All References to COD4 in MW 2019

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There were a lot of references to COD4 scattered across the Modern Warfare campaign, some of them which you may not have understood or just flown over your head. Here are the references that I found!
Credit to GameKiller346 for some of the COD4 footage: esvid.net/u-GameKiller346
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MrSp3ctre Hace 5 meses
I didn't include the old character scenes/mentions because they're pretty obvious, this video shows the more subtle references!
Bryan Olvera
Bryan Olvera Hace 18 días
Just to make clear it's reboot and infinity ward is working on a mw2 reboot so yeah mw reboot starts a new story line with old and new characters.
electric pug
electric pug Hace un mes
@the homie sim 03 nigga infinity ward isn't gonna forget
james 27
james 27 Hace 2 meses
@Ksya 47 sad
CamoRanger 1205
CamoRanger 1205 Hace 2 meses
the homie sim 03 this is a prequel
the homie sim 03
the homie sim 03 Hace 2 meses
@Gitz Gamez yes i understand that now
Alperen Coşkuner
Alperen Coşkuner Hace 55 minutos
Soap shot Zakhaev with MacMillan not Price?
Cpt. MacMillan
Cpt. MacMillan Hace 2 horas
1:15 That's what i like...
Andy Drums
Andy Drums Hace 2 horas
You forgot one. In the final cutscene, Laswell mentions the word "Loose Ends." The name of the mission in MW2 in which we're betrayed by Shepherd is called "Loose Ends."
Youssef HEGAZY 2
Youssef HEGAZY 2 Hace 7 horas
I open this video whenever I want to smile
Rubik 90
Rubik 90 Hace un día
5:22 when somebodey say that Cpt. Price isn't good character.
Sepulchre13 Hace 2 días
Macmillan: Wait for- Price: So anyway i started blasting!
Sepulchre13 Hace 2 días
Me: Say it..Price..I need to hear it.. Price: We! Are! Leaving! Me: yeeeeeeaaaaaahh!
Jonathan Tarin
Jonathan Tarin Hace 3 días
Idk if the part where they laid down in the grass was a reference to all ghillied up because most cod games have a mission like that
Karl Hendrix Lat
Karl Hendrix Lat Hace 3 días
What about the "Check your corners?"
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Hace 3 días
The "WE ARE LEAVING" in mw1 is orgasmic
Raid Banner
Raid Banner Hace 3 días
Infinity Ward can't make a bad campaign
behemoth 7354
behemoth 7354 Hace 4 días
Macmillan was one of my favorite characters, shame he doesn’t make a reappearance
Cpt. MacMillan
Cpt. MacMillan Hace 2 horas
I'll be back *soon*
Dead by Waittime
Dead by Waittime Hace 4 días
1:15 that was the longest crawl of my life an I held my breath the whole time 💀😂
Eric Foley
Eric Foley Hace 4 días
Wish they would make a black ops 1 remastered
Wyrwamate Hace 5 días
3:41 first mission was my favourite
Wyrwamate Hace 5 días
1:26 i wasnt able to do this
BuckyBoi Hace 5 días
When I got to the watermelon I was just kinda caught off guard
BiShockzz Hace 5 días
At 3:00 its two references in one, The mission where Gen. Shepherd and Capt. Price fight, and wetworks.
Four Slotted Toaster
Ah my favorite kind of fan service, referencing the original timeline in this brand new one.
WaterMelonMan Hace 6 días
They actually play the original MW4 omg thank you
Josh Mac
Josh Mac Hace 6 días
What was the scene at the end from new cod? Was it in end credits? I know what it was referencing just don’t remember seeing it
Rosco Gaming
Rosco Gaming Hace 7 días
Nice shooting skills
Stephen Gaines
Stephen Gaines Hace 7 días
Listen, you can referrance "all ghillied up", but all your doing is making me want to play "all ghillied up.
Randy Lopez
Randy Lopez Hace 7 días
Kyle is also gaz
OwO_ suicidal 555
OwO_ suicidal 555 Hace 7 días
2:26 these guys seriously can’t see a 4 foot long rifle emerging from the bushes
Andreas Giasiranis
Andreas Giasiranis Hace 8 días
The only thing I don't like about this game is categorising the Russians for crimes they did not commit and America not taking responsibility of their war crimes .Will ever , the propaganda from USA stop being a thing in the western video games?Other than that is a great game.
Zuhair Zubir
Zuhair Zubir Hace 8 días
What if Shepherd came back on the sequel? 😀
legitboss100 Hace 8 días
The old game is a hundred times better. This story is way more cheesy and Hollywoodish. Graphics and gameplay are obviously more refined, but the old characters and storyline are more memorable and fun.
luis Hace 8 días
omg guys he said "The" which is also said by that one guy in the series
OG Rap Radio
OG Rap Radio Hace 9 días
cod 4 was outta its time.. yeah ik u used remaster but still...outta its time
Mark T.
Mark T. Hace 9 días
Golden days when Call of duty wasn’t infected with feminism and sjw crap.
7:34 Kamarov sounds like Rafe From U4
D3LTA Hace 9 días
I miss old price 😪😢
The Unheard Chord
The Unheard Chord Hace 10 días
NPC: *speaks* This guy: "That's a CoD4 reference!"
Melting Stream
Melting Stream Hace 10 días
"Keep your head still" slightly looks to his left
freestyle pro
freestyle pro Hace 10 días
2:08 this people are fucking blind
imicca Hace 10 días
Nothing can capture the EPICNESS of cod4
Amiga500 Hace 10 días
Wasnt griggs dead? As well as the task force 141 characters in the ending scene? Why are they reviving them lmao
Noah Brinkman
Noah Brinkman Hace 10 días
bruh just crawling under a car is not a reference, it just so happens to be a mission thats alike
Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson Hace 11 días
Most of these aren't "references" lol. They're just similar scenarios. These types of scenarios happen often in COD games now.
Andrija Golubovic yourmom
Let's all be honest Cod sucks
The_SCP _Foundation
The_SCP _Foundation Hace 11 días
In the thumbnail price looks like Jack Baker
Hunter Belvis
Hunter Belvis Hace 11 días
Am I the only one who would legit put the barrel of my rifle in MacMillan's ass during that mission?
Marcus Holland
Marcus Holland Hace 11 días
I think Barry Sloane did an amazing job at portraying and acting as a modern Captain Price. I wish they gave him more reference lines from the original trilogy, but he did really well with what they already had. But thank you Billy Murray and Infinity Ward for making such an iconic character.
Devlater Hace 11 días
The old one is the better one. Every Cod after cod 4 was just bad. Everyone.
Elmo Hace 12 días
but what happened in Beirut?
Marik Hace 11 días
I think SAS team and Loyalists had a mission to save someone but i don't know
Brodyn Yanda
Brodyn Yanda Hace 12 días
hadir: your fruit killing skills are remarkable! gaz: you dare oppose me mortal
xTheSweetyMan Hace 12 días
I like the reference to Eggman from sonic with Price in the cod4 remaster
Duckling Chief
Duckling Chief Hace 12 días
3:28 ... Bravo six, going dark
Equadratic Hace 12 días
Just because it shares similarities doesn't mean it's a reference
Laurens Former
Laurens Former Hace 12 días
Not really references at all
Dinkle Bot
Dinkle Bot Hace 13 días
Gunslinger I Lv
Gunslinger I Lv Hace 13 días
How can there be references to cod4 if modern warfare is prequel
AlKandari Hace 8 días
Modern Warfare is rewriting MW1-3.....
Gunslinger I Lv
Gunslinger I Lv Hace 11 días
@Leon Reidenbach u mad 1v1 me snipers only
Leon Reidenbach
Leon Reidenbach Hace 11 días
Its Not a Prequel You stupid loser Fuck off
AnoNymitY Hace 13 días
Who knowed too direct by playing MW which scene is that in the old CODs
Fernando Erazo
Fernando Erazo Hace 13 días
It's weird how like kind of dated MWR looks now a days
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Hace 13 días
Not a COD4 reference, but a MW3 reference, after leaving the embassy: Farah: "They'll come from the other side" "How do you know" "Because I would"
お兄ちゃんMako Hace 13 días
Imagine all people who only played the needs mw finding this vid.
Sidharth Rao
Sidharth Rao Hace 13 días
How about that one mission copying Watchdog’s hostage escape missions
Ikram Qamar
Ikram Qamar Hace 13 días
Best moment of all time. 3:21
Roy Rauda
Roy Rauda Hace 13 días
No! Never! You’ll never be like the real captain price!
Lil Igloo
Lil Igloo Hace 13 días
Frawns Hace 14 días
I don't think most of these are references that the developers made, like the crawling parts. Just because something happens in the game that reminds you of some similar scenario in a prequel doesn't make it a reference. It's just the same gameplay scenario. The fruit thing was a clear reference though.
Venias Hace 14 días
Most of these arent references, theyre just recycled gameplay
Liam J
Liam J Hace 14 días
All the new refetences are so diluted in new MW Missed oppurtunities to recreate in context of new game originally Left with a story too busy using nostalgia and having nothing which made orihinal so graat
bad quality mush
bad quality mush Hace 14 días
Literally 25% of this video *Farah's ass*
Chif6791 F.
Chif6791 F. Hace 14 días
When I first played cod 4 i was in kindergarten 2007 and I actually got motion sick because we had a big flatish screen TV and to me the graphics were so real and because of that I kept throwing up
Sargent Doughnut
Sargent Doughnut Hace 14 días
Cod mw still looks alright graphically tbh
Joseph French
Joseph French Hace 14 días
al-asad with a beard looks amazing
Khali Ryder
Khali Ryder Hace 15 días
What happened in Beruit?
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez Hace 15 días
I don't remember any of the cod campaign stories or characters.
Nate Hines
Nate Hines Hace 15 días
Did no one notice sandman? He was also in the last cutscene
Marcus Holland
Marcus Holland Hace 11 días
Nate Hines bro!!
Nate Hines
Nate Hines Hace 11 días
Marcus Holland yea look at the ending cutscene when price and the woman were on the airbase there where 3 soldiers that passed by them and one of them where wearing the glasses that sandman wears Here go to 5:52 and pause at 5:56 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-fH6LCT3Hf3E.html
Marcus Holland
Marcus Holland Hace 11 días
Nate Hines was he?!
XgamerX Hace 15 días
. RIP to the real captain price who died in the embassy mission (the OG voice actor for price was the pilot)
stupid triceratops
stupid triceratops Hace 16 días
i know you did not add old characters but i would like to add a character the character gaz in call of duty 4: modern warfare was referenced at the end of the game in modern warfare when he recruits sgt garrick he calls him gaz
James S
James S Hace 17 días
Makes me sad that the younger generation won't appreciate this.
ramit kumar
ramit kumar Hace 17 días
COD4 -1 MW'19 - 0
walter Hace 17 días
So wait. 2020 (hopefully) mw2 will be with zahkeiv
ManicMango Mango
ManicMango Mango Hace 17 días
How is lieing down a reference?
Taco Taker
Taco Taker Hace 17 días
I love this but it also pisses me off, should have just called the game MW4
Taco Taker
Taco Taker Hace 11 días
Leon Reidenbach or actually make MW4 instead of MW
Leon Reidenbach
Leon Reidenbach Hace 11 días
HorrorPleb Hace 17 días
I want to see sandman return, only mw3 OGs will know who I am on about
maning04 Hace 17 días
Original Capt. Price > New Capt. Price
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