Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Official Music Video) ft. DaBaby

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"Romance" available at: CamilaCabello.lnk.to/Romance
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12 feb 2020






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jack Lima
jack Lima Hace 13 minutos
maravilhosa ❤❤
jack Lima
jack Lima Hace 13 minutos
Elise Hace un hora
Me:" I got a D+ in math today!!!" My mom: " My oh myyyy"
Eai Galera
Eai Galera Hace un hora
Vito Coppola
Vito Coppola Hace 6 horas
You are so beautiful Camila
Barbie #savesvtfoe Girl
The better song!
I pray who ever read this becomes sucessful soon,And we can all arise👍 Kindly help me to complete my challenge ❤️
Flameheart Star
Flameheart Star Hace 7 horas
Only people that didn’t come from tik tok and like this -_-
Bravo Flight
Bravo Flight Hace 8 horas
love camila cabello mama havana love
alice renesto
alice renesto Hace 8 horas
Lua_Juegos Hace 8 horas
Alain Locke
Alain Locke Hace 9 horas
HI I'm kela
hugo hugo
hugo hugo Hace 9 horas
She looks so beatyful in blonde :o
Karla Bellido Rupa
Karla Bellido Rupa Hace 10 horas
camren shippers?
jack Lima
jack Lima Hace 12 minutos
Andrew Velis
Andrew Velis Hace 10 horas
I would really enjoy someone making a Halloween version. The lyrics are talking about Dracula and Camila Helsing the vampire hunter. A couple tweaks on the lyrics and I could see it happen.
Marta Snitcofsky
Marta Snitcofsky Hace 12 horas
Aamya Rawat
Aamya Rawat Hace 12 horas
Camila Cabello is the legendary singer ❤️❤️
Davi Marques
Davi Marques Hace 13 horas
eu gosto das musicas da camila cabello
tran bb
tran bb Hace 13 horas
اماني Hace 15 horas
I'mAilimber Hace 16 horas
We need to stream more “My Oh My” I want to watch these 100M+ views now, she’s been working so damn hard for this, she deserves it
Khizar Ali Khan
Khizar Ali Khan Hace 16 horas
New character for games of thrones: Camila Cabello 😂
mervekapar Hace 16 horas
❤👍❤👍❤👍❤ love👍❤👍❤👍❤👍 ☺😊😊😊☺☺
Aatish K
Aatish K Hace 20 horas
lovelyyy. Hace 21 un hora
パンPD! Hace 21 un hora
She is so cute 🥺
I'mAilimber Hace un día
Hồng Nhạn Nguyễn Thị
So cool
Dino 537G
Dino 537G Hace un día
tengo unos gustos ratos de música tengo 13 además soy hombre balla balla =)
Thiago Tube
Thiago Tube Hace un día
Fitton Twins
Fitton Twins Hace un día
Hi camillla can you check our channel out please it’s called fitton twins 👯‍♀️
Priscila vaca Garcia
I like your music 😁😁😁😁😁 Like if you like Camila Cabello's music 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
KaitlynPlayz Hace un día
───==≡≡ΣΣ(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Leonardo Q. G.
Leonardo Q. G. Hace un día
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-QtPBUsRD2eU.html Tierra Sur - "Llaman a la Puerta"
Shreya Bhandari 12
Shreya Bhandari 12 Hace un día
I like this song
Bts stan
Bts stan Hace un día
Shawn Mendes has entered the chat. Shawn Mendes left the chat. Cause the men was little bit older.
Gökhan Yurttaş
Gökhan Yurttaş Hace un día
catchy song
Alma Achieng
Alma Achieng Hace un día
I love this song
Pink Fairy
Pink Fairy Hace un día
Her voice sounds a like Melanie Martinez only more colorful and with a 1990's theme.
So What
So What Hace un día
MARLI SPACE Hace un día
Llaman a la puerta
D.P. Vishwakarma
D.P. Vishwakarma Hace un día
Ho this song is so beautiful
ALOLAN RYDER Hace un día
opppppppppppp songgggg
lilith Ordoñez Arteaga
No es por hacer hate ni nada pero es identica xdd esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-QtPBUsRD2eU.html
נטע דוידוביץ'
Why does people dislike
Nathan Walker
Nathan Walker Hace un día
2:31 is so good
Byjose40 :3
Byjose40 :3 Hace un día
holaaaa no se si alguien habla español espero que si :) amo la musica de camila espero conocerla en la vida real feliz cuarentena a todos aunque no entiendan mi idioma
Utku Aras Şengül
Utku Aras Şengül Hace 6 horas
Hiç birşey anlamadım???
Aurora the mystery and Sith
I love it how in this AWESOME music video she is like...So bubblie and jumpy Lol I thought it was funny because I'm like that two XD IN LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW IDK WHY THO XD And I think she was better as a hero :3 + Be who YOU wanna be not what other people want you to be + remember Be-YOU-tiful :3 And stay safe SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL And my bffs channel Matthew the mystery ninja!
Toga UwU
Toga UwU Hace 2 días
Deku 😍🥰
juels275 Hace 2 días
juels275 Hace 2 días
Her wings the song* Me:This is my fav song my oh my My bro:*Looks at me weirdly* Me:*Dabs* My bro:Lalalalallalallalalalla Me:😑😐😕 My bro: *Slaps me for singing* Me:TRIGERD
Delin Finley Delin
Delin Finley Delin Hace 2 días
I like Chicken nuggets
80 dollars for a hoodie? MY OH MY
Johnny D
Johnny D Hace 2 días
Havana Oh na Na meu amor Havana oh Na na ...😛😜😝
Renatas Pr
Renatas Pr Hace 2 días
It's great
tayra nicol gabriel
tayra nicol gabriel Hace 2 días
que bonito
Esteban Robledo
Esteban Robledo Hace 2 días
TaNia Hace 2 días
Was the beginning based on the Valentine’s Day massacre?
Anastasia Claro
Anastasia Claro Hace 2 días
Houw its’ d’est boy
jn shaikh
jn shaikh Hace 2 días
Camilla= I swear on my life that I been a good girl Billie = all good girls go to hell Me=👁👄👁
lushyxlemons Hace 2 días
I want: Camila Cabello ft. Ariana Grande Camila Cabello ft. Billie Eilish Camila Cabello ft. Alessia Cara Camila Cabello ft. Ella Mai Camila Cabello ft. Dua Lipa Camila Cabello ft. Khalid
iiiris yo
iiiris yo Hace 2 días
how does this not have a 100M views?
bangtan Girl
bangtan Girl Hace 2 días
My mama doesn't trust him 😟😔😔 Really my mom doesn't trust him 😭
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Elías Montaño
Elías Montaño Hace 2 días
Me. Encantó la canción
Ray Moore_27
Ray Moore_27 Hace 2 días
if you see this you will win the lottery
Lucas Juniar
Lucas Juniar Hace 2 días
And olso if you act or make songs like bad girl and funny its cute
Lucas Juniar
Lucas Juniar Hace 2 días
Camilla plz change the way you make your music vedio and your style you will be ing more better than that ms plz you’re cute so make your vedio like zubar like others clear and cold 🥶 oky and your are cute by T-shirt shirts and jeans
Valeria Arcos
Valeria Arcos Hace 2 días
Camila la chica mala >.
Valeria Arcos
Valeria Arcos Hace 2 días
Camila cabello ^_^
Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet Hace 2 días
i just luv the beat
uma aleatória
uma aleatória Hace 2 días
Mano cadê os br?
•Sra Yuka•
•Sra Yuka• Hace 2 días
To aq
kathleen melissa vasquez perea
te amooo
차차 Hace 2 días
안녕 *칭챙총임ㅋㅋ 외국인들이 한국채널에서 왜* *한국어* *쓰냐고* 난리치더라ㅜㅜㅜ 참 웃겨ㅋ
S L Etoga
S L Etoga Hace 2 días
Abhishek Jain
Abhishek Jain Hace 2 días
va cap
va cap Hace 2 días
Is bioutifule
Abu Raihan
Abu Raihan Hace 2 días
Zheng Liu
Zheng Liu Hace 2 días
I’m likening every video of hers ❤️❤️❤️
Ayopelumi Sunday
Ayopelumi Sunday Hace 2 días
1:30 there voices blend so well together!
Mystery Gurl0071
Mystery Gurl0071 Hace 2 días
I just wanna be like Camilla Cabello. She's my age yet she is so much more successful and prettier than me. I love her style. I just want to be more like her. She has a life and I dont like mine. Havana song video is so relateable 😞😕😔
Panda Ruth
Panda Ruth Hace 2 días
1:56 -Jazz music stops-
Shine Htet
Shine Htet Hace 2 días
Camila cabello I wish you you are so beautiful girl gracias hola i thank you
the villain skull
the villain skull Hace 2 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-hw5DmJl-ok8.html hey camren fans come here!!
Shriya Mishra
Shriya Mishra Hace 2 días
My fav!
Valeria Arcos
Valeria Arcos Hace 2 días
My oh My!!!!!!
Mella Bella
Mella Bella Hace 2 días
I cringed so hard at the way she was using that sword X(
Sugiri Aldriar
Sugiri Aldriar Hace 3 días
Unpopular opinion : This song better than senorita
Regina Valdez
Regina Valdez Hace 3 días
es lo mejor
Ruqayya Bibi
Ruqayya Bibi Hace 3 días
I you think this song about Shawn Mendes so you guys are very wrong because when she sing “ little bit older 🎼” so let me tell you that Shawn is younger than Camila 😂😂😂 Camila is 23 and Shawn is 22, but it matches with Lauren coz she is 24, which mean she is little bit older than Camila. Next thing Lauren love lather jacket and she had bad reputation coz she caught for Marijuana and weed 😂😂😂😂.
junior Hace 3 días
pra vc eu dei o meu amor todo
Gabriela Barrios
Gabriela Barrios Hace 3 días
AXEL Hace 3 días
Elmariachi_ Gaming
Elmariachi_ Gaming Hace 3 días
Idc but i miss camren hhhhhh
Jeremy Yamberla
Jeremy Yamberla Hace 3 días
Check this song in the game “TapTap Music.”
Ben 10
Ben 10 Hace 3 días
Who ever guesses this right will one day be famous and rich. What does sw stand for
Ben 10
Ben 10 Hace 3 días
The first and second word is sm
JezIRa Vals
JezIRa Vals Hace 3 días
Camilla looks so happy now than when she was at the fifth harmony....
Joshua Pardomuan
Joshua Pardomuan Hace 3 días
Female 'Zorro' , very-very sexy, I like it.
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