Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone - Official Season Five Trailer

Call of Duty
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Verdansk will never be the same.
The stadium opens. The train arrives. And the battle expands. Season Five kicks off in #Warzone and #ModernWarfare on August 5.
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Craig Weathers
Craig Weathers Hace 10 horas
Take off blm and focus on anti-cheat and downloads that arent 1,000gb thats all we want frfr.
TheMeletti Hace 10 horas
Needs more multiplayer maps, Warzone is so dead. Needs the og maps back give us terminal and high rise
ppp ppp
ppp ppp Hace 10 horas
Chowdz zz
Chowdz zz Hace 10 horas
Try all you want cod you will never defeat my 1TB hardrive
1k Subs 1 Vid Challenge
Let’s be real we’ve all been waiting for this
1k Subs 1 Vid Challenge
Games possibly better then bo2 can’t wait for more games cod are gonna release
TNerdy Hace 10 horas
12412303 12344
12412303 12344 Hace 10 horas
Can't wait to play as mboze
pvreAgx15 Hace 10 horas
Me: Lets go the new season is out Also me: check updates and sees nothing
Cody Lee
Cody Lee Hace 10 horas
Cody Lee
Cody Lee Hace 10 horas
Does the game finally work yet or you creating more content for a broken game?
Will Hace 10 horas
Stadium open. More places to camp
OscarmoBCD Hace 10 horas
If only people moved around like in the trailer...
سلمان Hace 10 horas
للحين يحدث ان شالله نجلدكم رايح جاي 🌚🖤
monty mayhem
monty mayhem Hace 10 horas
The moment it comes out ima play dis
Moskom Hace 10 horas
الي من سلطنه يضيفني في كود 👇 Moskom
naomi fazio
naomi fazio Hace 10 horas
Me encantaría poder jugar wooow que increíble va estar ahora ya quiero que sea mañana 😍🔥
Freddie Lara
Freddie Lara Hace 10 horas
Nothing game changing except my ps4 is going to be even louder
Brock Green
Brock Green Hace 10 horas
If you use a bruen you're absolute garbage it needs the biggest nerf in COD history
iAngeL Hace 10 horas
COD; are you ready! Ready! Are you ready???? Hard drive; left the chat 😂🤣
Zeirão Gameplays
Zeirão Gameplays Hace 10 horas
Ai sim!!
Shlock Hace 10 horas
I don’t understand why they didn’t replace downtown for a COD classic. Downtown is just a hotspot for roof top campers and is not well designed at all...
Lennex Louis
Lennex Louis Hace 10 horas
I see that Midas from Fortnite left his own game to join Call of Duty.
Chris B
Chris B Hace 10 horas
Goodbye stadium campers
TheOnlyEn Hace 10 horas
0:54 What operator is that?
Tom Schmidt
Tom Schmidt Hace 10 horas
Thanks for 6 days Bann for Absolutly nothing(ps4)
Onlygekz Hace 10 horas
If this comment gets 1k likes I’ll go bald.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace 10 horas
0:54 Snitch9ine is a new operator
MomoAlex Hace 10 horas
Can’t wait for 10 hours of downloading
احمد الشهري
احمد الشهري Hace 10 horas
شكل اللعبه رائعه👍🏻👌😍
U L0vejay
U L0vejay Hace 10 horas
So we just going to act like one C4 open stadium
Frederic Hace 10 horas
Nice trailer :) Question; what is the song?
Frederic Hace 10 horas
edit, found it: Is You Ready... Whole Squad Ready! - Migos
FraticsFN Hace 10 horas
We all gangsta till we get the 200gb+ update
Sean7 Hace 10 horas
Everyone: worries about their storage Me: sitting back relaxed with that 1TB
Zac Thomas
Zac Thomas Hace 11 horas
As someone goes straight to the tower to hold it out. Im excited for the rappelling rope that goes straight to the top.
Who Dares wins
Who Dares wins Hace 11 horas
Activision my internet is garbage can you just give me the update now
hockeyboys61 Hace 11 horas
Someone help, my PlayStation is flying
Itachi uchiha
Itachi uchiha Hace 11 horas
Ömer Öztürk
Ömer Öztürk Hace 11 horas
Give me my points back, 1600 points are got taken from my acc I dont know why!?
I love billieeilish So much Bill
Okey 1 c4 blows on roof of stadium me with 1 c4 top of stadium nothing
Avir Kishan
Avir Kishan Hace 11 horas
If they taking the roof off stadium the update should be -50 gb
Sharon Butler
Sharon Butler Hace 11 horas
Me:Lets check out this new statium Rest of lobby:Need company? MUMBLEJUMBLE MUMBLEJUMBLE MUMBLEJUMBLE
غاااده ممم
غاااده ممم Hace 11 horas
This singer has a different voice♥️👏🏻. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-N-TRZZihVFo.html @azoz7245 ||@d3m_azoz
Casey Buckingham
Casey Buckingham Hace 11 horas
Cant wait to smash my controller this season gonna be so cool
Its EFord
Its EFord Hace 11 horas
Just had 10 games where 4 were aim bottling
TedE10 Hace 11 horas
Last person to like is the coolest. - TedE10
Brock Green
Brock Green Hace 11 horas
Treyach>Infinity cheaters
l_samvando_l Hace 11 horas
Sa vas être chaud la saison 5
Toxic Icy
Toxic Icy Hace 11 horas
what time tomorrow?
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren Hace 11 horas
Julez Stacho
Julez Stacho Hace 11 horas
MW2r Multiplayer !!!!!!!
Promethean Knight
Promethean Knight Hace 11 horas
Can't believe all we had to do to open up the Stadium was to plant C4 using operator Roze Activision always making us buy bundles.
RitSchiE1905 Hace 11 horas
56gb on pc
Brock Green
Brock Green Hace 11 horas
All this cool stuff we can do while getting killed by cheaters. Ive never seen an online game with this bad pf a cheater issue. Stop making games free
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump Hace 11 horas
Video games cause violence
now And then
now And then Hace 11 horas
Me: let’s goooo PS4: I don’t think you have the facilities for that big man
ELpucha Hace 11 horas
spas 12 : 0:31
Gaming Stew-Dog
Gaming Stew-Dog Hace 11 horas
My ps4 gonna sound like the plane you jump out off during this update
Jacob Ward
Jacob Ward Hace 11 horas
Dave bautista really said lemme drive the boat
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