Call of Duty Modern Warfare - All References to Call of Duty 4

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There were a lot of references to COD4 scattered across the Modern Warfare campaign, some of them which you may not have understood or just flown over your head. Here are the references that I found!
Credit to GameKiller346 for some of the COD4 footage: esvid.net/u-GameKiller346
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26 oct 2019






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MrSp3ctre Hace 3 meses
I didn't include the old character scenes/mentions because they're pretty obvious, this video shows the more subtle references!
james 27
james 27 Hace 12 días
@Ksya 47 sad
CamoRanger 1205
CamoRanger 1205 Hace 20 días
the homie sim 03 this is a prequel
the homie sim 03
the homie sim 03 Hace 21 un día
@Gitz Gamez yes i understand that now
Gitz Gamez
Gitz Gamez Hace 21 un día
@the homie sim 03 remember mw 2019 is the- SPOILER ALERT!!! MW 2019 is in between cod4mw and mw2 on the mw storyline
Leon Reidenbach
Leon Reidenbach Hace un mes
@Tolgahan1999 Wrong
Sean Clarino
Sean Clarino Hace 13 horas
Dude, Modern Warfare IS Call of Duty4 but remade
tonytran Hace 3 días
This is the cod we needed.
Niko Hace 3 días
2:15 CSGO players be like
luka dumbadze
luka dumbadze Hace 4 días
Fuck russian soldiers
toasty deagle
toasty deagle Hace 9 días
Lazwell really missed the chance to say “what the hell kinda name is Soap?”
Gilgamesh King of Heroes
CoD: Ghosts Its very bad!We saw this scenes in MW 1-3 CoD:MW2019 Cool.Its reference!
Task Force 313
Task Force 313 Hace 14 días
Why the cpt.macmillan pronuciation is very bad
Apex Omega
Apex Omega Hace 16 días
Did anyone else get a M A S T when Price was being Price
Lil Mango
Lil Mango Hace 16 días
You forgot that it goes modern warfare and then mw2 and then 3
Vanoss AE86
Vanoss AE86 Hace 25 días
I think the flag is also a ref too, ya know, Zakhaev.
Impulse 101
Impulse 101 Hace 25 días
7:08 the fact that the gunshot sound gets cut gives me chills
Amin Hace 28 días
Kuya JR G
Kuya JR G Hace 29 días
Kuya JR G
Kuya JR G Hace 29 días
The end.
Candy Cadet
Candy Cadet Hace un mes
Florida man
Gaz741 Kian Ghost741
Gaz: His Fruit killing skill are remarkable Modern Warfare 4 Easter egg
Leon Reidenbach
Leon Reidenbach Hace 16 horas
@Gaz741 Kian Ghost741 Thats Not mw4 You fucking loser So fuck off idiot
Gaz741 Kian Ghost741
Gaz741 Kian Ghost741 Hace 28 días
@Leon Reidenbach I said the 2019 modern warfare That call mw4 You such an idiot Don't reply if you not sure
Leon Reidenbach
Leon Reidenbach Hace 28 días
Wrong There Is no mw4
haunted assassin
haunted assassin Hace un mes
Pero Gejmz
Pero Gejmz Hace un mes
I am so happy that infinity ward put so many cod 4 references and easter eggs in the COD MW 2019 😃😄
LogoGhost200 !
LogoGhost200 ! Hace un mes
What Hadir really said in the first clip is not "you fruit killing skills are remarkable" but "your aim was nice" Yea the subtitles were misleading
Chris B
Chris B Hace un mes
The game is recycled
Kalen Head
Kalen Head Hace un mes
I think this might be from modern warfare 2, but the scene where it’s just black and the Russian soldier is radioing in the attack by al Asad sounds very similar to the scene in MW2 where the marine is radioing in the attack by the Russians on the east coast. “It’s a whole fucking army”
Sam Hitchcock
Sam Hitchcock Hace un mes
Cant believe they just destroyed Gazs character like that
Bradley Norman
Bradley Norman Hace un mes
T Ice
T Ice Hace un mes
Most are mechanics not references fam
GMP Elite
GMP Elite Hace un mes
When the soap slips off your hands NAW NAW NAW NAW NANANANANA SOOOOAAAAP!!!!
Anderson Kwon
Anderson Kwon Hace un mes
“Your fruit killing skills are remarkable.”
Ryce Boy
Ryce Boy Hace un mes
Maybe your game isn’t that good if half of it is callbacks to a previous game
Maurice Hace un mes
I thought Kamarov was blown up in Hotel Lustig in MW3. How that mf still alive?
Leon Reidenbach
Leon Reidenbach Hace 28 días
You re a stupid loser Try again for Some facts. If Some of You losers still did Not Get that those games arent connected, You will never get it 🤦‍♂️
Pandas Panda Pan Das
I liked the new Modern Warfare remake lines better. The old price, he's great and all, his dialogues are a bit too long to be practical when talking under stress. "We are LEAAAAAAAVVVING" is too long and very stylistic, while the short and concise way the new Price said it when Gaz is picked up is much better and more practical. No, standing up and looking down on the player while picking him up face to face as if for a romantic moment to kiss while saying the words, "WE ARE LEAaaaaaving". Just "We are leaving" not a longer eeeeeeee
Thunder eagle GAMING
Look at 3:17 And go to 3:43 SUCH IRONY
Dan Hace un mes
This game is just one huge homage, isn't it?
Maniachook 4099
Maniachook 4099 Hace un mes
“Keep your head still” *moves head twice*
alright joshua
alright joshua Hace un mes
Girls fights: omg this is so violent! She pulled her hair! Boys fights: 2:59
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire Hace un mes
the second one shouldn't have been there.
insane umbreon
insane umbreon Hace un mes
1:25 most intense moment in call of duty 4
Tony And Gaming
Tony And Gaming Hace un mes
Referencing gosh
Tony And Gaming
Tony And Gaming Hace un mes
Released I ment
Tony And Gaming
Tony And Gaming Hace un mes
Finely somone noticed refresing
MerkyMakesArt Hace un mes
So basically we bought the same game
Noa Zeus
Noa Zeus Hace un mes
"On your feet,we are leaving!" me:dies from happiness
Elect0nic Creeper
Elect0nic Creeper Hace un mes
It took 12 years for Kamarov to owe to Price
Charlie Tomlinson
Charlie Tomlinson Hace un mes
Oi the 2nd was from mw remastered it should of been a clip from the original
AestheticFrosty Hace un mes
I knew every reference Well most of every reference
vlads Hace un mes
when they start the video straight away with no intro or anything straight into it 🙌🙌
فاء بن ألف'
But it’s a story reboot
Comment God x
Comment God x Hace un mes
How to make a good remake
No u
No u Hace un mes
Price got dropped hard
First Bulgarian Empire
No offense but your passions and attention spam are really low, you also seem to get distracted really easily.
vol Rogue
vol Rogue Hace un mes
I do like the new voice actor, but damn the OG Price voice just sits so rough and perfect!
Somali Pirate 1955
Somali Pirate 1955 Hace un mes
I'm glad I noticed all of them my first playthrough
Big Oofer
Big Oofer Hace un mes
I knew all of these. But still thx for putting the time out of your day to make this.
Aran Erem
Aran Erem Hace un mes
I loved modern warfare 2019
Phantom Hace un mes
You forget when price says shock and awe, it’s a reference to the mission in cod4 modern warfare, Shock and Awe
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell Hace un mes
How did gaz change accent and skin colour.
Chill JD
Chill JD Hace un mes
When I beat the Campaign for the first time and heard Kamarov say “You’ve been a bad boy” I told my family that I already had the best Christmas ever.
eng4280YT Gaming
eng4280YT Gaming Hace un mes
In modern Warfare (2019) I like how they fixed the part where you couldn’t move and not move your head or you’ll get spotted
MinimolTiepos / MT
MinimolTiepos / MT Hace un mes
When you realize it's Al-Asaad before anything is confirmed
Seán Tierney
Seán Tierney Hace un mes
is the cod 4 scenes the remastered r the real game?
Jacob Dulac
Jacob Dulac Hace un mes
Another reference could be when you surprise kill Barkov like you surprise kill the other guy in modern warfare as he is is watching the helicopter fly away
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