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Camila Cabello - Consequences (orchestra)

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10 oct 2018

camila cabelloreal friendscamilacamilizersfifth harmonyharmonizershavanaomgcrying in the clubi have questionsknow no better5hnever be the sameall these yearsshe loves controlyoung thuginside outconsequencessomething's gotta givein the darkinto ithavana feat young thugCamila CabelloConsequencesPopSyco Music/Epic






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Marie Poua
Marie Poua Hace 28 minutos
So beautiful and sad at the same time
Rosebert Discipulo
Rosebert Discipulo Hace un hora
12/13/2018 TOP 4 LAST: 3 PEAK: 3 DAYS: 16
eisha shafqat
eisha shafqat Hace 2 horas
Lu Oliveira
Lu Oliveira Hace 2 horas
Mais um dia ouvindo consequences
nubie gary
nubie gary Hace 3 horas
bigest fan in camila cabello
Kenza Douabi
Kenza Douabi Hace 3 horas
I absolutely love this song, the emotions , the feelings, it made me cry of how beautiful and sad it is, so well done, it’s perfect❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Justin Doby
Justin Doby Hace 4 horas
I was expecting this song to have more views especially since it has Dylan Sprouse in it
Anshee devi Eleehar
Anshee devi Eleehar Hace 4 horas
I have now known camila since 2014 and she is the best person , kind person i have ever seen
Freyzaa AJ
Freyzaa AJ Hace 7 horas
omlllll i seee JUGHEAD
psycoputh gaming
psycoputh gaming Hace 7 horas
Raji Gaming
Raji Gaming Hace 10 horas
Guess she survived through Thanos snap
Grace Nguyen
Grace Nguyen Hace 10 horas
this reminds me of a guy that i fell in love with but he was never my boyfriend
Anke Heke
Anke Heke Hace 10 horas
Loving you still takes shots at me 💔😭
Holy Water
Holy Water Hace 10 horas
That cello tho.....
Shawn Edwards
Shawn Edwards Hace 11 horas
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Juan García
Juan García Hace 12 horas
Faby Silva
Faby Silva Hace 12 horas
Primeira vez ouvindo essa música amei cadê os brasileiros meu Deus só eu mesmo kkk 😍❤
Dja Saenz
Dja Saenz Hace 12 horas
Dhyana Holla
Dhyana Holla Hace 12 horas
I used to go to a public school, and I had a boyfriend there. I was shocked that he wanted me, because I believed myself to be fat and ugly. I still do. He was the popular boy. And, I knew he loved me. But, my parents decided that we had to move to a private school, and I had no choice. I knew it was right for my education and at the same time I wanted to. I wanted to because I got choked by one of my so called friends. That’s how I met this guy. He made the boy who choked me apologize and I thanked him for it. We got together. But, other than my boyfriend, there was nothing in the school that supported me. It made me feel depressed. The only thing that made me happy was my boyfriend. So I knew that the right thing to do was to move. But, it wasn’t easy. I talked to him, and I was sobbing throughout the entire conversation. He voiced exactly my concerns and said that the right thing for me to do was to go. He gave me a hug and said “I will always love you.” We went our separate ways. It’s been 2 years. I saw him at the Starbucks near my house and we took a risk. We have decided to try to be in a long distance relationship. I believed that it would work. When we were together, we’d go to this Starbucks all the time and I’d get one thing. Caramel Frappe. On our first date, he remembered, after two long years and bought it for me. Seeing him brought back all my feelings, and we wanted to try it. On our third date, he gave me a kiss on the lips. I was so happy. There is nothing that can describe me at that time. The feeling of him and me together. I knew for a fact it would work. Then, one day, people fat shamed me at school and I felt so hurt. I was crying, and my boyfriend came up to me, comforted me, and said I was beautiful. The slim girl. And that it doesn’t matter. He said everything that made me feel just right. I was happy. I was ecstatic. Then, two days ago, I went to T4 (a boba place) and saw something that shook my out of my boots. Out of my fantasy. My boyfriend was making out with another girl. He cheated on me. I was so hurt. I go to him the next day and I talk to him. He shrugs and walks off, but the one thing that he said shook me to my core. “You were never pretty. You were fat. Always will be. Lose some fucking weight. At least that girl was hella fine.” I don’t know what to do. And, then he comes up to me, and says “And, by the way, there is no way you can talk to someone about this. You’re hella ugly. They wouldn’t even believe you had a boyfriend.” He walks off and I’m crying inside. I loved him so much. I still do. I told my one best friend. But, what if I am ugly? Fat? He texts me every night now saying to take him back. This song reminds me of him.
Rebbcca Bunch
Rebbcca Bunch Hace 12 horas
I knew Camila could do all these great thing without Fifth Harminoy.
primas loucas Lora&Mavi
Amei essa musica😭 é triste 😢 eu choro toda vez que escuto pq lembro da minha melhor amiga *gosto dela*😍😭😭
beatriz ferreira
beatriz ferreira Hace 14 horas
Só eu que achei a voz dela linda nessa música #BR. Vcs concordam?
T.H ULTIMATE Hace 15 horas
Olá BR's tradução da música no meu canal com o vídeo de o sol da meia noite me dêem uma ajudinha lá amo vcs 💕❤
Morethanwords 23
Morethanwords 23 Hace 15 horas
Who else knew that the guy was cole or dylan sprouse
Morethanwords 23
Morethanwords 23 Hace 15 horas
She should do a mash up with little mix
Morethanwords 23
Morethanwords 23 Hace 15 horas
cough* lauren cough*
Latavia Lee
Latavia Lee Hace 16 horas
I just cried.. I love this song!!
leobr1 Hace 17 horas
Hino injustiçado 😢
YOVANNI Hace 17 horas
i love you
Laura Nicole
Laura Nicole Hace 18 horas
This song is so amazing especially with her voice!! 😍 I did an acoustic cover of it on my channel if anyone wants to check it out!
Chloe Zhang
Chloe Zhang Hace 18 horas
Bungsu Catchy
Bungsu Catchy Hace 18 horas
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique Hace 19 horas
Lu Oliveira
Lu Oliveira Hace 19 horas
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anissa benyouzagh
anissa benyouzagh Hace 21 un hora
Lol do I replay This everytime 😂🔥
Jessica Victoria
Jessica Victoria Hace 21 un hora
Who else didn’t notice that the guy is Dylan Sprouse
anissa benyouzagh
anissa benyouzagh Hace 21 un hora
Jovina Santos
Jovina Santos Hace 21 un hora
e impressão minha ou o garotos é o Dylan sprouse ? Ou cole? não sei
lizel acedera
lizel acedera Hace 22 horas
her voice and instruments it in. so deep and heavy. 😔💕
Jaah Limmah
Jaah Limmah Hace 22 horas
Camila Cabello? sim ela mesmo vulgo amor da minha vida 😂😄❤🙆
Carlos Assis
Carlos Assis Hace 22 horas
Kd os brasileiros?I love Camila cabello
Karine Ferreira
Karine Ferreira Hace 20 horas
Jaah Limmah
Jaah Limmah Hace 22 horas
Jaah Limmah
Jaah Limmah Hace 22 horas
Amorzinho da minha vida ❤
Rakelly De lima
Rakelly De lima Hace 22 horas
clipe do milênio 🙇
Rakelly De lima
Rakelly De lima Hace 22 horas
nicotine, heroine, morfina.. estou um viciado e vc e tudo o que eu preciso 🙆
Lu Oliveira
Lu Oliveira Hace 22 horas
Mimi Pham
Mimi Pham Hace 23 horas
Cole Sprouseeeee
Rae Sanford
Rae Sanford Hace un día
I'm so proud of where Camilla is now! She's finally thought of herself for once. 💞
Lu Oliveira
Lu Oliveira Hace un día
Beautiful 😄🍃
Lu Oliveira
Lu Oliveira Hace un día
30M bora.
Leonaidas Yexel Gabral
The effects of unprescribed drugs
Δημητρης Γαβαλας
That's one of the songs has to be famous ❤️❤️
Alyssa Lee
Alyssa Lee Hace un día
I love the setting of this it's so simple and calm but the video has so many meanings
Mark joseph Rañola
Mark joseph Rañola Hace un día
omg my camilla
Senhor Omar
Senhor Omar Hace un día
Ticupí ourapí ourapí kkkkk
Surreal Ann
Surreal Ann Hace un día
great indeed
Surreal Ann
Surreal Ann Hace un día
At first, I thought the boy was Cole😂
Surreal Ann
Surreal Ann Hace un día
At first, I thought the boy was Cole😂
Zaara Hussain
Zaara Hussain Hace un día
Dylan has green eyes so does Lauren hmmph interesting...
Vexthena Hace un día
holy sht i was the egde of crying. that was absolutely the must beautiful music video i have ever seen. it felt like whole fairytale^^. it was truly amazing and i love this version, it sounds so magical with orchestra
Princess Bea Mique Cabañez
I know this is kinda shit for non camren shippers, and some of you might think i shouldn't bring this up, but I kinda feel this is for Lauren ahuhu
Samia Maouchi
Samia Maouchi Hace un día
I love it so much and the history inside this sonh
9ektlfd Tarrillo
9ektlfd Tarrillo Hace un día
Por que amar a lauren tuvo concequence 😭😭😭 TE AMO CAMILA camrenshipper para siempre❤❤❤
Benjamin Roussey
Benjamin Roussey Hace un día
Hello Camila, I hope your week is going well. Please focus on the Cuban script Camila. cubanstory.com/ - The best story involving Cuba in history. A geopolitical epic. The website is only 5 pages; only a few minutes of your time to check out. northkoreansolution-unity.com/ - Unity which is a geopolitical blockbuster on North Korea and that offers a viable and unique solution to this problem (two different formats for Unity are attached - it is the same script though). The Cuban script is being formatted - done in 2 weeks but the original format is attached. Unity rivals Sicario in substance and What Could Have Been: A Cuban Story is a cutting edge epic for our times. Both scripts are substantial - one is geopolitical, the other is a powerful epic. Both scripts are recorded by the WGA.
Karla Jakgs
Karla Jakgs Hace un día
Karla Jakgs
Karla Jakgs Hace un día
Dave Alvarez
Dave Alvarez Hace un día
Aleya Glodoski
Aleya Glodoski Hace un día
Congratulations on 1 million likes!
janette's world:
janette's world: Hace un día
the best song😍💗
Célia Chuppa
Célia Chuppa Hace un día
I find this song so touching, personally listening toi it it calls me a lot of personal thing, your song evokes several emotions whose sadness I find otherwise you have voice always so beautiful, congratulations Camila ❤️
arion killion
arion killion Hace un día
This is so beautiful and it scares me..💝
Aristine Omega
Aristine Omega Hace un día
i am obsessed with the aesthetics of the video and her voice... 😍
Haley Nelson
Haley Nelson Hace un día
every time i watch this video or listen to the song i cry so hard and i have no idea why
Grant Martires
Grant Martires Hace un día
loving is a sunshine safe and sound
Sprouse ❤️
Jaden Caauwe
Jaden Caauwe Hace un día
Fer 22
Fer 22 Hace un día
Deserves 5 billion views
HP Rainbow Amy
HP Rainbow Amy Hace 11 horas
Lu Oliveira
Lu Oliveira Hace un día
Legocat’s Builds
Legocat’s Builds Hace un día
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Hace un día
Love 😩🙏💗
kevin inskip
kevin inskip Hace un día
I love you
Rusydia Safitri
Rusydia Safitri Hace un día
The atmosphere 😢😢
K Des
K Des Hace un día
OUR GIRL IS NOMITED FOR TWO GRAMMY AWARDS 🏆 -Best Pop Solo Perfomance (Havana Live) -Best Pop Vocal Album (Camila) 🙌 SO PROUD 😍 I wish and hope she’ll win them 🤞🏼
K Des
K Des Hace un día
Montana&me Hace un día
1:37 COLE????? wait, no... DYLAN?????
Awkwardly Alana
Awkwardly Alana Hace un día
Dylan :OOO
Rosebert Discipulo
Rosebert Discipulo Hace 2 días
12/11/2018 TOP 3 LAST: 5√ PEAK: 3 DAYS: 15
Hassan Lehna
Hassan Lehna Hace 2 días
this song breaks my heart becouse i love it ❤
Aline Camuri
Aline Camuri Hace 2 días
Fabih Farias
Fabih Farias Hace 2 días
Essa música é muito triste,slk. ... Emocionante 💔😢
Mzee Bakari
Mzee Bakari Hace 2 días
You can really feel the emotions in the song. I love Camila Cabello and I'm so proud of her coz shes come from so far.
Mary Girlie Templa
Mary Girlie Templa Hace 2 días
Unique voice that’s why I love Camila
DIYA RATNOO Hace 2 días
Charlie Puth and Camila Cabello..!!
Jodie Lindbo
Jodie Lindbo Hace 13 horas
thats not Charlie
bonface machoya
bonface machoya Hace 2 días
Camila's voice....damn that of an angel...the content in this song..makes me fall in love again😘😘😘😘
Ysa Bella
Ysa Bella Hace 2 días
I had tears falling😭❤️
Henry Dery MacNeil
Henry Dery MacNeil Hace 2 días
OMG ITS IN MY CITY!!!!! Montreal!
Maane Licuanan
Maane Licuanan Hace 2 días
Who's the guyyy?
Awkwardly Alana
Awkwardly Alana Hace un día
I'm not sure who the song was written for but the male actor in the music video is Dylan Sprouse
Diet Dr. pepper
Diet Dr. pepper Hace 2 días
Awkwardly Alana
Awkwardly Alana Hace un día
Sienna Avery
Sienna Avery Hace 2 días
“This reminds me of me and my close friend James I had feelings for him but I knew he loved someone else but we act how they do in the flash backs so it breaks my heart when watching this because all I can think about is him”
Consuelo Rodriguez
Consuelo Rodriguez Hace 2 días
L♡VE you right now Ralph but this addiction you choose is pushing me away. Wish you would come back to real life when things were normal, when you were normal, loving,understanding. I miss the old you 💔
Brooklynn X
Brooklynn X Hace 2 días
My boyfriend cheated on me with the girl he told me not to worry about now I’m listening to this song crying because I’ve been through so much and he just made it worse betraying my trust breaking my heart
love. kayla
love. kayla Hace 2 días
i felt that
Kia Louise Moreno Peralta
Is that Dylan sprouse or cole?
Kerrina Leigh
Kerrina Leigh Hace un día
Alyshia Walker
Alyshia Walker Hace 2 días
Grammy come her way
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