is so cute look at the tiny bullets
tonio quispe
tonio quispe Hace 2 horas
The question is are u gay or straight after watching this?💀
TR Phantom
TR Phantom Hace 3 horas
Lol these people are protecting my country
Corona Virus
Corona Virus Hace 4 horas
This should be used as propaganda.
Lazar Beam
Lazar Beam Hace 4 horas
2:16 my dad
Fco Javier Padilla
Fco Javier Padilla Hace 5 horas
Virgin cheerleaders vs Chad US Military
Shield of Dow
Shield of Dow Hace 6 horas
Jesus there hot The girls are ok I guess
Insanity Gaming
Insanity Gaming Hace 6 horas
It’s official I’m joining the military now
Aditya Thomas
Aditya Thomas Hace 8 horas
"Let's pay tribute to the ones who have served our country," they said. "Everyone respect to the ones in the military fighting for us." they said. What the military is doing:
Dominik Sömjén
Dominik Sömjén Hace 10 horas
1:51 so hard
KilvGamer Hace 12 horas
I want to be in this unit so bad
Joona Ahonen
Joona Ahonen Hace 16 horas
There has to be that one Afghan sniper contemplating a career change to suicide bombing.
Ted Mosby, l'architetto
Iran sniper = da fuk they doin ove ther
nero the killer zero
nero the killer zero Hace 17 horas
Iranian spy reaction to the military "Ngl they be lookin kinda halal doe😳"
james cortejo
james cortejo Hace 18 horas
North Korea is not ready for this
Jango Fett
Jango Fett Hace 18 horas
Plot twist- they all died
Lazar Beam
Lazar Beam Hace 18 horas
vaskar 101
vaskar 101 Hace 18 horas
Ha that's gay.
Michael Melder
Michael Melder Hace un día
Other soldier in the background, private pile!. what the fuck is that
1 Video
1 Video Hace un día
This basically a "girls locker room vs boys locker room"
Angel Lozano
Angel Lozano Hace un día
2:18 The fact the guy has a better ass is legendary
Ewan McPherson
Ewan McPherson Hace un día
What the hell
NatehanSolo Hace un día
Imagine being an enemy soldier and hear this chanting within an armored vehicle
Darth Ark
Darth Ark Hace un día
I’m thinking about joining the military when I’m older but after what I’ve just watched I’m definitely signing up
Henry Boros
Henry Boros Hace un día
Mosf1lm Hace un día
The ones on the right side are preaty hot tho. You gotta admit.
Mosf1lm Hace un día
@Lady Babey Oh yes! I just edited that vidio's name like 3 times. First it was: Can you tell the time, Mossi? Then it was: Can you tell the time, Mosf1lm. And then it got the name we all see today!
Mosf1lm Hace un día
@Lady Babey 🥬🥦🥒🍅🌶 There's your salad!😬 And a glass of wine from the 1978's🍷 That's on the house.
Mosf1lm Hace un día
@Lady Babey Im not Gordon Ramsey! How dare you talk about my salad like that?!
Mosf1lm Hace un día
@Lady Babey Maybe you want a salad?😰 🥒🥬🥦🍆
Mosf1lm Hace un día
@Lady Babey Aye! You're on my top 5 list of friendliest people i've met on youtube so far. Here's your cake! 🎂
OatNil Hace un día
I’m speechless.
Doppio does games
Doppio does games Hace un día
No homo
Natalie Hayden
Natalie Hayden Hace un día
Guy's my boys so love this video they always go back for a look every so often. A classic everytime!!
Jose Rafael Aboytes Rico
Thank you....For your service?
DRAGONRIDERxx7 yt Hace un día
The Marines made this song enjoyable somehow
teacher: we going to afganistan girls: eeh.. oh no.. boys:
eli on MT
eli on MT Hace 2 días
the boys looked to the right while the simps looked to the left
Surprise Mechanics
Surprise Mechanics Hace 2 días
Fob shank?
z1g5tudios Hace 2 días
"calmly hold lmg" CALL ME MAYBE
Ray Ray
Ray Ray Hace 2 días
love it.
ethan tran nguyen
ethan tran nguyen Hace 2 días
This feels like an extremely long tiktok
Yungdaggerdick Hace 2 días
“I want the real call me maybe music video.” *cheerleaders version* “I said the real call me maybe music video” *Marines version* “Perfection.”
_ImNotJesus_ Beats
_ImNotJesus_ Beats Hace 2 días
1:44 My Nigga vibin with an RPD😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥 lmaooooo
SamuraiX Hace 2 días
My dudes did it better.
Mega voltaje
Mega voltaje Hace 2 días
¿Y WillyRex?
Basti Hace 2 días
Truly winner: Willyrex 👌👌😎😎😎
terek falcona
terek falcona Hace 2 días
Nobody ESvid recommendations in 2020
Ben Butler
Ben Butler Hace 2 días
Sir we need to borrow the mortar Are the Talibans coming back No sir Then why do you need it... Uhhhhhh
Steven porter
Steven porter Hace 2 días
Cheerleaders doing call me maybe
Black Striker 77
Black Striker 77 Hace 2 días
In this why the US are the fucking kings of the UNIVERSE
TexasRed 01
TexasRed 01 Hace 2 días
The sad part is several of those guys are probably dead.....
Stanley Hace 2 días
I hope they are alive and they're doing great
Isaiah Beaty
Isaiah Beaty Hace 2 días
This definitely was not in my recommended... I mean why would it be? 🤔😂
Eathan Brentlinger
Eathan Brentlinger Hace 2 días
This is great
F N Hace 2 días
Girls name?
maria sobe
maria sobe Hace 2 días
How have I ended up here?
AVE777 Hace 2 días
I dont regret paying a lot of taxes
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor Hace 3 días
Wow those cheerleaders are hot I mean the people on the left are ok i guess
Cameron Myers
Cameron Myers Hace 3 días
2020 anybody? Also, The cheerleaders DEFINITELY won
rwest1833_MGTOW Hace 3 días
Terrorists watching: "Allah, we are a joke to them..."
boen zhai
boen zhai Hace 3 días
Gee, l can't stop watching this
Tu dios particular
Tu dios particular Hace 3 días
Parallel universe be like
IcedCoffee Hace 3 días
Idk why but the dude at 2:23 looks damn fineeee
Callum Bradford
Callum Bradford Hace 3 días
Did anyone search this or did they just find it
Tottoduvan Hace 3 días
Daaaam they hot Keep killing isis
AdmiralBonetoPick Hace 3 días
Without any text onscreen, how are we supposed to work out which ones are the soldiers and which are the cheerleaders?
Plastik Toastbrot
Plastik Toastbrot Hace 3 días
Cheerleader at home:
JanLive Hace 3 días
Los Pibes vs Las Pibas
Ric games
Ric games Hace 3 días
7 years later i got the notification
Tom H
Tom H Hace 3 días
The tank bit was great
Mario.A. Kròl
Mario.A. Kròl Hace 3 días
Ah cool I'm gay now
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Hace 3 días
Get ready Iran!
José de Jesús Delgadillo Leal
Now that's a confused boner. Don't know which side did it.
Shuriken250 Hace 3 días
they even had the token black dude lol
Victoria Cagande
Victoria Cagande Hace 3 días
You’d be lying is you say this didn’t spark something in you
Spybro Boi 776
Spybro Boi 776 Hace 3 días
This squad would be named G.A.Y.S Greatest.Assault.Yeet.Squad
Spybro Boi 776
Spybro Boi 776 Hace 3 días
Meanwhile in the distance: Skipper: Kowalski, analysis Kowalski: *takes off binoculars* sir it appears to be that a group of male primates are dancing menacingly
Kill-The-Younglings Hace 3 días
And now, i wanna serve America....
MatuGamePlay Pro
MatuGamePlay Pro Hace 4 días
US militars r op
Captain Cuba
Captain Cuba Hace 4 días
Not gonna lie as a straight man I think the military is hotter than the cheerleaders.
Natural Nate
Natural Nate Hace 4 días
Sniper: I got eyes on the- What the hell
itstho Hace 4 días
When you’re bisexual and you can enjoy both sides
YeEpI KaI YeEi
YeEpI KaI YeEi Hace 4 días
Omg I can't believe this low budget shit it's a thing. Thankfully the masterpiece at the right does it's perfect and beyond.
NoVaGaming Hace 4 días
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